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Genealogy and Tennessee

Vol 3; Issue 1; Fall 1995,
Nancy P. Goodman, Editor;
Post Office Box 863,
Hendersonville, TN (USA) 37077


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  1. Decatur Co (TN) Historical Society, P.O. Box 700, Decaturville TN 38329-0700. Chairman: Mr. Edwin Townsend, ph # (901) 847-3111 or (901) 847-2533. This society is getting ready to print a new book on Decatur Co History. (10/1/95).

    Email:[Barbara Fleming]
    Researching family of William Berry LEMMON, Jr. His parents were William Berry LEMMON Sr. and Mary (Polly) STALCUP. William Berry LEMMON, Sr. was born 28 May 1805 in Sumner Co, TN. Mary Stalcup was born about 1910, also in TN. They were married 24 Feb 1826. If you have any info, please contact me.

    Email:[Jon C. Wray]
    Will trade inf. on the following families in the Dickson-Cheatham-Montgomery county area of TN: MONROE, LUTTRELL, HAGEWOOD, COLLINS, CUNNINGHAM, PASCHALL, BOWE, WALTON, WORKMAN, O'KAIN, LEE, and JAMES.

    Gordon McClellan; [NEW EMAIL on 8/26/]
            Seeking information about Samuel MC CLELLAN, born about 1795, in Virginia or Scotland. He came from Virginia in 1812 and settled on Buffalo Creek in Smith Co, TN; married Susan WILLIAMS, daughter of Tobias and Jemima Clardy WILLIAMS.
    Their children were:
    Jamimah MC CLELLAN
    William Samuel MC CLELLAN
    James Thomas MC CLELLAN and
    John Philip MC CLELLAN.
       Samuel McClellan's second wife was Elizabeth HANCOCK, and children by her were: Mary J. MC CLELLAN,
    Martha A MC CLELLAN
    Elizabeth MC CLELLAN and
    Sarah M. MC CLELLAN.
    Samuel McClellan died about 1853, no record of where he is buried. William Samuel McClellan was my great, great grandfather; he farmed on Buffalo Creek; along with other family members, he founded a school there, which was demolished when Cordell Hull Lake was being created. He is buried in McClelland Cemetery on Buffalo Creek, now on the lakeshore. Any information on this family will be appreciated.

  5. Fannie B. Whitlow, [send Email to  get Fannie's mailing address to the editor at [] on this one].:               
    1). Otelia Pointer, born about January 23, 1910, married Sam Weldon Lester April 29, 1929 in Shelby Co,TN. Otelia was born either Lauderdale Co, TN or Crittenden Co, Arkansas;lived in Germantown, TN; Rossville, TN and Moscow, TN. Her parents were Sallie Pointer Parker and Albert Parker of Vincent, Arkansas. She was mother of Jeanie Frank; Eddie; Fannie May; Johnnie Mae; Mable; Sam Weldon Lester, Jr.; Sallie; Julia; Daisy; John Albert; Lula Bee; Olivia; and James Lester. Otelia died Sept 26, 1943. Sam Weldon Lester worked for the Southern Railroad Company.
    2). Seeking inf. or birth certificate for: A. T. (Tump) Banks; born February 22,1912, in Casey, Mississippi (DeSoto Co). Parents lived on T. Cox farm. His mother was Rosie Green Hull, born about 1899; died in or around Rossville, TN., from a run-away wagon accident. Rosie moved to Cardova, TN from Miss., then from Cardova to Germantown, TN. His father was Lee A. Banks, born March 7, 1895; died April 28, 1967 in Memphis. Lee A. Banks was buried in Mt. Pisgah Cemetery in Memphis. A. T. Banks died March 27, 1972, City of Memphis Hospital. He lived in Rossvville, TN; and was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery there.

