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Note: Each of the queries listed below have also been submitted  for inclusion in the free genealogy column in the NASHVILLE BANNER newspaper.  The column appears each Monday in the BANNER and is edited by my friend, David Logsdon. Good luck to those whose queries are posted here!!

 Nancy G in Tennessee
Subj: Re: Dickson Co genealogy
Date: 97-07-14  

Here's what I have on the Nelson Adams family. This is my husband's family and even though I signed on years ago, I haven't had much time for tracking them down. Don't know of any who settled in Houston Co., though. Could be some distant relatives.

The Nelson Adams family that settled in the Yellow Creek area of Dickson Co., TN does not appear to be related to the John Adams family of the same area.

NELSON ADAMS b. 13 Sept 1813, Hamilton Co, TN , d 7 May 1887,
   m. 1)Martha Angeline Mathis, b. 13 August 1815, d. 13 Aug 1874
   m. 2)Mathilda
1. Jennie ADAMS
2. William ADAMS
3. James ADAMS
4. Bud (possibly Kinchen?) ADAMS
5. Mary ADAMS  m.. ? Edwards
6. Levinia ADAMS, m. ?Hudson
Will probated circa 1889: "to beloved wife, Matilda Adams, all real estate situated on a tract containing 400 acres on Yellow daughter Jenny Adams, 100 acres running with Franklin sons, William Adams, Jr, James Adams, and children of my son Bud Adams [deceased] daughters Mary and Levinia..."

WILLIAM ADAMS m. Tennessee Dickson DANIEL
1. Jesse R ADAMS
2. Bettie G. ADAMS
4. Joseph A ADAMS
5. Enola Ann ADAMS
6. Emma A ADAMS
7. Mattie L ADAMS
8. Cora Hattie ADAMS
9. Charley C ADAMS
10. Lewis Wade ADAMS
11. Lula M ADAMS
12. James D ADAMS

>From Goodspeed's History of Dickson County, we know that William M. ADAMS was born in Roane County, TN, August 8, 1843, and was the sixth of fourteen children born to Nelson and Martha MATHIS ADAMS. He enlisted Co. G, 12th Tenn. Reg, CSA as Lt., age 19; 1865, Captain; m. 15 Jan 1866 to Tennessee Dickson DANIEL, b. 15 Sept 1847. Capt. Adams was known to be a Republican.

KINCHEN ADAMS b. ca. 1836, according to 1860 Dickson Co. Census, Maple Grove, Dickson CO, TN; d. ca 1866, buried at Walnut Grove Cemetary, Dickson Co, TN; m. Louise LITTLEJOHN, b. ca 1840; d. 1902, buried in Maple Grove Cemetary, Dickson Co., TN
1. Nelson ADAMS
2. White  ADAMS
3. Ronnie  ADAMS
4. Alice ADAMS m. ? WINFREY; children: Earl WINFREY
5. Emma ADAMS

J. NELSON ADAMS b. 21 Aug 1856, d. 17 Aug 1925, b. Maple Grove Cemetary, Dickson Co., TN, m Mary Catherine BONE, b. 1859, d. 1948
1. Lula Ann ADAMS, b. 25 August 1877, d. 29 Apr 1958, m. 1) John WHITNEY,
    2) Sterling LUTHER; child: Cuba Elizabeth Luther HAGEN
2. Lallie Catherine ADAMS, b. 3 Nov 1888, d. 18 Mar 1970
3. Issac Nelson ADAMS, b. 11 Dec 1880, d. 9 Jan 1942
4. Lillie Vern ADAMS, b. 18 may 1883, d 5 Aug 1948, m. Charlie KEEL
5. Robert Anderson ADAMS, b. 16 Feb 1885, d 19 July 1885
6. Sam Spencer ADAMS, b. 10 May 1886, d. 12 Mar 1956, m Elaude ELLIS
7. Lewis Russell ADAMS, b. 12 Jan 1890, d. 21 may 1946
8. Emma Elizabeth ADAMS, b. 25 Apr 1892, m. Claude GILPIN
9. Oscar Moody ADAMS, b. 6 mar 1894, d. 21 June 1959, m. Mabel ?
10. Herbert McKinley ADAMS, b. 28 Oct 1896, d. 13 May 1952, m. Nora HARDESTER
11. James Clayton ADAMS, b. 15 Sept 1899, d. 6 Apr 1972, m. Mabel ?
12. Etta Leola ADAMS, b. 14 may 1902, m. 1) Joe PIERCE 2) Peter PHY 3) Adolph REICHERT

