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1. Sandy J. Campbell  <>
Davidson Counties, TN.  TIMBERLAKE, TRICE, TOMLINSON, GREGORY, VAUTER, TODD, MANGRUM: in Henderson,Haywood, Crockett, Gibson, Dyer, Maury, Madison Counties, TN.  STEWART, MAULDEN, JACKSON: Madison CO, TN.  COSTON, MOORE, LACEFIELD, WHITE, TAYLOR, NOBLETT, NORTON: in Blount,  Hardeman, McNairy, Hardin Counties, TN.  TULIP STREET METHODIST CHURCH, in Nashville -  Need any history or info on access to old church records pertaining to Thomas M. & Sarah A. CAMPBELL and family ca 1880 to present. 
Sandy J. Campbell  
Loretta Trzaska,
Hi Nancy:
Thanks for offering to print a query in your newsletter. 
The info. I have is as follows: William PUGH, b. in N or S Carolina  in the 1790's. m. Sarah WHITE. Twins were born in Bedford CO, TN Jan 1812.  Daughter Sally N. PUGH, b. 18 May 1814 in Wilson CO, TN. Sarah died between May 1814 and Feb 1816 as William PUGH married Janette DONALDSON/DONELSON  16 Feb. 1816 in Lebanon, Wilson CO.  Her parents were Andrew DONALDSON/DONELSON and Mary MOTHERAL.  About 1820 the family moved to Indiana.  I would like to know where Sarah White PUGH is buried in Wilson CO.  Thanks for your help.
Loretta Trzaska,
Linda W. Jones,
I'm resarching the following names in Tennesse: Clinton M. HOLLEMAN (in Civil
War) born about 1844 in TN married January 30, 1870 in Rusk Co,TX. He died in Texas. his wife Albina T. CUNNINGHAM born about 1851 in Tennesse died in Texas.  Elizabeth STIRLING born about 1825 in New York; her husband Jonathan WILLIS died in 1859; she moved to TN after 1859 with her brother JAMES (?) or Warner (?) STIRLING and bought a plantation in Nashville or Chatanooga, and lost it during the Civil War. She moved back to West Schuyler or Utica NY after losing her plantation and died there. She had the following children:  William WILLIS(ABT 1846),  Mabel WILLIS (ABT 1847),  Asa John WILLIS (Aug. 13, 1853- he was my great grandfather, a drummer
boy in the Civil War) 
John WILLIS, date unknown)  Will appreciate any help in finding Clinton M. HOLLEMAN, Asa John WILLIS,
and James or Warner (or whatever) STIRLING listed
possibly in the Civil War Records of TN.
Linda W. Jones,

4. DYER:
James W. Dyer I believe that my William DYER was from Jackson CO, TN. 
A William DYER was listed in the 1830 census of Jackson Co.  In the 1840 there was no William in Jackson Co. but there was a new  William DYER in Smith Co.
James W. Dyer
Joel Dobson; 1). Looking for: Parents of WILLIAM P. BOYD, born 1816, probably TN, 
married Dec 30 1840 in Davidson Co, TN to Catherine WAGNER, who was born  in 1815. William died 1854, prob Davidson Co TN.  2). Also looking for any other wives of WILLIAM R. DOBSON, born April 20, 1803, died Oct 11,1880, Wilson Co, TN. Married Margaret BROWN in 1841, but had children before that.
Joel Dobson;   (need new email)
6. Virginia J. Reese 1). Looking for inf. on Dr. James Buchanan GARRISON, born 1842 in Franklin,
Tenn. Died in Victoria Texas in 1890. Married Gulnare HALLIBURTON on May 15, 1864 (in Arkansas, I believe). He had a medical practice in Arkansas. 2). Looking for any information on Lucinda HERNDON, born December 17, 1797 in South Carolina; died in 1834 in Humphreys Co. TN. Married Thomas  HALLIBURTON on Dec 15, 1815. I believe her parents were Benjamin HERNDON  and Nancy NEWTON. 
