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Tennessee Genealogy Queries #2 -TN - QUERY2.HTML

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Subj: John W. White   Date: 97-08-02
From: norey@tenet.edu (Norma Reynolds)

My great-grandfather, John W. WHITE was born in Hardin County, TN in November of 1822. He married Mary Ann WADE in 1848 in Hardin County, Tn. They moved back and forth between Arkansas and Tennessee several times. They had 13 children including, I believe at least one set of twins.
My grandmother was Flora Estilee WHITE.
Does anyone know who John W. WHITE's parents were?
  Oh yes, he did serve in the Civil War because Mary Ann received a widow's pension in Mountain View, Stone County, Arkansas where they are both buried, sharing the same headstone with their names on opposite sides, so some have failed to see both names.
John W. WHITE died on July 30, 1904, almost two years before my father Curtis CARDEN's birth and Flora's death from complications of childbirth.  
Thank you in advance.
Norma Carden Reynolds
EMAIL: norey@tenet.edu

From: mholt@awod.com (Mark Holt) DATE: 97-08-03
I am looking for information on the folllowing families:
John Rat LOWE, born 11/1853 in Smokey Junction, Scott, Tennessee - married Nancy ADKINS. Looking for information on their daughter Motlany or Molanie LOWE.
Also, Maude Ella BRUMMETTE, born 1894, died 1975 - married William SUTTLES.
CONTACT: Dovie Holt    EMAIL: dholt@awod.com


Subj: Rhea/Ray    Date: 97-08-02  
From: EMarcu8703@aol.com
I am looking for John RHEA married to Febra Norcross about1800. They settled near Sneedville, TN.
The lore is that she was an Indian, However that name doesn't sound too Indian to me. They had children
Andrew RHEA,
John RHEA, Jr., and
Celia RHEA, who married Thomas FROST whose father was Robert FROST who was m. to Sarah ?. He died in 1819 in Hawkins county, TN..
Who were Robert FROST's parents and where did they come from?
Who were John RHEA's parents and where did they come from?
Any body having knowledge about these families I would love to correspond with.....
EMAIL: emarcu8703@aol.com

Subj: Tennessee QUERY Date: 97-08-03
From: tombston@ix.netcom.com (Brenda Acquaviva)

Here is my query for submission to your TN QUERY page. Thanks ever so much for the opportunity to do so!
Seek info on WILLIAM LOWE, born 1808 (no location), died 1847, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN, married BRIDGET COYLE, she was born 1814, Longford, Ireland, died 1857, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN.
They had one KNOWN son, my gggrandfather, WILLIAM THOMAS LOWE, born April 13, 1842, possibly Davidson Co., TN, died September, 1917 in Davidson Co., TN. He and his parents are all buried in Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Davidson Co., TN.
The above mentioned WILLIAM THOMAS LOWE married one MARY SUSAN MAHAFFEY (Mahafey, etc.) in December of 1861. They had approximately 8 children together. This family was KNOWN to have lived in LINCOLN CO. & FRANKLIN CO., TN as well as Davidson Co., TN.
Anyone with information, please contact:
Editor "Keeping a LOWE Profile" newsletter
EMAIL: tombston@ix.netcom.com
homepage at: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/2684

Subj: KING Date: 97-08-03
From: littlewingtalks@webtv.net (Gina)

I am trying to trace my great-grandfather, John Tidwell KING. He was born in Tenn. on 27 Dec.,1861, to Tidwell KING and Katherine TURNER. John died in Franklin County, TX on 22 Dec 1929. This is all the info that I have. I do know that John married Laura SPARKS, and she was from Horatio (Sevier CO.), AR. I do have the 1840 and 1850 census of Tenn., but do not find Tidwell, and the only Katherine's that I find are spelled with the letter C.
Thank you
Gina Clingan

Subj: DEATON, Elias and Joseph Decatur County  Date: 97-08-05
From: dave.deaton@iac.honeywell.com (David F. Deaton)
Reply-to: dave.deaton@iac.honeywell.com

