North Union Cumberland Church

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North Union Cumberland
Presbyterian Church is on Preacher Dowling Road in what was District #10 at
that time.  Walker road off Hwy. 105, to Trimble, deadends into Preacher
Dowling Road.

submitted by Margaret Nichol
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The History of North Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church
by Margaret Nichol

North Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church is located in the 24th district of Gibson County (formerly District #10) on Preacher Dowland Road, near Kenton, Tennessee and has been in existence since 1840 when it was called a Society. It has had a long and fruitful heritage and has provided a worthy place of worship for generations of descendants of its founders and others who have come to the little church at the bend of the road.

The early church officials proclaimed principles of morality based on those given in the Bible and worked to correct any condition that might undermine these principles. They attempted to harmonize any conflicts within the church membership and worked in the community for the same goal. A committee to oversee the moral and religious manners of the members was appointed. This committee was to act in a gentle manner toward offenders of the church policies, and patience and tolerance were exercised. If no improvement was observed, the offender was dismissed from membership.

North Union Cumberland Presbyterian Church had its beginnings in the Concord Church, which had been organized in Yorkville, Tennessee in 1825 and was the second church in Gibson County to be admitted to the Hopewell Presbytery. Most of the members of North Union had transferred, in 1828, and their meeting place was called North Union Meeting House. The land for this meeting house was donated by Benjamin Tyson.

On September 27, 1849, Hardy Canady, a member of North Union congregation deeded to Jackson Tilghman, Eli Boyette, William Mitchell, Ivy Alphin, and Peter Dozier, Trustees of North Union, for thirty two dollars and ten cents in hand paid, 9 3/4 acres for the purpose of erecting a house or place of worship for the use of the members of the Cumberland Presbyterian. (Recorded Trenton, Gibson County, Tennessee, February 3, 1853, Book 3, page 112)

Adjoining the above property, on December 8, 1852, Hardy Canady deeded for one dollar paid in hand, one acre and one hundred twenty eight poles of land to the Trustees, John S. Fullerton, Chas. Powell, and Henderson Wilson, for the purpose of building a public school house for the benefit and advantage of the surrounding neighborhood. (Recorded Trenton, Gibson County, Tennessee, February 3, 1853, Book 3, page 112)

On December 14, 1856, the Society was reorganized and adopted the constitution of the church and, in 1867, a new building with the dimensions of 36 feet by 48 feet was erected. On May 29, 1910, the present church was dedicated by Rev. J. L. Hudgine. Since November 28, 1954, a spacious and well equipped annex containing Sunday School rooms, dining hall and kitchen, has been in use.

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