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March 1998

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Subj: Searching for an Ancestor Date: 98-03-01
From: (James Yount)
I'm searching for information on my great-grandfather, Ephraim YOUNT. Ephraim was from Campbell County, Tennessee and is believed to have died in the Civil War. He was born around 1835 and was married to Rebecca Hutson. His father was Jacob YOUNT, also of Campbell County. As you see, I have very little information on him.
I would appreciate any info.
Date: 98-03-02
 From: (Jack & Sarah Buice)
To: (Genny1)
Re: checking email
My e-mail address is unchanged,
I am still searching for confirmation that my great grandfather, Elijah E. Bice/Buice b. 1828 TN is the son of William Bice/Buis/Buice who lived in Rhea Co., TN ca. 1807 to ca 1850's. William had  moved to LaFayette, Walker Co., GA by 1860 and was living with his son Valentine Bice/Buice where he died ca. 1865. Valetine b. 1815 was an older brother of my Elijah. Hope to travel to Rhea Co. later this year in search of confirmation.
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> Date: Sunday, December 28, 1997 >
> Hi;
> I recently made a text file of the entries in my guestbook pages and it is placed at:
> I am checking out some of the email addresses to be sure they are entered correctly. Please let me know if you have any changes of your email address.
Date: 05 Mar 1998  
From: "Melton, Will" <>
To: "''"  
Subject: [DanvilleCrossing-L] Zachariah Melton's line
My name is Will Melton, RD4 Box 55, Middlebury VT 05753.
I have taken over the Melton search for my father, Herman Melton, who started working on our line in 1950. He communicated with a number of people who were among the first to seek out the roots of our family. I know that some people on this list have either stumbled upon some of his research or corresponded with him. I'm happy to say he is still going strong at age 77 and still writing, now working on his fifth or sixth book.
Two of his books are about the Melton family, Sassafras Sprouts (1972) and The Melton Migration (1996). Unfortunately both are out of print. One of my long-term projects is to combine, edit and republish these books. Herman discovered in the mid-sixties the will of Cooper Melton, which resolved one missing link in our line. Cooper and his brothers migrated to the lands in middle Tennessee that straddled the Tennessee River. Cooper and Joseph became stalwarts in Benton County soon after it was wrested from the hands of the Chickasaw Indians. A number of mysteries remain about the line from Zachariah back. Although I've seen charts that claim to solve the missing links, I've not seen the evidence to support it. Does it exist? As part of my publishing enterprise I would like to include an index of all known source data on American Meltons from the 1600s through 1725. I'll include everything my dad gathered, but I would like to also publish other original data (wills, land transfers, parish records, vital records, etc.) in the hands of Melton researchers. Is this a worthwhile effort? Meanwhile, here's my genealogy report on my line through my ggrandfather Hughey Melton who was among the first wave of Benton County folk to migrate to Collingsworth County in the Texas panhandle. Please let me know of any errors you see and help me close the early gaps with documented proof! Some of the data was provided by Max Brown. Only the Lord knows how many others to whom my dad and I are in debt.
Descendants of THOMAS MELTON,(?)