I am David Frank Deaton, 47. I live in Houston, Texas.
   I have tracked my Deaton ancestors for 6 generations to Tennessee. Information on Elias (c1790-c1837 Decatur County), my great-great grandfather, is sketchy, and we are not sure who his father was.
  We think Elias' father is Joseph (c1760-c1810 Montgomery County, NC).
Before 1770, Joseph Deaton came to NC from Maryland, near Little River. One of his sons who traveled west and south is thought to be Elias. The tree then continues with L.B. Deaton (1820-? Western TN), B.F. Deaton Sr (1857-1932 Finger TN), B.F. Deaton Jr., F.N. Deaton and then me.
  If possible, I would also like to track back to Captain William Deighton/Deaton who immigrated from England to Virginia in the 1700s. Can you help? Any information on any of the Deatons will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
EMAIL: dave.deaton@iac.honeywell.com

Subj: Query    Date: 97-08-05
From: PCLIFTON@InfoAve.Net (Paige T Clifton)
Reply-to: PCLIFTON@InfoAve.Net

I am looking for information and photographs for my great-grandparents from Loudon County TN. Thomas Lamar KERR born1/20/1887 to Dr Jesse C. Kerr and Mary Ann Cochran Kerr. Bessie Mae Tuck Kerr born 12/19/1892 to Moses Tuck and Malinda J. Hinton Tuck in Blount County TN. I would apreciate information or photographs on any family descendants.
Paige Thornburg Clifton

Subj: Tennessee Families   Date: 97-08-06
From: mmpaa@succeed.net (mmpaa)

I'm searching for WEAVER, BRADSHAW and BRADEN families in mid 1800's  in Tennessee.
Dianna Chapek
EMAIL: mmpaa@succeed.net

Subj: Re: Help    Date: 97-08-08
From: vanhook@worldnet.att.net (Larry Matthew Van Hook)

The Hickman line connects maternally with the Van Hook line. I have the marriage license of Joel Newman Van Hook and Mary T. Van Hook. And some documents relating to Snowden Hickman married the widow Frances Newman Van Hook. I am researching mainly Van Hooks, Tuckers, Hickmans, Newmans, and Reeds for Tennessee. I would like to communicate with anyone connected to any Van Hooks in the state of Tennessee (with the exception of children of Andrew Van Hook, whose parents came to the states from Beligum in 1890; his son lives in Knoxville).
Also, I am looking for anyone related to the Denneys, Winfrees, and Grandstaffs (Grindstaff, Granstaff) of Wilson and Smith Counties.
 All Van Hooks, with very few exceptions, in Tennessee and Kentucky whose ancestry goes back before 1890 are related to Arent Isaaczen van Hoeck from New Amsterdam (b. 1623 in Hooksiel, Germany d. 1697).
Matthew Van Hook
EMAIL: vanhook@juno.com
EMAIL: vanhook@worldnet.att.net

Subj: Goodman Family  Date: 97-08-09
From: dugoodm@ibm.net (dugoodm)
Reply-to: dugoodm@ibm.net

Hi Nancy,
I am looking for Goodman's from TN.
    I am looking for the parents of my great-grandfather, James Hamilton GOODMAN, born 24 Apr 1849 in Hunt County, TX (this according to JH's death record in Nacagodoches County, TX) married 26 May 1872 to Mary Elizabeth HINCKLEY, and died 23 Jan 1943 in Douglass, Texas at age 93.
  James Hamilton Goodman's father is listed in the official death record as James Goodman from TN. No mention is made of the mother's name.
I have been unable to find (so far) any record of the birth in Hunt County, TX. Verbal family history is that the family moved from the Hamilton County of TN and that is where the "Hamilton" in JH's hame came from.
Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated.
Duane Goodman
Email: dugoodm@ibm.net

