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283 Date: 23.5.98/2:17
Mary Frances Hurley Foust ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am searching for information on the Gulley family who lived in Hancock Co. TN and Hawkins Co TN and also searching for information on the Dial family in Hardeman Co. TN and Alcorn Co. Mississippi. Thanks
282 Date: 20.5.98/20:21
Rosemary Evon ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I just had to sign your guest book and say what a wonderful web site. There is alot of work involved with this site I can tell.

281 Date: 17.5.98/22:22
Ray Burkhart ( / Note: this is a bad link 2/08/2010
thanks for the Homepage;
it is really a nice and helpful one with all the info you have in it
keep up the good work..
280  Date: 17.5.98/18:59
Allan Craig ( no homepage ) wrote:
First Visit. Have not expored enough to comment beyond that you have given many sources of Info.
279  Date: 15.5.98/20:49  Don Conley ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Loved your home page, I will be coming back.
Search for parents of JOHN EDWARD CARROLL, b East Tennessee, 1820.
Don Conley
Kennewick, Washington

278  Date: 14.5.98/18:28
Nancy Harris ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
I have enjoyed researching your pages. I am currently working on the families of O'Kelly, Turnage, Harris, Braden, Delashmit, Cothran, Sears, (from the Tipton Co. area), Carmack, Herbert, Williams (early Davidson and Williamson co)

277  Date: 12.5.98/21:16
Earene Sparks Wright ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am looking for Johnnie Rebecca Dunkin from Tn. I haven`t found this family in Tn. Maybe you can help me out on this. Thanks and God Bless.

276  Date: 10.5.98/19:54
PAULINE ROSEBERY (EPR@PRODIGY.NET / no homepage ) wrote:  
names i am looking for in Tn:

275  Date: 8.5.98/22:20
DWaldrop ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
Surfing Tennessee for info on the Waldrop's and allied families. Nice page. I'll come back later.
274  Date: 7.5.98/5:58
Helen Craig ( / no homepage ) wrote:
new to geneol. Researching James Monroe Winston and Thirza Thornton Winston family in Weakley Co Tn. Just found and explored abandoned Winston cemetery near Greenfield Tn off Dresden highway. 25 graves many buried.
273  Date: 4.5.98/2:39
Armond Clinton Beaty ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Message #219, change of e-mail address:
Married SUSAN NELMS, b 1818
Children: JOHN S. BEATY, b 1842
THOMAS WILLIAM BEATY, b 2/4/1844, Logan Co. KY.
Married: ANNIE GUSTA HILL, b 1845, Peoria, ILL.
Children: ARMEN VERCHOYLE BEATY, b 27/7/1871
JOHN WILLIAM BEATY, b 6/5/1880, Bonham, TX.
GEORGE CLINTON BEATY, b 4/5/1883, Bonham, TX.
Married: MATTIE DELLA BYRD, b 30/3/1886
MAGNOLIA BEATY, b 5/10/1867
Married: NORRIS L. HOUCHENS, 30/11/1868
JESSEY LEE BEATY, b 12/12/1893, Fannin Co. TX.
2d Marriage: Unk
Children: LEWALLYN (Lou) B. BEATY, b 1862
272  Date: 29.4.98/5:33
KELLY GOODMAN (KAEG@VAXXINE.COM / no homepage ) wrote:

271   Date: 29.4.98/1:56
Unknown ( no homepage ) wrote:
I've been attempting to find out about David and Jane Jackson of Overton Co, TN for about 6 years unsuccessfully. Need to know her maiden name and his father. David was born in 1793, probably in NC.

270   Date: 22.4.98/7:15
Darlene Whitbeck ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I enjoyed your web site and hopefull some that I e-mailed will be whom I'm looking for, if not the search goes on. Thanks So Much.
Darlene Whitbeck
269  Date: 21.4.98/0:44
Donny Ward ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am also decended from the Lanes of Wilson County,Tn. Looking for Lain, Lane, Ward, Patterson.

268  Date: 17.4.98/5:27
Jack Whitson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Very nice page! Keep up the hard work.

267  Date: 10.4.98/22:17
Bonita Roxanne Shelton Ledford ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Looking to put together a family tree. I have enjoyed reading lots and lots of TN history. My family names are Crumby, Isom, Isome, Laster, Lassiter, McKnatt and Shelton. Not having much luck. I plan to write you soon.
266  Date: 4.4.98/15:33
Lawson Phaby ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I'm trying to research surname PHABY/PHEBY/PHOEBY. 1870 Federal census for Laclede County, MO lists my ggf, Thomas H., 13, son of Mary A. PHOEBY, 36, born in Tennessee. 1880 MO census spells name PHEBY. Current spelling is PHABY. 1870 census shows Mary A. had three more children, Gideon, 11, born in NC, John 7, born in Tennessee, and Margaret, 2, born in Missouri. Have been unable to find any mention of Mary A. husband, father of this clan, who would be my gggf. Family verbal history points to fact Mary A. husband was born in England, but have no proof. If anyone has access to 1860 or 1870 TN census, would appreciate lookup of surname.
My e-mail is and snail mail is
Lawson Phaby, 1900 Fox Dr., Suite G71-229, McAllen, TX, 78504. Thanks.
265   Date: 31.3.98/23:27
Rebecca DeArmond (  wrote:
wrong homepage address on entry 263. sorry
264  Date: 31.3.98/23:22
Rebecca DeArmond (  
Great page!
Tennesse lines: Ozment & DeArmond

