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Weakley family


Subj: Samuel Anderson Weakley's Book
Date: 10/20/98
From: DWeakley@FDIC.gov (Weakley, David M.)
To: genny1@aol.com ('Nancy Goodman')


...I furnished a copy of SAW's book to the Nashville Public Library's Nashville Room.
I couldn't see why a book that has information about Robert Weakley,  a prominent early Nashvillian, was not in Nashville's library. ... if you want to mention this on your website or not for others to see.
Take care,

Subj: Re: Weakley Family Cemetery
Date: 11/26/98
From: KAKane
To: Genny1

Hi Nancy,

Please feel free to pass along the info I sent you on the Weakley Cemetery to anyone who may be searching for this family. I am not related to the line at all; the cemetery is just located near my farm, and I thought it may be of use to someone.The cemetery has been neglected over the years and a couple of trees have fallen on the nice iron fence that used to surround it.

I am a long time genealogist and have appreciated the help of others in my search. I like to pass along the favor to my fellow researchers whenever I can.


Subj: Re: Weakley Family Cemetery
Date: 11/25/98
From: Genny1@aol.com

In a message dated 11/24/98 10:43:03 AM Central Standard Time, Genny1 writes:

<< Subj: Re: Weakley Family Cemetery
Date: 11/24/98 10:43:03 AM Central Standard Time
From: Genny1
To: KAKane@aol.com

Hi Karen,
Thanks so much for the info you sent....may I send it on to the group of Weakley researchers I am in touch with? This may be some of the ancestors that some of them have been looking for, and I do appreciate your taking the time to transcribe and send it to me.

Also, may I post the cemetery listing on my web pages?

Are you related in any way to the Weakley's or any of the other names in the graveyard?

Thanks again,
Nancy Goodman in Hendersonville, TN

In a message dated 11/23/98 9:21:08 PM Central Standard Time, KAKane writes:

<< Subj: Weakley Family Cemetery
Date: 11/23/98 9:21:08 PM Central Standard Time
From: KAKane@aol.com
To: Genny1

Hi Nancy,

I found your page on the web and I wanted to let someone know about the small Weakley Cemetery that is located at the back of my property. Someone may have already given you this info, but just in case, I thought it might go to good use to pass it along to you.

The cemetery is located on Maura Road in Cheap Hill, TN between Ashland City and Henrietta, TN in Cheatham County. The stones there are as follows:

J P Eleazer b. 2 Mar 1838 d. 1 Jan 1911
Martha M Weakley (wife of J P) b. 12 Aug 1839 d. 21 July 1904
Roberta J (wife of N T Nicholson) b. 25 May 1855 d. 3 July 1885
Fredonia E Weakley b. 29 Dec 1830 d. 15 Nov 1895
Lousanna T Chambliss Weakley b. 7 Feb 1858 d. 29 Nov 1908
Benjamin Lewis Weakley b. 1(?) Sept 1844 d. 18 Sept 1909
inscription ("A Friend of the Poor")
John G Weakley b. 26 Feb 1799 d. 7 July 1862
Nancy L (wife of John G Weakley) b. 11 Jan 1806 d. 11 Dec 1888
Leonora F Weakley b. 5 Aug 1836 d. age of 3 years
Thomas Hardy Eleazer b. 15 Mar 1875 d. 16 Jun 1877
Mary Ann Elizabeth Chambliss Owen b. 30 Apr 1816 d. 29 Dec 1908

There are a few other graves marked with field stones, but no names.
Hopefully this will help someone researching that line.
Karen >>

Subj: Weakley Family in America,by Francis J. Weakley,pub 1904
Date: 8/4/98
From: storypage@hotmail.com (JHM)
To: Genny1@AOL.COM, storypage@hotmail.com
Have you ever heard of this book? I found it listed in A COMPLEMENT TO GENEALOGIES IN THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, compiled by Marion Kaminkow.
I'm wondering if it followed the northern lines.
I have pinpointed my family in Cumberland Co, PA

--Jim Maroon

Subj: Re: Weakley Family in America, by Francis J. Weakley,
pub 1904
Date: 8/5/98
From: kenpow@bellsouth.net (Ken Powers)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Hi, Nancy:

Jim had written to me also, and I told him about the same as you did.

