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From: (Thomas Fitzwater)  DATE: 98-02-17
I saw your Web Site on the Internet. I, too am searching for information on the Samuel CROCKETT family from Cumberland Co.; PA into Robertson County, TN.

I am a descendant of Samuel b.1759, his son Samuel b. 10 Nov 1799 Robertson County, TN., d. 6 Sept 1878 Marshall County, Miss. married Mary Ann (Polly) Hamilton. I descend from their son William Henderson Barnett CROCKETT.
Any information you have that you would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated, and I would be more than happy to share what information I have.
Best Regards,
Barbara Fitzwater

Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998
From: Lisa Henderson <>
To: Crockett-List
Following is one of my generations found in my lineage...check out the marriages, births, etc. hope this helps someone...or if you can add, let me know.
Lisa Henderson

52. Ellen CROCKETT. She was married to William Anderson DILLON. Ellen CROCKETT and William Anderson DILLON had no known children.
53. Elizabeth M CROCKETT was born about 1806 in Williamson Co, TN. She was married to Peter J WALKER. Elizabeth M CROCKETT and Peter J WALKER had no known children.
58. Jane J CROCKETT was born about 1818 in Williamson Co, TN. She was married to John Hillary ROBERTS. Jane J CROCKETT and John Hillary ROBERTS had no known children.
60. Samuel Thompson CROCKETT was born in 1821 in Davidson Co, TN.Samuel Thompson Crockett was born the eighth child of John Hamilton Jr and Nancy Crockett. He was buried in Sam Crockett Orchard near his home, Barr, Tate co, MS. He was married to Elizabeth L MCGRAW about 1845 in Marshall Co, MS. Elizabeth L MCGRAW was born on 6 Mar1825 in Robertson Co, TN, the eighth child of Cornelius and Elizabeth "Betty" Hundley McGraw. She died on 27 Apr 1900 in Barr, Tate Co,MS. She was buried in Mt Vernon Cemetery, Desoto Co, MS.Children of Samuel Thompson CROCKETT and Elizabeth L MCGRAW were:
+79 i. Nancy Jane CROCKETT.
+80 ii. Sarah (Sallie) J CROCKETT.
+81 iii. Elizabeth Matilda (Eliza) CROCKETT.
+82 iv. Alice L CROCKETT.
83 v. Ella CROCKETT was born on 7 Jan 1853. She died on 7 May 1924. She was buried in Mt Vernon Cemetery, Tate Co, MS.
+84 vi. Laura A CROCKETT.
+85 vii. Samuel Thomas (Tommie) CROCKETT.
86 viii. P. B. CROCKETT was born on 7 Sep 1858. He died before 1873.
+87 ix. William Newton CROCKETT.
88 x. Shubael S CROCKETT was born on 17 Mar 1863. He died on 13 Nov1933. He was buried in Mt Vernon Cemetery, Desoto Co, MS.
+89 xi. Walter Bernard CROCKETT.
90 xii. Mary CROCKETT was born on 25 Feb 1868. She died in Mar 1915. She was buried in Mt Vernon Cemetery, Tate Co, MS.
62. Andrew CROCKETT was born on 13 Nov 1798 in Wythe Co, VA. He died on 11 Sep 1852 in Williamson Co, IL. He was buried on 12 Sep 1852 in Andrew Crockett Cemetery, on Wilson Pike, Williamson Co, TN. He was married to Catherine Walker BELL on 2 Apr 1818. Catherine Walker BELL was born on 21 Feb 1798 in Davidson Co, TN. She died on 14 Feb 1890 in Williamson Co, TN.
Children of Andrew CROCKETT and Catherine Walker BELL were:
+91 i. Margaret Joanna CROCKETT.
92 ii. Samuel CROCKETT was born on 17 Nov 1821. He died on 9 Feb 1822. He was buried in Andrew Crockett Cemetery, on Wilson Pike, Williamson Co, TN.
93 iii. Ferdinand CROCKETT was born on 9 Dec 1834 in Williamson Co, IL. He died on 24 May 1835 in Williamson Co, IL. He was buried in Andrew Crockett Cemetery, on Wilson Pike, Williamson Co, TN.  
94 iv. Robert Thomas CROCKETT was born on 28 Jun 1827 in Williamson Co, IL. He died on 11 Aug 1830 in Williamson Co, IL. He was buried in Andrew Crockett Cemetery, on Wilson Pike, Williamson Co, TN.  
+95 v. Ann Eliza CROCKETT.
66. Sally Elliot CROCKETT. She was married to John Ramsey BAIN. Sally Elliot CROCKETT and John Ramsey BAIN had no known children.
73. Margaret Jane CROCKETT was born on 17 Oct 1829 in Wythe Co, VA. She died in 1848. She was married to Robert Blake CAROTHERS in 1847.Margaret Jane CROCKETT and Robert Blake CAROTHERS had no known children.
75. Martha W CROCKETT was born about 1835. She was married to ___ MOORE. Martha W CROCKETT and MOORE had no known children.
77. Sarah Ann CROCKETT died before 9 Mar 1870 in Williamson Co, TN.She was married to NEAL. Sarah Ann CROCKETT and NEAL had no known children.