Virginia J. Reese
7. Lari Naismith "COCKE CO TN: Wish to exchange information with descendants of 
William ACTON, James BRYANT and William BRYANT,  Wright BROOKS,  Thomas CLEVENGER,  Abraham FINE,  Ezekial FOX,  William FRESHOUR,  James GRAY and William GRAY,  John W. HALL,  Daniel HURLEY,  Phillip JENKINS,  Jesse LOYD,  Thomas MANTOOTH,  William McNABB,  James NETHERTON,  William ODELL,  Bartlett SISK,  George THOMAS,  William VINSON and  John WOOD.  All were residents of Cocke Co., TN sometime during the 1800s." Lari Naismith
8. Charlee Wilson (MRS CHERALYNN WILSON) or I collect info on all spellings of Jack/Jacks/Jacques surname. 
There are several branches of this family in TN. I'll be glad to check my  database for anyone seeking info on these lines (free of charge), and  would like to share data with interested parties. My ancestor is Jeremiah  JACK b. 1750 who settled in Knox CO, TN.
Charlee Wilson
9. David Dyer We recently were connected to the internet at Gamaliel (KY) Elementary. 
I am looking for inf. on the surnames DYER, HALE, TOLBERT or TALBOT, and  WOODCOCK. If you have information on these names or know of anyone who  might have information, I would like to make contact.  My great grandfather was James Tolbert DYER. He married Mary Ann HALE in Washington Co. TN in 1843. They came to Monroe CO in the early 1850's and then to Macon CO in the late 1870's.  Thanks for any information.
David Dyer
11. Carole Hammett White County, TN: COMBS/JOHNSON - Early Settlers (I believe they arrived  between 1777 and 1806?), seek inf. on the following: 1 Mason C. Combs, Jr. 1746/47 - +Dorothy (?) 2 Sarah Combs 1779 - Abt 1829 +Martin Johnson, Sr. 1777/1852         3 William Johnson Abt 1800 - 1885  +Mary Logue   *2nd Wife of William Johnson:   +Rosanah Drake   3 James B. Johnson Abt 1801 - 1856      +Rachel Boyd     *2nd Wife of James B. Johnson:          +Lydia Russell   3 Pleasant Miller Johnson 1805 - 1904   +Margaret Counts         3 Matilda Johnson Abt 1807 - Abt 1899   +George Washington Counts        3 John Clark Johnson 1810 - 1885   +Mary Jane Drake Abt 1811 - Abt 1880          3 Thomas Murrell Johnson 1811 - Abt 1892 +Sarah McMurray         3 Martin Johnson, Jr. 1813 - 1897 +Lydia Liddy Hawk 1814 - 1845  *2nd Wife of Martin Johnson, Jr.: +Sarah Bailey 1829 -1906       3 Sarah Johnson 1815 - 1896     +Nicholas Counts         3 Richard Murrell Johnson 1817 - 1859   +Nancy McMurray          3 Dolly Johnson Abt 1819 -       3 Nancy Johnson Abt 1820 - 1897  +Isaac Drake    3 Eliza Johnson Abt 1824 -   +Isaac Mitchell 2 Jeremiah Combs 1788 -   +Charity Rhodes    3 Mason C. Combs 1823-   +Margaret E. (?) 2 Simon Combs 2 Sylvia Combs +Daniel Paine James Johnson's parents are John JOHNSON, Sr. and Elizabeth ELLYSON,  m. 8/7/1725 in New Kent, Henrico Co, VA.   Further, the CREWS family researchers have sent me some material which  lists Elizabeth's ancestry back through to her great grandfather, Robert  ELLYSON I m. Elizabeth (?) in the early 1600s.  2) SULLIVAN/POOLE/JOHNSON/ TITSWORTH  Carole  -- Seeking info re the following:  1 Steven Sullivan Bef 1820 - . +Minerva H. Titsworth Abt 1813 -          2 Frank Sullivan Abt 1832 - .....        2 Sarah Sullivan Abt 1844        2 Grunlop Sullivan Abt 1846 - ..... 2 Martha Sullivan Abt 1849 -         2 Bill Sullivan Abt 1851 - ..... 2 Griffia (?) Sullivan Abt 1854 -       2 Thomas McQuire Sullivan 1856 - 1898 +Lydia Ann Johnson 1857/1944       Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Carole  3) JOHNSON/TENN-ARK  Carole I am a direct descendent of Martin Johnson, Sr, as follows:  Martin Johnson, Jr. and Lydia Liddy Hawk,  Richmond Gregory Johnson & Ruth Jane Burchett,  Lydia Ann Johnson and Thomas McQuire Sullivan,  Noah Richmon Sullivan and Egzelia Zora Pool,  Arttie William Sullivan and Edith Evelyn Craver,  Verdean Sullivan (my mother) and Willis Hammett.          I have the Johnsons traced back to John Johnson, Sr. and Elizabeth  Ellyson, but with a lot of gaps. I would love to have whatever information anyone has that is available and also, how to purchase copies of  "Johnson Family 1743-1978" Book.
