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Assorted postings and queries on the Wall / Walls family, mostly in Tennessee, to assist those who are researching this family in Tennessee.
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Subj: Wall Family   Date: 1/7/99  
From:tmlew@stratos.net (Tina) (New email: 6/99)
To: genny1@aol.com, Jan_Hen@mail.msn.com, danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us, dhile@bright.net, LJM39@aol.com, Gingermv@sprintmail.com, EMelton532@aol.com, v@stratos.net, jimenec@worldnet.att.net

Hi to all of you Wall Family researchers! Lets all put our heads together and see what we can come up with....Please email me with which Wall line you are looking for and what you have. I have been researching 2 different Wall line(one was by mistake!) but I have the info anyway. These are the Walls that I have:

Rufus Wall:                    Rufus Riley Wall:

children:                         children:

Jess                               Robert

Will                               Elizabeth

     Anna                            Jappenerlee Zula

Nancy                                 Monroe




If anyone thinks that they may have info on the above please let me know. I have info on Rufus's family back to 1560 on one line and a little on the other line.

Subj: Wall, William G.
Date: 12/28/98
From: danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us (David Anderson)
Reply-to: danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us
To: Genny1@aol.com

Hi, this is David Anderson again.
I thought I would give you some new information I have on William G. Wall.
He was born in TN on 1 April 1827. His first marriage was to a K. ?, who died in 1864 in Calhoun MO. due to consumption.
His second marriage was to a Sarah E. Herndon of Calhoun, MO.
It seems he appeared in MO in the 1850 census for Henry Co., but was not in the 1840 census.
I take it he moved there some time in the 1840's.
If this helps, please post or pass on.
David G. Anderson

Subj: Another Wall line
Date: 11/19/98
From: Genny1@aol.com
To: danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us (David Anderson), JAN_HEN@msn.com (Janice Taylor), FXDB16A@prodigy.com (MR JON C WRAY), Genny1@aol.com (Nancy Goodman), BDraper230@aol.com (Beth Draper), rlew@stratos.net (Ronald Lew)

To: Wall researchers
danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us (David Anderson),
JAN_HEN@msn.com (Janice Taylor),
FXDB16A@prodigy.com (MR JON C WRAY),
Genny1@aol.com (Nancy Goodman),
BDraper230@aol.com (Beth Draper),
rlew@stratos.net (Ronald Lew)

Subj: poss family ties
Date: 11/11/98
From: rlew@stratos.net (Ronald Lew)
To: Genny1@aol.com

Curious to know about your Wall genealogy. My gr gr gr grandparents were married in Davidson County, and died in Hickman County Tn.
Wm Walker Wall b. 6 May 1806 and d. 2 Jan 1895 married to a Fredonia L.A. Johnson daughter of Isham Johnson and Sallie Pamplin.
please e-mail me at :tmlew@stratos.net (Tina) (New email: 6/99)

RE: WALL, William G.
Date:  11/19/98
From: Genny1@aol.com
To: danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us
CC: JAN_HEN@msn.com
CC: FXDB16A@prodigy.com (MR JON C WRAY), Genny1
CC: BDraper230
Hi David:
I am sending you a copy of some more Wall notes...plus sending your note to Janice and to my cousin Jon Wray, "just in case" there is a connection.....
I will probably put up a web page with all of this on it so we can refer back to it and include any other Wall info I may have...
As you can see in my note to Janice below, I know very little on my Anna Wall who married John Weakley....
I do have some more Wall info from Beth Draper (bdraper230@aol.com) who is on AOL ....but I looked and did not see your Wall in her stuff...am sending her a copy of this note, too.

Nancy Goodman in TN

---In a message dated 11/16/98 10:08:52 AM Central Standard Time, danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us writes:
<< Subj: WALL, William G.
Date: 11/16/98 10:08:52 AM Central Standard Time
From: danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us (David Anderson)
To: Genny1@aol.com

I am looking for the birthplace of William G. Wall in Co.
I have the following information on the family.

WALL, William G. b. ? TN d. ? Corona, CA
.....m. first marriage?
.........James R. WALL b. 1862 MO. d. ? Corona, CA
.........Charles G. WALL b. 1868 MO. d. 1926 Corona, CA
.........Retta C. WALL b. 1870 MO. d. 1937 Corona, CA
.....m. Sarah E. MOODY (see correction of surname below)
.........Frank WALL b. 1880 MO. d. 1936 Corona, CA

Fred J. WALL: Do not know birth date to determine whether Fred was from first or second marriage.