ISSAC NELSON ADAMS b. 11 Dec 1880, d. 11 Feb 1942 m. 1) Alice Mai WHITNEY,   b. 3 Mar 1889, d 11 Feb 1935, dau of John R and Julia Frances GOBLER WHITNEY
  2) Louise DODDY
1. Robert Alton ADAMS 
2. Allamay ADAMS
3. Arnold Acey ADAMS
4. Auburn Bell ADAMS 
5. Allman Nolan  ADAMS
6. Averitt Lee ADAMS
    Second marriage
7. Azala May ADAMS
8. Adelia Lou  ADAMS
9. Adelph Flynn ADAMS

ALLMAN NOLAN ADAMS b. 25 Feb 1921, m. Maudie Dee HOLLAND, b. 19 Nov 1923, d. 22 Jan 1985
1. John Nelson ADAMS
2. Donald Wayne ADAMS

JOHN NELSON ADAMS b. 6 June 1947, Davidson Co., TN; m. Patricia Jean COBLE
1. David Nelson ADAMS, d. infant
2. Michael Stanley ADAMS, b. 1975
3. Kevin Wayne ADAMS, b. 1980

DONALD WAYNE ADAMS b. 13 July 1952, m. Deborah Kay SMITH DOUGLAS
1. Nolan Lloyd ADAMS
2. Amy Dean ADAMS


BONE Family of Dickson Co., TN

ISSAC BONE b. ca 1797, m. Catherine ?
1. Elisa BONE
2. John J BONE

JOHN BONE m. Sarah ROSS, b. 1 Jan 1840
1. Mary Catherine BONE, m. Nelson ADAMS
2. Jessee BONE

CONTACT: Deborah Adams;

Subj: Tennessee Toten's  Date: 97-07-09
From: (Everett L. Davis)
My ggg-f was Absolom Toten born in Tennessee in 1802 unknown county. He married Nancy BRACKETT March 4, 1830 in Roane County Tennessee. Their children are listed below.
I have no physical document of the birth or marriage as yet. I believe my gg-f George Washington TOTEN was the 7th child. His children are listed below. His 5th child, my gm was Julia Bell TOTEN born November 4, 1884 in Alabama. One family member (a centrurion!) remembers Julia Bells recollection walking from their home, through Arkansas to Oklahoma as a child. She also was rumored to have travelled from their home in Quanah, Texas to Oklahoma in the 1920's to 1940's to pick up a check from the government based on her Indian bloodline. When her husbands health failed, they were unable to make further trips to Oklahoma. She is reported by family to have a  registration number, but virtually no one but myself has shown an interest in family history for over 40 years.
  The earliest TOTEN is Absolom. I would appreciate any guidance I might receive in how to find addtional historical records etc. I am willing to pay a modest fee if someone can demonstrate there is data to be obtained.
Absalom TOTEN              BIRTH: 1802, Tennessee
Family 1: Nancy BRACKETT
MARRIAGE: 4 Mar 1830, Roane County, Tennessee
1. W. M. TOTEN
2. Nehemiah Mier TOTEN
3. Rebecca Louisa TOTEN
4. Absalom Jr. TOTEN
5. Polly Ann TOTEN
6. Margaret M. TOTEN
7. George Washington TOTEN b 1842 Roane Co. Tennessee
8. James Franklin TOTEN
9. Susan TOTEN
10. E. Sylvania TOTEN

George Washington TOTEN        BIRTH: 1842, Roane County, Tennessee
DEATH: 1895, Brushie Prairie, Navarro County, Texas
Buried in Brushie Prairie Cemetery, Navarro County, Texas
Family 1: Sarah Isbell BENSON
1. William TOTEN
2. George Washington Jr. TOTEN
3. Mary Mollie TOTEN
4. Elmer Alonzo TOTEN
5. Julia Bell TOTEN b November 4, 1884 Alabama
6. David Russell TOTEN
7. Arthur Lee TOTEN
8. Robert Calhoun TOTEN
9. Artie TOTEN

Julia Bell TOTEN
BIRTH: 4 Nov 1884, Alabama
DEATH: 21 Jan 1960, Lubbock Methodist Hospital, Lubbock, Texas
Family 1: Joseph Claude DAVIS
MARRIAGE: 8 Jun 1903, Brushie Prairie, Navarro County, Texas
1. Walter Elmer DAVIS
2. Edmond C. DAVIS
3. Delmer Doyal DAVIS
4. George Caswell DAVIS
5. Tressa DAVIS
6. Mercedees DAVIS
7. Robert Carl DAVIS
8. Everette Arthur DAVIS (my father)

Contact: Everett L. Davis; 4913 15th Street; Lubbock, Texas 79416


Subj: Arthur Walter Booher  Date: 97-07-19
From: (lian thomas)