12. Patricia (Donahue)O'Boyle for short notes 
and for more lengthy data. There were five Morrises in Greene Co. IL from about 1830's:  Mr. Marvel MORRIS, b. TN; d. Feb 1876.   Hettie MORRIS, b Knox Co, TN, d. 1843 who married Amos McPHERON who was  born 20 Sept 1796 Knox Co. TN., s/o Samuel and Elizabeth McPHERON of VA,  Amos one of thirteen children. At age of 23 he m. Hettie MORRIS and  m. was celebrated Sept 1819. They removed to IL 1828. Amos, widower,  m. Elizabeth MELDRUM Aug 1843.  Lorenzo Dow MORRIS, b. VA 1805. Worked lead mines in Galena in 1826 and  married Mary Witt in Greene Co.IL Nov 3, 1831, who was b. Eastern TN  28 March 1812 and d. 1842.  William MORRIS who entered service Oct 7, '61, disability discharged  1 Apr 1862. AND MY 3RD Great GRANDMOTHER:  POLLY MORRIS, b. Apr 25.1811 (location unknown)who m. Daniel KIRBY, b.1796, Talbot Co. MD who removed to Greene Co. IL ca 1830, had m. 1st in MD to  Elizabeth HARDCASTLE, and 2nd POLLY MORRIS Aug 25, 1833. Polly d. 20 May  1842...and Daniel then married sister of his first wife, Mary HARDCASTLE  24 Jan 1843.   My 2nd great grandfather, born to Polly (Morris) and Daniel KIRBY was CALEB KIRBY, b. Greene Co. IL 5 Sept 1835, m. 21 Apr 1861 to Nancy BROWN. Caleb  d. 9 Aug 1864 and My great grandmother, Mary Elizabeth "Molly" KIRBY,  James KIRBY and Belle KIRBY (born after Caleb's death) were their children.  It has long been tradition that these named Morris were siblings and many
years have been spent in trying to confirm the tradition
that they were descended from THE Robert and Sarah (White) MORRIS of Philadelphia, PA and signer of the Declaration of Independence as well as financier of the Revolution....through one of their sons.  There are names that parallel those of Greene CO, IL but nothing that proves
thus far.
It appears that it is time to re-group and re-vamp to try to find
them in TN as is stated in Bios on Hettie (MORRIS) McPHERON (Amos also from Knox Co. TN, a likely place to begin, with Marvel MORRIS listed as being b. in TN and the wife of Lorenzo Dow MORRIS, Mary WITT being listed a having been b. in Eastern TN 1812)  I would appreciate hearing from anyone with even the smallest clue to this
MORRIS family..a census, a bio, land records and/or
suggestions for further research. In appreciation, Thank you, Pat Patricia (Donahue)O'Boyle for short notes  and for more lengthy data.
13. (1994) Bill Morrow 9330 Meaux Drive;  Houston, TX 77031 Ph 713-774-0912  Nancy:
Thanks for your note. The name GOODMAN is familiar to me as I
constantly come across it when looking in indexes for
GOOLSBY. Have seen lots more GOODMANs listed.  Quite a few of my TN ancestors lived in Wilson and Smith Counties during
the early to mid 1800's. My grandfather
MORROW was born and raised in Buffalo Valley which is on the border of Smith and Putnam Counties and at an early date was entirely in Smith Co. He was shot and killed on the 4th of August 1909 at the West End of the Caney Fork Railroad Bridge, which is actually in Smith Co but for some reason the two men who shot him were tried in Cookeville, Putnam Co. I visited that area of TN for nine days in May but was NOT able to get any records of the two trials because the Court was just moving into a new Justice Center and also Court was in session. A friend of mine in Silver Point is working on getting me copies of the trials.  I know two brothers named MOSS were tried and convicted (separately) of
through Wilson and Smith counties of TN.