Generation No. 1
1. THOMAS1 MELTON ,(?). He married HANNAH MELTON ,(?).
2. i. RICHARD2 MELTON , (??).
Generation No. 2
3. i. RICHARD3 MELTON , (?).
Generation No. 3
3. RICHARD3 MELTON , (?) (RICHARD2, THOMAS1). He married ORPHA LATEN (?) July 25, 1705. Children of RICHARD MELTON and ORPHA (?) are:
4. i. JOHN MELTON4 (?), d. 1796.
Generation No. 4
4. JOHN MELTON4 (?) (RICHARD3 MELTON , (?), RICHARD2, THOMAS1) died 1796. He married MARY?. Child of JOHN (?) and MARY? is:
5. i. ZACHARIAH5 MELTON, b. Bef 1720; d. Aft 1760.
Generation No. 5
5. ZACHARIAH5 MELTON (JOHN MELTON4 (?), RICHARD3 MELTON , (?),RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born Bef 1720, and died Aft 1760. He married SARAH THOMAS Abt 1741, daughter of JOHN THOMAS and JULIAN?. Children of Zachariah Melton and Sarah Thomas are:
6. i. JOHN6 MELTON, b. 1742, NC; d. 1797, Nash County,NC.
Generation No. 6
RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born 1742 in NC, and died 1797 in Nash County,NC. He married ELIZABETH JONES October 1, 1763 in Edgecombe County, NC, daughter of Francis Jones and Julian Albrighton?. Children of John Melton and Elizabeth Jones are:
7. iv. DAVID M. MELTON, b. Abt 1765; d. January 28, 1815.
v. MATTHEW MELTON, b. May 7, 1767.
vi. JOSEPH MELTON, b. 1770-1775; d. 1835; m. PATIENCE HARGROVES.
8. vii. PHEBE MELTON, b. Abt 1775; d. Aft 1862, Benton County, TN.
9. viii. COOPER MELTON, b. 1778, Nash County, NC; d. October 10, 1849, Benton County, TN.
ix. THOMAS MELTON, b. 1784.
Generation No. 7
7. DAVID M.7 MELTON (JOHN6, ZACHARIAH5, JOHN MELTON4 (?), RICHARD3 MELTON , (?), RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born Abt 1765, and died January 28, 1815. He married BARSHEBA THOMAS Abt 1791 in Edgecombe Co. NC, daughter of Micajah Thomas and Mourning. Children of David Melton and Barsheba Thomas are:
i. ELIZABETH8 MELTON, b. March 19, 1792.
ii. TEMPERANCE MELTON WYLDER, b. December 17, 1795; m. MOSES WYLDER, 1812.
iii. JOHN W. MELTON, b. February 2, 1798.
iv. DEMARIS MELTON, b. March 15, 1800.
v. MARTIN MELTON, b. April 7, 1802; d. January 1871.
vi. SARAH MELTON, b. December 17, 1808; m. LANDON MOORE.
10. viii. DAVID L. MELTON, b. March 7, 1813.
8. PHEBE7 MELTON (JOHN6, ZACHARIAH5, JOHN MELTON4 (?), RICHARD3 MELTON , (?), RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born Abt 1775, and died Aft 1862 in Benton County, TN. She married DAVID BENTON, JR., son of David Benton. Child of Phebe Melton and David Benton is:
i. MARTHA CATHERINE8 BENTON, d. Aft 1827, TN; m. JOHN BERRY VESTER, 1819. 9. COOPER7 MELTON (JOHN6, ZACHARIAH5, JOHN MELTON4 (?), RICHARD3 MELTON , (?), RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born 1778 in Nash County, NC, and died October 10, 1849 in Benton County, TN. He married PHEBE MANNION August 15, 1799 in NC. Children of Cooper Melton and Phebe Mannion are:
11. i. MARY SARAH8 MELTON, b. April 2, 1804; d. November 30, 1863. ii. MOURNING MELTON, b. 1805; m. WILLIAM PAFFORD.
12. iii. JOHN WESLEY MELTON, b. 1807, Dekalb County, TN; d. July  2, 1896.
iv. JAMES MELTON, b. 1813; m. ISABELLA.
v. MERRITT MELTON, b. 1815; d. August 7, 1899; m. ELIZABETH HARRIN.
vi. PRIDGEON M. MELTON, b. 1816; d. 1883; m. MARTHA?.
viii. WILLIAM MELTON, b. 1820.
ix. DAVID MELTON, b. Unknown.
Generation No. 8
10.DAVID L.8 MELTON (DAVID M.7, JOHN6, ZACHARIAH5, JOHN MELTON4 (?), RICHARD3 MELTON , (?), RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born March 7, 1813. He married CATHERINE FINLEY. Child of David Melton and Catherine Finley is:
13. i. S. A. A. D.9 MELTON, b. September 15, 1844, Greenfield IL; d. March 20, 1927, Montague County TX.
11. MARY SARAH8 MELTON (COOPER7, JOHN6, ZACHARIAH5, JOHN MELTON4 (?), RICHARD3 MELTON , (?), RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born April 2, 1804, and died November 30, 1863. She married REVEREND JOHN PAFFORD. Child of Mary Melton and Reverend Pafford is:
12. JOHN WESLEY8 MELTON (COOPER7, JOHN6, ZACHARIAH5, JOHN MELTON4 (?), RICHARD3 MELTON , (?), RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born 1807 in Dekalb County, TN, and died July 2, 1896. He married MARGARET "PEGGY" VESTER. Children of John Melton and Margaret Vester are:
14. i. WILLIAM FRANKLIN9 MELTON, b. August 20, 1831, Benton County, TN; d. July 1, 1876, Benton County, TN.
ii. MARTHA MELTON, b. Abt 1833.
iii. ALVA MELTON, b. Abt 1834.
iv. SARAH MELTON, b. Abt 1836.
v. JOHN MELTON, b. Abt 1838.
vi. ELIZABETH MELTON, b. Abt 1839.
vii. MOURNING STAR MELTON, b. Abt 1839.
viii. BERRY MELTON, b. Abt 1842.
ix. ISABELLA MELTON, b. Abt 1845.
x. ELMIRA MELTON, b. Abt 1846.
xi. MARY ANN MELTON, b. Abt 1847.
xii. COOPER MELTON, b. 1848.
Generation No. 9
13. S. A. A. D.9 MELTON (DAVID L.8, DAVID M.7, JOHN6, ZACHARIAH5, JOHN MELTON4 (?), RICHARD3 MELTON , (?), RICHARD2, THOMAS1) was born September 15, 1844 in Greenfield IL, and died March 20, 1927 in Montague County TX. Child of S. Melton is:
i. SAMUEL DAVID10 MELTON, b. February 10, 1890, Montague County TX; d. January 30, 1912, Montague County TX.
14. WILLIAM FRANKLIN9 MELTON (JOHN WESLEY8, COOPER7, JOHN6, ZACHARIAH5, JOHN MELTON4 (?), RICHARD3 MELTON , (?), RICHARD2,  THOMAS1) was born August 20, 1831 in Benton County, TN, and died July 1, 1876 in Benton County, TN. He married RACHEL HOLLAND December 5, 1855, daughter of William Holland and Elizabeth. Children of William Melton and Rachel Holland are:
i. PERVILLY "AUNT SIS"10 MELTON, b. Abt 1858.
ii. HUGHEY MELTON, b. October 7, 1859, Benton County, TN; d. August 28, 1945, Collinsworth County, TX; m. MARTHA "MATTIE" JANE PIERCE, January 7, 1883.
iii. MERRITT MELTON, b. Abt 1862.
iv. JOHN FRANK MELTON, b. Abt 1864.
v. THOMAS J. MELTON, b. Abt 1865.
EMAIL [Will Melton]
Date: 98-03-05    
From: (J. W. Housewright)
Mrs. Goodman,
My name is Jesse Carol Holloway. My mother was Iva Bernice Ozment, daughter of Bowen Hasque Ozment of Drew County Arkansas. It is obvious from a study of some material you had on your web page that I am of the same line of Ozments as your husband in the Eddins line. My mother was descended from both of the Ozment brothers (Alfred and James H.) who came to Drew County in the early 1800s. I don't have as much time to spend on my family tree as I would like; but I have nearly 50000 names in my family file at the present time. Along with the Owen and Raley lines in my fathers family, I have some names going back to well before 1000 AD. I would be interested in corresponding with you and others regarding the Ozment/Eddins/White family.
My E-Mail address is somewhat restricted by my employer; but I can be reached through
Date: 98-03-11  
From: JimmyLee52@Compuserve.Com
 I visited your page tonight for the first time and was very impressed. .......
My surname is HAWS ans as far as I know we all came from Washington and Greene counties in East Tennessee. I would like to p[ost a query on your page if you'll just tell me how. I am a little new at this sort of stuff. I have some information but need to know more. Thanks.
Jim Hawes (HAWS)
Email: JimmyLee52@Compuserve.Com  