Sam Weakley did not actually copy it in his book, but wrote a good analysis of the confusion it makes with our line. He makes the correction.
I told Jim I have read the book, but I will need to take another look to
answer some of his questions...

Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Keep up the good work!


Subj: Re: Weakley Family in America, by Francis J. Weakley, pub 1904
Date: 8/6/98
From: kenpow@bellsouth.net (Ken Powers)
To: storypage@hotmail.com (Jim Maroon)
CC: Genny1@aol.com (GOODMAN, Nancy)
You write:
>So it is a different book, then.
>The Cumberland County Robert is the brother of James II, who is my
>line, and he seems to be around Cumberland Co for quite a while. I
>don't see how they could be the same. Outside of that, does it cover
>the PA Weakley's pretty well?<

Yes, it's a different book. It purports to cover the period 1730 to 1904. It consists of 114 pages, including a couple for introduction and another one or so containing the will of James Weakley, the patriarch.
There is a section concerning the "First Family", and sections for each of six generations thereafter. The 6th is quite sparse. Other than the introduction and the will, the book consists entirely of a listing of the descendants without any significant information about them. One would need to make a name connection in order for the book to be of any use, and then only to run the line of ascent.

It is worth your trouble to locate it, however, and study it for whatever you might glean from it.

Best Wishes!


Subj: Weakley's Notes
Date: 8/6/98
From: kenpow@bellsouth.net (Ken Powers)
To: Genny1@aol.com (GOODMAN, Nancy)
Hi, Nancy:

TSLA has put all of Sam's (Samuel Anderson Weakley) notes on microfilm.
The accession number is 1330. There are 5 reels, as follows:

Reel 1: Box 1, folder 1 (I am abbreviating B1F1) to B3F3.

Reel 2: B3F4 to B4F8.

Reel 3: B4F9 to B6F23.

Reel 4: B6F24 to the "Volume Wrapped Separately" -- the original manuscript of the book.

Reel 5: Oversized Maps, Drawer 2, Maps 1-12 to Addition B3F4.

I made copies of the index to the Boxes and Maps; four pages. ...

My time was limited today, but I took a little time to look at one of the
microfilm reels. I recall that you once said something about using the
files, that you might call for a folder and then find it contained only
one scrap of paper. The notes would take quite a lot of study to glean
anything of value; much of it being notations that standing alone don't
seem to mean anything. They are the kind of thing that one would need to
spend a day just browsing, without expecting to really harvest very much.

I hope this is helpful. Keep digging! =Ken=


Subj: Re: Weakley
Date: 8/7/98
From: matt@xanadu2.net (Betty Stout)
To: Genny1@aol.com

Genny1@aol.com wrote:>

> Hi Betty:

> Didn't know if I ever responded to the above query you sent me...
> however I do have it posted on one of my web pages..
> I am in contact with several other Weakley researchers and am sending
> them a copy of your query...
> ..wanted to see if you are still at the same address
> Nancy Goodman in TN
> https://sites.rootsweb.com/~tngenny1/index.html


> Subj: Weakley family
Date: 97-12-07
> From: betty@xanadu2.net (Betty & Zeno Stout)
> I have been to your web page and am impressed. I have a Weakley line on my
> husband's line that starts with James Weakley and Jane Wilson in Ireland about
> 1700. Then on to Isabel b.1749 in Pa died 1827 in Ga. who married Stephen
> Groves.

> I also have a Goodman line--Henry born 1758 SC married Catherine Smithhart and
> died 1833 Anderson County, Tennessee. Might these be connected?

> I have a Robert Weakley in record as one of the children of James. He married
> Elizabeth Gillespie by my records.