    Email:[Bob Jones]
    1). I'd like to"compare notes" with anyone on these surnames in TN:
    PIERCE, (possibly PEARCE),
    GILBERT, and
    BROWN. I am descended from these families and have deep roots in Lincoln, Bedford, Marshall, Moore, and possibly Giles and Franklin counties.
    I have a LOT of inf. on the MUSE surname and a fair amount on LAMBERT and WAGSTER.
    My "problem" names are PIERCE, CONWELL, ROZIER, BROWN and GILBERT.
    2). Email:[Bob Jones]
    One problem I have is with the Brown surname. I believe that my ggg grandmother was Angeline BROWN (born about 1810, died about 1845). Family legend has it that she was a sister of John Brown and Neil Brown who were governors of the state of TN in the second half of the 19th century. Legend also says she was disinherited by the Brown family because she married a poor farmer from Lincoln Co. It is said the Brown family was very influential in Giles Co; but we can find no trace of her anywhere. If anyone knows anything about the Browns from Giles Co, please contact me.

  7. See Bob Jones' WWW Homepage at:[]
    PGP Public Key at: []

    Email:[Marilyn C. Nelson]
    1). James H. Locke, born about 1819 m. Isabella __?, born about 1823. The 1850 Census shows them in Bedford Co, TN; Civil District 11, Dwelling #110 with the following children: John W. (age 7), Harriet Jane (age 6), George (age 5), William (age 1), Martha Ann (age 2 mos), plus:Isabella McClintick (age 20), Joseph McClintick (age ?). In the 1860 Census, they are still in Bedford Co, Western Div #11, Dwelling #1159; same offspring as 1850, plus 3 added: Elizabeth (age 8), Cassie (age 6), J.M. (male-age 1?).
    2).Email:[Marilyn C. Nelson] I would appreciate any inf. on the following: Civil War service records for the oldest son, John W. Locke, and/or his father, James H. They may have fought with Bragg's Army in the Battle of Murfreesboro TN Dec 31`62-Jan 2`63. The Union Army advanced through the middle of Bedford Co, June-July 1863. Any copies of property notices, deeds, wills, marriage records, or death notices will be appreciated.

    Email: [Jana Ellis] (need new email address!!)
    Looking for inf. on a William B. STONE (Wiley) born about 1800 in TN. That is all the inf. I have.
    Also, looking for info on a William Franklin LOWE born about 1854 in TN.
    Both of these individuals ended up in Texas later in life.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Email: [Doris Kinser Fountain]   (updated email on 2/19/98)
    1). Looking for John W. KINSER, born 2/24/1793 VA who married 2/27/1810 Susan MESSIMORE or MESSIMER, born 12/10/1792 or 1793 PA in Greene Co, TN.
    Descendants settled in Monroe Co,TN. Possible parents: George or John KINSER, who married a WAMPLER of SW VA.
    2). Email: [Doris Kinser Fountain]
    Seeking family of William WATKINS, born 5/18/1805 who married 3/22/1827 to Margaret BYERLEY, born 4/27/1811. William had possible triplet brother Samuel WATKINS, who married Lucy BYERLEY.
    A nephew was said to be sheriff of Hamilton, Ootewah, or in a nearby East TN Co.
    William WATKINS was mentioned in the 1839 Blount Co TN will of Benjamin WATKINS, which was adminstered 1841 by James M. BELL. There is possibly a link to the GA, NC, and Botetourt Co, VA, WATKINS families.
    3). Email: [Doris Kinser Fountain]
    Robert Paul DUNCAN (DUNKIN) born 10/6/1815, d 8/28/1882 Loudon Co, TN, married 12/13/1840 Jamesville, NC, to Adeline WHITAKER, born 8/18/1822 in NC. Have photos of this couple, but do not know from where Robert Paul DUNCAN migrated.
    4). Email: [Doris Kinser Fountain]
    George B. HART,  born 1/28/1816 married 2/2/1838 Ellen AKINS, born 12/27/1823. They were parents of Nancy Brown HART, born 8/7/1852 Monroe Co, TN. Lived in Ball Play Section.
    5).Email: [Doris Kinser Fountain]
    John C. HOOKER, d 1810 married Rachael GREEN, d 1830. They were parents of John Willis HOOKER of Roane Co (now Loudon), born 7/10/1857 who married Lettice Elizabeth DUNCAN (DUNKIN), born 9/20/1848.
    6).Email: [Doris Kinser Fountain]
    John GREENWAY, married Rebecca McCLAIN and lived before 1800 in E TN; buried Jackson cemetery in Greenback area.
    John Greenway descends from James Greenway, born 1760, who married Nancy HUTTON, born 1772 SC; and from Wm. Greenaway born 1765 York, PA who married Sarah HAMILTON.
    Seeking info about any of the mothers of the Greenways.