Subj: McMahans Date: 97-08-10
From: PeddlerM@aol.com
Thanks for taking my e-mail and for having this genealogy <home page>on AOL.
I am researching McMahan, my husband's family.
Have you heard of Aaron McMAHAN?
   He was killed by the White Caps in Little Cove, close to Wears Valley, TN in 1896.
I do not know who his parents were. His wife was Caroline GREEN. They were married March 3, 1868. She came from Haywood County, NC. There is a possibility that that is where he came from.
I found census records of Caroline here in TN when she was 3 months old, but can find nothing of Aaron and his family(in TN---that early).
Does anyone know anything about him?
Thank you again.
EMAIL: PeddlerM@aol.com


Subj: MATHENYS   Date: 97-08-12
From: lillie@apex.net (Lillie Cotham)

I am looking for information on Peter MATHENY, b. about 1787 in North Carolina. He moved to Tennessee around 1809. Tennesse counties where he had lived are: Montgomery, Rutherford, Carroll, Henry, Benton. Would like to have information on his wife, father, siblings, etc.
Lillie Metheny Cotham
EMAIL: lillie@apex.net

Date: 97-08-17
From: david.dupre@sk.sympatico.ca (David Dupre)
Reply-to: david.dupre@sk.sympatico.ca

I am searching for info on Alice Boyd, born approx. 1860 in TN. She married Ed Christie who was from Iowa, and they moved to Marshalltown, Iowa. In 1881 or 82 they had a daughter, Alice, on Oct. 31. She married William (Bill) West and they moved to Sydney, Montana, where they had 3 or 4 children.
 My grandmother La Verne is one of those children, and she was born April 18, 1914.
I don't have any records of this but I was wondering if you knew of any TN records offices on line that I could search?
Thanks from north of the border.
EMAIL: david.dupre@sk.sympatico.ca

Subj: Queries  Date: 97-08-14
From: spaceport@greater.net (S& R WILLIAMS)

Hi Genny !!
Let me first compliment you on your web site...think it's outstanding !!
Hope you might be able to help with a couple of my "Boys".
  I am seeking information on: William PHILLIPS b.1798 VA  Was known to have been in Sumner Co TN, ca 1816 -1830 living around Bledsoe Creek. Married (unkn) with 5 young children, 4 boys - 1 girl. I found him in 1830 census and on tax rolls in 1820 & 1830.
  He migrated to Franklin Co, IL about 1831.
 Also, am trying to find Randolph COOK b.1770 Laurens, SC. m. Mary POTTER and ...??.. HENDERSON (not sure in which order) Is shown in Maury Co, census of 1820 with one of the above and 9 children...5 boys - 4 girls. He also migrated to Franklin Co, in Southern ILL about 1821.  ANY insight you might provide would be greatly appreciated !!
Skip Williams
EMAIL: spaceport@greater.net

Subj: STARR/PETTY Date: 97-08-18
From: danchap@airmail.net (Daniel Chapman)

My name is Mary STARR Chapman. My ancestors came to Henderson Co, Perry Co, and  Hardin Co. of Tennessee.
My WILLIAM and LYDIA STARR lived in Hardin Co when WILLIAM died in 1845. LYDIA and children (one of which was JOEL ALLEN STARR (3-18-1834) and were living in Harrison Co Tx 1850 census next door to a RICHARD & SARA STARR. He also lived in Henderson Co Tn in 1830. There was a land grant in about 1825 in Perry Co where RICHARD STARR was assignee for CATHERINE GILMORE.
WILLIAM had a land grant in Dist 12 # 812 and joined Wilson Whitehead's grant. There was also a NC grant in Davidson Co., Tn in 1793 to Hance STAR a private in the Continental line.  
Richard Star was in West Tn Land Grants Roll 163 book 1 page 52.
William Starr was in West Tn Land Grants roll 164 Book 1A page 812.
Hance Star was in North Carolina Land Grants book E-5 page 92.
I am trying to verify all this. Have anyone done research on any of these people?
     Also,  I have been e-mailed by someone who told me a story of James Martin PETTY that married 3 STARR sisters (daughters of WILLIAM & LYDIA). I believe the first marriage may have been there in TN, but I am not sure. It was said he married a Mary, Elizabeth, and Margaret. He was asked by each to marry her sister to insure a loving and good home for the children. We are working on this also. They ended up in Texas also.
I also have Clark sisters born in 1830 Shelby Co (Memphis) who were NANCY ELIZABETH CLARK (STARR, JACKSON) and MARY JANE CLARK (JACKSON). There were also JACKSONS, HENDERSONS, ONEY'S, JONES, and later PERKINS, JOHNSONS who came. Most of them came by wagon train to Harrison Co.  TX
Mary Starr Chapman
EMAIL: danchap@airmail.net  
(note: see more of Mary Chapman's family at:
Tennessee Genealogy Queries3 -TN - QUERY3.HTML )