263  Date: 31.3.98/23:18
Rebecca DeArmond ( / (deleted, see #264 above) wrote:
Hi Nancy. I looked through it all. One of the absolute best pages I have ever seen!
Ancestors: Alfred Ozment & Nancy Lane

262  Date: 30.3.98/3:21
James Marsh (no email / no homepage ) wrote:
Reasearch mat gggf Councel Goodman b 1802 NC 1830 Franklin Co Tn 1850 Decatur Co thanx will submit Q & Smail Family History sheets.
261  Date: 26.3.98/1:35
Karen Turbeville ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Hi, My lineage takes me Tennessee. I understand at one time there was a "Turbeville" Plantation just southwest of Nashville. I'm sure it's gone by now, but I am still trying to locate others in the family tree. My grandfather, Cameron, visited often with a Richard Turbeville of Nashville who was still alive approx. 1970. I appreciate any information I could get.

260  Date: 25.3.98/17:47
Jerry M. Ray ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Hi Nancy!
I've been curious for years of tracing the roots of  my ancestry (RAY). Can you recommend the best way for me to go about it? What nationality 'RAY' is and maybe where the family originated from.
Thank you so much for your input Nancy!

259  Date: 24.3.98/18:29
Willie L. Mitchum ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your pages. Did not find any of the info that I was seeking but your format is very nice. Have been searching for Miles Hyldon Young (my father) and his sister Cleo for several years. He returned to Tennessee in 1937 when I was very small and I do not know what happened to him. I believe that he was the son of Willie (Mahaly) Young Bishop but have no proof.

258  Date: 24.3.98/18:00
Willie L. Mitchum ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your pages. Did not find any of the info that I was seeking but your format is very nice. Have been searching for Miles Hyldon Young (my father) and his sister Cleo for several years. He returned to Tennessee in 1937 when I was very small and I do not know what happened to him. I believe that he was the son of Willie (Mahaly) Young Bishop but have no proof.
257  Date: 22.3.98/1:09
Billie Wimberly ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Your web pages have been a tremendous help for me. I am researching the Ozment family of Wilson County. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for spotlighting Tennessee.
Billie Wimberly
256  Date: 21.3.98/23:59
Keitha Kirk ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
I am researching the Stroud family of Warren County Tennessee. Just today I have finally found my ggggrandmothers maiden name. She was Emma Stroud (from the death certificate of her son John P. Reidinger) and Emma was married to Joseph Reidinger. John was born 11-6-1831 in McMinnville, TN. Emma's next child was born in Benton (Calhoun) Co., AL c. 1834. I am trying to find when Joseph and Emma married, her lineage, etc. According to the TN 1830 census, a William Stroud of Warren Co. lived near a Samuel Ridinger (pgs 326 and 329) Samuel was the father of Joseph. Do you have any information on this William Stroud?  
On the Internet today I found some Acts of TN concerning a William Stroud. I don't know if it is the same person. One was in 1817 and he was appointed a Trustee of the Quincy Adams Academy. Then in 1831, a William Stroud of Warren Co. was sued by the School Land Commission. Could he be the father to Emma and was not a "good" Trustee?
Please e-mail me if you have any information.
255  Date: 21.3.98/22:10
Doe Stone (gloria@/ / no homepage ) wrote:
husband, Dr. James L. Stone (deceased) was son of Ida Mae Ratliff Stone Gage. Lots of Ratliffs in Texas history. Ida was daughter of Elijah and Pardue, granddaughter of William & Mary, g-grand of Jane Tumlinson Ratliff who was daughter of John Jackson Tumlinson who formed the first Texas Rangers. John Jackson Tumlinson came with Stephen F. Austin in l821 was killed by Waco Indians and his wife Eklizabeth received the land grant in Colorado County, Texas in l824.

254  Date: 21.3.98/6:01
Bobbie Hamilton ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I enjoyed looking at all of your information, I will return soon,

253  Date: 16.3.98/18:41
Marianne Gallagher ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am looking for any information on my grandfather,Leo F. Gallagher. We thought he was born in Penna., but according to social security, he was born May 19, 1897 in Tennessee. He left my dad and his family ( 5 kids) when my dad was only 2 years old, and the last anyone heard of him was that he died in NYC in July 1960. I am doing the genealogy thing so any info would be appreciated. Thank you very much. Oh, Leo's parents came from least that is what we were led to believe anyway.

