History of Medina First Baptist Church

History of Medina First Baptist Church
submitted byDoris Williford


                                      MEDINA FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH
The following is a history of Medina Baptist Church as compiled by Alba Mae
Keeton for the 100 year celebration held on October 16, 1983.  She indicates
there may be some discrepancies as some records were lost and some dates are
The Medina Baptist Church was organized the third Sunday in October 1883 
(October 21, 1883) by Elder B. F. Bartels, missionary of central association. 
Moderator was J. C. Tharpe of Gibson Church, James P. Blankenship of Milan
Church and T. B. Utley of Spring Creek Church.
The first building was erected two blocks north of the present building on
land donated by Mr. Askew. It consisted of a one room frame building.  Charter
members were as follows:
V. L. Woolfolk
J. L. Williams
J. D. Price
Micajah Dodd Fly
William Askew
Augustus Askew
A. A. Williams
Laura Williams
Maggie Jane Gardner Fly
Tennie Lee Fly Childress
Mary Jane Price
Martha Ann Boon
Sopia A. Askew
Florence H. Askew
Lena E. Askew
The first pastor was E. B. McNeil.  He servied only a short time followed by:
Elder J. M. Milburn of Kentucky  1883-1884
Elder J. M.  Alford 1885
Rev. T. F. Moore   October 1886-1887
F. L. Dupont    1888
Elder A. Nunnery   1889-1891
A. S. Hall - No dates found
R. A. Kimbro - No dates found
Rev. M. M. Bledsoe - 1895
Elder J. H. Penick (or I. J. Penick)  1905-1906
Rev. R. J. Williams - 1907
Rev. M. E. Ward - 1909
Rev. O. F. Huckaby - 1910
Rev. S. P. Poag - 1913-1914
Rev. Edgar Williams - 1915-1916
Rev. Charles Shisar - 1919
Rev. L. P. Fleming 1920-1921 - he was attending Union University and would
preach morning and afternoon service so he could catch the train back to Jackson
to attend Union the next morning.  He came back and held a revival several
years later.
Rev. Martin Ball of Paris, TN - 1921-1922
In March of 1922 the church voted to purchase the lot where the present
church stands.
The Rev. A. U. Nunnery came as pastor October 2, 1922 with the agreement to
stay on the field at least halftime.  The present church consisting of a one
room brick building was erected during his ministry in 1923.
He was followed by:
Rev. T. O. Phillips - 1924-1925.  He lived in Martin.
Rev. C. B. Williams - 1926-1928
Rev. W. F. Carlton - 1929-1932
Rev. H. B. Woodard - 1933
During the early years, though we have no dates, the following were licensed
G. W. West; A. J. McLemore; Myler Birdsong; A. S. Wells; L. T. Woodard.
We owe a great deal to those who worked so hard in these early years for
without them we certainly would not have the church we have today.
By Alba Mae Keeton
Submitted by: Doris Parrett Williford