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September 1998

Subj: Daniel  Date: 9/1/98
From: lomon@junct.com (Vickie Lomon)
To: Genny1@aol.com ('Genny1@aol.com')

I am looking for information on a William Daniel, born 1799 Virginia, he moved I guess with his parents to Grainger County Tennesee ,
He married a Martha Mayes in Grainger in the year of 1821,
They had a son named
John Daniel in the year of 1824 or 1823, he married a woman in Grainger County by the name of Mary Jefferys in 1842, they had two daughters born there: a
Martha and a
Melivina, then they moved to Benton county, Ark. where they had other chldren by the name of
Daniel Payton Daniel, and a
I found this on the 1850 Benton county ARK census, living next door to them was a
William Daniel with wife Martha with children by the names of
Mary and
Any information on this line would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Vickie Lomon

X-Message: #1  Date: Tue, 01 Sep 98
From: llandrum@zoom-ase-02.zoomnet.net (LaNelle Landrum)
Subject: [TNMAURY-L] Carrigan

.....LaNelle Landrum researching:
Landrum, Kent, Sample, Johnson, Ball, Rose, Palmer, Loftin/Lofton, Herring, McDonald, Plunk, Rainey, Elder, Turner, Dunn, Rouse, Pace, Cheatham, Wheatley, Jarman, Larue, Carrigan, Canaday, Lovette, Triplett, Berry, Pennel, Crocker, Chappell, Riggs, Billings, Finn, Peyatt/Payett, Mannnering/Manring, Woodruff

X-Message: #3  Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998
From: "jan" <unicorn@sun-spot.com>
To: DanvilleCrossing-List
Subject: Re: Families I am Chasing backwards.
I was looking over this old post and I just remembered. A Ricky Butts from Stewart Co. donated some stuff to the Stewart Co. Civil War site. You can e-mail him from there. He might know something about your Nathaniel Butts who was in Stewart Co.

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From: GRIDDIP@aol.com <GRIDDIP@aol.com>
To: DanvilleCrossing-List
Date: Monday, July 06, 1998 2:05 AM
Subject: Families I am Chasing backwards.

>Here are the families I am researching;
>I hope this is not too long, but if OK will give a little info on earliest known each line;>
>BELL< Houston County, (Have just received considerable Info on this line and
>still trying to get in order and into family tree.)>

>BUTTS, Stewart County, Last confirmed Nathaniel Butts b 1844 m Susan Bell Keel>

>DUNN, Henry & Benton County, Alfred Dunn b 1831 Old 23rd Henry County d 1943
>old 23rd, father Maxwell Dunn and Jane Brandon, m Mary E. Woods 1870 b 1849 d
>1922 daughter of Sylvester Woods and Cynthia Anne Manord.>

>KEEL. Stewart County, Nathenial Pope Keel, b 1846 son of Thomas P. Keel and
>Elizabeth Moore d NashvilleTN b Spring Hill Cem. m Pernesia Wortham daughter
>of William Wortham and Margaret Wortham (Cousins)>

>MARTIN, Stewart County, John W. Martin b abt 1803 we think in Tennessee, m
>Matilda unknown b abt 1804 had 9 children inc my GGF Jeremiah H. Martin, d
>1910 m 1857 to Martha J. Sexton.>

>PARCHMAN, Stewart County. Jacob Parchman b 1807 m 1839 to Emily Linton they
>had 9 children inc my wife's, GGF John Tomlinson Parchman b 1840 Stewart Co.
>Tn, m 1858 Caroline Tobithy Dunbar b 1839 d 1880>

>RUSHING; Stewart, Houston and Benton Counties;;First Rushing Line; Matthew,
>then William, Richard Rushing b 1749 in Va d 1841 in Perry County married
>twice had 11 children inc my GGGgf David Rushing.>

>RUSHING, Stewart & Houston Abel K. Rushing b after 1810 (Abt 1812) d Feb 1839
>m Ann Unknown b abt 1806 in Kentucky d between 1874 and 1877. Had 5 children
>inc my Ggm Arilda Jane Rushing Bell.>