Date: Thu, 5 Mar 1998
From: "Richard Bain" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
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From: Lisa Henderson <>
To: <>
Date: Thursday, March 05, 1998 4:33 AM
>Following is one of my generations found in my lineage...check out the marriaes, births, etc. hope this helps someone...or if you can add, let me know.
Lisa Henderson.

>66. Sally Elliot CROCKETT. She was married to John Ramsey BAIN. Sally Elliot CROCKETT and John Ramsey BAIN had no known children. ...
JOHN RAMSEY BAIN, b 6-12-1792, d 6-19-1868, m 1st NANCY DONNELL (b 6-26-1803 and d 4-24-1829) in Davidson Co., TN. Issue: ELIZA BAIN (b 10-8-1823 and d 5-5-1888); HARRIET NEWELL BAIN (b 5-9-1825 and d 12-20-1862) m CULLEN E. DOUGLAS 4-4-1848; SOPHIA BAIN (b 4-13-1827) m FRANCIS A. SPORER.

JOHN RAMSEY BAIN m 2nd SARAH ELLIOTT CROCKETT, dau of SAMUEL CROCKETT III and JOANNAH SAYERS, (b 9-20-1801 and d 1-27-1878 in Haywood Co., TN) 11-5-1829 in Sumner Co., TN. Issue:
1. SAMUEL CROCKETT DOAK BAIN - b 2-14-1831; d 3-17-1898 in Haywood Co., TN; m 1st DELPHINE HALE 12-6-1854 in Davidson Co., TN and 2nd EMMA GRIFFIN 2-20-1878 in Haywood Co., TN
2. WILLIAM MC NEILL BAIN - b 8-22-1832; d 11-15-1854; m ANN BULLOCK 10-3-1854 in Williamson Co., TN.
3. JOHN SAYERS CROCKETT BAIN - b 7-16-1834; m MARGARET WISENER WILSON 1-9-1867 in Williamson Co., TN.
4. MARY LOUISA BAIN - b 6-4-1837; m 1st ANDREW SAWYERS 3-8-1870 in Rutherford Co., TN and 2nd JAMES WILLIAMSON.
5. ROBERT CROCKETT BAIN - b 2-5-1838; d 9-18-1839.
6. SARAH JOANNA BAIN - b 1-10-1840.
7. EDWARD CHAPMAN BAIN - b 6-20-1842.
8. MARTHA ANN BAIN - b 9-30-1845; d 7-4-1904; m WILLIAM LINUS MACON 11-29-1871 in Haywood Co., TN.
Richard A. Bain

Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998
From: Bobby Bland <>
To: DanvilleCrossing-List
Subject: Re: [DanvilleCrossing-L] Crockett
Just read your note and might add this.  
DAVID CROCKET d. 6 March 1836
REBECCA ELVIRA CROCKETT HALFORD and ROBERT PATTON CROCKETT went with their mother ELIZABETH to Texas to claim the land grant given by Texas to David for fighting at the Alamo. This land is no longer in the Crockett family but is a full operating ranch. The Crockett family was given a tour of this ranch and saw where the original cabins were built. It was not an easy life and a great change from the rolling green hill of TN
David's youngest child Matilda signed her rights away and never left the Rutherford area. Not too many years before she died in 1890 she gave a interview to a reporter recounting her memories of her father leaving for Texas...

