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1.  Joseph William "Joe" COOPER was born in 1835 in Virginia (Cooper's Ferry, VA?). Died in 1892 in Nashville, Davidson Co , Tennessee. Buried in Buchanan Cemetery; Elm Hill Pk;Nashville. (From Franklin Tennesse? orginally from Virginia?.)
Cooper family may have been in Maury County; and orginally may have been from "Cooper's Ferry", Virginia, according to Mae Osment Webster.
One note I have says "Cooper family was in Franklin TN.", but I have not been able to make any connections with the Cooper family there.
Joe Cooper married Mary Simphronia BEECH. Mary Simphronia BEECH [S1] was born on 12 May 1860 in KY. Mary S. Beech was 10 years old when admitted to the St. Mary's Villa Catholic Orphanage on September 4, 1870. She was dismissed on May 4, 1872 to John Lewis of Pulaski, TN. Died on 5 Aug 1941 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. Buried in Donelson Church of Christ Cemetery.
REFERENCE: SOURCES St Mary's Villa; Catholic Orphanage; 30 White Bridge Rd; Nashville, Tn. Phone 615 352-3087. In phone conversation, the information was obtained concerning the three children of Lilah LEE and Lawson BEECH (Mary S.; Susan & Sydney). When asked if a photocopy could be made of the record, the person on the phone said the book is too big and too old to make copies of.

REFERENCE: WEST WILSON COUNTY (TN) NEIGHBORS: Pg 56 - Listing of early members of Center Chapel Church of Christ which was halfway between Corinth Church of Christ and Mt. Juliet Church of Christ, included the following:
Bertie Castleman, wife Ida (Cooper), children, Macon, Eunice, Eudella.
Mrs. Mary (Beech) Cooper, children, Hugh, Harris, Ida, Gussie, Emmie, Laura (Laura married Delbert Goodman.)

Joe COOPER and Mary S. BEECH had the following children:
+2 i. Harris COOPER
+3 ii. Johnny C. COOPER
+4 iii. Emma COOPER
+5 iv. Ida COOPER
6 v. Andrew COOPER Twin was born on 4 Aug 1884. Nothing known about him.
+7 vi. Laura Louise COOPER Twin
+8 vii. Lula Augusta COOPER

He also married Mary ? SMITH ?. (this was his FIRST marriage)
They had the following children:
+9 i. William J. COOPER
+10 ii. Nannie (Nancy?) COOPER
+11 iii. Hugh Woodall COOPER
+12 iv. Maggie COOPER
13 v. Martin COOPER was born in 1870. Died in 1892. Buried in Buchanan Cemetery; Nashville, TN; beside his father.

2. Harris COOPER He married Jawn (COOPER). (moved to St Louis (?) MO) They had the following children:
+14 i. Mary Ann COOPER, married a WHITE
3. Johnny C. COOPER He married Ada THOMPSON. They had the following children:
+15 i. Oma COOPER
16 ii. J. A. COOPER

4. Emma COOPER She married Luther Burton OSMENT. They had the following children:
+17 i. Mae OSMENT
+18 ii. Jay OSMENT

5. Ida COOPER She married Bertie CASTLEMAN. They had the following children:
+19 i. Eudell CASTLEMAN
+20 ii. Eunice W CASTLEMAN
+21 iii. Macon Ewing CASTLEMAN
She also married Elbert HUTCHINS.

7. Laura Louise COOPER Twin was born on 4 Aug 1884. Died on 26 Mar 1954 in Nashville, TN. Buried at Donelson Church of Christ; Donelson, TN. She married Delbert Houston GOODMAN on 30 Sep 1903. Delbert Houston GOODMAN was born on 6 Jun 1884 in Mt Juliet, Wilson, Tennessee. Died on 15 Oct 1972 in Nashville, TN. Delbert is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery, Madison, TN. They had the following children:

22 i. Attie May GOODMAN was born in 1905. Died in 1905 at 6 mos of age; on tombstone it says "Our Darling". (Carver Funeral Records book.)
+23 ii. Gladys GOODMAN
+24 iii. Goldie GOODMAN
+25 iv. Aubrey Douglas GOODMAN Sr.
+26 v. Malcolm GOODMAN
+27 vi. Herschel GOODMAN

8. Lula Augusta COOPER was born in 1887. Died in 1944. She married Richard Green GOODMAN. Richard Green GOODMAN was born in 1885. They had the following children:
+28 i. Ellie James GOODMAN
+29 ii. Helen GOODMAN
+30 iii. Richard Hugh GOODMAN
+31 iv. Roy William GOODMAN
32 v. Gletha GOODMAN (I) was born on 7 Dec 1911. Never married.
+33 vi. Marvin Buford GOODMAN
+34 vii. Ernest Green GOODMAN
+35 viii. Margaret Eloise GOODMAN

9. William J. COOPER He married Eva"Evie" SMITH. They had the following children:
+36 i. Addie May COOPER
+37 ii. Mauda Lee COOPER
+38 iii. Fanny May COOPER
+39 iv. William Joseph "Uncle Dunk" COOPER

10. Nannie (Nancy?) COOPER She married ? SMITH.  

11. Hugh Woodall COOPER. Hugh married late in life, at about 50 years of age; no children. He married Mattie Pearl AKIN.

12. Maggie COOPER She married John BROOKSHER.They had the following children:
41 ii. Tillman BROOKSHER [S2]. Resided at 926 5th Avenue South; Nashville, TN in 1941.
42 iii. Mason BROOKSHER
+43 iv. Omer T. BROOKSHER Sr
44 v. Audie Lee BROOKSHER
+45 vi. LulaBelle BROOKSHER
+46 vii. Harlin W. BROOKSHER
47 viii. John D. "Buster" BROOKSHER