I am very fortunate to have access to the Clayton Genealogy Library here
in Houston. If I can ever check anything for you, let me know. Do you
know Dr. Alvis HOLLADAY of Brentwood who wrote The Holladay Family book? I also have quite a few lines in Jackson Co but unfortunately there is not too much in the Clayton or the Putnam Co Library on Jackson Co.TN.  My GOOLSBY and MANIER lines seem to be there.  Many of these people trace back to VA, NC and SC in the 1700's. I am
currently working on a "theory" that I am related
to some TN STOUT's. So far I have located STOUT in Washington, Greene, Carter, Overton, Jackson and Sumner Counties without being able to construct more than two family groups.  There may also be a connection to Charles HARMON,a Rev War Vet from VA
who is living in 1840 with an Eleanor STOUT (I think
she is his daughter). Even if it doesn't "work out" it's interesting to try to put the pieces together. Hope to hear from others.
14. Carole A. Morrison Looking for Lewis Manfield GRIGG and children.  Lewis M. GRIGG was the son of Lewis GRIGG (son of Lewis GRIGG who d. 1783
in Greensville Co., VA) and Martha Jones MALONE, daughter of Isham MALONE
Lucy LANIER. His parents were married in Mecklenburg Co, Virginia.
His mother,
Martha, died when he was young, it appears his father remarr.
to Susannah
GREGORY about 1808 in Greensville Co., VA. 
They resided for a time in VA and removed to Rutherford Co, TN about 1830,
where his father, Lewis, died
in 1836.  Lewis M. GRIGG married at least 2 times and had children by both marriages.
He is in 1840 and 1850 Census in Rutherford CO, TN; also listed
in 1860 Census but appears under name of Lewis M. GREGG.  Did he die between 1860 and 1870? Did he move to some other location?
What happened to his children?
Anyone with information or anyone who needs help on his ancestors, please reply. Have collected lots of information on this fam. Carole A. Morrison
15. Dick Moody I am searching for ancestors, descendants or relatives of Mary Ann FORD of TN
(direct lineage for author). If you have any ties,
I would be happy to share the information I have.  George MOODY, b 1777 @ ?, d 25 Oct 1840 in TN, (m. Hannah POPE, b. 1780, d.1850);  Adam Stokes MOODY, b 3 Mar 1813 at Sullivan Co.,Tenn, d 18 Jan 1899 at same, (m. Mary Ann ROACH, b. 1812, d. 1860);  George MOODY, b 27 Apr 1832 at Sullivan Co., Tenn, d 5 May 1902 at same,
(m. Mary Ann FORD, b. 3 May 1826, d. 16
July 1892);  Nelson Columbus MOODY, b 20 Mar 1854 near Knoxville, Tenn, d. 5 Jun 1925
location unknown, (m. Nancy Virginia SMITH, b. 6 Dec. 1857, d.