>SEXTON, Stewart County; Britton Sexton b 1762 Wake Co. NC d 1848 Stewart Co.
>Tn. m Feb 17, 1787, Wake Co. NC to Nancy Moody b 1766 in NC d 1852 Stewart Co
>they had 7 children inc my GGgf George William Sexton b 1811.>

>SYKES-SIKES, Stewart & Henry County William Samson Sykes b 1791 Anson Co NC, d
>1825 Elkhorn, Henry Co., Tn. m Mary Jane (Polly) Gross b 1798 to Fredrick
>Gross 1765 Maryland Mill Md. and Elizabeth Haller b 1767 Rowan County, NC
>they had 8 children he died in 1836 she after 1850.>
>The one I am working hardest on now id Able K. Rushing and his wife Ann, to
>determine their parents and Ann's maiden name.>

>Will be glad to exchangfe information with anyone who has the same lines.>
>Many thanks.>
>Email: GRIDDIP@aol.com 

Subj: Jerry Whitworth  

Date: 30.8.98/0:52
Jerry Whitworth (mrwhit@digitalexp.com / no homepage ) wrote:

Enjoyed your great home page. I am looking for BASFORD lines in Cheatham,Robertson and Montgomery Co'sTN. Need to connect John, James,Thomas Armstrong,Sarah, and Temperence Basford of whom I decend. Any info. on any of these lines in early 1800's would be most appreciated.


Subj: Taylor    Date: 9/2/98
From: buttermilk@tellico.net (steve mcfarland)
Reply-to: @tellico.net
To: Genny1@aol.com
any info on Samuel Jackson TAYLOR b8-1887 d-1919 m Jennie Lee WHITE PETERSON TAYLOR B-3-31895 D-?
E-MAIL buttermilk @ tellico.net

Subj: TAYLOR   Date: 9/2/98
From: buttermilk@tellico.net (steve mcfarland)
Reply-to: @tellico.net
To: Genny1@aol.com
CC: buttermilk@telllico.net

Information Samuel Jackson TAYLOR Jennie Lee White Peterson married 1920 or Reverend Ike TAYLOR, m- Maragret BowersTAYLOR d1920 2 Lena Williams married 1921
e-mail buttermilk @ tellico.net

Subj: [LYNCH-L] NC LYNCH   Date: 9/4/98
From: BJSGen@aol.com
To: LYNCH-List
I have come into possession of a sheet of paper with 16 generaltions of LYNCH Mens names no wives or time frames
1. Thomas Lynch of Dublin Co Ireland
2. Thomas Lynch of Galway
3. Walter Morisall de Lynch
4. William Morisall de Lynch
5. Thomas Lynch
6. James Lynch of Galway, Ireland
7. Thomas Lynch
8. John Benjamin Lynch
9. Dominick Duff Lynch
10 Stephen LynchFitz Dominick
11 Jonack Lynch married Eltish Skettit
12 Pierce Lynch married Ellin Martin
13 Thomas Lynch married 1. Anslos Blake 2. Margaret Quin
14 Jonack Lynch married 1. ?? 2. Margaret Johnson
15 Capt Johnson Lynch, 1685-1717 married Margaret Schulf (d/o James Schulf
16 Thomas Lynch 16 Jonah Lynch c 1708-c1730
m 1. Mary Fenwick
2. Sabina Vanderhost
17 Thomas Lynch 1727-1776 17 Thomas Lynch, c1725-1781 SC delegate to Cont Congress married 1. Elisabeth Alston
2. Elisabeth Motte

Then this is where the paper gets confusing there are 3 listed as 18 Thomas Lynch 1749-1779 Sc Signer of the Dec of Indep married Elizabeth Shubrick 1779 died at sea on honeymoon then John Lynch c 1750 -c1828 then Moses Lynch c 1725 -1815 it is thru his daughter Celah Elizabeth Ann who married Zadock Rice. They had 10 children son Robert K Rice 1840-1924 married a Petttigrew and this is my connection to the Lynch family, This is ALL i know about the Lynchs living in NC . I do not know where any of the families disbursed, who they married or anything about the first 16 on the list would love Mothers names etc.
Is there a book on the Lynchs in print?