13 Mar 1998  
From: (Jim Hawes)

Hi Nancy,
. Please send any replies to JimmyLee52@Compuserve.Com. .......
My Grandfather was Opie Haws. He was born in Washington County, Tennessee (Jonesboro) on Feb. 11, 1889. His father was John William Squib Haws born in Washington County on June 17, 1860 and married to Sarah Elizabeth Douglas on Feb 28, 1878. John William Squib Haws's father was John S. (did the S stand for Squib?) Haws who was married to Nancy Wilson and who died during the war on Jan 17, 1863. Now this is my most difficult line and as far as I have gotten. There is a William Haws who appears on the Family Tree Maker CD's as being in Tennessee in 1820, 1830, 1840, and 1850. The name similarity is just so close. Could this be my GGGreat Grandfather?
This is as much as I have on my sirname and any help would be geatly appreciated.
James Lee Hawes,
Email: JimmyLee52@Compuserve.Com

Jan Philpot:
Home page:
Researching surnames: Brake, Dennis, Fitzhugh, Greene,Hatcher, Hendon, Hooper, Medcalf, Carney, Dunlap, Shaw, Brandon, McElroy, Warfield, Winters of Middle Tennessee.
Also Grubb, Truett, Vaughn, Miller, Cope of Kentucky. Philpot, Lear, Bowling, Gabbard, Seabourne of Kentucky. Other connected families.
(Stewart Co.)

David Goodman in Maryland [Dave Goodman]

Dave hosts the:
The GOODMAN Family Page  
The GOODMAN Clearinghouse Page
Dave's names:

Date: 98-03-12
 From: (David Goodman)
I have just started to look into my family tree and perhaps you can help, I hope so. I only have a little information, but, I hope its enough to perhaps help both of us.
My name is David Lynn Goodman my address is 195 Chandler Place, Newport News, Va.23602.
My father was Earl Lindell Goodman,born in Summertown, Tenn.Feb.14,1920 ?. His father was William Riley Goodman,born Aug.2,1885.Mother was Mary Dora Luphain? born June 2, 1885. There were four children to my knowledge, Earl,Luther,Annie, and Mae.
I realize this isn't much to go on, but any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much and please keep up the good work.
Thanks, Dave
My Email is
Subject:  stokes family history Date: 98-03-21
I am looking for information on a Morgan Stokes. My husband is  Burch Anthony Stokes, the son of Burch Patterson Stokes Jr.
I would greatly apprecate any information you can give me.
Thank you very much
Subject: Stroud family  Date: 98-03-21
From:  (Keitha Kirk)
I submitted a query on your Web page and would like for you to print the information in your newletters if possible. Thank you in advance.
I am researching the Stroud family of Warren Co., TN. Just today I found my ggggrandmothers maiden name was instead Stroud, EMMA STROUD. This was proven by her son's death certificate.
Emma was married to Joseph Reidinger, date of marriage unknown. Their oldest son was John P., b. 11-6-1831 in McMinnville, TN. Their next child was born in Benton (Calhoun) Co., AL c 1834. Presently I am researching the lineage of Emma: parents, siblings, marriage, death, etc.

According to the TN 1830 census, a William Stroud was living near a Samuel Ridinger (Pgs 329 and 326). Samuel was the father of Joseph.