??, TN);  Hugh Dexter MOODY, b 22 Aug 1884 near Jonesboro, Tenn, d. 16 Aug 1947
at Seattle, WA, (m. Claracy Gambier EVANS, b. 15 Feb 1889, Gambier Island,
B.C. Canada, d. 12 Oct 1970, Seattle, WA);  Thomas Howard MOODY, b. 13 Dec 1917 at Seattle, WA, d. 23 May 1977
at Seattle WA, (m. Patricia L. OSSINGER
(b. 19 JUN 1919, Seattle, WA);  I am Richard David MOODY,Dick Moody, b. 2 Feb 1951
at Seattle, WA, (m. Terrie Susan LYONS, b. 11 March 1952 at Everett, WA) 
Dick Moody
16. Molly Graham Welch  I just now saw your page on the WWW and thought I would write. I used to 
live in Brentwood & Donelson from 1980 to 1988. I wasn't interested in  genealogy at the time, had I known that my ancestors, the Grahams, lived  in TN I probably would have done some research. Robert B. GRAHAM was b. 1824 in TN. His father b. SC and mother b. NC.  Next record I have for him is 1849 Bossier Par., LA when he married  Eliza McLELLAND (she may have been a widow).  The 1850 Bossier Parrish, LA Census shows Eliza & Robert with a boy living  with them James Thomas McLELLAND, 12 yrs. He is either a son or brother.  Their son James Finley GRAHAM was born in 1852.  The Grahams moved to Hunt Co., TX in app. 1853. Their 2nd son, Samuel R. GRAHAM, was born in 1854 in TX. James Finley GRAHAM moved to AR  in the  1870s. He married Mary "Mollie" Hooper WILLIAMS.  Their son Brantley Gillespie GRAHAM was my grandfather and he was born in  the 1870s. Because of the Gillespie connections in LA and TX , I have done  a little research in Sumner, & Williamson Cos. in TN and Rowan Co., NC.  I believe there is a possibility of a connection with CLARKS, RATCLIFFS  &/or KNIGHTS.                      Thanks, Molly Graham Welch P.S. My maternal grandfather moved from Newport, TN to Newport, AR in the  1890s. There are many people researching these families: the Mantooths and the Runyans. 
From:   Series 1909 by Wlm. Whitsitt in the old AM. Hist.Mag. entitled:  -----The Annals of a Scotch-Irish Family: The Whitsitts of Nashville, TN.  Info on over 150 families, most freq. mentioned:  ANTHONY, ANDERSON,  BILBRO,  BREATHITT,  BLAKEY,  DABBS,  EWING,  GEORGE,  HADEN,  HAM,  HAMILTON, HOGAN,  JONES,  MCFARLAND,  MENEES(E),  PORTER,  SAPPINGTON,  SWINGLEY,  THOMAS, THOMPSNO,  WALLACE,  WHITESIDE,  WILLIAMSON, WISE. --   Also info on Bap. Church 18/19th cen. in Va.  Areas include Nashville, Mill Creek area (south Davidson Co, TN) Neely's  Bend, Logan Co., Ky, Amherst and Albemarle Cos.Va.  Time frame spans mid 1700s to 1909. --Book is soft cover, spiral bound of about 35 double-sided pages excl. index. $15 incl. postage.  Republished by Friends of Mill Creek Baptist Church and Graveyard (non-profit) in 1994 as fund-raiser.  Send check and mailing instructions to  --Friends of Mill Creek Baptist Church and Graveyard;  4863 Jonquil Drive, Nashville, TN 37211. Make ck. payable to Friends of Mill Creek Baptist Church and Graveyard -- I am on Board of Dir. of Friends and worked on this publication myself. It is solely a genealogical work and would be very helpful to the right folks.
18. Subj: Memphis TN Death Certificates 
Date: 96-02-02 16:02:23 EST From:   The Memphis Public Library has all death certificates over 50 years old in  the city archives. The archives are in the Cossitt Branch - (901) 526-1712  at: -Memphis Public Library  33 S. Front Street;  Memphis TN 38101.  The archives are not open everyday or at specific times, so keep trying!  Hope this helps some of you.
19. Subj: Re:Anne Arundel Co MD 
From:  Maryland State Archives, formerly known as the Hall of Records, will do a  one hour search that includes 20 pages of copying, if any, for 20 dollars.  You can write or call for details at:  MD. State Archives  350 Rowe Blvd  Annapolis, MD 21401  Ph 410-974-3914 (or toll free in MD 800-235-4045) 
