Gibson County Tennessee Deeds

Deeds & Court Records

Register of Deed Vol. A: Apr. 1819-Oct. 1829

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File Name Submitter
John Ratledge 1855 Pam Smith
C.L. Butler to J.M. Witherspoon Jeffrey A. Viar
George F. Butler to W.H. Butler 1908 Karla Everett
J.E. Butler to W.H. Butler 1908 Karla Everett
Benjamin Becker to Henry D. Harper 1837 Linda Carpenter
Jesse Carroway to B.F. Wilson 1852 Vicki Shaffer
Teresa Cox, widow of Enos Cox 1856 Sarah Hutcherson
Davis Slave Deeds  1838 Sarah Hutcherson
Benjamin Davis to Henry D. Harper 1849 Linda Carpenter
J.A. Flippin to Jesse Butler 1891 Karla Everett
Thomas Flowers to B.F. Wilson 1852 Vicki Shaffer
M.H. Goodloe to Henry King 1878 Jack King
M.H. Goodloe to H.A. King 1871 Jack King
Joshua Harper to Joseph J. Harper 1849 Linda Carpenter
Joshua Harper to H.D. Harper 1844 Linda Carpenter
J.J. Harper to H.D. Harper 1844 Linda Carpenter
Henry Harper & Ruth Irwin 1851 Linda Carpenter
Pricilla Harper to Henry D. Harper  1836 Linda Carpenter
S.W. Harper to Joseph B. Harper 1869 Linda Carpenter
Precilla Harper to John T. Kearny 1834 Linda Carpenter
Henry D. Harper to John T. Kearney 1836 Linda Carpenter
T.J. Hays to Dodie Thomas 1908 Karla Everett
J.H. Richardson to Henry A. King 1857 Jack King
H.A. King to L. King 1884 Jack King
H.A. King to Luther King 1885 Jack King
Lea - Welch  Deed 1827 Wanda Bruce
John D. Love to John Butler 1853 Karla Everett
Francis Perry to Wm F. Perry 1852 Dixie Lea Wright
W.C. Pratt to J.G. Butler 1889 Karla Everett
James Scrape Heirs  1850 Michael Scrape
W.H. Scrape to R.B. McGee 1873 Michael Scrape
J.D. Smith to J.G. Butler 1874 Karla Everett
Benjamin F. Wilson to Sintha Wilson 1861 Vicki Shaffer
Charles Wilson Homestead Deed 1855 Vicki Shaffer
Stephen Witherington to B.F. Wilson 1874 Vicki Shaffer
Charlotte A. Wilson to Stephen Witherington 1876 Vicki Shaffer
Coleman Deed to establish Salem Missionary Baptist Church John A. Scruggs
Margaret Kilzer to T.K. King 1907 Bobby Williams
John W. Jones to Elijah Kilzer 1857 Bobby Williams
P.H. Mitchell to Elijah Kilzer 1858 Bobby Williams
Elijah Kilzer to A.M. Jones 1859 Bobby Williams
S.H. & R.W. Williams to J.J.R. Adams 1891 Bobby Williams
Samuel H. Williams-Cemetery Deed at Rose Hill Bobby Williams
A. Bailey to E. Kilzer 1886 Bobby Williams
Jacob Kilzer to James Marion Kilzer 1838 Bobby Williams
George W. & Ann Coleburn to Daniel West  1865 Bobby Williams
F.L. Fly to Daniel West 1865 Bobby Williams
E. Kilzer to A. Bailey 1879 Bobby Williams
A. Bailey to E. Kilzer 1886 Bobby Williams
West - Lyons Deed 1885 Bobby Williams
Rebecca Lyon to J.H.A. Lyon Deed of Gift 1880 Bobby Williams
Noel E. West To Daniel West Deed 1857 Bobby Williams
J.M. Burgess vs. Myrtle Burgess (Divorce 1932) Linda Neal
J.S. Pipkin to Daniel West 1860 Bobby Williams
John Jenkins to William Clement 1826 Mary Clement Douglass
Clement Campground  1856 Mary Clement Douglass