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Rutland, Crudup, Guill, McGregor, Lain, Murphey, Hill Bedwell, Felts (Pitts?), Johnson, Cawthon, Gleaves, Brett, Harrison, Kirkpatrick, Dement, McFarland, Bidwell, Mottley, Haynes:

This may be of help to some of you who are looking for RUTLAND'S.

WILLIAM BLAKE RUTLAND died by June 24, 1822, when his widow, MARTHA, was appointed administratrix of his estate. No securities were either listed or not copied by me. QCR, 1822-1825, p. 6.

JOHN RUTLAND was dead by August 2, 1819, when CLARISSA RUTLAND, widow of JOHN RUTLAND, decd, prays for dower in 160 acres. Sheriff to summon jury to do so. QCR, 1816-1819, p. 506. This order was renewed, QCR, 1816-1819, November 1, 1819, p. 538.

JAMES RUTLAND, guardian - ex -parte - Clerk to report whether it would be in the interest of the minor to sell land. CCR, 1846-1853, July 6, 1852, p. 460.

JAMES B. RUTLAND, guardian - petition for sale of land - MARTHA RUTLAND by her deed of gift of July 6, 1829, gave to EMILY RUTLAND the tract of land of 143 1/2 acres and said EMILY died in December 1840 or 1841. leaving JOHN W., JOSEPH S., and BEN H. RUTLAND, who are of age, and AUGUSTUS RUTLAND, the ward of petitioner, her heirs and representatives. Petitioner has purchased the entire remainder interest of the above in the said land. Also purchased revisionary right to 124 acres from same. It also appears that BLAKE RUTLAND many years ago gave to one ISAAC RUTLAND for and during his natural life the 120 acres above mentioned and after his death it was to go to the said four heirs. Petitioner has purchased the life estate in the land from ISAAC. Ordered land be sold.
CCR, 1846-1853, July 7, 1852, p. 465.

JAMES B. RUTLAND, guardian - ex parte - JAMES B. RUTLAND has purchased the two tracts for $550. CCR, 1846-1853, January 4, 1853, p. 525.

JAMES B. RUTLAND, guardian - petition for sale of land - final decree - Purchase money has been paid for the land sold. Divested out of AUGUSTUS RUTLAND and invested in JAMES B. RUTLAND. CCR, 1853-1857, August 7, 1855, p. 346.

JAMES B. RUTLAND aptd guardian of AUGUSTUS RUTLAND, a minor child of ISAAC RUTLAND, decd, and an heir of EMILY RUTLAND, decd. Security LEOPOLD DRIFOOS. Bond $1100. QCR, 1848-1856, June 8, 1852, p. 543.

Settlement with JAMES B. RUTLAND, guardian of AUGUSTUS RUTLAND, now of age. QCR, 1858-1864, January 2, 1860, p. 192.

RUTHERFORD RUTLAND died by May 5, 1856, when JOHN CRUDUP was aptd admr of his estate, with BARNETT GUILL and WILLIAM McGREGOR securities on the $5000 bond. QCR, 1856-1864, p. 2.

In a settlement reported April 7, 1859 and made February 5, 1859, the slaves were reported hired: Lydia and child, James, Anderson, Miles, Thomas, Ishmael.
"The heirs had tombstones erected over graves of deceased and his wife." A&ES, 1858 1868, p. 92.

In a settlement reported September 13, 1859 and made August 16, 1859, there is a distribution of the personal estate of RUTHERFORD RUTLAND, decd, in the hands of the admr. Land allotted to
(4) W. H. G. MURPHEY's heirs;
(8) A. N. JOHNSON.
A&ES, 1858-1868, p. 117.

JOHN CRUDUP aptd guardian of JOHN and WILLILAM A. MURPHEY, minors and heirs of RUTHERFORD RUTLAND, decd, with securities J.P. CAWTHON and G. T. GLEAVES, in place of former guardian, ALEXANDER BRETT, resigned. Bond $2500.
QCR, 1858-1863, May 7, 1860, p. 283.

JOHN CRUDUP, admr v RUTLAND et al - Process has been served on defts JOHN R. and WILLIAM A. MURPHEY and said defts are minors who have no regular guardian. Ordered that AINSWORTH (ANSWORTH) HARRISON be aptd guardian ad litum.
CCR, 1853-1857, January 6, 1857, p. 517.

JOHN CRUDUP, admr et al v RUTLAND et al - It appears that RUTHERFORD RUTLAND died intestate in WCT in April, 1856, leaving seven slaves and two tracts of land. CRUDUP aptd admr. Intestate left at his death compls and defts his distributees and heirs at law, being seven in number. Said intestate had made sundry advancements to some of the compls and defts but it does not appear to whom these advancements were made and the amounts. The land can be divided, but the slaves should be sold. Cmrs aptd to divide the land between the heirs at law of said intestate, each to receive one-seventh. Clerk to sell the slaves Lydia, Tom, Jim, Henderson, Ishmael, and William. Clerk to take account of advancements.
CCR, 1853-1857, January 7, 1857, p. 526f.

JOHN CRUDUP, admr et al v RUTLAND et al - Clerk reports that he sold the slaves as follows: Tom was sold to THOMAS KIRKPATRICK for $1100; Jim was sold to JAMES T. DEMENT for $1000; Miles was sold to IRA McFARLAND for $905; Henderson was sold to C.M. BIDWELL for $1050p Ishmael was sold to JOSEPH MOTTLEY and JOHN A. HAYNES for $680. CCR, 1857-1860, July 8, 1857, p. 18 ff.

JOHN CRUDUP, admr et al v RUTLAND et al - Clerk ordered to take account. Clerk reports that IRA McFARLAND bought one of the slaves for $680. The note for same is over due. Ordered that it be paid. Also JAMES T. DEMENT bought another of the slaves and his note for $750 is also due. Ordered paid. Also THOMAS KIRKPATRICK bought one of the slaves and his note for $1050 is due. Ordered paid.
CCR, 1857-1860, July 10, 1858, p. 202ff.

JOHN CRUDUP, admr et al v RUTLAND et al - C. M. BIDWELL bought the slave belonging to the heirs of RUTHERFORD RUTLAND, decd. Has not paid full purchase price. Clerk to recover balance.
CCR, 1857-1860, July 4, 1860, p. 488f.

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