20. Subj: A good giggle..... 
From: (MRS LAVERNE J MARKART)  To: Nancy - if your senior's group is easily amused (and NOT easily offended!), thought they might enjoy this --- This would be a whole lot funnier if  there weren't so much truth in it!!  HOW TO KNOW YOU ARE GROWING OLDER  1. Everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work  2. The gleam in your eye is from the sun hitting your bifocals  3. You feel like the morning after and you haven't been anywhere  4. Your little black book contains only names ending in M.D.  5. You get winded playing Canasta  6. Your children look middle-aged 7. A dripping faucet causes an uncontrollable bladder urge  8. You know all the answers but no one asks you the questions  9. You look forward to a dull evening  10 You turn out the lights for economic rather than romantic reasons 11 You sit in a rocking chair and can't get it going  12 Your knees buckle but your belt won't  13 Your back goes out more than you do  14 The little gray haired lady you help across the street is your wife  15 You have too much room in the house and not enough in the medicine chest  16 You sink your teeth in a steak and they stay there 
21. Karen Tippets,  I saw your newsletter on AOL and since I've got a lot of East TN links 
that we're trying to untangle, thought I'd send you an e-mail with a couple of queries to post if you don't mind. Let me know when your next newsletter will be posted so I can be sure to download it.  Family #1: Karen Tippets, Richard and Louis ADKINS/ATKINS came into Grainger co, TN from  Virginia. Lewis/Louis was born 5 May 1785.  They married sisters in Grainger co: Mary (Polly) MONROE to Richard  ADKINS/ATKINS on Nov 5 1805, Elizabeth MONROE to Louis ADKINS/ATKINS 24 Jan 1804.  Richard ADKINS/ATKINS moved to Anderson Co, and descendants ended up in Missouri.  Louis ADKINS/ATKINS had a large family that spread out over Union and  Grainger counties.  Looking for more information about siblings and parents  of these two  brothers. It has been suggested that Elijah and Nancy HUNTER ADKINS might  be their parents, but can find no proof, and most listings of their children  don't include these two boys.  Family #2: Karen Tippets, Mary SHARP md ___ COMER (Possibly Addison Nathaniel Comer but no marriage record found to date) and had a daughter Emily Catherine COMER who was born in 1840. Mary SHARP COMER is listed as a widow in the 1850 census  living with her widowed mother Catherine SHARP. Her daughter Emily Catherine COMER md Sylvester ATKINS 7 Mar 1859 in Knox CO.  Sylvester is the grandson of the above Louis ATKINS.  I am looking for more information about the Sharp family and the missing  Comer connection.  Family #3: Karen Tippets, John BOOKER had children:  John BOOKER,  George BOOKER,  Elizabeth BOOKER,  James BOOKER,  William BOOKER,  Ibie (Isabella)BOOKER,  Nancy BOOKER and  Sally BOOKER  These were born in Amelia co, VA. They then moved to Grainger Co, TN where  son George BOOKER married Sarah (Sally) BOND 2 Jan 1822. George BOOKER was  born 27 Oct 1798.  Isabella BOOKER married James DAVIS 22 May 1823 in Knox Co. and was deceased  before 1850. She had at least 3 children.  Elizabeth BOOKER married Charles SKAGGS in Knox co in Feb 1832.  I have quite a bit of inf. on George's descendants, some on Elizabeth's and  James'. Will share and coordinate research efforts.  Family #4: Karen Tippets, Looking for ancestry of Sarah "Sally" BOND who married George  BOOKER. Her parents are believed to be Isaac and Sarah FRYAR (dau of  William Fryar and Margaret LOVE) BOND, but have found nothing to positively identify them as her parents, or show other siblings. I believe that George BOND may have been a brother, but have no proof.  Isaac's parents are believed to be George or John and Elizabeth BOND who  were immigrants from England...again no positive identification found.  Have Sarah's descendants, but would love more inf on her family. I want to  hear from anyone who can connect. Thanks. 
