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.... As found in Partlow's, Wilson County, Tennessee Deed Books N-Z, 1829-1853, p. 60, is a court ordered sale by "Justice of the Peace, Pauldin Anderson, Sheriff," to Daniel Saffarans for 266 acres "adjoining the lands of SARAH OZMENT and DAWSON HANCOCK." Deed Book P, 28 September 1833, p. 113.

This just meant that SARAH OZMENT and DAWSON HANCOCK each had lands adjoining the tract sold.
They were neighbors, not co-owners or joint owners of land.

SARAH OZMENT received her allotment of dower as the widow of JONATHAN OZMENT, 23 March 1826, Deed Book L, p. 137. [Ibid., 1799-1829]

JONATHAN OZMENT bought 440 acres on Barton's Creek from BENJAMIN McCULLOCH of Rutherford County, TN, witnessed by ROBERT SHANNON and JOHN OZMENT. [Ibid., DB E, November 27, 1812, p. 235]

He sold 214 1/2 acres of this tract to DANIEL RICHMOND and THOMAS RICHMOND on February 10, 1813. [Ibid., p. 395]

JOSEPH B. CHANCE sold to JOHN HICKMAN 20 acres on Barton's Creek, lying next to the land owned by the heirs of JONATHAN OZMENT, deceased. [Ibid., DB M, January 24, 1828, p. 221]

SAMUEL OZMENT AND ARMSTRONG OZMENT to JANE OZMENT all our rights and claims that might arise from our father JONATHAN OZMENT, deceased. [Ibid., 1829-1853, DB N, December 27, 183-. p. 259-261]

JESSE A. GOODWIN and REBECCA his wife to SELDON BAIRD 294 acres on Barton's Creek and Pond Lick Creek, it being their share of the land JONATHAN OZMENT, father of the said REBECCA, died seized and possessed. [Ibid., DB P, November 14, 1834, p. 466-467]

JAMES C. DRAKE and his wife, JANE, to SARAH OZMENT our interest in 80 acres, it being the land that JONATHAN OZMENT died seized and possessed. Said SARAH is the widow of the said JONATHAN OZMENT. [Ibid., DB V, March 13, 1833, p. 60-61]

SARAH OZMENT to WILLIAM ALSUP 70 acres on the north side of Falling Creek. [Ibid., DB R, November 12, 1836, p. 86-87]

Petition of SARAH OZMENT and others for the division of land. Land divided among JAMES C. DRAKE, SOPHRONY C. OZMENT, SELDON BAIRD, SARAH OZMENT,. assignee of CAMERON OZMENT, SARAH OZMENT, assignee of SAMUEL OZMENT, JESSE GOODWIN and his wife, and ARMSTRONG OZMENT. Mentions the dower. [Ibid., DB U, June 30, 1837, p. 359-360]

SARAH OZMENT and SAMUEL OZMENT to CAMERON OZMENT a certain lot of land formerly belonging to JONATHAN OZMENT, deceased. The said OZMENTS of the first part (SARAH and SAMUEL) are of Wilson County and Hardeman County, TN respectively. [Ibid., DB V, August 27, 1844, p. 51-52.]
From the above land transactions, it is clear that DAWSON HANCOCK was not entitled to any interest in the estate of JONATHAN and SARAH OZMENT.

Now for the GOOD news! The wife of DAWSON HANCOCK was SARAH (SALLIE) HARRIS, daughter of JAMES HARRIS and his wife, PRISCILLA GILLIAM.

From the Bible of Col. William Washington Harris is the following:

"JAMES HARRIS departed this life 23rd September 1804 -- He was 41 years--5 months -- and 17 days old when he departed.

"PRISCILLA HARRIS, his wife, departed this life the 5th of December 1814 -- She was 48 years--6 months--and 5 days old when she died (Born June 30, 1766).

"All the children's records are also given."

This was in a letter sent to me from Julia H. Foster (Mrs. Paul B. Foster) who was the great-granddaughter of Col. Harris who was the son of JAMES and PRISCILLA.

The children of JAMES and PRISCILLA GILLIAM HARRIS were:
(1)Sallie Harris who married Dawson Hancock]
(2) Alfred Holton Harris who married (1) Priscilla Hearn; (2) Elizabeth Woodrum
(3) Louisa Harris who married Dawson A. Hancock
(4) William Washington Harris who married Elizabeth Golightly
(5) James Harris who married Mattie Lancaster
(6) Priscilla Lundie Harris who married William Halton
(7) Isham Green Harris

JAMES HARRIS was the son of ISHAM HARRIS and his wife, MARTHA GREEN.
ISHAM HARRIS was the son of WEST HARRIS and his wife, MARY TURNER
WEST HARRIS was the son of EDWARD HARRIS and his wife, MARY TURNER (two generations in succession married MARY TURNERS, aunt and niece)
EDWARD HARRIS was the son of THOMAS HARRIS and his wife, ANN
THOMAS HARRIS was the son of THOMAS HARRIS and his wife, ALICE WEST
THOMAS HARRIS was the son of JOHN HARRIS and his wife, DOROTHY JOHN HARRIS, immigrant, was son of SIR WILLIAM HARRIS of Crixe, Essex, and his wife, ALICE SMITH/SMYTH, daughter of Sir THOMAS SMITH of Weston Hanger, Kent, and his wife, ALICE JUDD, daughter of JOHN JUDD, mayor of London.

MARY TURNER, the wife of EDWARD HARRIS, was the daughter of JOHN TURNER and granddaughter of JAMES TURNER of Isle of Wight Co., VA.

WEST HARRIS and JOSEPH GREEN of Granville Co., NC, for 40 lbs sterling paid by JOHN ATKINSON and AARON ATKINSON of Brunswick Co., VA, on the south side of Fountain Creek, 300 acres, and is part of 900 acres granted to JOHN BRADFORD by Patent dated 13 October 1727 and afterwards granted to JOSEPH TURNER of Brunswick Co., VA, St. Andrew Parish by Deed of Lease and release, dated 2 April 1835, and afterwards given by will to the daughters of said JOSEPH, to wit, MARY and ANN, which are now the wives of the said WEST HARRIS and JOSEPH GREEN, dated 5 May 1748. Signed WEST HARRIS, JOSEPH GREEN, MARY (x) HARRIS, ANNE (x) GREEN. Witnesses ABSOLUM ATKINSON, WILLIAM EZELL, JR., JAMES PARHAM. May 5, 1748 [Court DB 3, p. 414]

Indenture made 19 December 1750 between THOMAS GREEN and SARAH, his wife, of Granville Co., NC, and LEWIS DUPREE of Brunswick Co., VA, for 20 lbs sterling, on south side of Meherrin River upon the Fox branch, 200 acres being the residue of 330 acres granted to JOSEPH TURNER by a Patent dated 12 June 1733, which was bequeathed to SARAH TURNER, the wife of the above THOMAS GREEN by the last Will and Testament of JAMES TURNER, dated 11 November 1743. Signed THOMAS GREEN, SARAH GREEN. Witnesses FRANCIS EXUM, EDWARD ROWELL, JOHN STROUD, JR. March 26, 1751 Court, DB 5, p. 45-48.

Hope this helps!

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