    Email:[Carldine Van Allen[
    Who were parents of Martha CAREY? She was born in VA.
    Married Jacob LONG about 1818 or 1821 in Claiborne Co, TN.

    Email:[Connie Bass]
    Need parents of Thomas R POTEET, born 1832 in TN.
    Living in Lawrence Co in the 1860 Census; married Rachael HARDING in 1855 in Lawrence Co Tn.

    Email:[Lisa Davidson]
    1). Email:[Lisa Davidson] 
    Looking for info on William Wiley REED, born in Nashville, TN probably around 1860-66. He moved to Texas and married Sammie Houston WILLIEMSON (WILLIAMSON).
    They had a son, John Homer REED, born 8-1-1886 in Overton, Texas who eventually moved to Alto,Texas where the family has been since.
    Need birthdate on William Wiley REED and any prior info.
    2).Email:[Lisa Davidson]
    Looking for info on Robert Brickle DAVIDSON, supposed to be from TN. He was born around 1880, married Rosie Bell CAMPBELL around 1900-1905. Children:
    Orville DAVIDSON,
    Lewis DAVIDSON,
    Willie DAVIDSON,
    Clyde Hubert DAVIDSON, (born 9-10-1909),
    Nora Ann DAVIDSON, and
    Eldon DAVIDSON.
    Clyde Hubert DAVIDSON went to TX with two uncles, (Robert's brothers) Walker and Sam DAVIDSON.
    Walker DAVIDSON returned to TN, Sam DAVIDSON settled around Detroit, TX in Delta Co.
    Any info to fill in blanks as to where Robert was from, exact dates, etc. would be appreciated.
    Email:[Lisa Davidson]

    Email:[Sharon Tingley]
    H. H. JERNIGAN (Henry Hamilton or vice versa) lived in Decatur Co. TN in 1860; born about 1820 in Alabama. His wife was Sally DURAN (DURAND); she was 1/2 Cherokee; born in 1831 in TN. Their three children, all born in TN:            William Franklin JERNIGAN, born in 1850, married Josephine RILEY in TX;      James Alexander JERNIGAN, born in 1855, married Sara Jane LOVE in TN;  Hamie E. JERNIGAN, born in 1859, married Robert GOODMAN in TN.
      H. H. JERNIGAN and his wife Sally died eight days apart about 1862, as the result of a house fire. The three orphaned children went to live with "Uncle Teen" and "Aunt Manda" DUNCAN in Hohenwald, TN.
     H. H. JERNIGAN lived in Hardin Co. TN in the 1840s where he may have had two previous marriages, to Mary PERKINS and Matilda LOVE FLATT.
    Who were H.H. JERNIGAN's parents and siblings?
    Will exchange info.
    Email:[Sharon Tingley]

    Email:[Ed Miller]
    I need any info. about Julia Ann OLDS, born 1845; died 1920, buried in Enon Church Cemetery, Nankiooo, TN, married 1/9/1862 to James Clarence BELTON.
    Her parents were Arthur OLDS, (married 12/24/1840) and Effi CRICHFIELD. Effi's parents were Henry CRICHFIELD and Jane ??.
    Any help appreciated.          
     Update! See Ed Miller's family listing at
    : Miller's Family Listing