David A. Dycus wrote:
> In response to the latest letter from the gentleman refuting a Stewart Co connection, I don't really know about that, but I would point out that Davy had a Gibson Co, Tn connection. Rutherford was his home for a while and they still have his cabin there. Someone might have to bring me up on the date that Davy was killed at the Alamo but I know his daughter, Rebecca Elvira was married to James Marion Halford on 9Feb1847 in Gibson Co and they later moved to Texas where he died in the early 1860's
David Dycus

Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 15:02:29 -0600  
From: Bobby Bland <>
To: DanvilleCrossing-List
Subject: Re: [DanvilleCrossing-L] Crockett
2nd wife ELIZABETH PATTON b. 22 May 1788 d. 31 Jan 1860, Hood co. TX m. 1815, Lawrence Co. TN
1st child ROBERT PATTON CROCKETT   b. 16 Sept 1816 Lawrence Co. TN d. 3 Aug 1889 Hood Co. TX    m. 16 Oct 1841 Gibson Co. TN   Matilda Porter b. 2 Feb 1823 Gibson Co. TN d. 2 Sept 1864 Hood Co. TX
#2 wife Louisa A. Wohlford
#3 wife Lydia America Corley
David Crockett's oldest son JOHN WESLEY CROCKETT is buried in the old City Cemetery in Paris, TN. Many of his descendants still live in Henry Co. It was John Wesley's son CHARLES WATROUS CROCKETT who was the owner and editor of a Dover newspaper. 7 of his children were born in Stewart Co. He had moved his family to Robertson Co. by 1894 because his last child was born there on 10 Sept 1894. DAVID lived only in Gibson County after his move to West TN. He roamed all over this area hunting and "politicing". He visited and stayed in Paris many times because his son lived there. He was always looking and trying any new business venture and at most was a failure. He was surely a roamer and at homevery little. All records indicate that.
Hope this answers some of the questions.
Of historical interest----I was sent a map showing the hunting trails of the Chickasaw Indians. There was a really popular one coming from the Obion Bottom all the way up to and thru Henry Co. TN. We have no proof but think this is probably the trail that DAVID used coming to this area for visits. This would also bring him through Carroll Co. TN

David A. Dycus wrote:
> In response to the latest letter from the gentleman refuting a Stewart Co connection, I don't really know about that, but I would point out that Davy had a Gibson Co, Tn connection Rutherford was his home for a while and they still have his cabin there. Someone might have to bring me up on the date that davy was killed at the Alamo but I know his daughter, Rebecca Elvira was married to James Marion Halford on 9Feb1847 in Gibson Co and they later moved to Texas where he died in the early 1860's
David Dycus

Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998
From: Bobby Bland <>
Subject: [CROCKETT-L] Re: John Crockett brother of DAVID CROCKETT

....all persons who have expressed interest in the Crockett Cousins book by Kathryn Jones:
The Direct Descendants and Kin of David Crockett organization
offers this book. Make check to  the organization for $32.00 which includes postage.
This covers other Crockett families other than David's family
Mail to:
Joy N. Bland
5555 Reynoldsburg Rd.
Paris, TN 38242
Have you visited the Crockett homepage?

Subj: Grandmother was a Decendant of Davy Crockett
Date: 11/15/98
From: (Dan Tuck)
Dear Genny,
I was recently told that my Grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Lawler, born 12/25/1871 was a descendant of Davy Crockett. If you have any information about this I would appreciate hearing from you.
my mailing address is:
Dan Tuck
3832 Justin Road
Monkton, MD 21111
Subj: Crockett questions
Date: 11/16/98
From: (Don McCormick)
I'm interested in knowing the names of David Crockett's (of Alamo fame) siblings. I think I have one of his sisters in my family history.  Also, can someone tell me about his parents, grandparents, greatgrandparents, etc.?
Don McCormick

Subj: Re: Crockett family tree
Date: 11/29/98
From: Genny1
To: G A

Hi Rebecca:
I am sending a copy of notes Sonia and I have exchanged so far on our Robertson County a file of stuff other people have sent me....
There is a good Crockett page on Joe Payne's web pages, which may help find out something on Davy's line.....
Joe Payne Genealogy Page

I will "cut and paste" some of the Crockett info I have at the bottom of this email...
Check out my Crockett web page at:  (this page)

Nancy Goodman in TN

In a message dated 11/26/98 G A SCHUP writes:

<< Subj: Crockett family tree
Date: 11/26/98 11:34:05 AM Central Standard Time
From: G A
To: Genny1

Dear Genny,
My great-grandmother is Delili Jane Crockett born in Robertson county Tennessee in the later 1800s. She married John Henry Wilson also of Robertson county Tennessee. They had a son Walter Samuel, my grandfather. He married Beatrice Everett Swift, daughter of John McFerrice Swift and Dora Day McMurtry of Greenbriar, Tn.

