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Subj: Genealogy  Date: 97-09-01
From: (kerry welch)
I am searching for info on Jackson B. WHITE who was married to Alfretta BRYANT, both of Nashville. I understand that there was a Jackson B. White Meat Company in or around Nashville sometime in the early part of this century.
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Subj: Russell  Date: 97-09-01

Hi: Just found your page today; it's GReeeeat. Thanks for genealogy tips...
I am lookiing for a George RUSSELL born March 1844 ( don't know where) he married Sara Jane West born 1855 in Hawkins Co Tenn 12-25-1873.
Their children were :
Elbert RUSSELL, born 2-25- 1881 married Lora KELLER in Madison Co NC
George Washington Russell born 1877 married Betty PHIPPS in Buncombe Co NC
Mathew RUSSELL born 3-1-1876 married Roxanne BALL  in Buncombe Co NC
Mary E RUSSELL  born 1887 married William STEINS
John R RUSSELL born 1874 married Sarah WILSON in Campbell Co Tenn ?
William J  RUSSELL born 1879 married Helen ? (1-1894)
Lucy (seal)  RUSSELL born 1882 married Ashley ROBERTS
Lula  RUSSELL born 1886 married ?
All children were born in Tennesse. when they went to NC I'm not sure.
  I do not know what happened to George >he seemed to vanish>>
Sarah remarried 2 times -once in 1894 to Jacob WILLETT; she was 36 he was 60. then remarried to J.B. CAPPS in 1904 in Madison Co NC; she never had any children other than George's .
Sara CAPPS was on 1920 head of household census.
I need to find about George RUSSELL, his parents, where he went to, did he die, were they divorced.
Also, maybe you can advise on this problem, my ggrandparents Mathew and Roxanne RUSSELL were buried in Black Mountain NC at Homers Chapel Church.
Mathew RUSSELL died 6-15-51; Roxanne RUSSELL died 3-16-43.
I want to find the graves and if they do not have a marker on them, I want to have one put on them. I have talked to people at the church. none of the children are alive. My father -their grandson - just died. This is a promise I made my Dad that I would do this.
Thanks for any help>>>
Contact: Jean Russell Sanchez

Subj: Tennessee Genealogy Querie Date: 97-09-02
From: (mark campbell)
I am searching for my grandfathers' parents. My grandfather is
Shelly Emmett CAMPBELL, Born 12/22/1896 in Bluff City, TN.
  The 1900 Soundex Census indicates he was raised by his aunt Mary Eva SHELL (Born 1865), in Bristol, TN which would indicate that one of Mary's sisters, of which she had 3, was the mother of my grandfather.
The sisters' names were
Margaret SHELL (Born 1868),
Elizabeth SHELL (Born 1871), and
Ida SHELL (Born 1879).
My grandfathers' father is unknown at this time.   I have checked Census records for the following:1880, 1900 Census Soundex for Shell surnames.;1900 Census for Sullivan county.
Would like to inquire if there were any county and/or hospital birth records that would maybe show the birth parents.
Have checked my grandfathers' death certificate to no avail.
  Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Contact: Mark Campbell    EMAIL:
Date: 97-09-03
From: (Daniel Chapman)

I am Mary Chapman also listed on the QUERY2( page.
  I would like to add a REEVES
family with a CAROLINA REEVES born on 2-17-1856 in Greenville NC or SC! She married 10-27-1880 in Marshall, Harrison, Tx to JAMES BRYSON STARR 11-24-1860 and he died near Corona NM 8-20-1923. She is said to be of Cherokee Native Ancestry. Thank you,
Contact: Mary Chapman
793 Jarvis Lane
Azle, Tx 76020-3214


Subj: Help! Date: 97-09-04
From: (DW Young)

Can anyone help direct me in my quest?
I have seemed to have run into a
dead end. I am trying to find out information on my great grandfather James A. YOUNG. Here is what I know:
  James A YOUNG was born May 24, 1865 in Tenn he
died March 01,1941 in Dickson Tenn. He married Rose JOHNSON around 1888,
They had 8 children all born in Dickson. James and Rose are buried in
Dickson at Pleasant Hills.
James' death certificate lists his father as unknown and his mother's first name is not legible (starts with an N?) but her
last name is HUNTER.
  James has a brother John who also lived in Dickson. Now I
have read the 1880 Dickson County Census and they list a James YOUNG, age 16 working and living on farm for a family named BATEMAN.
I searched the 1880
Soundex and I did not find any other Young families with a James and a John of the right age.
James is listed in the 1900 and 1910 census for Dickson along with his family, so I know he stayed right there.
   So where do I go from here? Is it possible to find his father ? The Census and the Death certificate all say the parents are from Tenn.
  Is it possible
to find a Birth Certificate? Or The Parents Marriage Records. Any direction on where to look or who to contact would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time
Contact: David Young   EMAIL:

Subj: Myers Date: 97-09-05
My mother (Vernie Myers Poteet) was born in the Stony Creek area outside of Elizabethton TN on November 22, 1913. If anyone wants more information they can contact me.