Subj: WORSHAM Info   Date: 9/5/98
From: davida@brightok.net (David Moore)
Reply-to: davida@brightok.net (David Moore)
To: Genny1@aol.com
>Shackle Island was and still is, a small farming community
>around Long Hollow Pike which runs between Goodlettsville
>and outskirts of Hendersonville (in Sumner Co).
>Beech HS, a JH & an Elem. School are located in
the area now...
>also Worsham's Grocery store.>
>Nancy Goodman in Hendersonville, TN

Hi Nancy,

Noticed where you lived & the mention of the Worsham Grocery store around that area. I was wondering if you knew who owns/runs the store [if it's still open] & if any WORSHAM people live around there.

My grandmother was a WORSHAM & always said she didn't know exactly WHICH state she was born in [their house was suppose to be on the Alabama/Tennessee State Line].

Nancy, Any info you can give me is appreciated.
David Moore

Subj: David Young Tn.   Date: 9/5/98
From: wsiw@muhlon.com (Fred R. Young)
To: Genny1@aol.com
I am searching for any information on David Young and Elizabeth Reed, married 22 Jan, 1829 in Williamson Co TN (William Young signed marriage bond). found in 1830 Williamson Co. census, 1850 Rutherford Co. census, and 1860/70 Marshall Co. census David b. 1804 ?SC Elizabeth abt 1809 TN.
The Children :
Mary J.
David C. and
Manda J.
Need to find the parents for this family...I feel that David's father is William Young , that is brother to Thomas Cadet Young Jr, son of Thomas Sr., son of Francis Cadet Young.
Can anyone help me tie this family together??
Any help will be greatly appreciated...
Fred R. Young
94 Caves Springs Rd.
Greenville, KY 42345
Subj: Osment, Lain Families  Date: 9/6/98
From: grovera@bcl.net (Grover D. Anderson)
To: Genny1@aol.com ('Genny1@aol.com')

I don't know if I have any info that will help your husband's research but I have a Rachel Osment that married Robert Shannon on Aug. 21, 1811 in the family. The Shannon Family that is. Robert was the son of Robert (Robin) Shannon. Robin's father, Robert, is my ggggrandfather. I'm afraid I do not have any info on Rachel other than marriage date.

As for Lain's. What names are you looking for. The Lains married into the Shannon family. William H. Lain son of Armstead Lain, Jr. is my gg-grandfather and I have info on the Lains. There are some contradictions in the family info but maybe I will have what you are looking for.

Joyce Anderson

Subj: Information   Date: 9/6/98
From: bezell@seark.net (Brenda Ezell)
To: Genny1@aol.com

Looking for information on any of the Ezell's that came from Marshall, Martin, Giles, Rutherford, Pulaski, Davidson and Williamsom County, Tennessee.

Brenda Ezell

Subj: Re: WORSHAM Info  Date: 9/7/98
From: davida@brightok.net (David Moore)
Reply-to: davida@brightok.net (David Moore)
To: Genny1@aol.com
> Bobby Worsham (maybe first name actually Robert?) owns and operates
> the store... don't know much more than that. I can get a phone
> number if you'd like...

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for all the info & offer of the telephone#. I think I have the address & phone # if it's the one below & is abt. 7.7 Miles off highway #258.
Worsham's Store
2030 New Hope Rd
Hendersonville, TN 37075
(615) 824-8803
I need to contact Mr. Worsham & see if he knows if his father was a sibling of my grandmother's or came from any of them. He just might know her parents (William & Nancy [HORTON] WORSHAM)
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, I've had a summer cold & didn't feel like doing anything. Thanks again for the info.
David Moore
> >>Shackle Island is a farming community around Long Hollow
> >>Pike which runs between Goodlettsville & outskirt of Hendersonville.
> >>Worsham's Grocery store is also located in the area now...
>>>Nancy Goodman in Hendersonville, TN
>> I was wondering if you knew who owns/runs the store [if it's still
>> open] & if any WORSHAM people live around there.

