Uriah Jasper and Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt Hammonds

Family Bible

Submitted by:  Betty Allison, ggranddaughter of Uriah and Elizabeth Bobbitt Hammonds

Uriah Jasper Hammonds and Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt were married March 27, 1864 in Gibson Co., TN
(Elizabeth was the daughter of Zebulon and Elizabeth Tate Bobbitt)

Uriah Jasper Hammonds was born the 10th day of Sept., 1840.  Mary Elizabeth Bobbitt was born the 15th day of April, 1846


Thomas James Hammonds, b. March 14,1865, d. March 31, 1887

Arthur James Hammonds, b. Aug., 11,1867, m. Lizzie Yuant, 1893, d. March 30, 1909

Robert McPherson Hammonds, b. July 6, 1870, m. Floy Jacobs,1898, d. Aug. 19,1954

Eddie Hammonds, b. July 10, 1875, m. Edith Spurrier, 1895, d. Jan. 23, 1963

Luther Hammonds, b. May 5, 1876, m. Minnie Bell Foust, 1899, d. Dec. 29, 1928

Zebulon L. Hammonds, b. Feb., 9, 1880, d. March 8, 1956

Bettie Hammonds, b. Feb. 13,1885, m. Arnon Bobbitt, 1904, d. ?

Mattie Mourning Hammonds, b. March 6, 1889, m. Ollie Keith, d. Jan. 1981

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