Subj: Genealogy Date: 97-08-18
From: hipshot@web-access.net (Bob Huckaby)

My name is Bob Huckaby.
I am checking on a John Richard HUCKABY that moved from Carroll County Tennessee to Stephens County Texas around 1889.
 I have been trying to reach Carroll County with no luck.
I would appreciate any help.
Bob Huckaby
1105 Durham St.
Brownwood, Texas 76801
EMAIL: hipshot@web-access.net

Subj: Information   Date: 97-08-18
From: mirijim@swbell.net (James L. Abner)
Reply-to: mirijim@swbell.net

I am looking for information on a William ABNER that was married to a Nancy EVERSOLE somewhere around 1865. They lived in Clay co Kentucky at a place called Bull Skin Creek. They had a son named Robert Abner that moved to Ohio around 1930, They had another son named Ance Abner.
Any information on any of these Abner's would be appreciated.
Jim Abner
EMAIL: mirijim@swbell.net

Subj: Family Group Sheets via gedcom Date: 97-08-21
From: fredric@ns.net (Fred Kindel)

Searching for information on Wm Kindel born 1781 VA married 1800 Greene TN Elizabeth Webb born 1783 Greene TN.
I am pursuing a theory that William's father or uncle was another William Kindle born 1755 VA (probably Culpeper or Orange Co) with son John born 1782 Culpeper Co VA & son George born 1790 Greene Co TN.
  This William was a soldier in the 2nd Rgt VA Line Revolutionary War #S-2705 in the Nat'l Archives.
And I am pursuing the theory that Elizabeth Webb was of this family:
...Jeremiah Webb (of Greene & Jefferson Co TN & Shelby Co KY)
...Meredith Burton Webb/Eliz Hafley (Jefferson TN-Shelby KY-Maury TN)
...Martin Webb (from PA to Washington Co TN 1794)
...William Webb (1780 Greene TN & Jefferson TN 1794 to Shelby Co KY)
....Elizabeth Webb married 28 Jan 1800 Greene TN Wm Kindel bond: John Bird
....Susannah Webb married 1 Mar 1800 Greene TN Thomas Loyd bond: John Bird
....Mary Webb married 21 May 1804 Shelby KY John Clarkson bond: Wm Kindle & permission by Wm Webb for dau Mary to wed
...Richard Webb married 1804 Jefferson Co TN Nancy Brooks
..John Webb d.1798 married 1781 Greene TN Elizabeth McMurtry
..Jesse Webb born 1766 d.1848 married 1783 TN Anna McMurtry (Liz' sis)
I have info from researchers on all these Webb's except very little on William Webb and need more to prove/disprove my theory.
  Land grants info in Shelby Co KY show William Webb and Augustine Webb granted land to J Handley in 1795 and these Webbs were from Orange Co VA which is adjacent to Culpeper Co VA. A couple of generations later, a grandson of Wm Kindel/Eliz Webb is named Guston Kindel, perhaps named for this Augustine. I'm building a good circumstancial case, but need proofs. Any suggestions?
In addition, I have a data base now at 18,000+ Kindel, Kindle, Kendall of all spellings and connecting surnames. I'll be glad to search it for anyone with a Kindel however spelled in their tree and advise if there is a connection and what the source(s) of my info are.
Adios from Fred in Folsom CA
EMAIL: fredric@ns.net