Subj: Tennessee Wepage  Date: 9/7/98
From: Billcook44@aol.com
To: Genny1@aol.com
Hi Genny
Nice job, how would you like to add some Tennessee Hancocks, they are tied to my Eddings family and are from Obion, Co., Tenn.
url is:
I have linked you on my main page in the Other Eddings family Sites this would be at: COOK's HANGOUT GENEALOGY (just in case you want to check up on me) :o) you have my Eddings page listed and I thank you,
Bill Cook
Subj: Whited, Whitehed, Whitted  Date: 9/7/98
From: ramshackle@mailandnews.com (jd)
Reply-to: snoozer@iname.com
To: Genny1@aol.com
Looking for info on Fayette Whited my great-grandfather. Thinking he is descended from Stephan Tipton Whithed (Whitehed) 1790- ?. Fayette moved to SE Virginia area 1850's? Not of the Francis Whited line. Also any info on whether Stephan and Francis were brothers?
Subj: Re: [TNCHEATH-L] Cheatham Surnames  Date: 9/8/98
From: sbroda@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu (Sandy Broda)
To: Genny1@aol.com
I'm researching my husband's family, and I know some of his Proctors married Hagewoods. His direct line includes Robert Proctor (my husband's great grandfather), William Proctor (Robert's father), and Ellen Proctor (William's aunt?). This line also intermarried with (Von)Schmittous. Sound familiar?
p.s. I plan to check out your web site over my lunch hour. :-)
At 10:08 AM 9/5/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello List!
> I have many Cheatham county surnames, and they bleed over either to or from Dickson, Montgomery & Robertson counties....
> Some of my surnames (or my husband's) either in Cheatham County or roundabout include:
> Phillips, Jones, Weakley, Wall, Daniel, Crockett, Bowker, Sensing, Colgate, Coffee, Appleton, and more ...
> Some of these are connected through marriage with: Groves, Hagewood,
>Christy, Wyatt, Stone, Sinks, Proctor, and many more..
> I have kinfolk buried in both Southside Cemetery and at Rock Springs Freewill Baptist Church. My dad, Calvin N. Phillips, was born in Neptune, son of Moore Phillips and Annie Elizabeth Jones.
> I have information on some of my surnames on my home page at:
> https://sites.rootsweb.com/~tngenny1/index.html
> If you find any connections, let me know, please...
> Nancy Goodman in Hendersonville, TN

Subj: Re: [TNCHEATH-L] Cheatham Surnames
Date: 9/8/98
From: sbroda@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu (Sandy Broda)
To: Genny1@aol.com
The name Lillian rings a strong bell. I will send you what we have on this line. Warning: it's not much. They seem to have dedicated themselves to leaving as little written record behind as possible. :-)
At 11:37 AM 9/8/98 -0400, you wrote:

>Hi Sandy:
>My uncle Noel Phillips married Lillian Proctor....I think she is a descendant of Robert, but don't have a lot of info on her line.
> The Hagewoods come in at several places...my aunt Eva Phillips married Lesbia Columbus Hagewood...they are both buried at Rock Springs Freewill Baptist Church.
> I am sending a copy to my cousin Jon Wray who has done a lot of research on the Hagewood line...
> Nancy Goodman in TN