    Email:[Judy DeWerth],
    Nicholas OVERBY, born 1776 Mecklenburg VA ; died in 1857 Illinois; married about 1795 in NC to Elizabeth McKINNEY, who was born in 1775 Rockingham Co. NC; died 1841 Greene Co. Illinois. Their children:
     1. Archibald OVERBY, born 1796 Rockingham Co. NC; died 1878 Greene Co.. IL; married in 1820 in Sumner Co.TN to Sarah Sally BARNARD.
     2. Richard OVERBY???
     3. Susan OVERBY, born 1804 Rockingham Co.NC; died 1851 Grant Co. WI; married in TN to Joseph McKINNEY.
     4. Catharine OVERBY, born 1807 TN; died 1849 Greene Co. IL; married in 1823 Maury Co. TN to Thomas Jefferson SHORT.
     5. Elizabeth OVERBY; born 1810 TN; died 1872 Greene Co, IL; married in Grant Co..WI, to Peter HOBSON.
     6. Amy OVERBY, born 1812 Sumner Co. TN ??; married in 1833 Greene Co. IL to James Robert SHORT.
     7. Druey OVERBY, born 1814 Sumner Co.TN; died 1880 Greene Co, IL; married in 1835 Greene Co. IL to Sallie Sarah SCOTT.
     8. Mary OVERBY ?? married in 1837 Greene Co. IL to John M. BALLOW.
    Email:[Judy DeWerth]
    Email:[Grace Ogden]
    Looking for parents of Charles WELLS, born in 1877 or 1879 in TN, living in Terre Haute, Vigo Co, Indiana 1910 and 1920 census. He gave "unknown" as the birthplace of his parents.
    He married Mary Ellen MOSTELLER on 5 MAY 1904 probably in Vigo Co, Indiana.
    Mary Ellen MOSTELLER was born OCT 1886 in Indiana, the daughter of John MOSTELLER and Eliza (Elisa) A. FULLER, who were both born in Indiana.
    Email:[Grace Ogden]

    Email:[Shari Rees] (NEED NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!)
    Looking for inf. on Susie CROCKETT, born in TN, about 1844 and married James COOK.
    They had several children; the one I'm descended from is William Henry COOK, who married Mary DURHAM, daughter of John DURHAM and Harriet DAVIS.   William Moore COOK, son of William Henry COOK, married Myrtle Lee GIBBS, daughter of John Richard GIBBS and Annie Elsey WEST.
      Annie was the daughter of Wade WEST and Amanda ALEXANDER.
      John GIBBS' parents were Samuel GIBBS and Minervia.
      William Arthur COOK, the oldest child of William Moore COOK, was born in Robertson Co, TN. The family then moved to Illinois.
    Email:[Shari Rees] (Need new email address!!)

    Email:[Arvil Hancock]  
    New information; updated on 9/27/97: Arvil's home page:
    Trying to learn the burial places for a number of my ancestors who died in Wilson Co, TN, in the 19th century:
    Samuel HANCOCK, died 1813;
    Samuel HANCOCK (son of above) died 1817; Wife, Verlinda died 1825;
    Simon HANCOCK died 1827;
    Martin HANCOCK died 1835;
    Dawson HANCOCK died 1856; Wife Sarah died after 1870;
    George AVERY died 1853; Wife Elizabeth died after 1855.
    Would greatly appreciate any help.Email:[Arvil Hancock]