Any help in locating William G. Wall in TN would be greatly appreciated.
Subj: Re: WALL, William G.
Date: 11/19/98
From: danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us (David Anderson)
Reply-to: danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us
To: Genny1@aol.com

I have found out that William married a Sarah E. *HERNDON, not Sarah E. MOODY. Someone was leading me down the wrong path. All the other information is correct.

Sarah E. HERNDON b. 1843 Calhoun MO d. 928 Corona,CA

Thanks for your help. I hope we find a connection.

Subj: Re: Wall, Carroll
Date: 11/19/98
From: Genny1@aol.com
To: JAN_HEN@msn.com
CC: FXDB16A@prodigy.com (MR JON C WRAY), Genny1

I am sending a copy on to Jon Wray in Florida, who has the Carroll line.....
I have Daniel too but don't know if that one fits in anywhere, maybe Jon will know.....
Nancy Goodman in Hendersonville, TN

In a message dated 11/17/98 6:14:55 PM Central Standard Time, JAN_HEN@email.msn.com writes:
<< Subj: Re: Wall
Date: 11/17/98
From: JAN_HEN@email.msn.com (Janice Taylor)
To: Genny1@aol.com

Nancy ,
My Wall married a Carroll.
Rebecca Wall, daughter of Jesse Wall married Edward Mosley Carroll,Sr.
Ellington Carroll married Sarah Daniel
I believe Ellington to be brother or Uncle to Edward (brother more likely).
Do you think there might br connection between my Wall's and Carroll"s and you and your cousin's.
Thanks for e-mailing me and I have your site on my favorites list.
Keep in touch.

>>Subj: Re: Wall
Date: 11/17/98
From: Genny1@aol.com
To: JAN_HEN@msn.com

Hi Janice,
I also have Wall in Dickson County or surrounding areas......however I don't know any more than that Anna Wall married John Weakley......
I do have the dates of birth & marriage from the Samuel Anderson Weakley family history Book......

Also there is a Hightower connection with the Bowker line.......I will have to check on that one and see what I have.....

And my cousin, Jon Wray, in Florida who is on Prodigy, has the Carroll line....

Some of my other lines in Dickson are are Daniel, Sensing, Jones, Phillips, and tons more I can't think of at the moment....Lots of mine were in the Southside/Neptune area of Montgomery County, right at the corner of Dickson & Cheatham counties.

Nancy Goodman in Hendersonville, TN

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998
From: "Janice Taylor" <JAN_HEN@email.msn.com>
Subject: surnames

Hello everyone,
My name is Janice Taylor and I live in White Bluff, Tn.
My surnames are Stroud, Carroll, Fowler, Hightower, Wall, Owens,and Gill just to name a few.
The list just seems to grow daily

Subj: Wall family  Date: 12/8/98
From: Genny1
To: Ledamerosehay@msn.com (this is not a valid email address!!)
CC: Genny1

I don't have much on my Wall family at this point, but I do have some various Wall info posted on a webpage at:
Nancy Goodman in TN

WALL family from Va to Halifax, NC to Tn
Margaret Wall -- 4466 West Pine 9-F, St. Louis, MO 63108
Submitted on Wed Jul 29 09:48:36 EDT 1998

Subj: Re: Wall Family  Date: 1/8/99
From: danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us (David Anderson)
Reply-to: danderson@shastalink.k12.ca.us
To: Genny1@aol.com


Here is my line. I also have some records of some Walls who are buried in Corona, CA. If you want those also, I can supply those to you. I am trying to find out where in TN William was from.

Let me know if anyone connects with this WALL clan. I know there were more brothers and sisters of William G. Wall and I am sure more children from at least the first marriage must exist.

Take care and talk at ya later.



1.Wall,William G.
b. 1 Apr 1827 Tennessee d. 9 June 1894 Corona, Riverside, Calif.(liver cancer)
Buried in Family Lot #77 at Corona Sunnyslope Cemetery, Corona, Riverside,CA
Headstone Reads: SERG’T
CO. F.
7 MO. S.M.CAV.
Civil War Veteren: Company F, 7th Regiment, Missouri State Militia,
Rank: Sergeant; appointed on February 6, 1863
Enlisted: April 11, 1862 Calhoun MO.
Mustered In: April 17, 1862 Georgetown, MO
Discharged: March 8, 1865 for disability(legally blind)
Moved from Tennessee around 1843
Documentation: Death Certificate
Muster Card
Civil War Pension File
Probate Records: Santa Barbara Co. CA
Court Records from MO
Cemetery Records
Census Records
m1. K. ? b. ? d. 1864
Documentation: Death Notification from Doctor
Court Records of her death
Court release from pension payment to Sarah E. Herndon as wife