> EMAIL: betty@xanadu2.net

Yes, I am still here and still stalled at the same place on the line. Been busy with many other things lately, but still hoping to find an ancestor.
Email: betty@xanadu2.net

Subj: John Fambrough m: Jane Weakley
Date: 8/9/98
From: JimS1942@aol.com
To: Oneofsky1, KAKane, bobbye@madnet.net, Genny1
To: kenpow@bellsouth.net, Carole0631
A request for your help please: (any info. you can supply is appreciated) I am in need of the names, dates & places of the "ancestors" of JOHN FAMBROUGH b.ca 1753; VA.; m. JANE WEAKLEY b.ca 1758; VA.

I do not need the siblings, etc. (though it would be nice!) Just looking for straight *Pedigree Chart* information.

Attached is a text file Pedigree Chart from my database, it contains little information, and "may be in ERROR"!
1.> others: ?? Fambrough
2.> his GGG-Grandparents: ?? Fambrough
3.> his GG-Grandparents: ?? Fambrough
4.> his G-Grandparents: ?? Fambrough
5.> his Grandparents: ?? Fambrough
6.> his Parents: ??? (father & mother names, dates & places)
7.> JOHN FAMBROUGH- Born: ca 1753 - Place: Halifax County, VA
Marr: 1773 Place: Virginia
Died: ? Place: Valley Forge, PA
Spouse: JANE WEAKLEY- Born: ca 1758 - Place: Cub Creek, VA
Died: ? Place: ?

Thank you for your help,
Jim Sargent, Easley, SC =

(spouse) Carole Faith FAMBROUGH =

Subj: Col Robert Weakley/John Thomas
Date: 8/16/98
From: rettam@talleytech.com (Retta M. Lindner)
To: Genny1@aol.com
My ancestor, John THOMAS left will December 15, l803 Davidson County TN. The executors were listed as Col. Robert WEAKLEY and Joseph BROWN, Witt: Samuel WEAKLEY and John John JOHNSON. Does this mean his wife may have been a Weakley?
Do you have any information on John THOMAS in conjunction with the WEAKLEY family?
Ester THOMAS m. a Ramsey (Henry?):
Sarah THOMAS m. Joseph BROWN,
Elizabeth m. Joseph B. PORTER,
Priscilla m. Adam Brevard HUDSON
and son Joshua THOMAS narried Nancy OVERALL.
I am trying to find out the name of the wife of John THOMAS and also where the THOMAS family lived before coming into TN.
Thank you, I am,
Retta Roberts Lindner,
Email: rettam@talleytech.com
P O Box 806,

Carl Junction, MO 64834
417 649 6556

Subj: Weakley Family  Date: 98-07-08
From: winter1@midwest.net (Jack Winter)
Reply-to: winter1@midwest.net
To: Genny1@aol.com
I like your material , it is so organized, being new to the Internet you would not believe the "trash" that I have viewed...another story.
Genealogy has been my hobby for many years and when I reach a dead-end, I work on my wife's side of the family.
Her family tree is the WATSON>some say England , others say Scotland>Virginia>Tennessee , Robertson & Cheatham County mostly>into Franklin & Williamson County, Southern Illinois by 1830 and they are still here...in mathematics they are great multipliers...
Jack, her husband.

Violet Mae ( WATSON) Winter, g-g-g-grandmother was Susan H. WEAKLEY, the daughter of Issac WEAKLEY.
NOTE: Susan , her husband Ehud WATSON, and two young daughters are buried here in Marion, Williamson County,Illinois. They are buried at the WATSON CEMETERY, about 2-miles from our home.
The present owner of the property which includes the Watson Cemetery, was trying to pull a fast shuffle with the Holiday Inn Corp., by playing dumb about the cemetery until my wife and I went to the mayor of Marion and explained the historical advantage of leaving the cemetery just the way it always was. Ehud, has a military marker for the War of 1812 , and the mayor helped kill the project...but the site and location of the cemetery is located on a rased mound , overlooking the Interstate complex & junction of Interstate I-24 & I-57...there is a plan to build a bridge over the Interstate and connect to the expanding Illinois Mall Complex.
From visiting the cemetery I would estimate approx. 30 or more graves and over the years vandals have destroyed many locations...makes you sick to see the present condition allowed to happen.
If you could provide some advice on how to block this project please advise.
Jack & Violet M. ( Watson) Winter ,
Watch Dogs of the vanishing cemetery.
12160 Cedar Grove Rd.
Marion,IL 62959
Email: winter1@midwest.net