Subj: Query Settle-Suttle  Date: 9/11/98
From: LYNNSETTLE@aol.com
To: Genny1
I am looking for info on the desendant of Presley SUTTEL (SETTLE) of Sumner Co. Tenn.  
Md Elizabeth HUBERTt d 1843 Sumner Co. Tenn.
John SUTTLE (SETTLE) b 1797 NC d bef 1870 Sumner Co. Tenn Md Mary COVINGTON Aug 1 1821 Sumner Co. Tenn.
Jeremiah M. SETTLE (SUTTLE) b May 10, 1844 Sumner Co. Tenn d Feb 21 1920 Todd Co Ky. Md Mary Elizabeth STEPHENS abt 1867 in Todd Co, Ky.
Jeremiah was in the 30th Tenn Infanty Regimant, Co I during the Civil War. Was sent home from Fort Donelson, Tenn. Would like any info on Fort Donelson during the Civil War.

Would also like any history during this period of time 1800 to 1867 of Sumner Co. Tenn.
Presley Suttle owed 127 acers at West Fork, Drakes Creek. Any information on this area would be appreciated.
Thank you for any help anyone could provide.
Lynn Settle

Subj: TN Queries   Date: 9/13/98
From: et@peganet.com (Earl Thompson)
To: genny1@aol.com

Researching MINOR family in TN. Need parents of SARAH LUCINDA MINOR b. 25 Sep 1851 in TN. Her parents may have been Wm. W. Minor b. ca1793 in VA and Sarah A. Minor b. ca1811 in TN. Also MARTIN VANBUREN JACKSON who married Elvira Louisa (McMullen) Thompson in TN around 1876.

Date: 9/14/98   From: mwstallard@yahoo.com (Marietta Stallard)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Are you my lucky charm?
I am searching for the last names of:
Wolfensperger (sp may vary)
In the 1810-1833 years of:
Bledsoe Co., Tn.
Hamilton Co., Tn
White Co., Tn.
Marion Co., Tn.
Please advise your procedure and if you have any data on the above names plus the name of "Witherspoon".
Would be grateful for any help you could offer.
Subj: RE: Cooper  Date: 9/14/98
From: SCook@dlr.com (Sue Cook)
To: Genny1@aol.com ('Genny1@aol.com')
Hi Nancy!
Thanks so much for your note! ....
If you don't see what you are looking for in the Cooper file that you downloaded, please give me a shout. I have a lot more information at home than is on the web site. It would be great if I could help!
Sue Montgomery-Cook
Denton Family Genealogy: http://www.acun.com/dentons

-----Original Message-----
From: Genny1@aol.com  Sent: Sept 12, 1998
To: Sue Cook
Subject: Cooper
Hi Sue:
I wanted to ask about your Cooper connection......I downloaded your gedcom file but have not had time yet to check it..
I have a file on my Cooper at:

Subj: GOODMAN Ancestors  Date: 9/15/98
From: jpierce@wsu.edu (jpierce)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Searching for two Goodmans, one of whom I list as being born in TN (?!):

WILLIAM H. GOODMAN m Elizabeth M. Moore 4 Dec 1856 in Saline, MO
(Wm. H. died 1 Dec 1863) Lived for a time in MO.
Children included
James Edward,
Joel Gilbert,
William Hasten.
WILLIAM K. GOODMAN m Attry Jane Moore 20 Jan 1864 (Wm K. born 7 may 1837 in TN). William K. ended up in Oregon via Kansas. Children included:
Susan Augusta,
Julia Frances,
Martha E.,
Austin W.,
Laura M.,
Nora E.,
Frank W.,
Jesse Thomas,
Bertha M.

Would appreciate any information at all.
email jpierce@weber.edu
Snail mail: J. Sanchez
7118 W. 5100 S.
Hooper, UT 84315

Subj: Tipton Family   Date: 9/16/98
From: Jumeau js1@aol.com
To: Genny1

I am searching for a family line by the name of TIPTON - the father was Edward William Tipton, b 12-18-1918, a younger sister - Mary Kathryn Tipton Pique who died in Memphis, and another brother who also died in Memphis. The grandfather of the family was - Harry Tipton and grandmother was Ruby Johnson Tipton - a Native American. The great grandfather was Robin Tipton (England) whose wife was Ruby Turange of Ridgely, Tn. I have been told that this family has some connection to Tiptonvile, Tennessee.