Subj: Kennedy Surname    Date: 97-08-22
From: stacks-mary-leo@worldnet.att.net (Leo and Mary Stacks)

I was searching the Internet trying to find out information on my Dad's family, and I've had no luck at all. I've researched information on my husband's family (both sides) and I even found out about my Grandmother (the first time I ever even knew her name). I'm interested in finding out whatever I can about my Grandfather Will (or William) P. KENNEDY. All I know is that he married Ida SWAN from Warren Co, Tennessee. My mother believes Ida and WP Kennedy lived in Murfreesboro for awhile. My mother said she remembers meeting him one time and he was a short man (not much to go on). Ida divorced WP and married a Marshall DAVENPORT.
  WP  KENNEDY and Ida had the following children:  
Mary  KENNEDY (I believe she died at an early age or in childbirth???)
Melvinnie (Vinnie) KENNEDY (she married a Sam Goforth and lived in Murfreesboro until her death)
George Jackson KENNEDY (my Dad)--he was supposedly born on 31 August 1907. He died in December 1961. He was at the Jennings Furneral Home in Murfreesboro, and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Murfreesboro.
That is about all the information I have. My mother is in her 80s and suffering from a recent stroke and doesn't remember much about my Dad's family. I'm currently on active duty in the Air Force and it isn't possible for me to research the local area.
Thanks for any info anyone can provide.
Much thanks,
Mary Kennedy Stacks
EMAIL: stacks-mary-leo@worldnet.att.net

SUBJECT: TN Query  DATE: 97-08-22
From: Kelli Allison <SeaNymph@netunlimited.net>

For about 10 years I looked and LOOKED trying to find a marriage record of my gg grandparents Reuben P. and Matilda JOHNS[T]ON...and only a few months ago, finally found it...in a book of info taken from newspaper clippings...I believe this is the only record of their marriage.
I sent to TSLA for a copy of the newspaper clipping and here is what it said... [from the National Banner & Nashville Whig, dated Nov. 2, 1831]:
"MARRIED--At Carthage, on the 27th ult. Mr. Reuben Johnson to Miss Matilda Wilkinson, both of Lebanon."
As you can see, this info is very skimpy, no relations, sureties, etc.are listed, but at least now I know from what county they came from, and the maiden name of Matilda...til I found this I only knew that they lived in Rutherford Co TN from 1840 onward...and that Reuben disappears sometime around 1860.
I also have found a marriage record of a Mariah WILKERSON to a Wm. YOUNG BLOOD in Wilson Co TN on 31 Mar 1831; I believe this is sister [maybe a twin?] to my gg grandmother, Matilda. The family connection is strengthened because Reuben JOHNS[T]ON stood best man for Mariah's wedding.
A few years ago I found a Reuben JOHNSON in East TN [the right age in the 1870s] and wonder if he is the same one, with another family???!!! But Matilda stays put in Rutherford Co and lists herself variously as married, and widowed until 1900. I have tried to find a death record after that, unsuccessfully.
As I said at the beginning of this post, Matilda and Reuben JOHNS[T]ON are my gg grandparents...can anyone give me their parents names???
If you can help me find the ancestors of this couple, I would be MOST grateful!
EMAIL: SeaNymph@netunlimited.net

Subj: Brimer    Date: 97-08-23
From: Brimgen45@aol.com
I am researching the BRIMER family. Family came from North Carolina to Tennessee probably in the late 1700s. Some of the family may have moved to MO in the early 1800s. My great, great grandfather, William S. Brimer (born 1795) was born in North Carolina and died in Pike Co. MO. I believe his parents may have settled in Tennessee.
Contact: Brimgen45@aol.com

