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Diane and others,

I humbly apologize if I mislead you on the correct descent of the LEA'S who intermarried with the HARALSON family. Thank goodness there was a post which drew this to my attention.

Back when I was trying to find who my ANNIS LEA was, I wrote to Katherine Kerr Kendall, who researched the records of CASWELL-PERSON-ORANGE counties in N.C. and whose published works I bought. She kindly did some investigating for me, and sent me a copy of a pamphlet called ADDENDUM NO.1 to GRAVES: Twelve Generations - 1608-1977 by Louise Graves, dated August 20, 1981.

This clarified the rather confusing entries found in Albert Casey's book on Amite Co., MS....Here is the proof the pamphlet contains which Ms. GRAVES states "Without the help of Mrs. KATHARINE KERR KENDALL of Raleigh, N.C. I would not have had the final documentation to support my theory as to the LEA families, and to her I am so deeply indebted." [caps mine]

Ms. GRAVES agrees with ALBERT CASEY and ARCHIBALD F. BENNETT, an LDS genealogist of some renoun, that:

"JOHN LEA/LEIGH of King and Queen County, Virginia. Had wife ANN, who was dead by October 5, 1731, and two minor sons, WILLIAM and JAMES LEA, who had guardians appointed for them in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. October 5, 1731. There was at least one other child and possibly more.

"[The surname of this family differs in spelling from time to time, even by father and son or as shown in official records for the same person.]

"JOHN LEIGH received a grant on November 2, 1705 of 484 acres in St. Stephen's Parish, King and Queen County, on Mattapony River, for importing ten persons into Virginia. JOHN LEIGH was Major of Militia in King and Queen County in 1707. As Captain JOHN LEIGH, in 1725 he was given four separate grants in Hanover County. He was Sheriff in 1726 and a Justice in King and Queen County.
[Bennett] Major JOHN LEIGH in 1704 had the entire 6200 acres of land patented by his father, Colonel WILLIAM LEIGH, deceased by May 1704 [Bennett, From Quit Rent Roll for King and Queen Co., 1704, in VIRGINIA HISTORICAL MAGAZINE, Vol. 32. p. 151]

"The father of JOHN LEA/LEIGH was:

"WILLIAM LEIGH. Dead by 1704. Wife, MARY. Known children: daughter, MARY, and son, JOHN. Believed to have had several other children.

"Was Burgess for King and Queen County in 1696, 1697, 1698, 1700, 1702, 1703-4.

"In 1700 and 1702 he was Colonel of the Militia of King and Queen County, as well as Judge of the Vice-Admiralty Court of the Colony. [Bennett: From CYCLOPEDIA of VIRGINIA BIOGRAPHY, Vol. 1, p. 277]

"Captain WILLIAM LEIGH, in August 1642, was granted 1,000 acres on the north side of Charles [now York] River on Poropotanke Creek 'for the transportation of himself, his wife, MARY and his daughter, MARY and fourteen persons into this Colony." [Va. Land Patents, Vol. 1, p. 802] he was a Justice of York Co., in 1640. On May 1, 1684, Mr. WILLIAM LEIGH of the General Court was granted land on the north side of Mattapony River in New Kent County [which later became King and Queen County]/ There were other grants to him in New Kent County in 1685,. 1691. and 1699. In 1699 he was called of the County of King and Queen. [Bennett]"

On p. 7 of the pamphlet, Mrs. GRAVES has a section called JAMES LEA and WILLIAM LEA in VIRGINIA:

"The earliest records in Virginia of our JAMES and WILLIAM LEA, that are know to me, appear in the Spotsylvania County records: 'On Motion of WILLIAM LEA Orphan of JOHN LEA Deced to have Liberty to Choose ZACHARY TAYLOR his Guardian is granted, the said TAYLOR having Entered bond with THOMAS CHEW Gent his Security & acknowledged the same in Court as the Law directs.' [Spotsylvania County, VA, Order Book 2, p. 89, October 7, 1731]

'That WILLIAM LEA was fourteen years or older is indicated by his being allowed to choose his own guardian, and the fact that the Court appointed a guardian for his brother, JAMES LEA, indicates that JAMES LEA was less than fourteen years old.

"On page 86, Spotsylvania Co., VA Order Book 2, os the statement that ANN LEA, Relict of the said JOHN, had intermarried with THOMAS CREATHERS, and was since deceased.

"The proof that JAMES LEA and WILLIAM LEA, the subjects of this article, were the orphan sons of JOHN LEA and ANN LEA, both deceased by 1731, lies in the transfer of 100 acres in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, from THOMAS CRETHERS to WILLIAM LEA, a minor on October 5, 1731, and the subsequent sale of this property by WILLIAM LEA and wife, FRANCES, September, 1752, to THOMAS WHITE.