    Email:[Wayne Greeson]
    Looking for more info on Nathaniel A. GREESON, my GG grandfather who was born 24 Feb 1831 in Bethel Springs, TN. He died 22 Jun 1892.
    He served during the Civil War and was disabled by a musket ball during a battle.
    He married Elvira ANDREWS;(born 28 Aug 1828.) They had seven children, six boys and one girl. The story passed down by my grandfather is that he taught his children to read and write at his bedside.                      
    One son, Richard Lucien GREESON was my great grandfather,(born 2 Jun 1858; died 27 Mar 1949).
    I believe Richard was also born in Bethel Springs, TN; he died in Taft, CA. His wife was Nannie Catherine MURRY; they married in 1884. Nannie, born 18 Dec 1868; died 30 Dec 1937 also in Taft, CA. They had eight children, 5 boys and 3 girls.                                                                               
    Their sixth child, Bonnie Lee GREESON, Sr. was my grandfather. Bonnie Lee GREESON, Sr., born in Myrtle Springs, Texas on 28 Jan 1896; died 7 Apr 1970 in Tillamook, Oregon; married Bernice Eva LEON on 11 Dec 1925. She was born 2 Feb 1899; died 12 May 1987 in Tillamook, Oregon. They were married in California and migrated north to Oregon in 1947.                                                      
    They had one child, Bonnie Lee GREESON, Jr., (my father) born 1 Jan 1926. He was the first baby born in Los Angeles in 1926. He married Kathleen O. WATERMAN on 23 Feb 1946. She was born 13 Feb 1926 in Columbia Falls, Montana. They were married in Salt Lake City during WW11; after the war they left California and moved north to Oregon with my grand parents, where I was born in Tillamook, Oregon.
    Especially interested in finding info on Nathaniel GREESON's parents.
    Email:[Wayne Greeson]

    Email: [Ron Goodman]
    There are some TN puzzles I have been having problems with, and I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help.
    1).Email: [Ron Goodman] In "Tennesssee Tidbits, 1778-1914, Vol 1", compiled by Marjorie Hood Fischer, is a reference on page 146 to the following: "August 1790 Court: Robt. and Amos GOODMAN, children of John GOODMAN, ordered committed to the care of John RICHARDSON until further orders. Stephen and Sarah and Rachel GOODMAN were committed to the care of Jos. RICHARDSON aforesaid. (Greene, TN Co Court Minutes #/170)."
    Since "aforesaid" is mentioned, I would like to find out if a copy of the complete document is available, as it might provide more detail.
    In 1832, in Greene Co, TN, Rachel GOODMAN married Simpson DOUGHTRY. ??  If the Amos GOODMAN above was 8 years old in 1790, that would match the 1782 birth year of my ancestor Amos GOODMAN, who married first to Sarah CONWAY, then second to Mourning JONES. I have never been able to clearly identify Amos's siblings or mother, "Edith".
    2). Email: [Ron Goodman] My ancestor, Amos GOODMAN, married Sarah CONWAY on Aug 29, 1801 in Blount Co, TN, with Thomas CONWAY as 'Security'. Was Thomas CONWAY perhaps her brother, or her father? In Greene Co, TN, on Apr 11, 1792, Thomas CONWAY, Sen. married Nancy RUTON (RECTOR). 'Security' was Thomas CONWAY, Jr. This appears to be a second marriage, as in Greene Co, TN on Feb 9, 1792, Thomas CONWAY married Susanna CONWAY, 'Security' was Alex COLTON (CUTTAN?). I think this was probably Sarah CONWAY's brother, by Thomas CONWAY, Sr.'s first marriage. I think this Conway family may be related somehow to the Conway family that married into the TALLIAFERRO family of Virginia, but I am not sure.
    3).Email: [Ron Goodman] The Ansel GOODMAN, whose will was filed in 1841 in Wilson Co, TN, (will book- #135) may be the same Ansel GOODMAN who filed a Rev War pension claim in 1832 in Russell Co, Kentucky. I have a full copy of that application and attachments from the National Archives. He was 80 years old in 1832, best of his recollection, so he would have been about 89 years old in 1841. If this Ansel GOODMAN was also the father of Amos GOODMAN, who came to another son or daughter's home back to TN to die, then more family details may be in the will. I would like to get a full copy it.