On the Internet today I found two Acts of TN concerning a William Stroud: the first was in 1817 and he was appointed a Trustee of the Quincy Adams Academy (I don't know where that was), then in 1831 he was sued by the School Land Commissioner of Warren Co. Same William? Was he a "shady" character? I need copy down the address of the Archives.

I would appreciate any help I can get. I am very new at all this but have found it to be very interesting.
Thank all of you in advance for the e-mail or the snail mail.
Keitha Kirk
1509 Sunset Drive
Weaver, AL 36277

Subject: Goodman  Date:98-03-20
From: (Marie Dyess)
My mother was Mary Elizabeth Goodman born in Ar. 1902. Her father was Harve, Harve's father was Jesse Jr (b. Ar). Jesse Sr.'s (b. SC) His father was Daniel. Daniel married a Rhoda or Rhonda. Looking for any  information on Daniel and his wife.Thanks,
Marie Wilkerson Dyess
P.S. My Wilkerson's are fron Russell Co. KY
Subject: Query on Solomon Williams  Date: 98-03-22
From: (Kimberly Freeland)
To:  (editor's note--I lost this query, please re-submit)
98-03-23 Mary (Molly) Dill
To: Genny1@AOL.COM

Mary (Molly) Dill, b. 1859 TN, m. Robert Alexander Paschall 1876 Morris Chapel, TN, (Hardin Co.) d. 1940 Wise Co. TX.
In the 1860 census, Mary is in the household of Moses and Mary Bailey along with her mother, Nancy Dill.
In the 1870 census, Mary is in the household of Ninrod and Delaney Morris. Samuel and Elizabeth Morris were also in the household, and it is believed that they took Mary, (10yrs. old) with them to raise until she married Robert A. Paschall.
In the 1870 census, Nancy Dill (Mary's mother) was married to Josiah Alred and they had a child named Martha.  
Who was Mary's father? Was he a Dill, or someone else? Was her mother, Nancy, an unwed mother? Where are Josiah and Nancy Alred buried?
Other names that crop-up in Mary's early childhood. Catherine Swinea--may be Mary Bailey's mother. James Dill--may be Nancy's father and he may have been married to a Swinea. Jane Roach--Samuel Morris' wife.
Any information will be appreciated.
Jim Paschall

Subject: DYER - SEYMOUR      Date :98-03-25
Looking for informatin on Nancy Etta DYER, born 6/20/1877 in Union Co., Tennessee. Died 12/23/1962 in Deland, Florida. Married to Lafayette Seymour, born 1-12-1872 in Union Co., Tennessee. Died 1/9/1956 in Deland, Florida.  They were my great grand parents, and I'm looking for information on both of them.
Any help would be much appreciated!
My e-mail is
Thank you

Subj: Goodman Surname Date:  98-03-29
From: (sherry crabtree)
I saw your name on the Goodman site and wondered if you have any info on a Stephen M. Goodman and his father Amos Goodman in Casey Co., KY? Stephen was b: Aug 3, 1857, d: 1918. He was married to a Damey Eades I have seen all of Ron Goodman's info on the Hart Co. Goodman's, and can't fit these two in.
Any suggestions?
Sherry Crabtree
LaNoy Collins  
Home Page:

Researching: Ainsworth (SC, Ky, Ms. Tx.) Bateman (NC, Tn, Tx.)
Brown ( TN) Collins (NC, SC, Ky, Tx.)