Subj: Re: genealogy... Date: 97-08-25
From: gregnem@comsource.net (Gregory G. Mullins)

My name is Gregory Mullins. My father was Gerald S. MULLINS. His father was Rollie Earl Mullins and his two brothers: Green Mullins and Roy Mullins (my great uncles). Roy was a judge years ago. They moved to Jackson County in southeastern Ky from Tennesee as children I am told.
My great grandfather was Bishop Mullins and my great-great grandfather was Calvin Mullins. Calvin served with the Tennesee Cavalry during the Civil War.
Is there anyone on your list of contacts who has more information on this family? Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks Nancy!
EMAIL: gregnem@comsource.net

Date: 97-08-25
From: fluffie1@worldnet.att.net (George & Carolyn Schellang)

Looking for info on William and Nancie Caroline SIGLER, who settled in Shelby Co., TN , abt 1830. May have been in Giles Co., TN, before then as 3 children supposedly born in Limestone Co., Al, which I believe was Giles before 1818. Have lots info from Shelby Co. Nancie supposedly was fron South Carolina and William from Virginia, no proof. Anything will help on them

Info needed on Buckley DONALDSON, was in Williamson Co., TN., about 1811. Where did he come from? Who are his parents, etc?

Info needed on Edwin ? McDonald FISH, Sr., he was in Hardeman Co., TN, by 1828. Where did he come from? Who are his parents, etc?

Need info on Thomas Jefferson JACKSON and wife, Martha ALLEN. Both in Hardeman Co., TN by 1858, as their daughter, Martha Gardner JACKSON was born in Hardeman Co., TN, 18 June 1858 and was married to Robert James DONALDSON, son of Caswell H. DONALDSON, grandson of Buckley DONALDSON, on 21 Dec 18874 in Hardeman Co., TN.
Martha & Robert's daughter,  Nora Maude DONALDSON, was my grandmother. Nora was married to John Hardeman FISH, my grandfather.
   Will be glad to share info with others, by e-mail or snail mail.
Snail mail address is:
Carolyn R. Sigler Schellang
Rt 1, Box 296,
Como, MS 38619
Email:fluffie1@worldnet.att.net  (new as of 9/26/97)
(Old address was twoshoes@gate.ne

Subj: GGGrandfather and GGGrandmother  Date: 97-08-27
From: cmlines@jps.net (Mary Lemmenes)

George W Winters born 1820 in Tennessee married Cintha Ann McNeise (marriage book 1) in Itawamba Mississippi 1842. I do not know parents of George nor where he was born.  He died before 1880 in ?
Does anyone have any information on these people?
Please contact me at the e-mail below.
Thank you,
Mary Lemmenes
EMAIL: cmlines@jps.net

From: familytree2@juno.com (Susan F McKenna)   Date: 97-08-27
Resent-from: LYNCH-L@rootsweb.com