Any information will be much appreciated. This family of Tipton's is my first cousin's father and his family.

Judy Strickland

Subj: Re: Tennessee Wepage  Date: 9/15/98
From: Billcook44@aol.com or wcook14024@aol.com
To: Genny1
In a message dated 9/8/98 11:21:06 AM Central Daylight Time, Genny1 writes:
<< Send me the URL for COOK's HANGOUT GENEALOGY so I can put the URL in....it does not transfer the URL when you copy and paste the text.....
Are you on the TNWILSON email list?
I If not, let me know....there may be a Hancock connection there, if you don't know Avril Hancock...he has posted a lot of stuff on the list.
Nancy Goodman in TN >>

Hi Genny,
the url is
I don't use this e-mail address either (much) I use

Thanks a bunch
Bill Cook

Subj: TN Gene & History Webring Updates  Date: 9/17/98
From: mcnamara@usit.net (Billie R. McNamara)
Greetings, everyone! I'm writing to give you a couple of updates on TG&H-related things.
First, I've uploaded some revised webring graphics that you may want to use on your pages. They have transparent backgrounds now (thanks to Pam Cresswell, of Cresswell Graphics), so they should look a lot better on your non-white pages. Also, I have a couple of new options for the webring logo -- one is a small button.
Second, I've noticed a growing trend among page developers to offer a graphics-free or -reduced alternative to their pages. I think this is outstanding. If you do that, please be sure to include the graphics-free option for the webring on those pages.
Finally, the Tennessee Genealogy & History Website is now proudly affiliated with the American Local History Network, which was the brainchild of Jeff Weaver. You may be familiar with Jeff's outstanding web and print work in NC and VA history. He is known nationwide for his work on the Virginia Civil War Unit Histories project. Please visit the site at

Thanks again for your participation in our webring. I hope it brings you lots of visitors!

Subj: HYDE QUERY  Date: 9/19/98
From: beasley@sonet.net (Justin Beasley)
To: Genny1@aol.com

Need any information on Benjamin Hyde born ca: 1821 in North Carolina married Nancy ? born ca: 1826 in North Carolina. Children..John S HYDE, William HYDE (my line) Cornelia M HYDE, Elizabeth A born ca: 1849 in Polk County TN. Benjamin ca: 1850, David D ca:1853 Humphrey ca 1856. Children of William Hyde, Charity HYDE DOSS, Benjamin Hyde born June 14 1820, I. H. Hyde born March 14, 1872, Mary Jane HYDE DANIEL, Samatha Coralee HYDE DULHAM or DUDHAM, Polly HYDE LUCUS. Benjamin and Nancy HYDE are on the 1850 and 1860 Polk County TN census and I can not find them or their children after that...Thanks
Deborah Beasley

Subj: [TNCHEATH-L] Davidson Co., Original Wills Online  Date: 9/19/98
From: Dock1952@aol.com
To: TNCHEATH-L@rootsweb.com
Added more names to the Davidson Co., Original Will Index Online. Got the M's, N's and O's uploaded to the Friends of Metro Archives web page. Past the halfway point now. Surnames Aaron-Ozment are online.
Friends of Metropolitan Archives of Nashville and Davidson County, TN
Just 140 more visitors and we will have 20,000 hits since we put out web page up last October. Thank you all so much for your support.


Subj: James M. Kelly, Marion Co. 1800-1840 (Posting Request)  Date: 9/19/98
From: Edkelley@aol.com
To: Genny1
James M. KELLY b ca 1805 married Anna ______ ca 1827 and lived in Battle Creek area, of Marion County until about 1845. Children were John R. KELLY b 1828 (m Jane __), Riley A. KELLY b 1830 (m Martha A. RAY?), Amanda KELLY (m William Jeff BRYSON), George Washington KELLY b May 24, 1838 (m Priscilla Jane RAULSTON), and William KELLY b 1840. These are apparently not same family as the well documented family of Alexander KELLY a revolutionary war colonel who moved into Tennessee around 1780. They moved into the Marion county area and reside there still. Descendants of George Washington KELLY also live in the area but all agree they're not the same families. Where did James M. KELLY come from? What was Anna's maiden name?

