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This page is being published in order to help those who are researching the above families in Tennessee, with a continuing discussion on particular lines.  
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Dated this 22nd day of October, 1998, in Hendersonville, TN
by Nancy P. Goodman, Editor.

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2   Goodman, Nancy P. b Genny1@aol.com
3 Ozment Dwight W. c dwozment@worldnet.att.net

The first name under the submitter's name is the first known
Ozment or Osment ancestor.

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Samuel Ozment born in Maryland abt 1759>
Jonathan Ozment born in Maryland abt 1776>
Sofronia Catherine Ozment b in Tennessee in 1819>
(Catherine was married to Cameron "Cam" Ozment b abt 1811 in N.C.)>
James Harrison Ozment born in Lebanon, Wilson County, Tn. on Oct. 28, 1844>
Walter L. Ozment born in Lebanon, Wilson County, Tn. Sept 7, 1869>
Roy Franklin Ozment, Sr. born in Elk, McLennan County, Tx on Jan 25, 1902>
Violet Hartence Ozment born in Waco, McLennan County, Tx on Oct 20, 1921>
Lonnie Ray Martin born in Waco, McLennan County, Tx on Sept 25, 1943>
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Richard S. Osment, b. 1800, NC and Rebecca (Betty) Eddings, b.1800, SC>
Mary Jane Osment, b 1829,TN and James Allen Lane, b 1826 TN>
Martha Elizabeth LANE, b 1851 TN, and William S. Goodman, b. 1846 TN>
Delbert Houston Goodman, b. 1884, TN and Laura Louise Cooper, b.1884, TN>
Aubrey Douglas Goodman , b. 1911, TN and Ruby Lee Colgate>
Billy Houston Goodman, b. 1940, TN and Nancy Phillips>
3  Dwight W. Ozment
dwozment@worldnet.att.net (new email 6/99)  Return to table

Howard Ozment (b. 1778-1780, MD) & Elizabeth "Betsy" Lister>
Nathaniel G. Ozment (b. 23 Feb 1817, NC) & Elizabeth L. Martin>
Adolphus Lafayette Ozment (b.24 Jun 1858,NC) & Julia Chase Lane>
Edgar Nathaniel Ozment (b.13 Dec 1882,NC) & Bessie Lee Tyson>
Arnold Wesley Ozment (b. 11 Aug 1911,NC) & Lacie M. Nelson>
Dwight Wesley Ozment (b.23 Sep 1933, Pittsburgh, PA)>

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