Subj: Pugh    Date: 97-09-05
From: (c.andrews)
MATTHEW PUGH - Searching for my grandfather, Matthew PUGH, who came
from Tennessee (White County ?) married Sarah LYLES (?).
Matthew  PUGH was
born about 1824.
Any info will be appreciated.
Contact: Carol Andrews

Subj: Query   Date: 97-09-05
From: (bowersc)
I am looking for the parents of John HENRY (born in North Carolina about
1817) and his wife, Eliza E.--possibly EVANS--(born about 1825 in Tennessee.
  John and Eliza first appear in the Arkansas census in 1840. In
the census of 1850, their children were listed as follows:
William HENRY, age
Ellen HENRY, age 9;
Ben F. HENRY, age 7;
Sarah HENRY, age 4;
John A. HENRY, age 2; and
M. HENRY, seven months.
Also living in the Henry household was Mary Ellen EVANS,
age 20 in 1850, born in Tennessee, which leads me to believe that Eliza and Mary Ellen may have been sisters. A hunch--the families of John and Eliza may have lived in Sevier County Tennessee in 1830.
I am also searching for the parents of Nancy BRACKEN, born in Tennessee about
1843. In 1850, Nancy, age six, was in Fulton County, Arkansas in the household of William A. PEARCE. In the next household, that of John A. PEARCE, were John BRACKEN, age 10, and Sarah A. BRACKEN, age 9.
Nancy, John and Sarah were born in Tennessee. Thus it seems possible that John, Sarah, and Nancy were orphaned siblings.
By 1860, at the age of seventeen, Nancy BRACKEN was married to William HENRY, son of John and Eliza HENRY.
  William and Nancy had one son, John H. HENRY,
born April 28, 1861. It seems that William died young; for, in 1870, the child, John, was living with Nancy and his step-father, John KELLETT, in Randolph County, Arkansas.
  By 1870, Nancy had borne the following children
of John Kellett:
Mary KELLETT, born in 1862,
Alfred KELLETT, born in 1866, and
born in 1870.
(Nancy bore at least one more child for, at the death of
John HENRY (1861) in 1942, his obituary reported that he was survived by a half-brother, Joe Kellett.) Reportedly, Nancy died in 1885 or 1886, but documentation is currently lacking.
Contact: Carolyn Bowers in Jonesboro, Arkansas  EMAIL:

Subj: Need info on David Cosort of Bledsoe County   Date: 97-09-07
From: (Edwin Weaver)

Looking for information on the parents of David COSORT of Bledsoe County, TN, born about 1815. First wife unknown; second wife Eliza A, born ca. 1827. Children:
Benjamin COSORT,
Margaret COSORT.
Contact: Edwin Weaver  EMAIL:

Subj: Seeking information on my ancestor Georgia GARNETT    Date: 97-09-12
From: (Georgia Ward)
Sept. 12, 1997
Hi,    I am seeking information on my grandmother Georgia GARNETT's family. My great grandmother was Jennie GAINES born Oct. 1876 in Kentucky, according to the 1910 census for Clarksville (Montgomery County) Tennessee. died 1958.
Her father's name was Albert GAINES (don't have any information whatsoever on him) and his wife's name was Mary, don't know her last name or have any information on her. The information about Jennie Gaines' father and mother was from Jennie Gaines' certificate of death. I don't know the city or town she was born in Kentucky.
Jennie GAINES married Fount GARNETT between Kentucky or Clarksville, Tennessee (don't know the year). Fount GARNETT was born 1870 or 1877 between Clarksville, Tennessee and Kentucky and died 1935 in Clarksville, Tennessee according to certificate of death, I don't have any other information on him.
Jennie and Fount GARNETT had five daughters, four were born in Clarksville, Tennessee and one was born in Kentucky.  
Georgia GARNETT born in Kentucky July 1893 (my grandmother) don't know city or town.
Alberta GARNETT born 1894 in Tennessee
Ida GARNETT born Sept. 1897 in Tennessee
Myrtle GARNETT born Dec. 1899 in Tennessee - according to the 1910 Census for Clarksville, Tennessee
Fountaine or Flora GARNETT born 1905 in Tennessee
I have been working on my family tree for about three years now and the going has been very, very rough. I am seeking any and all information on this family. I am willing to share information that I have on these families.
Thank you,
Contact: Georgia Ward
May you have a wonderful day!