I was always told by my grandmother that my grandfather was related to Davy Crockett. I would like to trace this connection if possible . Could you help me?

Rebecca Schuppener >>

Subj: Re: Crockett
Date: 11/25/98
From: Genny1
CC: Genny1

Hi again Sonia:
I am collecting some of the Crockett info that other people have sent I haven't done a lot on this line myself, I am not sure if Samuel & William are brothers or not....

I had some confusion in the files I had as one lady was called Mary by a researcher, then next thing I found was her being called Elizabeth!!   but I think it was Elizabeth, from other sources....

Nancy Goodman in TN

In a message dated 11/20/98 writes:

<< Subj: Re: Crockett
Date: 11/20/98
From: (Sonia Meyer)

Hi Nancy,

Thanks so much for your offer to share Crockett information.
I believe your Samuel may have been a brother to my William?
I have a little PA information on them as well. I would be most interested in seeing your family group outline, and thank you in advance.

Sonia Meyer
Hacienda Heights, CA >>

Subj: Crockett
Date: 11/20/98
From: Genny1
Hi Sonia:
I found your query on GenConnect....
I too have a Crockett line from PA to Robertson County TN.....
I don't have a lot on them, other than stuff some other people have sent me, but if you are interested, I can check and send you some info.....don't know if your John or William are connected to my Samuel and James....

Also, are you aware of the Crockett mailing list? If not, and you want directions to join, let me know.....
Nancy Goodman in TN


Posted by Sonia Meyer <> on Fri, 21 Aug 1998

I am looking for information on JOHN CROCKETT, 1768 PA and wife REBECCA JOHNSON. They were said to have gone first to Robertson Co., and then Humphreys Co., TN. I am descended from their son WILLIAM CROCKETT(1801-1837) and NANCY JONES thru their only son, JOHN CROCKETT (c. 1822-aft. 1880) and REBECCA JANE BAILEY or BAILY.
When John's father died in Humphreys Co., his uncle HENRY CROCKETT was appointed guardian. John and Rebecca Jane moved first to Jersey Co., IL in abt. 1855, and then to New Madrid Co., & Lincoln Co., MO.

Would like to exchange information on this line of PA Crocketts to TN.

This is my line (Nancy Goodman, email:
J. W. Crockett, age 31, listing in 1850 census of Montgomery County Tn; household #1191; page 429 of microfilm roll. This is next door to Catharine Crockett, (household 1192, page 429) who later married Preston D. Phillips, father of Andrew Jackson Phillips.
Subj: Crockett-Phillips Family
Date: 96-02-06
To: Genny1

Dear Nancy, My gg grandfather was Jackson Conrad Crockett, born 1823 in Owen Co., IN. He was the son of David and Polly (Nosler) Crockett. David was the son of Alexander and Elizabeth (Watkins) Crockett who were married on the "Banks of the French Broad" according to her pension application. (Probably Jefferson Co., TN since that is where her father lived at the time of their marriage.) They lived in Anderson Co., TN after their marriage, in 1793, until his death in 1816. About 1821, Elizabeth and her 12 children, moved to Owen Co., IN. We believe Alexander was the son of William and Agnes (Ritchie) Crockett of Prince Edward Co., VA. William purchased land in P.E. Co. in 1745.

Now for your family. In 1850 your J. W. Crockett was living next to Catherine Crockett who was probably his stepmother. He probably died before 1860 since his wife Polly and their children, were living alone in 1860. His mother was Mary (Sullivan), first wife of James Crockett and younger sister of Catherine (Sullivan), James' second wife. All three are buried in Swift Cemetary, Montgomery Co., TN. James was the son of Samuel and Sarah (Wilson) Crockett who moved to Robertson Co., TN from Cumberland Co., PA in 1788. It appears that J.W.'s widow, Polly, married your Preston Phillips after the 1860 census was taken and that his son and Polly and J.W.s daughter were married when they grew up. Would like to hear more about their descendants and where they lived. I'm sorry to say we don't seem to have a match on our Phillips. My line was in VA by 1660 and lived in southern Va. I do have a little more information on your family if you would like to have it. I would appreciate anything you care to share with me on any Crockett line.