I am the grand daughter of Arthur Walter BOOHER and Bessie Lee HUMPHREY of Tennessee and I am hoping that you or your senior citizens might be able to help me. I can find no birth records of my grandfather, though we assume he (like my grandmother) was from Knoxville. His date of birth was February 27, 190_ (3?) and he married my grandmother on 1/31/1920. Their marriage license says they were 17 and 19, but she was really only 14.  
  Grandpa Booher's father was supposed to have been James E. Booher and his mother Juanita McDANIEL, but I come up short on birth records, census records, and even Soundex on them! Recently I heard that they may have been from Chattanooga, although the source is questionable on that. In any case, should you be able to find any info, I would greatly appreciate it. Although I am only about 2 hours from Nashville, I cannot get off work in order to do research there.
  Also, Grandpa Booher had two sons, whose mother put them up for adoption around 1950.
Should you come across a
    Jerry Lee Booher (1/29/41) or
   Danny Jo Booher (3/ /45),
please let me  know. The family has been looking for 47 years now!
  My grandmother died at the age of 28 and my father and his brothers and sister were temporarily sent to live with relatives in Loudon and Knoxville. The Knoxville family surname was MAPLES, but I do not know if that was on the maternal or paternal side.
       Okay, getting to PHILLIPS: My grandfather on my mothers side was Marion Lowry PHILLIPS, born at Lilydale, TN (Now under Dale Hollow Lake) and he traced our family back to the 1742 entry to the US at Philadelphia. If you have any connection to the Phillips family in Cumberland or Clinton County, KY or Overton or Pickett County, TN, I would be happy to share what we have. Thanks for your help.

Email: (Lian Thomas)

Subj: Gist -Gordon-Goodman Date: 97-07-21
From: (carol holsonback)

I am looking for any information on a Benjamin GIST and a Mosella GOODMAN, married in 1890, possibly in Hickman Co. TN. I am looking for Benjamin's father's name.  
I am also looking for information on a Thomas McCrory GORDON (Born 3-21-1887) who married to a Fronia Carlee EARL (Born 11-23-1877). Any information on these names would be of great help.


Subj: McMahans Date: 97-07-20

Hello. I am searching my husband's genealogy----the McMahans.
I am looking for Aaron McMahan's parents.
Aaron was killed by the White Caps in 1896 around Little Cove area. I believe his wife was Carolin GREEN. If you have any info. I would appreciate it.
Thank You!!! Pam

Subj: Tennessee Query Date: 97-07-22
From: (hilbilly)
Philip Frazier

I am researching FRAZIER, FRASIER, FRAYSURE, and all other variations in Sullivan and Carter and Scott Co. TN.
Also looking for any reference to FAWBUSH or PHAUBUSH in Sullivan, Carter, and Scott Co. TN. Glad to share what I have.


Subj: Blair's of Franklin or Warren County Date: 97-07-25
From: (general)

I would like information on James Pearl BLAIR (Jim or J.P) born in TN in December, 1870. He married Leona ?___ as his second wife. I have no clue as to his first wife. He listed his occupation as Blacksmith when he lived in Warren Co. somewhere near McMinnville.
His children were
Vance Eugene BLAIR d.o.b. Feb. 14, 1893,
Marvin BLAIR, Nov. 28th 1913.
Elmer BLAIR approx. 1909;
Rubbie BLAIR HARGUS (Christanna Tn);
Pearl BLAIR.
Any information on who his parents were or who his first wife may have been would be appreciated.
CONTACT: Benjie Blair  

Subj: Latchlin DEW Date: 97-07-25
From: (Tom Dew)

Searching for information on Latchlin Thomas DEW born 1817 TN. Thank you for any help you could give me.
Tom Dew    
1011 James Parkway
College Station, Texas 77840

McGuffey McGuffee McGuffie:
Subj: Need Help   Date: 97-07-28
From: (James M. Bilbrey)  
I have reached a brick wall researching my family line (on mothers side). I am having a major problem establishing the relationship of a couple of individuals who are apparently the key to my work. The surname is: McGUFFEY (McGuffee, McGuffie).
  One of the individuals of interest is a Jacob  McGUFFEY who is on the Roane Co.  TN census for 1840 and 1860.
 I am trying to show that he is (or is not) the father of Jesse (James) McGuffey who lived in Morgan County, TN (he is definitely my gr-gr-grandfather). If this Jacob turns out to be the father of my Jesse, then I want to establish his relationship to an Edmund McGuffey (likely his father) born in NC and died in TN.
  I am looking for someone to carry out some research on these individuals (whatever is avaliable-land transactions, tax lists, etc.) If you know of anyone who might be interested please drop me a line.
CONTACT: J. Mike Bilbrey

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