Subj: Research/Tenn  Date: 97-09-12
From: (Sellers, Ursul)

Hello Genny:     I am new to researching in Tenn., also to the internet. I am  trying to find a link to Grainger County. The families I am researching  are CHANDLER, SELLERS, WISDOM, MASON AND BOWERS.
James SELLERS was born  cir. 1741 and fought in the Revolution and died in Grainger County, Tenn  December 1842.

James SELLERS, Sr. (son of  the above James Sellers) was born about 1791 in North Carolina, He married Catherine BOWERS.  Their children were
James, SELLERS, Jr.,
Minyard SELLERS,
Cornellius SELLERS,
George SELLERS,  
Elizabeth SELLERS,
Laverna SELLERS.
Catherine died in 1839 in  Grainger County, Tennessee; after her death the family moved to Missouri.
James Sellers died in Dent County, Mo. in 1853.
Will appreciate any help.
Contact: Ursula Sellers   Email:

Subj: Information on David Hamill  Date: 97-09-13

Hi,    I am looking for information on David HAMILL who was living in Blount County, TN in 1790 per that census. He had moved from PA after the Revolutionary War. He had several children, among them, Samuel Hamill born 1791 in the "stockade". I would like any information on David, his wife, and children other than Samuel. I have information on the Samuel Hamill clan which I will be willing to share.  
Thank you,
Contact:  Eunice Hamill   Email:

Subj: Tennessee Query    Date: 97-09-14  
From: (Jessie Blalock)
Hi! I'm researching the surname BLALOCK / BLAYLOCK, and I'm especially interested in my GGG grandfathers, HUBBARD BLALOCK and MCLEAN BLALOCK, who both emigrated from Virginia to Bledsoe Co., TN in the 1820-1830 period. They have many descendants  throughout Tennessee, especially in Bledsoe and Cumberland Counties. I would like to hear from all who have an interest in the name, and would especially like to find out how Hubbard and McLean BLALOCK were related to each other (brothers? cousins?).
Contact:  Jessie Blalock  Email:

Subj: Goodman     Date: 97-09-14
Hi Nancy, With all of your research on the Goodmans of Tennessee, I hope you have come across information on my ggrandmother, Josephine Henry GOODMAN, b:1850 in Davidson County Tn., d: 1917 in Covington, Tipton County, Tn.
- - - her father was William W. Goodman, Sr. b: 1812 in Virginia, d: unknown
- - - her mother was Mary F. HILL b: 1820 in Tn, d: unknown.
This is all the information I have on Josephine and would greatly appreciate anything anyone might have on her.

Many thanks,

Subj: Sawyer and Forehand surnames  Date: 97-09-17
From: (ed ferree)

I would like to place two queries on the above ancestors of mine. My husband and I are both senior citizens and have been impressed with your work. As soon as I can will send you all my information on the above ancestors in TX.

QUERIES; Looking for ancestors of Dempsey SAWYER b March 1, 1796 father of my g,g grandfather Sterling Brown SAWYER b Feb. 14, 1823 married to a Martha L. Forehand. All of the SAWYERS were either in Davidson or Williamson County, TN in the 1840 Census.

Also in same area was a Martin FOREHAND b 1799 NC living in 14 Dist. Davidson Co., TN. in 1840 Census was married to a Narcissa WATSON.
Martin's father may have been John FOREHAND b 1775 NC.
Also, what was the relationship of Martin Forehand to an Allen FOREHAND in Williamson Co.,TN?
I have some TN Deeds showing Martin as Adm. for Allen FOREHAND decd.
Would be happy to share any of my information.