Subj: P.C.WILLIAMS IN WEAKLEY BOOK    Date: 98-06-04
From: m.cooper@erols.com (Marvin S. Cooper)
To: Genny1@aol.com (Nancy Goodman)
Hi Nancy,
As far as I can determine from here (Maryland) Presley C. WILLIAMS is my husbands great-grandfather. He is the only WILLIAMS I've found in any records either on-line or from Family Tree Maker or the LDS Family History Center who fits the initials "P.C." as they appeared on the wedding invitation for my husband's grandparents' wedding. I would appreciate contact with someone who has more information about him.  
Thanks for your help.
Joyce Cooper
Subj: WEAKLEY Family  Date: 97-10-14
From: scottw19@idt.net (DSW)

I, too, am a WEAKLEY but the name was changed in 1800's to WEEKLEY-WEEKLY by my G-Father REUBEN FRANKLIN WEEKLY of LEONARD FRANKLIN WEAKLEY of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WEAKLEY(b. 1825) and I lose the trail there.
I have an IBM, e-mail and a copy of World Family Tree v. 4.0 (Broderbund) which accepts GEDCOM files I believe.
Scott Weekly
San Diego, CA
EMAIL: scottw19@idt.net

Subj: Hello  Date: 97-10-24
From: chiggins@infodata.com (Higgins, Cynthi)
I have been searching the Web for info on the Weakley family and  found your page.  
I am a decendant of the Weakley family of Madison County, VA.
My  grandfather was Kelly Buster Weakley(born abt. 1911) and married Georgia Ellen Seymour (born May 1914).
My great-grandfather was  Hubert Weakley(born abt. 1870?) who married Neva ????. I haven't had much luck researching this family, since most all of the older Weakley relatives are dead.
Does the Weakley family that is currently in TN have ancestors from VA or PA?
I also cannot find the book on  the Weakley family by Samuel Weakley.
I understand that this is not really a published book, but a handwritten manuscript.
Any information you can give me for Weakleys in VA would be greatly appreciated.
Cynthia Weakley Higgins

Subj: WEAKLEY Family  Date: 97-10-24
From: scottw19@idt.net  (DSW)
Your site is an unexpected treasure- a real find in my search for WEAKLEY's. Thank you for your time and effort on our family tree from all of us descendants!
I can not find this WEAKLEY from VA book everyone is talking about.
Am I to understand that every one knows of it yet no one has it??
Is there a copy that I may buy or see?
I am from Benjamin Franklin WEAKLEY(b.1851 in Big Meadows VA).
Thanks again,
Scott Weekly
EMAIL: scottw19@idt.net
Subj: [TNCHEATH-L] Weakley Family   Date: 98-05-16
From: Genny1@aol.com (Nancy Goodman)
I now have a web page listing some of the descendants of Robert Weakley, Sr. thru my line of James Weakley (C), located at:
If you have Weakley's in your line, check it out...I am not finished, but at least it is a start of listing some information from Samuel Anderson Weakley's family history book on the Weakley family of Virginia, and Tennessee and other states.
The book was a 500 page, handwritten account of the descendants of Robert Weakley, Sr..  Many descendants are still in the Cheatham/Dickson/Montgomery county areas of Tennessee..
Ken Powers (email: KenPow@bellsouth.net) descends from Robert Weakley (B), in the Weakley book
Nancy Phillips Goodman in Hendersonville, TN
Email: Genny1@aol.com
Subj: Weakley Family Research Date: 98-01-17
From: cpudoc@accessus.net (Allen Burnham)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Hello Nancy,
My name is Teresa Marie Weakley Burnham. I've been researching my family tree for years. We just started using the internet and found your web page. You mentioned something about a genealogy book on the Weakley's. As a child I remember some man coming to our house for our family information and always telling my parents this information was going into a genealogy book and if we ever wanted a copy of this book it would be in the Memphis, Tenessee court house.
Would this happen to be this very book that I've been searching for?
In order to verify this, could you do me a tremendous favor and look for the following information in your book.
Myself: Teresa Marie Weakley
My father: Chester Vernon Weakley
wife: Dorothy Mae Baker