22. Karen Lewis Paramore Thanks for the prompt response. 
During my research, the most valuable sources I've found are people in  their 70's and 80's who have memories, notes, family bibles and  NO COMPUTERS! I have been able to trace Mary GAMBILL (GAMBLE, GAMBOL)  ancestors back to her GG Grandmother, Patience LEWIS (1682 - 1750)  who was a sister to Councilor John LEWIS, first in the 9L WARNER HALL  line of Lewis's.  There is obviously a double line of descent from the  original Lewis  family. The other inf. I have on Fielding LEWIS is that he was born in  Culpeper CO, VA May 15, 1768. His name first appeared on Tax records in  Wilkes CO, N.C. in 1786. The land listed in his name was  owned by George LEWIS with whom Fielding was living at the time.  Researchers believe this George LEWIS was almost certainly his uncle.  There is a letter dated May 16, 1850 written by Charles LEWIS (Fielding's  son) stating that "the old man went, this fall, to North Carolina to see his sisters....."; no mention of their names.   There is evidence through letters and family accounts that Fielding moved  Mary and his first son, William Lewis westward across the Blue Ridge  Mountains to Sandlick, TN (7 miles west of Tazewell, TN) in 1792 or 1793.  A letter written by a GG grandson stated, "Fielding Lewis came to TN from  Virginia. His Uncle George Lewis told him and his brothers about the fine  lands he had surveyed in Kentucky and said that he and his brothers,  JOHN Lewis and WILLIAM Lewis, concluded to move to Kentucky.  On the way, they stopped at the Clinch River (near Tazewell) and Fielding decided to stay. The two brothers went up the River toward Boonsboro and Fielding never heard from them again."  On May 16, 1817, Fielding purchased a book HISTORY OF VIRGINIA by  J. W. Campbell (written in 1813). There were handwritten entries in the  book, apparently made by Fielding, which indicate that his name was  T. Fielding LEWIS. The book is supposedly in the possession of Dixie Haase in Granby, MO. This would explain why his son, Fielding LEWIS never signed  his name as "Fielding Lewis, Jr." which would have been the custom.  An interesting fact is that two different descendants (neither of whom knew the other existed) both stated that their ancestors are from the same line of descent as Meriwether LEWIS (of the Lewis and Clark expedition) - also born in Virginia.  I have a GEDCOM file of the Lewis descendants and would be glad to send a  copy to anyone who may be interested. Again, thanks for your help. Karen Lewis Paramore
 23. Judy Kuhn   
(1). I did a little research for you on epidemics in the TN area of US.  --The great Cholera epidemic was spread by immigrants from Europe.  The major years were 1832, 1849, 1866, and 1873. By 1890, the disease was practically controlled.  --Malaria was also of epidemic proportions in the late 1800's.  The hottest summer on record was 1886, and later 1887. Mosquitoes were out of control in the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys,  as well as tributaries. This went on for years.   --TB was also of epidemic proportions at the time.  Children ages 5-15 rarely died from the "adult" epidemics, as this is a period of "Natural Immunity."   --That might be why our grandmothers survived whatever the epidemic was.  I'm still searching...more to come. --Judy K.   (2) Judy Kuhn  I am researching the MILSOM family from Glen Mary, TN. Jennie Tomlinson Milsom died in 1893, and her husband, Henry J. Milson, in 1900. Henry had remarried to Flora Trainham in 1894. There were three children:  -Jennie (Janice) Edmonson MILSOM,  -John Henry MILSOM and  -Mary May MILSOM, born between 1887 and 1893.  -Jennie Edmonson MILSOM was my gr-mother who married Raymond McCARTY in  1905. She died in 1913, leaving a 5 and 3 year old; they lost all contact  with the rest of her family.  --I'd like to find descendants of John Henry MILSOM and Mary May MILSOM  -Jennie Edmonson MILSOM was adopted in 1901 by a family named CARR in  Somerset, KY; not sure if other children were adopted, or if they stayed  with the step-mother. Individuals could contact me at my address on AOL:  --------------. Thanks.-- Judy Kuhn 
24. Mid-West TN Genealogical Society address:
PO Box 3343, Murray Station  Jackson, TN 38303-0343. 