Subj: Re: Cooper  Date: 98-07-09
In a message dated 98-07-08, Sue Groves Cooper writes:
<< Subj: Re: Cooper Date: 98-07-08
To: Genny1
Sorry, I really haven't had a chance to do any genealogy for several months...
Do you have any dates on Joseph W. Cooper, I would be happy to look thru my Cooper material to see if I have anything on him.
I have recently heard from Gayle Ragland, do you know her? She is a descendant of my husb's Abraham Asberry's brother, Frances. I have her e-mail if you want it. Still don't know who Abraham's first wife was.
Keep in touch.
Sue Cooper,
Antioch, TN >>
Hi Sue;
Thanks for the note, ....
My Joseph W. Cooper, also known as Joe, was born 1835, died 1892, and is buried in Hermitage, at Buchanan Cemetery on Elm Hill Pike.
His first wife was ______Smith (?), he had 5 or 6 kids by her, then married Mary S. Beech and had several more, one of which was my husband's grandmother, Laura Cooper who married Delbert Houston Goodman....
      Nancy Goodman
Subj: Beech   Date: 98-07-11
To: Genny1
Hi Nancy,
I would like to find out if there is a Victoria Beech connected to Lawson and Lilah Lee Beech on your homepage.
Victoria Beech married William J. Gunter in Cheatham County, Tennessee on December 18, 1879. She was born: December 6, 1852 and died May 26, 1899.
I am searching for her parents names and siblings. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
I have a homepage that contains some of the information that I have on my extended family.
There are too many names to mention here. Most of them were from Cheatham, Davidson, Rutherford and Williamson Counties.
Oneofsky1's Home Page
Perhaps it might be useful to some who are searching these counties or surnames mentioned.
Thank you,
Dianne >>

Subj: Re: Beech  Date: 98-07-11
To: Genny1
Good Morning Nancy,
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I will keep the Beech names in mind and if I come across them, I will be sure to let you know.
Most of my family is in Cheatham and Davidson County, Tennessee.
The URL for my page is:
I will place a link to your page on mine.
Have a great day.
Dianne Hooper
Covington, Texas
Subj: Cooper  Date: 12/8/98
From: Genny1

Wondered if you have anything on a Joe (Joseph W. ?William?) Cooper, born 1835, (either in VA or TN) and died 1892 in Davidson County, Nashville, TN....
He married 1) ____Smith, and 2) Mary S. Beech.
I have a Cooper web page at:
Nancy Goodman in TN


Looking for the parents of COOPER, Ambrose, Born Dec. 18,1796 in Botetourt County Virginia. He moved to Smith County Tennessee at a young age with his parents {no info } and his brother COOPER ,Meredith. Ambrose married KILBRAITH, Mary in Smith County and had two children before moving to Illinois in 1823. The children were COOPER, Hugh L. and COOPER, William. I have Information on these coopers from 1792 foward.

Carroll R. Cooper --
1705 Pleasant Lane,
Copperas Cove, TX 76522

Submitted on Wed Aug 26 22:40:38 EDT 1998
Subj: Cooper  Date: 12/8/98

Hi Nancy,

I have documentation on Meredith (1792 VA.-1870 IL.) and Ambrose Cooper (1796 VA.-1874 lL.). I have conflicting leads on their father. I have a Jonathon Cooper and a Dabney Cooper who are reportedly the father of these two boys .

I dont know if any Cooper's remained in VA.& TN. until further research. As of now, I can tell you that none of Meredith's or Ambroses children were named Joseph, but I dont know who may have remained in the area of your interest.

You may want to check out this URL
(I know it is long but I have retrieved some nice leads from here.

I will keep my eyes open for you and would appreciate hearing from you should you see a connection.
Best regards,

Subj: RE: Cooper  Date: 9/14/98
From: (Sue Cook)
To: ('')

Hi Nancy!
Thanks so much for your note! ... If you don't see what you are looking for in the Cooper file that you downloaded, please give me a shout. I have a lot more information at home than is on the web site. It would be great if I could help! Blessings!
Sue Montgomery-Cook
Denton Family Genealogy:

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Sent: Saturday, September 12, 1998 5:26 PM
To: Sue Cook
Subject: Cooper
Hi Sue:
I wanted to ask about your Cooper connection......I downloaded your gedcom file but have not had time yet to check it...
I have a file on my Cooper at:
          Nancy Goodman in TN

Subj: Cooper  Date: 1/19/99
From: (Glenn Baughman)

My name is Glenn Baughman, in the Baughman (Bachmann) family I have A Polly Baughman, born Abt 1780 in the Shenandoah, Co, married William Cooper 19 Dec 1801 at Botetourt, Co, Va. He was born Abt 1778. Any help would be appreciated.


Subj: cooper  Date: 1/25/99

Posted by Dortha Heathcoat Gamel <> on Mon, 25 Jan 1999, in response to Cooper, posted by Conchita M. Ballard on Sun, 24 Jan 1999

Surnames: COOPER, FIKE

Conchita, I have this on the COOPER family in Roane Co Tn
.Hope it helps,

Descendants of JOHN COOPER

1 JOHN COOPER 1729 - Abt. 1809

... +MARY - 1833

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