My Grandfather: John Walter Weakley dob: Sept. 19, 1887 birth place: unknown death date: Dec. 1, 1965 intermet: Oak Grove Cem. Mississippi County, Mo. Marriage date: Nov. 11, 1906 Wife: Nora Thomas Damesworth dob: Sept. 26, 1887 birth place: unknown death date: Jan. 12, 1970 intermet: Oak Grove Cem. Mississippi County, Mo.

My Great Grandfather: George Washington Weakley Married: Mary Marie Barnhill
This is as far back as I can get. I've always been told that we where related to Col. Robert Weakley, but I can't seem to fill in the missing links that connect us.
You can contact me at my email address: cpudoc@accessus.net
If you have any other address links, or phone numbers that could help me in my search please let me know. If this book of yours is not the one in which I'm searching for please let me know if there are others that might be helpful.
Thank You for taking the time to help me in the research.
Teresa Marie Weakley Burnham

  Answer from the editor:
Subj: Re: Weakley Family Research Date: 98-01-20
From: Genny1@aol.com
To: cpudoc@accessus.net
CC: KenPow@aol.com
Thanks for the note; I do not have the book itself, but Ken Powers does and I am sending him a copy of your note in the hope that he might be able to help you.
I have copies of some of the pages of the Weakley book, written by Mr. Samuel Anderson Weakley. Our family did not purchase the book when it was put out, but I got copies from the book at the Tenn. State Library and Archives of the pages pertaining to my dad's line of descent.
Nancy Goodman in TN
    Answer to the above WEAKLEY QUERY:

Subj: Re: Weakley Family Research  Date: 98-01-26
From: KenPow@aol.com
To: cpudoc@accessus.net
CC: Genny1@aol.com
Hi, Teresa!   (& Hi, Nancy! Glad to help. It's mutual.)
It is my pleasure to inform you that you are in luck. Your family is indeed included in The Southern Virginia Weakley Families and Their Descendants, by Samuel Anderson Weakley (SAW).
I will pick up where you dropped off:
George Washington Weakley; b. 31 Mar 1830 in Montgomery Co., TN; d. 15 Nov 1890 in Mississippi Co., MO; buried in old graveyard on what was known as the Garwood Farm when SAW was doing his research, about 8 miles northeast of Anniston, MO.
G.W. married three times: 1) Celia Jane Moore-Adams (18 Aug 1853) b. 24 Oct 1827, d. 7 Aug 1879; 2) Frances Elizabeth Barfield (6 Dec 1880) dates of birth and death not given; 3) Mary Marie Barnhill-Coyien (10 Sep 1885) b. 4 Feb 1849 in Humphreys Co., TN, d. 6 Nov 1925 in MS Co., MO. All marriages were in MS County. He was the first child of:
Samuel Weakley; b. about 1800 in Montgomery Co., TN; "was dead 6-10-1858, Miss. Co. Mo." SAW said. He married twice: 1) Letta Watson, b. about 1806 in Robertson Co. TN; d. "after Aug 1850, Miss. Co., Mo."; Letta was G.W.'s mother; 2) Elizabeth Ruch-Underwood-McCall (14 Jun 1853, Miss. Co., MO); "Her father was Jackson Rush."
SAW also has these notes re. Samuel Weakley:
"They went to the southern part of Scott Co., Mo. about 1840. On Feb 14, 1845 this part became Mississippi County, Mo. They lived about 8 miles north east of Anniston. He purchased his first land in Oct 1845.
"Isaac Weakley with his first wife, and a son between 20 and 30 years of age, were in Scott Co., Mo. in the census of Oct 22, 1840. This may have been one of the sons B9.7 or B9.8 (both unnamed in SAW's book) and may have been the John M. Weakley who purchased lot one in the town of Charleston, Scott Co. on July 12, 1837. He sold the lot in July 1841. No other record was found of him.
"There was another Weekley family in this same section. Their bible (sic) was owned by Jesse Weekley (May 21, 1825-Jan 18, 1884). Barney Weekley was in the Miss. Co. census of Nov 1, 1850. He seemed to have come with his family from Kentucky at a later date than the Samuel Weakley family.
"For a number of years the Samuel Weakley family kept in correspondence with their kin in Williamson County, Illinois by letters written from Wolf Island Post Office, Missouri."