"A situation had developed in the lives of this family, which is revealed by the following: 'On petition of RICHARD SHACKELFORD & CATHERINE his Wife, Extx of GEORGE PRIDDY, Late of King & Queen County, Deced, &c to have THOMAS CREATHERS attached to give an account and Security for the Estate of JOHN LEA Late of King and Queen County, Deced, he having intermarried with ANN LEA Relict of the said JOHN & removed the said LEA's Deced Estate out of the County of King & Queen into this, and is ging out of the Country &c the said CREATHERS appearing and having proved that he has paid & Satisfied two of the saidf LEA's Deced Orphans & that he was ready to give Security for the payments of the Third. It is therefore Ordered that the said petition be Dismist With Costs, and that the said CREATHERS pay the said SHACKELFORD &c the same, and it is Likewise Considered that the Said CREATHERS (charge) the said Costs against the said Orphans Estate. November the Second 1731. [Ibid., p. 91]

"On October 4, 1731, an indenture was signed by THOMAS CRETHERS and ZACHARY TAYLOR, Guardian to WILLIAM LEA, covering "Deed of Lease for Land unto WILLIAM LEA and admitted to record at a Court held for Spotsylvania County, VA, on October 5, 1731, 100 acres. [Ibid., DB B, 1729-1734, pp. 227-31]

"This instrument covered the 100 acres of land sold by said WILLIAM LEA and wife FRANCES on Sept. 1, 1752 to THOMAS WHITE of Spots. Co., VA. THis land can be identified as being the same by its descriptions, there being only minor variations.

"The testimony of THOMAS CRETHERS, above cited, provides proof that there were at least three children of JOHN and ANN LEA. Some researchers have thought the wives of JOHN KEY and RICHARD SHACKELFORD were also children of JOHN and ANN LEA."

More later,


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THIRD time is charm....at least I hope so!
[p. 3 actually started with the words Kimbrough) were brother and sister. ]
4. Application of Major Lea, son of James Lea, Revolutionary War Pension.
"Major Lea's Declaration for Revolutionary War Pension
File No. 1549.
Major Lea, Lt N.C. Line, Act: June 7, 1832, Index: Vol. A, Page 219.
This applicant states that he was born in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, in the year 1742." etc.
5. Early Land Grants: North Carolina.
LEA, JAMES No. 01263
Orange County 640 acres
On both sides of Country Line Creek
Lord Granville Grant to Richard Harper Issued 3 Nov. 1753
Transfer of Land Warrant by Robert Harper to James Lea by Deed February 19, 1754

p. 4 - LEA, JAMES File No. 800
Orange County 520 acres
Both sides of Country Line Creek
Grant No. 195 Issued 12 Nov. 1756
5. The last records of James Lea and William Lea (wife Frances) in Spotsylvania Co., VA., are: "William Lea of Spots.Co. and Frances, his wife, to Thomas White of the same County, [pounds sterling sign] 55 curr. 100 a. whereon sd. Lea lives and part of a pat. belonging to sd. Thomas White in Spots. Co."
[Deed Bk. E, 1751-1761, Sept. 1, 17520]
[Crozier's Spotsylvania Co. Records, p. 191]
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
"March 6, 1753, James Lea of St. Geo. Par. Spts. Co., and Ann, his   wife, to John Chapman of afds. Par. and Co. [pounds sterling sign]
80 curr. 200 a. in Spots. Co."
[Deed Bk E, 1751-1761, Crozier's Spots. Co. Records, p. 192.]
. . . . .. . . . . . . .