Subj: Crockett Genealogy Date: 96-02-14 11:47:58 EST
To: Genny1

Dear Nancy, I'm pleased I was able to provide you with some new material. You asked how I knew all this and I must confess it is collected data from 3 Crockett researchers over a long period of time. We read census records, court, land , marriage records and whatever we could find in print. The three of us were searching for our own line when we came together. I was in the library in Knoxville, TN where I found a write up on her Crocketts by a lady in Graham, TX, I contacted her and we have been exchanging data ever since. At the same time, the librarian in Knoxville asked if I would like to answer a letter from another Crockett researcher. She lived in Athens, OH at the time but now lived in Ocean Shores, WA. We've pooled our research which enabled us to track down many lines.

From the book "Along the Warioto" by Beach, Pg. 91 is the following: "Elizabeth A. Crockett was a Sullivan and after her death, James Crockett married her sister, Catherine. Two slaves, the property of Mr William Sullivan, were accused of poisoning Mrs. Elizabeth Crockett. Travis was acquited but his son Kinchen was adjudged guilty of murder and sentenced to be hanged on 8 June 1821. A large crowd witnessed the execution, despite the heavy rain which fell from the time the prisoner was removed from the jail until the hanging was completed." This Catherine and her two sons were in Montgomery Co in the 1850 census and J. W. and his wife and children were living next door. J.W. was probably the son of Elizabeth, the sister who was poisened, and Catherine was his stepmother. We do not have proof of this but it is a very strong possibility and a place to do a little more digging. He was probably raised by Catherine since he was only a young child when his mother died. Also, his first born child was named Catherine. Since his wife, Polly, and their children were alone in the 1860 census it is safe to assume she was a widow and later in that year married Preston Phillips. The 1870 census should prove or disprove this. I did not know whom she had married so I have not read the census for Phillips. ...
Hope this helps.

Subj: Crockett Connections!
Date: 96-02-21

Nancy, If you connect to Samuel and Sarah (Wilson) Crockett in Robertson Co TN, then you DEFINITELY connect to my husband's line. I can provide you with family group info on Samuel and Sarah and lines as they descend and apply to my husband. Sarah Wilson was d/o Nathaniel and Elizabeth Wilson of Cumberland Co PA. She was b 27 Feb 1766 in Cumb Co PA, d 20 May 1849 in Robertson Co TN and she and Samuel are both buried in Crockett Cem near Springfield in Robertson Co TN. Her father, Nathaniel Wilson was born (per History of Hocking Twp, Farifield Co Ohio) 31 Mar 1743 in PA (prob Cumb Co) d. 21 Mar 1814 in Fairfield Co Ohio. I have a whole file of info per his Scottish WILSON connections thru his father, also named Nathaniel, who immigrated from Scotland to PA.
Sarah Wilson had siblings: Mary (Polly) md John Lattimore; Nathaniel md Alice Mateer in 1796; Robert md Jane Donovan in 1809; James md Sarah Edwards; William md Rachel Wells in 1802; Samuel md Sarah Jane Martin; Josiah never md; and Elizabeth, who also reportedly never married.
Sarah's father, Nathaniel Wilson, deeded a tract of land to the gov't in perpetuity as a cemetery, he, his wife, and some of their childrn and grchldrn are buried there in Fairfield Co Ohio. The deed is signed for by each sitting Pres of the US, I have copy of the one signed for by FDR. The cem lies in the middle of private property, but is walled and gated
. Per Samuel and Sarah's family Bible, Samuel was son of William and Margaret Crockett, but we have never gotten past this, have not been able to determine where this William came from or what Margaret's maiden name was, tho, according to the Bible, Margaret was born in Ireland. ...