Samuel Weakley was the second child of :
Isaac Weakley; b. 5 Mar 1770 in Halifax Co., VA; d. June 1854 in Montgomery Co., TN. He married twice: 1) Sarah McGaugh (10 Mar 1797 in Davidson Co., TN) b. 19 Dec 1772 in VA; date of death unknown, may have been in Scott Co., MO during their sojourn there; 2) Mary ??-Hunter-Lee (29 Sep 1842 in Davidson Co., TN; reported in The Nashville Whig, Thursday, 6 Oct 1842), her previous husbands being Jacob Hunter and Braxton Lee; death unknown, but she was not listed in the census of 5 Sep 1850. He was the ninth child of:
Robert Weakley; b. abt 1720, maybe in Ireland; d. Aug 1798 in Halifax Co., VA; married Elinor Stewart (also spelled Stuart in her father's will). Robert was the second child of Robert Weakley, progenitor of our American line, whose wife's name is unknown.
Isaac Weakley was a brother of the Col. Robert Weakley you mention. Col. Robert was a friend of Andrew Jackson and just as controversial.
But that is another story . .
I am working as diligently as I can in computerizing this genealogy, but it is massive. I am overawed when I think of how SAW and his wife did all it by hand. Mary wrote the book by hand. It contains 500 pages, 8.5x11 !!! My current goal is to get all of my line (Thomas Weakley, 2nd child of Robert & Elinor) in the computer and then put it up on my home page; either AOL or FAMILYTREEMAKER.
SAW lists Lavern and Pauline as your sibs. You were born after he closed his books. I would very much appreciate having info on your family. Could you send me a GEDCOM disk? If I can connect enough present day Weakleys I hope we can someday have a reunion and get to know each other face to face.
Here are some addresses of interest:
David Weakley dweakley@fdic.gov
Bill Covington covingtw@ix.netcom.com
Randy Pounders XNRR61A@prodigy.com (also related to Isaac Weakley & Sarah McGaugh)

Hope this is helpful. Best wishes!
Ken Powers

To: cpudoc@accessus.net (Teresa Marie Weakley Burnham);
cc: to Genny1@aol.com; 980126:1710CST.


Thanks for the response (on the WEAKLEY family). As far as I know I can accept Gedcom files by email. Looking forward to seeing what you have.

Randy Pounders in FL email:XNRR61A@prodigy.com

Subject: re: Weakley family
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 96
From: "David M. Weakley" <dweakley@fdic.gov>
To: <NancyGoodman@postoffice.worldnet.att.net>

Hi Nancy:
Yes, I have seen the Weakley book. I made copies of several pages from the book when I was visiting my grandmother in Clarksville several years ago, but did not get all the charts in the back of the book showing lineage, birth and death dates, etc. I live in Knoxville and hope to go to Nashville over the holidays to get some more copied. I descend from Thomas, Robert's older brother. Think Robert is my 4th great-grand uncle. Do you have any information on their parents? If you have any of the charts from the book that would help me fill in the gaps I would like to get copies from you if possible. Thanks for contacting me. Merry Christmas from East Tennessee

David Weakley (in Knoxville, TN)

Subject: Re: Weakley family
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 97 23:33:32 +0000
From: covingtw@ix.netcom.com (William Covington)
To: NancyGoodman@worldnet.att.net

Nancy, Thanks! I was not aware of the book - the next time I come to Nashville, I will look it up. I have a Lucinda Weakley, B. ca 1831, Montgomery Co. TN. She was married to Frank M. Teasley.