On Feb. 23, 1754, James Lea witnessed a deed from
"Thomas White and Betty, his wife of Spots. Co. to John Thornton and Wm. Waller, Gent., Church Wardens of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., 640 lbs tob. 144 sq. poles, being a square of 12 poles on each side, being lately laid off for a church yard at the New Church East North East, including the sd. Church, which stands in the centre thereof, etc., in trust for the Par."
[Deed Bk e - 1751-1761, Crozier's Spots. Co. Records, p. 195]
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
The foregoing records provide proof that James and WIlliam Lea were in Orange County, N.C. in 1755, probably earlier, and that they came from Spotsylvania County, Virginia.
Because James Lea acquired land on Country Line Creek, he is often referred to in records as "James Lea of Country Line." On the other hand, William Lea, who settled on South Hyco (Hico), has referred to himself as "William Lea Sen. of South Hyco."
[Codicil to will of William Lea, dated 30 Oct., 1802, probated March Court, 1804.
Record Book Abstracts 1792-1820; Letters of Attorney, by Katherine Kerr Kendall.]
As to his being "Captain" William Lea:
In the September Court 1804, Person Co., N.C. Bk.3, p. 290, is 'Inv. of property of Capt. William Lea, Sen. of South Hico taken 16 June 1803 by Alex. Rose, exec."
[PERSON COUNTY NORTH CAROLINA COMPILATIONS, Land Grants 1794, 1805, 1823 Tax Lists. Record Books Abstracts 1792-1820, Letters of Attorny by Katherine Kerr Kendall.]
. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Now we come to the all important documentation that James Lea of Country Line Creek (d. in Caswell Co., N.C. in 1792] and William Lea of South Hico (d. in Person Co., N.C. in 1804] were brothers.
1. Will of James Lea.
The original will of James Lea, dated March 28, 1771, is in the Department of Archives & History, Raleigh, N.C., filed "Caswell Couonty Estate Papers, 1776-1864, Vol. I, page 59, Folio 1. JAMES LEA."
  In this will he names wife Ann Lea. Sons William Lea, John Lea and Major Lea are appointed executors. 2. Execution of will of James Lea proved by testimony of William Lea.  
Testimony of Wm. Lea, March 23, 1792, is that he wrote the will of James Lea, that he witnessed the signatures of Thos. Camp and Henry Lea; and that he had kept the aforesaid will or testament in his possession until the death of the testator and that no alterations had been made.
[Original in same file as mentioned above>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>]
3. Bible of Alexander Rose, son-in-law of Capt. WIlliam Lea, give by Dr. Rose to the North Carolina State Archives,   A page of this Bible has the penned statement:
"Jas. Lea brother to Capt. William departed this life at his son W at Caswell Court House, the" (blurred)
This information also appears on page 166 of Dr. Ben L. Rose's book ALEXANDER ROSE OF PERSON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA The foregoing three items provide conclusive proof that Captain William Lea and James Lea of Caswell Court House (later named Yanceyville), Caswell County, North Caorlina, were brothers.
p. 6 - Children of William Lea (d. 1804 in Person Co., N.C.]
In the March Court, 1804, Person County Record Books, Bk. 3, p. 243, the Legatees named in the will of William Lea, dated 30 Oct. 1802, with Codicil 5 July 1803, were:
1. Daughter Eunice Rose*
2. Oldest daughter of grandson Benjamin Lea **
3. Son Geo. Lea
4. Dau. Elizabeth Lea
5. Dau. (dec.) Frances Hendrix
6. Dau. Anness Cochran, and 6 children of 1st marriage with John McNeill
Feb. Court, 1812, Person Co., N.C. Bk. 7, p. 79.
Will of James Lea, dated Sept. 7, 1803, names sons Abner, Richard and Benjamin; Daus, Naomiah Satterfield, Frankey Lea, Nicey Chandler and Annis Lea.
by Katherine Kerr Kendall.]
*Eunice Lea married Alexander Rose
**Benjamin Lea appears to be the son of James Lea (mentioned in the will of James Lea, Feb. Court, 1816, Person Co., N.C.] and the grandson of William Lea, as mentioned in his will above.


In the margin of the booklet between pages 6 and 7 beside the two above cited wills, Ms. Kendall wrote in her own hand:
"My idea Note - James Lea surely married Elizabeth, daughter of Capt. Wm. Lea
On 1805 tax list -- 3 sons, have rec'd land from somebody? Names are same.
I see no reason ANNIS LEA is not d. of said James and m. THOS CARVER."
[Note: my italics]

In Dr. Casey's book, p. 561, he states that JAMES LEA son of WILLIAM LEA & (FRANCES MAJOR) b. St. Stephen's Parish, King & Queen Co VA, c. 1707 d Caswell Co N.C. early 1792, m. King & Queen Co Va c 1731 ANNE HERNDON dau of EDWARD HERNDON and his 1st wife MARY WALLER.

He also states on the next page that ISABELLA LEA was the daughter of JAMES and ANNE and married JOHN GRAVES.

On page 552, Casey states that WILLIAM LEA son of JOHN & ANN LEA b, ca, 1711 K&Q Co VA died 1762 m. MARY (BARNETT) and among their children was: JAMES LEA (b.c.1743)(d. 1816).

This last mentioned JAMES was the one who married ELIZABETH LEA, daughter of WILLIAM LEA who died in 1804.

All of these WILLIAMS and JAMES are really confusing.....


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