My great grandfather was b.13 Dec.1874 as LYNCH, James William and changed his name to LINCH prior to marrying my great grandmother, PINKSTON, Ethel Octavia b.10 Jun.1883 AR. (m.11 Dec.1897/8 AR.) [*side note* Gr-grandpa changed his name because he  didn't wanna be confused with "lyin' Jim Lynch", a relative who apparently had a serious aversion to telling the truth, and lived in the same vicinity!!! However, since there were 5 Jim's, I'm not sure if it was his uncle or his nephew.]
His parents: LYNCH, James G. & (BOLEN?) Mary V.
Her parents: PINKSTON, Layton & (WELCH?) Margarete E.
Their 10 kids were:
Mary Frances  LYNCH (GRIFFITH then LARGENT) b.1900 AR.
Susan Elizabeth "Lizzie" LYNCH (unmarried) b.1902 TX. (no children)
Annabelle Virginia LYNCH (O'KELLY) b.1904 TX.
Dora Ethel  LYNCH (PEART) b.1907 NM (no children)
James Arthur "Buddy"  LYNCH (unmarried) b.1909 (no children)
Julia May LYNCH (RUSSELL) b.1911 TX.
Willie Velma  LYNCH (unmarried) b.1913 (no children)
Vergia Estella LYNCH (BEARD) b.1915 TX.
Vera Ettie LYNCH (ARY then SCHONS) b.1917 TX.
Wayne Homer LYNCH (CHICK then SIMONS) b.1920 OK.
Gr-grandpa was a store-owner and a farmer.
AR.(Izard Co. & Fulton Co.)
TX. (1902-1904, Mesquite) 1911-1917 other TX. locales
NM. Clovis area (1907 for sure)
OK. (1918 and later)
James G.  LYNCH was born in either Fulton Co. or Izard Co., AR., or TN. I don't know when he was born. He died in either 1877 or 1878, PROBABLY Izard Co., AR. I don't know when or where he married. Mary V. had a brother named Bill, and her family was from TN. (In 1884-5 she m. KING, Lum in AR.)
James Wm. LINCH had 3 siblings that I know of:
1...an unknown sister who died when she was 18 or 19 yrs of age
2...Annabelle...m.GOTCHER, had son, Noble. May be buried near Blythe, CA.....No other info.
3...Joe LYNCH...My grandma always said Joe's wife (unknown) died, leaving him with 2 sons. Grandma said about 1898 or 1899, Joe left his 2 sons with his brother, James Wm. LINCH.
  Henry LYNCH was about 4 yrs old. No other info on him.
  Willie Elonzo "Lonnie" LYNCH was about 2 yrs old. Supposedly, Willie married & moved to CA....had 3 sons...don't know about  daughters, and was a WWI vet. Moving back another generation, James G. LYNCH had parents!!
LYNCH, John b. TN. (no other info. <sigh>) m. BOWLING, Elizabeth, from GA. or TN. (no other info <sigh>) John & Eliz. had 4 kids that I know of: (Guess what? I don't even know what order they were born in!)
1...James G. LYNCH...we've done him!
2...Emily LYNCH...m. McCUTCHEN...brace yourselves....(no other info)
3...Jarret LYNCH...(not really any info here, either...is this getting repetitive, or what?!) I do know that he was "an old man, with 1 foot in the grave, living at Salem, AR." when my great aunt met him ...but no idea when!!
4...Smith B.  LYNCH, b.06 Sept.1840-1844 (depends on the source!) "Uncle Smith" was supposedly b. in Bedford Co., TN. He m. TURNER, Susan R. He d. 1923, buried Shamrock, OK. He was a Civil War vet. Smith & Susan had 5 kids:
a....Mary Ann LYNCH, b.1871, AR. d.1956, AR. m.BLEVINS, John Henry buried Fulton Co., AR.
b....James G.  LYNCH, b.1873, AR. m.GIBSON, Laura Mae buried Payne Vo., OK.
c....Julia LYNCH, b.1874, AR. d.1887, AR. age 13  buried Fulton Co., AR.
d....John LYNCH, b.1876, MO. d.1880, AR. age 4  buried Fulton Co., AR.
e....Ida Belle LYNCH, b.1878, MO. d.1965 m.BLEVINS, Andrew Jackson buried Fulton Co., AR.
I do have a great deal of information pertaining to descendants...
Thanx! Happy hunting!
Susan McKenna
EMAIL:  familytree2@juno.com

see also:  GENEALOGY AND TENNESSEE 1850 Census - LYNCH family; lynch.html

Subj: PROFFITT query    Date: 97-08-29
From: dedgar@mail.utexas.edu (Donna Edgar)