Bill Covington (of Nashville) - in MI  

"James N. Long" <scaevola@telalink.net>
James N. Long wrote:


I know of (and TREASURE) the Weakley book you mention. It was written before I was born, but my father is listed there (John Wayne Long, b. 1936). Here's my Weakley lineage:

> Robert Weakley (1720/1798) - Elinor Stewart

> Isaac Weakley (1770/1854) - Sarah McGaugh

> Robert H. Weakley (1809/1884) - Louisa T. Lewis

> George Harold Weakley (1858/1900) - Emma Bell Smith

> James Walter Weakley (1884/1928) - Lucy Jane Hogan

> Emma Elizabeth Weakley (1918/1976) - Philip L. Long

> John W. Long (1936) - Linda G. Robertson

> James N. Long (1966)

> How are we related?

> Jim Long in Nashville, TN


To Jim Long (scaevola@telalink.net)
My line is from James Weakley and Hannah Coffee; also from Mary Weakley and David Jones, Sr. My father is listed: Calvin Nesbitt Phillips, married Annie Lizzie Lynch in 1933. But, even though all their children were born at the time, we are not listed as I understand Mr. Sam  WEAKLEY only listed female descendancy lines down one generation and my dad's mom, Annie E. Jones, who married Moore Phillips, was the Weakley descendant. Do you actually have the WEAKLEY book? I don't, but I have copies of most of it and I have placed a good deal of it into a Gedcom file, don't know when I will EVER finish though as it is a major undertaking!

                        Nancy Phillips Goodman in TN

Subj: Re: Weakley  Date: 12/8/98
From: max1@tidalwave.net (lena)
Reply-to: max1@tidalwave.net
To: Genny1@aol.com

Genny1@aol.com wrote:>
> Hi
> I wondered where your Weakley family is?
> We have Weakley's in TENN....I am 7th generation down from Robert Weakley of
> Virginia...
> I have a Weakley web page at
> https://sites.rootsweb.com/~tngenny1/weakley.html
> Nancy Goodman in TN

My Weakley family is in Madison Va. My G-father was Hubert Weakley who was married to Neva Nicholson and later to Lizzie Parks(daughter of Eddie Parks) Eddie Parks was the son of Tom Parks and Summanty (Sue Parks some of whom are written about in the books titled Skyland by George Freeman Pollock and Shenandoah Heritage by Carolyn and Jack Reeder. Upon talks with the elders of the Weakley's here , it is said that they came to Madison county by way of wagon train from Ill. Some settled in what was know as Weakley Hollow near Corbin and Nicholson Hollow on Rag mountain and Stoney mountain which later became part of the Shenandoah National Park . Grandfather Hubert once worked as the caretaker to the park for Pollock as did some of the other Weakleys.
It seems there are many Weakley's trying to put the pieces together as am I . If I can be of any help please e-mail me again. A few of the elder Weakley's are still here and kicking and I love to listen as much as they love to talk.
Lena (Weakley) Mastne in Va.

Subj: Re: Weakley  Date: 12/12/98
From: kenpow@bellsouth.net (Ken Powers)
To: Genny1@aol.com, max1@tidalwave.net

I was unable to find a connection at this time. The Dollarhide "Map Guide" shows Madison County was created between 1790 and 1800, and I notice it is one county removed from Fauquier County. There were several Weakley families in Fauquier County very early 1700s, according to Sam Weakley's book. He suggests some of these moved southward, where he picks up our line in Lunenburg and Halifax Counties a few years later.

It would be interesting to know when Lena's line moved to Madison County by wagon from Illinois. Some of the "Southern Virginia Weakleys" migrated to Illinois, perhaps in the early 1800s. Could it be that Lena's line is a return of some of those to the home state?

Interested in exploring this with you.

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