LaNoy Collins
10620 SW 27th Ave   D-3
Ocala, Fl. 34476

DATE:  98-03-30
.... I will have to go back and look at this Lynch part, as it is one of my main lines.
I NEED to call my aunt Swaneza (Lynch) in TN as she had told me just this past summer about my Great grandmother Bessie marrying someone from the Lynch side of the family. But, it must have flown over my head along with what my mother told me about my great grandmother Bessie marrying into Dad's family. Would you believe it JUST DAWNED on me recently about not knowing anything about her mother's side of the family????
...I guess it just never rattled my chain that my Lewelling's and Lynch's had crossed over that much or that I had missed an entire line through the LANE connection.
My great aunt Mary Lewelling <living> on mom's side..was also married to my oldest uncle Harold Lynch <living> on Dad's side. I am my own cousin several times and in several different ways now. <G>
All I know about this Lane, is that he was killed (accident or murder) in Union Co, TN sometime between 1911 and 1915. This is due to Bessie's last child being born in 1911 and it was after 1915 is when she married Ike Lynch and he may be the father to Bessie's last child Lucille.<whom I understand is living!>, the hunt goes on.
My site is up, mistakes and all. I figured what I had wrong, someone else would soon inform me. I have had at least three emails giving me more information or corrections in the past week, so I have a new version going up soon. This is so kewl! <G> I also found a WHOLE new branch which connects me to <ahem> royalty. Funny thing is, my mom, who just died this past year, said she was always told that. I just wish I could have shown her how right she was.
Dusti's page: [Lynch/Lewelling ]

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998
From: Jewell Kennedy <jewell@BRIGHTOK.NET>
Subject: Kezzieh Kennedy
These people had a child born in TN ,can anyoe tell me where do you recognize any of these people?
Jewell Kennedy

Descendants of Andrew Kennedy
1 Andrew Kennedy b: 1806 in MS ?
.. +Cynthia b: 1807 in SC
. 2 Kezziah Kennedy b: 1828 in TN.
. 2 Levony Kennedy b: 1831 in AL.
. 2 Joseph Kennedy b: 1832 in AL.
. 2 Francis Marion Kennedy b: 1834 in MS. d: in Buried Hog Branch CemeteryBoyd,Wise Co. TX
..... +Castera A. Sarah Holbert b: June 18, 1835 in MS d: in Buried Hog Branch Cemetery Boyd,Wise Co. TX m: February 09, 1860 in Arkansa Co. AR
Email: jewell@BRIGHTOK.NET
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 11:12:37 -0600
From: Jewell Kennedy <jewell@BRIGHTOK.NET>
Subject: Chandler
These Chandlers were in TN VA NC SC , does anyone recognize any of these Chandlers?
Jewell Chandler Kennedy

Descendants of Elisha Chandler
1 Elisha Chandler
. 2 Joseph Chandler
.... 3 Simeon Chandler b: 1785 in NC
........ +Amelia
........ 4 Simeon Chandler b: Abt. 1816 in North Carolina d: March 04, 1888 in NC
............ +Malinda Robbins b: Abt. 1825 in North Carolina d: September 11, 1889 in NC
........ 4 [2] George Washington Chandler b: Abt. 1824 in South Carolina
............ +[1] Holly Chandler b: Abt. 1824 in North Carolina
........ 4 Elizabeth Chandler b: 1815
............ +Ninevah Gosnell
.... 3 Ezekiel Chandler b: Abt. 1791 in Virginia
........ 4 [1] Holly Chandler b: Abt. 1824 in North Carolina
............ +[2] George Washington Chandler b: Abt. 1824 in
South Carolina
........ +Susannah b: Abt. 1800 in South Carolina m: March 16, 1812 in Washington Co. TN
........ 4 Tyrel Chandler
........ 4 Jackson Chandler
........ 4 Riley Chandler b: Abt. 1820 in North Carolina
........ 4 Male Chandler b: 1821-1825
........ 4 Female Chandler b: 1821-1825
........ 4 Male Chandler b: 1826-1830
........ 4 Susannah Chandler b: Abt. 1828 in North Carolina
........ 4 [3] Polly Chandler b: 1823
............ +[4] Jeremiah Sams
........ 4 [1] Holly Chandler b: Abt. 1824 in North Carolina
............ +[2] George Washington Chandler b: Abt. 1824 in South Carolina
........ 4 [3] Polly Chandler b: 1823
............ +[4] Jeremiah Sams
Email: jewell@BRIGHTOK.NET

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