  22. ENGLAND:
    Email:[Glen England] (NEED NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!)
    Looking for the parents of James ENGLAND - born about 1836 in TN, married to Elizabeth __, who was born about 1832 in No Carolina.
    They had one son named John E. ENGLAND, born in TN about 1854.
    They later moved to Cedar Co, Missouri where they had a second son, William A. ENGLAND in 1858.

    Email:[Dusti Sparks] (EMAIL ADDRESS UPDATED. 3/20/97)
    I am looking for info on James Wilson LYNCH, from either Virginia or Ohio, born perhaps between 1790 and 1800, married first to Phoebe DUNCAN from Virginia, then to Phebe HOUSE.
    He had a son Isaac LYNCH, born to Phebe HOUSE.
    The family legend is that Isaac LYNCH was probably born in Russell Co, Virginia and moved to Claiborne Co, TN (called the Barrens) in 1831 (according to the Claiborne Co Observer, 23 Apr 1980, "Early Settlers of Claiborne Co., TN).
    The story also goes on to say Isaac LYNCH moved with his mother and younger children to Madison Co, Arkansas in 1851 by rafting down the Clinch River, TN River, Mississippi River and up the Arkansas River to Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

    Email:[Denise Doyle]
    Looking for any inf. on William SPENCER, and his wife, Eliza Jane EOFF, both of Savannah in Hardin Co, TN.
    I also would like to find the connection between William SPENCER and Thomas "Big Foot" Sharpe SPENCER, one of the first settlers in TN.
    Does anyone have info on them?

    Email: [Connie Voight]
    I am looking for the parents of my GGG Grandfather, Harvey RODDY (RODDYE), also listed (incorrectly) in marriage records as Harry RODDY. He was born in Washington, Rhea Co, TN in 1817 and died in Rhea Co in 1898. He is buried at the Salem Baptist Church in Dayton, Rhea Co, TN.                                On July 19, 1838, he married Martha Jane BOULTON (born 1820-died1859). Then on June 14, 1860, he married Jane BIRELY (born 1826-died 12/16/1893 in Rhea Co).
    Harvey RODDY enlisted as a private in Capt Richard Waterhouse's Company, Lauderdale's Bn., TN Mounted Inf. on Nov. 3, 1837, and was discharged at Baton Rouge, LA on May 11, 1838. On August 12, 1863, for the defense of the South in Rhea Co, TN, he enlisted as a private in Capt/ Darius Waterhouse's Co. Bn of TN Troops, at the home of David M. RODDY.                
     I feel there must be a connection between David M. and Harvey. David M. RODDY (born 1810) can be traced back to his grandfather, Col. James RODDY who fought in the American Revolution.
      Col. RODDY had six sons and six daughters. I have followed the lines of five sons (Jesse, James Jr., Isaac, John and Thomas). None had a son named Harvey.
    To date, I have been unable to track the sixth son, William O. RODDY, born about 1787. This William O. RODDY married a girl with the last name of JONES. (Don't confuse William O. RODDY with William B. RODDY, the Colonel's brother.
      Any light anyone can shed on the children of William O. RODDY, or the parents of Harvey RODDY, would be much appreciated.
    Happy to share other information about the RODDY family.
    Email: [Connie Voight]

    Email:[Gene Frechette]
    Jackson H. FREE, son of Edward FREE & Minnie VANCE, was born about 1896 (Navy discharge and 1940's death certificate don't match for date of birth).
    He was raised in the Sevierville, TN area. This is my wife's grandfather. He met his wife in New York City while serving in the Navy durring and after WW1. She never met his parents and all she ever knew were their names.
    Any info on this family will be greatly appreciated.