CONTACT: Henrietta B. Ferree

Subj: ancestors     Date: 97-09-18
From: (Ron Maddax)

Hello, I am searching for info on John MADDOX who lived in Lake Co. TN in 1900.
At that time he was a widower, his wife Molly BROGLIN had been killed in a fight approx. 1898-1899.
Family lore has it that John was from Texas but the 1900 census states his birthplace as Tenn.
I would appreciate any info on the Maddox or Broglin family. Molly had a sister named Bell and a brother named Lee.
Nothing is known of John Maddox's family.  John's birthdate is 1869.
Thank You,
CONTACT: Joan Maddax  EMAIL:


Subj: Sims Genealogy  Date: 97-09-18
From: (Ann Sims)

Needing help to find parents, siblings of Jesse SIMS born abt.1798 in N.C. or S.C. census forms say both at different years.
He married Jemima ? possibly Hutchison or Vincent.
His children  were
(1) Ann Sims b.1830 marr. John Alvis Carter
(2) John Sims b. 1826 M. Jemima Vincent
(3) Benjamin A. Sims b. 1834 m. Rachel Counaster
(4) Lydia Sims b. 1836 m.Edmond Tombs
(6) Nancy Jane Sims b. 1840 M. John G. Sharp
(7) Hulda Sims b. 1845 m.Wm.P. Sharp
(8) Andrew Sims b. 1847
(9) James Sims b. 1851 M. Mattie ?
(l0) Luraney Sims b. 1844 M.Thomas Sharp
(11)George Sims b. 1840 m.Malinda C.
(12) Bettie Elizabeth Sims b. 1849 m. Enoch O. Sharp.
Jesse died after 1880 census and before 1883 and is buried in Tenn.
Jemima died 1885 and is buried in Cedar Hill,Texas.
Jesse lived in perhaps Giles Co.,Lawrence 1820 and then settled in Maury Co. which later became Lewis Co. I have been unable to find definite lead on parents. Any help would be appreciated. I have info. on family that came to Texas in 1880's if anyone needs help. They settled in Dallas Co. and Erath Co.,Texas.
CONTACT: Ann Sims...Conroe, Texas   EMAIL:

Subj: McClures  Date: 97-09-18
From: (Chris Corley)

I am searching for McClures who came from McMinn Co., Tenn. to Texas.
During the 1860's they were living in Fannin Co., Texas.
I am also looking for information on an Edward Eugene McClure who lived in Limestone Co., Texas during the 1930's.
If you know anything about these families, please contact me at or write me at 5701-B Sunset Rd.
Ft. Worth, Texas, 76114
Thanking you in advance,
CONTACT; Edith (Ferrell) Corley   EMAIL:

Subj: home page   Date: 97-09-21
From: (Verne Conley)
Hi !  My name is Sandy Conley and I have a new home page that has lots of Tennessee families. The counties they came from are Houston County, Humphreys, Williamson, Dickson, Cheatham,and Davidson County.
There are lots of surnames and info on marriages. I will answer any e-mail for more info on these people. I have tons of info. Thanks!!

See Sandy's home page at:

Subj: Queries  Date: 97-09-23
From: (Kay Haden)

Dear Nancy,  I have interests in Tennessee on both sides of the family:
My ggg grandfather, Ephraim Flor Hubber COMSTOCK, son of William COMSTOCK and Winnie Ann HARDIN, was born 1794 near Hardinsburg, KY, and died 20 December 1847, location unknown.
He married Nancy GOODMAN in Maury County, TN, 14 Oct 1823. She was his 3rd wife. According to family tradition, Nancy was half Indian, probably Choctaw. Their children included his two,
Napoleon Bonaparte COMSTOCK,
from the earlier marriages and
Caroline COMSTOCK,
Hugh Bonaparte COMSTOCK,
Leander Brown COMSTOCK,
William Decatur COMSTOCK,
Warren Harris COMSTOCK,
James Irving COMSTOCK,
Elijah Thomas COMSTOCK(Tom - my gg grandfather), and
Harry Alexander COMSTOCK.
Most if not all the children were born in Tennessee, either Maury County or possibly Perry County.
Nancy GOODMAN may have been born in Graves County, KY; she died 24 May 1855, location unknown.
Their children migrated to Missouri, then Kansas, Arkansas, etc.
Does anyone share this story?
Does anyone have any connections to GOODMAN in Maury County?
Anyone from Tennessee know the likelihood of her Indian heritage?
Any advice on how to pursue my research?

