First Methodist Church Humbodlt TN

First Methodist Church, Humboldt, TN

This is a group of Methodist's taken in Humboldt, at the old church that was erected in 1867.
This picture was taken prior to 1899, because this church was razed in that year.

Front Row:
seated on ground, (from left) - 1) unknown 2) unknown 3) Sarah V. Clement 4) unknown 5) Mrs. Willie Mathews (W.C.) Thomson  6) unknown  7) unknown  8) unknown  9) Claude M. (Flap) Adams  10) unknown

Second Row:
From left seated in chairs:  Rev. R.W. Hood, pastor of church; Mrs. Hood; Mrs. W.I. McFarland; Mrs. Sally Watkins; Mrs. Killran; Mrs. Calvin H. Ferrell; Mrs. E.S. Shyrock; Mrs. Annie Sharp Ezell; Mrs. Arch Thweatt

Third Row:
from left, standing - Neill A. Senter; W.I. McFarland; Mrs. Sue (W.W.L.) Dunlap; Mrs. Robert (Callie Albright) Adams;  Mrs. McCall; Mrs. Martie Sharp Warmack;  Mrs. W.H. Mason;  Mrs. Tharp;  Mrs. Liles

Upper Left
 (group of 3 from top)  Mrs. Joe Billy (Miss Loue) Clark;  Mrs. J.J.R. (Miss Annie) Adams; Miss Margaret Dunlap

Upper Right:
(group of seven, from left)  Mrs. B.S. (Mary Dunlap) Penn; Mrs. John M. (Miss Mat) Senter; Mrs. John Gatewood; Zach Hess; Annie Gatewood; Miss Meck Johnson; Evelyn Hunt