Ed Kelley, (address on request)

From: KSM1017@aol.com
To: Genny1

These are the parents of my grandfather Nace Goodman who married Allie Bammie Duncan.
His siblings are
Harley, and
Marion and
Brother Frankie killed in WWI.
My grandfather has also been referred to as Nate or Nathan but his tombstone says Nace.
Could you please forward any information that you may have in regards to this lineage.
Please forward all info to Pugs53@aol.com. Thank you

Subj: Queries of TN  Date: 9/21/98
From: et@peganet.com (Earl Thompson)
To: genny1@aol.com
I would like to put in two queries in your "Tennessee Genealogy Queries". My address is 4207 Beach View Court, Port Charlotte, FL 33948-2277
Sarah Lucinda MINOR BOWERS SHERMAN was born in Tennessee on 25 Sep 1851 and died 15 Mar 1916 at Champaign, Champaign County, Illinois. Her mother born in Tennessee and father born in either Tennessee or Virginia. Sarah married George BOWERS in Ray County, Missouri on 25 Jul 1869. George born in Baden, Germany. Sarah and George had two children, one died as baby and the other Daisy Mae born 17 Apr 1872 in Missouri. George died and Sarah married Benjamin Franklin SHERMAN in Ray County, Missouri on 16 Oct 1872. Sarah and Benjamin had four children: Charles B., Alexander B. Olive Pearle, & Bessie Lee. Who were Sarah's parents?

Martin VanBuren JACKSON married Elvira MC MULLEN THOMPSON in Tennessee around 1876/77. Martin died in 1881. He may have had son James by a previous marriage. Where in Tennessee did Martin live and marry Elvira THOMPSON?  
Earl & Tina

Subj: Re: Friend of Cleo Hogan  Date: 9/21/98
From: mrwhit@digitalexp.com (Whitworth)
Reply-to: mrwhit@digitalexp.com
To: Genny1@aol.com
Hello Nancy, ...
Your website is very informative. I've connected with a couple of people because of it. I'm primarily looking for my wifes HOLLIS line. They are in Sumner, Robt, Mont. & Cheat.Cos in that order. There are still about three large lines that I don't have connected together.

The BASFORD line is one of my own that I am workng on in Cheatham and Robertson Co. Still need to connect JOHN, JAMES and TEMPERANCE BASFORD in early 1800's in Mont.co.

Well it was good to hear from you and would to hear from you again.
Jerry Whitworth.

Subj: Re: Bowker and Sensing  Date: 9/22/98
From: Corabell10@aol.com
To: Genny1


Yes indeed I have spoken with Mamie Crews and she is a dear lady. Unfortunately, she didn't have any books availaible, however, if you should ever run across someone who no longer feels a need for the book, I would dearly love to have a copy.

I would have no problem with posting my information to your site. However, I don't really have the time to figuire out how to do it. Perhaps one day, I will motivate myself to learn. If you are interested I wouldn't mind sending you the information.

I was hoping to find a way to connect William Lewis Hayes and William J. Hayes together. William J. Hayes is the father of Saluda and Elizabeth that married into the Bowker and Sensing families. (William J. is married to Saluda Nash-not to be confused with her daughter.) I really feel these two Williams are related. Somepeople have tried to show that William J. was the father of William Lewis, but there is only about a two year birth difference. William J. did have a son by the name of William A., who is my grandfather, and one census in Dickson County, TN referred to William Lewis as William A. and this has cause a lot of mishap for people.

Look forward to speaking with you more.