Also researching PIPPIN in Jackson County, TN.
Kinchen "Kinch" PIPPIN born 10 Oct 1866, died 18 Oct 1899, married Geneva Dell DENNIS 23 Dec 1884. She was born 27 May 1871 and died 11 Mar 1906. All events believed to have happened in Jackson County.
His parents were Andrew PIPPIN and Mary GOOLSBY;
hers were Leroy DENNIS and Mary Ann BEAN.
Kinch & Geneva were my husband's great grandparents. Their children were
Hattie PIPPIN,
James Frank PIPPIN,
James Frank PIPPIN, my husband's grandfather, always claimed to be a quarter Cherokee. Will be happy to share information on this family.
....Thanks for your web page and the opportunity to post my queries.
CONTACT:  Kay Haden
508 Fairliewood Drive
Wetumpka, AL 36093

Subj: GARRETT's of Williamson and Davidson Counties   Date: 97-09-26  

Hi Genny,  I am looking for Garrett's from Williamson and Davidson Counties TN.
I have traced back to Thomas Garrett who was married to a Nancy W. (?)
Thomas died in 1837 in TN. They had possibly 13 children:
1. Nancy GARRETT (married ? Hermeas)
2. Polly GARRETT (married ? Collins)
3. Patsy GARRETT (married ? Campbell)
4. Charles  GARRETT
5. Ransom Francis GARRETT,  ( my 3 g-grandfather
Born 2-7-1814--Died 10-29-1865 in TX
and was married to Lucy Ann DAVIS)
7. Jacob GARRETT
8. Thomas GARRETT
9. Sarah aka Sally GARRETT
 (married to Frederick Hobbs 2-22-1822 in Williamson County, TN)
10. Coleman W. GARRETT
 ( married to Scina Rounsavall 11-20-1823 in Williamson County TN, I understand that he died during the Civil War)
11. Luisa  GARRETT
(married James Crouch 2-3-1835 in Williamson County, TN)
12. Aveline GARRETT
13. Unknown Garrett married to ? Brown
Any information would be most helpful.

Subj: Family Roots  Date: 97-09-28
From: (Peggy Barta)

Dear Ginny.  I am trying to find information on my great grandfather and grandmother.
Joel SEXTON (dont have date of birth) died 1922 in Mt. Vernon IN Martha KAY (dont have date of birth) died in 1893 in Tennessee.
Joel and Martha were both from somewhere in TN. Her father was Charles KAY.
Joel and Martha had 6 children -
Louis Richard  SEXTON - my grandfather,
George SEXTON ,
William Eugene SEXTON ,
  Liza SEXTON ,
Sometime they moved to Mt Vernon, IN. Great grandfather Joel and great grandmother Martha separated and she was supposed to have moved back to TN .Joel stayed in IN and died there.
Any information on the above names would be greatly appreciated  
I found a Charles Kay in the 1870 Census Index -Dyer county, TN but the library didn't have the roll of film or fiche.
I also found a Joe Sexton in Montgomery Co, TN again the library didn't have the film.
I don't know if these two are related to me or not. It is hard researching when you don't live in the state where relatives lived. So any help, tips, etc would be greatly appreciated.
CONTACT: Peggy Barta   EMAIL:
Home address -
Peggy Barta
1850 La Mesa Lane
San Angelo, TX 76905

Subj: Re: Message   Date: 97-09-28
From: (Christy Kunz)

Nancy,   I would like to say how much I enjoy the site you've created here, thanks for all the time and effort!

I am searching for information on the following families in TN, most in Hickman County.  
I am seeking any information on the family of Joseph Samuel BREWER b. 9-3-1891 in Ohio d. 2-1974 in or around Lyles, Hickman County, Tennessee.  He married Ada Mae MILAM (also spelled MILUM and MILEHAM) b. 4-16-1895 d. 1972 in Hickman County, Tennessee.
James Burton BISHOP b. 1-10-1870 d. 11-11-1934 in or around Hickman County. He married Rowena N. BRADFORD b. 9-5-1872 d. 1-25-1956 also in or around Hickman County.
Her parents were Merritt BRADFORD and Mary Feancis BEASLEY.
Carl Jackson MARTIN b. 2-15-1896 in DeKalb County, Tennessee d. 6-1979 in Bon Aqua, Hickman County, Tennessee. He married Minnie West BENNETT b. abt 1918 in Williamson County, Tennessee d. 1996 in Hickman County, Tennessee.
I would like to hear from anyone with connections to these lines and will gladly share any info that I have on related persons.
CONTACT:  Christy Kunz  EMAIL:

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