    Email:[L.L. Collins] (NEW EMAIL ADDRESS 11/21/97)
    Need to find a copy of the marriage license of William BATEMAN to Elizabeth PEARSE or PEARRE or PEARCE; finding the correct spelling is very important to me. They were married in Williamson Co, TN on 11 December? 1817. I have Everton's cd-rom which says PEARSE; family records says PEARRE and a friend in N.Y. says PEARCE. I need help on this and will appreciate any info.
    UPDATE      Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997
    From: "LaNoy Collins" <>
    To: "TN Benton Stewart" <>
    Subject: Re: Bateman-Collins
    Bateman, William Montgomery 1792 N.C. -1850 Tn. married Elizabeth Pearre of Md. 1811 in Williamson County, Tn. Need help on his parents
    Any help greatly appreciated
    Will share
    LaNoy Collins

    Email:[Lin Hillis]
    1). Email:[Lin Hillis] James Harvey MOORE, (born about 1817 AL?; died about 1910) married first Martha HURST, second to Martha REDMOND. He had 19 known children by both wives. I am seeking parents or descendants. They lived in the McNairy, Chester and Hardeman Co area of TN.
    2).Email:[Lin Hillis] Senneth Houston MOORE,son of James Harvey MOORE and Martha HURST, born 1843, married first to Abrigail MANESS; second to Sulie HURST. I am seeking his descendants. He served both in Confederacy and Union armies. I have copies of the National Archives records on both.
    3). Email:[Lin Hillis] William STARKEY, born about 1846 in Fl?; died in Sevier Co, TN, about 1920; married to Catherine HOUSER. His father was William STARKEY, who was born about 1808 in Florida.
    4). Email:[Lin Hillis] Daniel Thomas MEADOWS, born about 1840, Jefferson Co, TN; married Martha COOPER, daughter of Joseph COOPER. Children: Delilah MEADOWS and Martha Jane MEADOWS. Martha Jane married John STARKEY, son of William STARKEY. Daniel was captured at Vicksburg, pardoned, reenlisted and captured again in 1864, spent rest of war in prison at Ft. Delaware "Andersonville of the North".
    5). Email:[Lin Hillis] Daniel COX, born in 1761 in NJ, died at age 105 in 1866 near Humboldt, TN. Some claim he is the "first white settler in TN". He married Dorcas CRINER of Baltimore, Maryland in 1794. I cannot find him on any public records. Will exchange info and speculation.
    6).Email:[Lin Hillis] Fielding HURST and all other Hursts, originated in England; settled in Wythe Co, Virginia, before moving to Claiborne Co, TN, and the McNairy Co, TN area. He was Col of 6th Tn. Cav. and was accused of holding Jackson TN hostage for $5,000+ ransom. He was an arch rival of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. Will exchange info and sources.

    Email: [Michele Graham]
    Looking for parents of James Calhoun SANDERS, born 3/17/1867 in Wilson Co, TN.
    Also, need the parents of Sara Elizabeth HANKINS, born 8/10/1869. James and Sara married 1886, in Wilson Co, TN.
    These are my GG grandparents and I am looking for more info on their families.

    Email:[Lynn Campbell Randolph]
    I wish to correspond with anyone with inf. or access to inf. about the CAMPBELL family in or around the Soddy Daisy area of Hamilton Co,TN.

    Email:[Sandy J. Campbell]
    My grandfather, Robert L. CAMPBELL married a Mary or Fannie CLEMMONS in Wilson Co, TN about 1895.
    They may have lived just south of Lebanon.
     She had 3 children in the next five years... none survived and she apparently died by 1900.
    My grandfather, at some point after that, went to south Texas, married Eula TODD in Alvin, Brazoria Co, Texas, in 1906.
    My father never knew that his father had been married before and is curious.
     I'm hoping to find some info for him.
    Robert L. CAMPBELL was born in 1868 and my father and his twin sister, were born in 1921; they are the only children still living.

    Email [E.Melton]
    Need inf. on John D. GREEN who married Mahala GOINS, in Claiborne Co, TN in 1845.
    Their children:
    Hulette GREEN,
    Winfield Scott GREEN,
    Clementine GREEN,
    and two others.
    Need inf. on the parents of both John D. GREEN and Mahala GOINS.
    Will exchange by regular mail or by email.