25. Jack Hughes I am working on the several families - all from the Tri Cities area. 
I live in GA and need to find a good county map for TN. Jacob and James BAKER twins b. 1848, father was Levi BAKER, and grandfather was John BAKER. (Bristol, Sullivan Co,Tn/ VA) Jacob died 1918 married Mary DIETRING, had 12 children.   Perry ANDERSON, b. 9-8-1871 d 3-26-1947 married 1st wife Elizabeth Hensley,  2nd wife Lucinda Herron she died in 1962. Stanley Valley, Hawkins CO.Tn/  VA line.  Kingsport/GateCity: John SNAPP, back to Alseace but not much on Snapp  of the 1900 Blountville Tn area.. Rachel Blackmore, born 8-3-1769  died 8-13-1830 had six children, Lived at Reedy Creek, Blountville, Tn.  Mathew Campbell RHEA, no date, granddaughter Elizabeth M Rhea born 1767  died 3-13-1831. Sullivan Co. Tn. John Henry JETER, born 6-1-1822 died 3-19-1899 Hawkins Co, Tn.  These are the oldest in each list that I  have.  I have over 750 names in my Gedcom file related to these families,  the biggest problem is birth / death dates and spouses or children.  Any help with these families would be greatly appreciated.  I am willing to share info. please email Jack Hughes (Jack Hughes)or   (2) I am most curious about the BAKER side of my family. My gr-mother was Flora Baker, but my grandfather did not follow that line back very far. -- We have long wondered why he never continued on the Baker line.  My grandfather spent many years, dollars and travel many miles searching  the family tree, all of this before I was even born, 1946. I have copies  of all his work and have just years later gotten downloaded in the computer.  I would love to add to any part. He was diligent, getting the children  where possible, but not the related marriages; he personally visited  families with the Snapp name all the way to PA.  My gr-mother was the first dark haired, dark eye person to marry into the  Snapp, german blond, blue eyed clan. My father always thought that maybe  there was some Indian blood in the Baker line.  Any help with my search would be greatly appreciated.  My Snapp clan came from the TriCities area, Sullivan Co.,specifically  Reedy Creek area of Blountville, Tn. Jack Hughes 
26.  Gambill/Gamble (New email address 
as of 9/21/97) Thanks for your help. My Gambill/Gamble is my gr-gr-gr -grandmother -  Hannah Gambill. She was born 22 Aug 1817 in White Co. TN. She married  (in IN) Sanders Pigg also of TN. Her parents were Martin Gambill and  Susan Shadden, both of VA. She had several brothers and sisters, one  being Morgan Gambill. She was the 5th child. She was in Indiana by 1832.  I hope we can make a connection. Thanks again.
27. Donna Suarez 
or I am searching for the parents of Josiah T (S?) ROSS born May, 1854 in TN. In 1880 he was residing in Houston Co., TX ; married to Mississippi MCPHAIL (born 1858 in MS.). Josiah stated for the census takers that his father was born in Mississippi and his mother in North Carolina. Who were they? I also have two (fairly identical) World Wide Web pages at and I appreciate your offer to put my query in your newsletter.  My maiden name is Ross and my Ross line has been the most difficult of all my family lines to trace. Thanks, Donna
28.  Dale Bookout Karisny I live in Louisiana. I have many roots in TN, but my research is at a 
standstill. I am researching BOOKOUT, MASSINGALE (and variants) and COX.   I am trying to find out who my GGgrandfather John Williamson Bookout's, father was. I thought I would try to research the Massingale line and  see where that might lead to.  BOOKOUT / MASSINGALE line:John W.Bookout m Celia Massingale (b 08 JUN 1817) 09 FEB 1840,McMinn Co TN. I would like to find her parents and siblings and any descendants. Maybe it will lead to the identity of John's father.  BOOKOUT / COX line:James Henry Bookout (s/o John & Celia) m Mary M. Cox  (b abt 1844)(d abt 1872-73 McMinn) 23 OCT 1867, McMinn Co.  Need Mary's birthdate and deathdate,also her parents and siblings.  Also looking for my Grandfather's sister, Mary E. Bookout, born abt 1868. James and Mary Bookout had two children that I know of. Mary was born  first and John Williamson Bookout was b 18 APR 1870, McMinn Co. (my grfather)  BOOKOUT / HILL line:I found a M.E. Bookout in Knox Co. She married Raleigh  W. HILL 10 NOV 1892. She is a good possibility. I need information on this  family.I don't have access to TN census records. Would like to know where  M.E. BOOKOUT was in 1880. Mary was in McMinn Co,TN in 1870 with parents  and baby brother. Mary may have lived with relatives after her mother died. This is just a theory and wishful thinking on my part. If you can help me in any way,or have any suggestions that would help, I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance for your help.  Sincerely, Dale Bookout Karisny
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