Dear Nancy,
I (and several family members who are much better genealogists than I) have been stuck on the following for literally years! Please post the following:
PROFFITT, Young McKindred, born about 1824 in Tennessee. He married Mary Jane PATTERSON.
Their children were:
Nathaniel C. Proffitt, born 1847 in Tennessee;
James Lafayette Proffitt, born 1850 in Neosho, Newton County, Missouri;
William Yancey Proffitt born 1854 in St. Clair County, Illinois;
John McKindred Proffitt, born 1857 in St. Clair County, Illinois;
George O. Proffitt, born August 1859 or 1860 in St. Clair County, Illinois and
Della Proffitt, born 1866 in St. Clair County, Illinois.
  Who were his parents? siblings? Where in Tennessee did he come from? We find him only in the 1850 census where he and his family appear twice, enumerated in Newton County, Missouri in September, 1850, and in St. Clair County, Illinois in November, 1850.
  The family is still in St. Clair County in the 1860 census but we find no trace of Young McKindred and Mary Jane Proffitt after that time.  
   I will send you some family sheets shortly with more information on my GGGF Young McKindred Proffitt and his descendents. I'm delighted to have found you on the Internet, and wish I lived closer so I could take some of your classes!
BTW, I have been in touch with an organizer of the Proffitt family reunion which was just held a few weeks ago; unfortunately, I only received information about a week prior to it and was unable to make travel plans in that timeframe -- next year, maybe.
Donna Proffitt Edgar
5409 Highland Crest Drive
Austin, Texas 78731
email: dedgar@mail.utexas.edu

Subj: Help, if you can Date: 97-08-29
From: aldrep@palmnet.net (Al Drepperd)

I plan to drive from Fla to Nashville arriving in town on Oct 22.
I have to check on a branch of my family that settled there in 1830 from Maryland.
  The orginial guy was William TREPPARD who married TENNESSE WAGGONER. They started what was to be a rather large family.
Where should I look for DOBs, deaths, histories, first? The State Archives or does Davidson County have such info?
  Where would I find county histories that may mention the TREPPARDS?
One, Frederick Asbury TREPPARD, had a small plantation, which was delcared a historical landmark by the Nashville Hist. Preservation Soc., but the house was demolished in 1982.
  One Treppard living in NY told me that there was a "Treppard Ridge" subdivision. They lived somewhere on "White Horse Pike? (not sure if tha tis correct.) In any event I would appreciate any recommendations you can offer to me. I will be there for 2 entire days for research. Hope you can find the time to help me.
Also is there is any place I can write to get a good map of downtown Nashville?
This will be my first trip there.
Al Drepperd


Subj: Bell Family Sumner Co. TN   Date: 97-08-30
From: Purinmar@aol.com

Seeking information James B. T. BELL b. 6-1-1859 Sumner TN. m Camelia PARCELL b. 5-13-1858 ? Believe parents of James are Benjamin BELL and Nancy E. SEARCY m 1844 Sumner Co. TN. Would appreciate any help.
EMAIL: Purinmar@aol.com

Subj: Re: Lunce/Lunceford/Lunsford Date: 97-08-31
From: fred.lunce@lastbyte-bbs.com (Fred Lunce)

Need info on the parents of Jake Leonard LUNSFORD possibly born in Sullivan County TN 6-26-1879 and wife Margaret Elizabeth EDMONDS (Edmons/Edmunds) born 10-20-1881. Married in Sullivan County, TN.
Jake's parents listed unknown, as he and brother Mathias LUNSFORD, sisters Ann and Mary  LUNSFORD "given" to someone to raise. Ann is the only one I have a birth date on besides Jake .
Margaret EDMONS (spelling appears this way on adopted father's tombstone) has listed as mother Tennessee WOODS, father unknown. Possibly a Tom MOIRE of Dandridge, TN. She was apparently adopted and raised by John EDMONS and wife of Jefferson County, TN.
Jake started going by LUNCE sometime around 1898-1902. He lived most of his life in Jefferson Co, TN.
I have this line after Jake to date and am willing to share everything I have including pictures.
I also have COLLEY info and will send that in another message.
Fred Lunce
Oliver Springs, TN
EMAIL: fred.lunce@lastbyte-bbs.com

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