2.WALL, James Robert b. 12 Oct. 1862 MO.
d. 11 Jun 1924 Corona, Riverside,CA (carcinoma)
Buried in Family Lot #77 at Corona Sunnyslope Cemetery, Corona, Riverside, CA
Headstone: No marker
Came to California around 1880
Death Certificate: Frank Wall, informant
Occupation: Carpenter
Documentation: Death Certificate
Cemetery Records
Census Records
Business Records
m: Pearl Etta Meisenheimer
b. 31 Aug 1862 Harter Twp., Clay Co., IL(1870 census)
daughter of Isaac Meisenheimer and Frances Morefield
d. 23 Oct 1927 Corona, Riverside, CA
Came to California around 1885
Buried in Family Lot #43; W 1/2 Sunnyslope Cemetery, Corona, CA
Headstone: No marker
Marriage date: 24 Dec 1888 in San Bernardino, CA(became Riverside in 1893)
Sisters: Obituary listed Mary E. Songer,Isadora Bloom,and Mrs. James
Devore- IL
Buried also in Sunnyslope: Clara E. and Ira W. Meisenheimer
Documentation: Cemetery Records
Birthday Book in possession Karen Veneable
Death Certificate

3. WALL, Fred J.b. 4 Oct 1893 Corona, CA d. 14 Oct 1925 Corona,Riverside, CA
Buried in Lot 10A; Row 275 at Sunnyslope Cemetery, Corona, CA
Died due to hemorging in lung due to TB
Occupation: Was an invalid
m. Zelma ? b. ? d. ?
Lived in CA entire life
Documentation: Birth Certificate
Death Certificate
Cemetery Records

3. WALL, Grace Alice b. 19 Nov 1897 Corona, Riverside, CA
d. 26 Nov 1967 Napa, CA
Buried at Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, CA
Occupation: Waitress while husband owned restaurants; clerk at Penneys
Documentation: Death Certificate
Family Records
Cemetery Records
m. ANDERSON, Ray Edward b. Oct. 19, 1891 KS d. Jan. 9, 1947,Napa CA.
Buried at Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, CA(died of a heart attack)
Occupation: Restaraunt Owner
Documentation: Census Records
Death Certificate
Cemetery Records
Family Records

4. ANDERSON, Victor Robert b. Nov. 11, 1918 d. June 14, 1966 Santa Clara, CA(heart attack)
Buried at Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, CA
Education: Two years at Ventura Communtiy College(Football RB)
Service: WWII; United States Navy; Chief Yeoman; have copies of reports he wrote while on duty.
Occupation: Gas station owner; car salesman; U.S. Postal Service Postal Clerk and Supervisor(15 years)
Hobbies: President of Redwood Umpires Assoc.: Traveled to Japan in 1955 to help establish Japanese and Korean Professional Baseball
Umpires Assoc. for Japanese Professional Baseball Assoc.
Native Sons of the Golden West: President
Documentation: Family Records
Death Certificate
Naval Records

Marriage certificate
m. Elizabeth Marie RASLER Sept 10, 1942 Reno, Nevada
b. Aug. 2, 1923 Napa, CA
Occupation: Waitress; Dental Asst.; Public School
Administrative Secretary(25 years)

3. WALL, Gordon b. ? d. ? Lived in southern California

Documentation: My grandmother spoke of him often and I met him twice as a child visiting relatives in southern CA.

m2.Sarah E. HERNDON b. 22 Apr 1843 Calhoun, MO
d. 15 February, 1928 Corona, Riverside, CA
Buried in Family Lot #77 at Corona Sunnyslope Cemetery, Corona, Riverside, CA
Headstone Reads: MOTHER SARAH E. WALL
Father: Julius Herndon from Calhoun Co.,MO
Documention: Henry Co. MO marriages Index
Death Certificate
Cemetery Records

2. WALL, Frank b. Jan 5, 1880 Denver CO.
d. 4 Mar 1936 Santa Barbara General Hosp, CA
Buried in Family Lot #77 at Corona Sunnyslope Cemetery, Corona, CA
Documentation: Death Certificate
Cemetery Records
Birth Certificate: Denver, CO

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