    Email:[Lonnie Fink] (or)
    1). I am reseaching the Pleasant LAWSON family out of South Carolina or North Carolina into TN.
    His son, Samuel LAWSON, was born in 1820 in White Co, TN.
    Pleasant LAWSON's wife was Rebecca MORGAN.
    Does anyone have anything on this family?
    2). I am also researching GOODMAN in Barren Co, Kentucky, and CONDRA, SHARP, OWENS, SOWDER, MARSEE, and MILLER of Claiborne Co, TN.

    Email:[Gloria Lovvo](that is two V's as in Victor, NOT W.)
    I am trying to find inf. on my GG grandmother Easter PHILLIPS NEWBERRY. She was born July 7, 1813 in Georgia; died Nov 20, 1898 in Carrol Co, Arkansas. Letters written in 1916 by my grandmother Rosa DEW NEWBERRY stated that she married Stephen C. NEWBERRY, Jr. around 1836 in Overton Co, TN. Census reports show the Newberry family there at that time. They moved to Arkansas about 1840.  
    According to my grandmother's letters, her father was Levi PHILLIPS and Mildred TALLEY and Levi's father was Ruben PHILLIPS.
    I did find a Matildda TALLEY and Levi PHILLIPS married and in the census but they were about the same age as Easter PHILLIPS. I am beginning to think that Ruben may have been her father instead of Levi. This is only speculation as I cannot find any records of her prior to the time she was in Arkansas with Great-Great- Grandfather NEWBERRY.
    My father's side of the family were SPAULDING's and NEWBERRY's; on my mother's side I have MEEKS and STITES. The Newberrys, Meeks and Stites were all from Arkansas and my Spauldings are pretty elusive.
    I have quite a bit of inf0 on the other three lines if anybody is looking for them.
    If anyone can connect me to someone who might have a family history which includes Easter PHILLIPS NEWBERRY, it would be greatly appreciated. Email:[Gloria Lovvo](that is two V's as in Victor, NOT W.)

    Email:  Shelley Lee at or  (new email address on 9/30/97)
    Searching for family of Isaac LEA, purported son of Francis LEA. Isaac Lea, born 1804 in Roane Co or Bledsoe Co TN; married Frances FANNING in 1822(?) in Pikeville, TN. They left TN about 1835 for Arkansas, then went on to Missouri. Possible siblings of Isaac LEA may be older brothers Wm LEA and John LEA. Some of Isaac's descendants are named Preston LEA, Henry LEA, Wesley LEA, Leatha LEA, Armstrong LEA, and Greenfield LEA.  
    :  On  97-09-28 Shelley D Lee wrote:
    I just got a lead on 2 new surnames associated with my LEA's. If anyone has access to or a copy of the 1830 E TN census index (assuming there is one?), could you check for: Samuel WHITELEY (Whitley?), Isaac WHITELY, John SANDERS, and Robert SANDERS.
    Thx very much.
    Home Page:  
    Shelley D Lee <shelleylee@JUNO.COM>

    Email:[L.F. Beard] (NEED NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!)
    Looking for Joseph BAIRD (my GGG grandfather) of Jonesborough, TN, who gave bond Nov 27, 1794, to marry Hannah LAY in Wilkes Co, No Carolina, then moved to Jonesborough between Aug 22, 1795 - Feb 11, 1797.
    Need info on father, mother and other ancestors of Joseph BAIRD; died about 1799-1800(?no proof). Joseph and Hannah LAY BAIRD's three sons:
      Lewis Millard BAIRD, born Aug 22, 1795 in No Carolina, died May 11, 1864;     Rev. William Andrew BAIRD,(ordained Baptist Minister June,1841) he was born February 11, 1797,in Jonesborough; died July 23,1869 in TN..
    The other son was Joseph BAIRD, Jr., born 1799 in TN; died after 1880. Email:[L.F. Beard]

    "Questions or comments?" Email to:[]
    Nancy P. Goodman, Editor
    Post Office Box 863; Hendersonville, TN (USA) 37077
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