Subj: BARNET  Date: 9/23/98
From: itchba@vsta.com (Karen Barnett)
To: Genny1@aol.com
Looking for William C. Barnet, born in Tenn in 1823, possibly the son of William Barnet and Cassander Barnet, married 1806 in Sumner County, Tn. William C. Barnet married Louisa Ann(e) Rogillio (Rogellio) in Louisiana, and had four children: Francis(es) Louis Barnet, Mary Margaret Barnet, Rhoda Ann(e) Barnet, and one more, name unknown.
William C. Barnet died in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana in 1854-55. Any information would be greatly appreciated. His wife is buried in Bundick Cemetery, Smiley, Texas as well as the other children and generations since her arrival to Texas. Unable to locate grave, death records, on William C. Barnet. His son, Francis(es) known as Frank, added the second T to the last name. Original spelling was
Thank you.
Karen R. Barnett
Subj: Goodman  Date: 9/24/98
From: bhms@gte.net (Robert Platts)
To: Genny1@aol.com

Hi... we have a mutual friend Barb,,, (Turp) she said that you may be able to help me with my GOODMAN surname I have very limited info on the surname and have come to a dead end below is the only info I have on GOODMAN if you are able to help me please let me know.

HUSBAND"S NAME- William Whitfield I
DOB- ca 1688 in Lancaster, England
DOD- ca 1732 in Lenoir County, NC
Father's name- Matthew Whitfield
Mother's Maiden name- Ann ?
WIFE"S MAIDEN NAME- Elizabeth Goodman
DOB- ca 1697 in England
DOD- ca 1773 in NC
Father's name- ?
Mother's maiden name- ?
Date of this mariiage 1713 in Gates Co., NC
Children of this marriage
Name DOB Place DOD
A. William II 20 May 1715 NC 31 Mar 1795
B. Matthew NC
C. Luke NC
D. Constantine 05 Jun 1728 NC 1798
E. Mary 1715 NC 1791
F. Margaret
G. Sarah
H. Patience
I. Elizabeth
J. Charity
This is all the info I have on the GOODMAN surname please let me know if you are able to help me.... or have any idea where I can find more info....
Becki aka CNSPOTS
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Yes please give me the info on how to subscribe to that list.... do you have any idea if there is a list of surname mailing lists?
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> Hi... we have a mutual friend Barb,,, (Turp) she said that you may be able to
>help me with my GOODMAN surname I have very limited info on the surname and
>have come to a dead end below is the only info I have on GOODMAN if you are
>able to help me please let me know.><snip, snip>
This is all the info I have on the GOODMAN surname please let me know if you are able to help me.... or have any idea where I can find more info....
> Thanks
> Becki aka CNSPOTS> >>
>Hi Becki:
> None of your names ring a bell, however, are you aware of the Goodman mailing
>list, and also of Dave Goodman's Goodman Clearinghouse web pages?
> If not, you can find the URL to Dave Goodman's pages on one of my webpages,
>under GOODMAN...check out my page at:
> and write me back if you want info on how to subscribe to the Goodman
>mailing list..... NancyG in TN

Subj: Goodman Family  Date: 9/24/98
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Hi - I got your address from a research buddy. Are you researching or related to the Goodmans of Hart-Grayson-Butler Co., KY? I am a descendant of Arthur Goodman, b.1786 in VA and am still trying to find his parents.
Please let me hear from you if you are interested in this line.
Subj:  PULLEY   Date: 9/24/98
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Dear Nancy,
In the back of my mind, in some of the info you sent me the name Pulley was mentioned. Is that Pulley kin William F. Pulley, born 9/18/1838 or to Burta Ferrell or a descendant of Stephen Barton? If so, I would like to contact him, since I am a descendant of Stephen's brother, Gabriel. Or have him contact me.
Bob Puryear

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Hi Everyone,
For those who may not be aware of this site, RootsWeb offers a site listing folks who are willing to do census lookups in various states and years, for free. The address is:
Betty Lou Riley
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Crockett-L, McGovney-L, and RileyRelics-L.
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