Descendants of Samuel, John, and William Crockett
Posted by Paula <> on Wed, 30 Dec 1998

Surnames: Crockett, Massey, Hamilton, Cooley, Wilson

WILLIAM CROCKETT b: abt 1730 married MARGARET ? b: july 1734 in Ireland raised their children in GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP< CUMBERLAND COUNTY. PA. A bible record shows the first child as SAMUEL CROCKETT b:1759 ; other children were JOHN, JAMES, WILLIAM, POLLY, and another daughter. After the Revolutionary War three of the brothers left their home in Greenwoon Township, Cumberland County, PA. and settled in the Indian territiry of Tennessee. By 17881 SAMUEL CROCKETT and spouse SARAH WILSON lived in ROBERTSON COUNTY with their newborn son WILSON CROCKETT. 2) Samuel's brother JOHN CROCKETT started out in ROBERTSON COUNTY and moved to Humphreys County where he finally made his home. 3) WILLIAM CROCKETT was on the 1820 Tennessee State Census, but I am not sure if he was in Robertson as early as brothers SAMUEL and JOHN CROCKETT.

SAMUEL and JOHN CROCKETT are found in many documents that prove their date in which they began living in TN, but WILLIAM is not.

JOHN CROCKETT had a son named JOHN left his home in Humphreys County and went to SC after the death of his first wife. He returned to the state of TN with his new bride GRACE nee CROCKETT. When Grace and John returned to TN. they moved to OBION COUNTY. GRACE died in the early 1840's with a newborn baby beside her, and the tombstone gives Grace's fathers name. The Crockett line for Grace goes back to Robert Crockett of AUGUSTA COUNTY, VA. After the death of Grace, John married twice after before his death, and his fourth wife moved to Weakley County, TN. and was buried there. I almost believe that Grace and John Jr. were cousins, because why would John leave to go to another state and marry a woman with the same surname as his shortly after his wife's death?

Anyone wanting to share info I would be glad to. This line is very confusing and I would like to find the descendants of this Crockett line.


•Crockett connection : Nancy Phillips Goodman -- Sat, 02 Jan 1999

Crockett connection

Posted by Nancy Phillips Goodman <> on Sat, 02 Jan 1999, in response to Descendants of Samuel, John, and William Crockett, posted by Paula on Wed, 30 Dec 1998

Surnames: Crockett, Phillips, Appleton, Jones

Paula, I tried to email you at the email address given and it would not go through..I am descended from the Samuel Crockett mentioned in your post, who came to Robertson County from PA. and would like to know what else you may have on Samuel Crockett?

I have a Crockett web page at:
with some notes on Crockett research in TN.


Subj: I am Paula of Samuel Crockett Descent)  Date: 1/26/99
To: Genny1
Hi, the crocketts in Robertson County become very complex after 1830. When Samuel, John, and William married it looks as if they had large families, and the names are the same....LOL ... As fas as records on Samuel, I have tons of them but not apply to Samuel. Bits and peices of other things too.
What do you need?
Nice to meet you cuz,

Subj: Re: I am Paula of Samuel Crockett Descent)  Date: 1/26/99
To: Genny1
In a message dated 1/26/99 8:08:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, Genny1 writes:
<< >>
Nancy, do you know for sure that you are of Samuel's Line? I have some records that could help you to connect to the brothers. I know we are from PA, but I have been findind things that suggest our line may have descendants in VA., but not solid yet.
Are you doing the Whole line or just direct? I am checking my records for your family so I am still online.

X-Message: #1  Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999
From: Marion Vowell <>
Subject: [CROCKETT-L] Polly Finley

There have been several questions regarding the parent and siblings of Polly (Finley) Crockett. I thought the following data might be helpful to all of you researching the Finley line. The information can be found in the will of William Finley. It is on file in Jefferson Co., TN and was written 3 Apr 1818.
In part it reads: "First I give and bequeath to my son James my large pot rack. I also give and bequeath to my sons William and Samuel the sum of two dollars 2 daughters Jean Barnes and Suzanne Park the sum of two dollars. I also give to my daughter Mary Crockett's three children John, William and Polly two dollars son Kennedy and his heirs my plantation of 100 wife Jean".
A 2 page typed article written in 1928 by Major A. F. France is on file in the TN State Library. He takes the Finley family back several generations to when they first arrived in this country in 1720 and settled in Chester Co., PA. William's wife was Jean Kennedy and his parents were John and Ann Miller Finley. He was born 14 Apr 1764 in Lincoln Co., NC.
John Finley's parents were John Finley and Mary Caldwell.
John's parents, the immigrants, were James Finley and Elizabeth Patterson.
The article written by France gives dates, places, children, etc. on the four generations. Since I am not researching the Finley family I have not checked out his data.

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