252  Date: 15.3.98/18:01
Addie P. Howell ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Hi, I think your Query pages are great, I will be putting Queries in.
It's a great way to contact other people.
251  Date: 15.3.98/4:20
Aurelia Tippett ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Can anyone tell me anything about Thomas McNeer Gothard who died in Chattanooga, TN in Nov. 1928 and is buried in Soddy-Daisy? His wife was named Mary. I'm looking for a complete list of his children, his parents, and any information on Mary. Thanks.
A. R. Tippett

250  Date: 12.3.98/15:40
Faye Kennedy ( /
Note: bad link 2/08/2010

You have a very nice web page. I am searching for my grandfather BLUEFORD (BLUFORD ) GOODMAN. I'm not for sure where he came from. He was married to WILLIE ANN KING. They were living in Sulphur Springs,Texas when my father was born in 1903. Willie Ann died in 1905 and don't know what happened to Bluford Goodman after her death. If anyone has any info on this GOODMAN family, please get in touch with me at

249  Date: 9.3.98/3:46
Lois Ketner Angel ( / no homepage ) wrote:  
This is the first time I have surfed your genealogy queries.
I have found sereval I am interested in; I have sent e-mails to sereval tonight.
I am looking far a Jesse H Curlin and William Homer Kennedy , who lived in Henry co Tn, in the 1840/50's. Any information on these two families would be appreciated.
Lois Ketner Angel
248  Date: 8.3.98/6:40
Joe Skelley ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I appreciate the work that goes into this work. If you have a newsletter or update, let me know.
I am searching for the Skelley/Scally family(Wm. in the Rev. War and W'mson Co.Tn.

247  Date: 7.3.98/21:24  
Carol Dennis ( / no homepage ) wrote:
What a user friendly page you have....good job. I am searching for information on Frederick Washington DENNIS, born December 30, 1849 and died in 1905 in TN. He was born in Monroe County, OH a son of Joseph T. Dennis and Hester Ann Johnson Dennis. He married Mary J. Legros, born 1866 in Wisconsin and died 1953 in TN. I have no other information on this great-great uncle of my husband. Would so like to know more about this family, names of children, etc. and where in TN they lived, died and were buried. Any help would be greatly appreciated as he is one of 14 children and the only one I can find no information on. Thanks to anyone who can share some additional information......Carol Dennis, Marietta, OH.

246  Date: 2.3.98/12:18  
Jim Shivers ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Great site!!! Am involved in researching the Shivers family (noticed a reference to John and Jamima on one of ur pages,,they are my ggggrandparents),,do you know of any sites similar to yours in reference to Mississippi or Georgia? Again, enjoyed surfing ur site. Any help appreciated.
245  Date: 28.2.98/21:57
Louise Pelton ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I enoyed your pages very much and am constantly looking for my family ancestory in Tennessee. They are Howsers, Houser, Reno, Wetherbee and Oldham. You have so good pages.
244  Date: 26.2.98/15:36
Vicky Drake ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Great site - will pass it on to my Housden mail list.
Benjamin and Elizabeth TURNER HOUSDEN migrated to Williamson County Tennessee from Shenandoah County Virginia about 1818. Williamson County marriages into the HOSUDEN surname include: Samuel CHAMBERLAIN (1841), William BROWN(1845), James GUY(1841), Susan GUY(1836), Hannah LUKE/LEEK (or similar spelling - 1839), Elizabeth CROCKER (1837 - Her parents were Bailey and Sarah TAIT CROCKER) and Mary Ann GRUBBS (Davidson Co 1854).
At least part of the HOUSDEN family then migrated to Henry County and the following marriages occured:  
Emily Freeland (1858), Louisa Ferguson (1847) Martha Smith (1851) and Nancy Freeland (1861) Just before the Civil War another line of the HOUSDENs moved to Texas County, Missouri and married into a number or surnames that seemed to originate in Tennessee: McLAUGHLIN, CUNNINGHAM, FREELAND, and WILHITE
Vicky Drake
1260 E. La Jolla
Tempe, Arizona 85282
243  Date: 26.2.98/7:35
Louise Pelton ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Enjoyed all the queries. Am hoping to find out some information on my query. I have been looking for approx. one yr. and constantly finding new places to go thanks to sites like yours.
242  Date: 25.2.98/22:21
Rita DonCarlos ( / no homepage ) wrote:
You have a great page, found lots of information here. I am looking for any information on Ruben Perry HICKS (date of birth unknown). He is said to have been born in Obion Co. Tenn. He shows up in 1872 in Fulton Co. Ark. married to ? PINCHBACK.
His first born son, Lawson is born there in 1872 and his second son, Uriah "Pete" is born there in 1885. Ruben left his family and returned to Obion Co. (supposedly) and remarried a ? LATTIMER (Latimore). They are said to have had a large family.
Ruben had 1 sister named Mary, that married a BRANDEN (Branon)and remained in Obion Co. Tenn. I do not know when he died or where. Ruben was my GGrandfather. I would love to find someone who has at least heard of him. I can find nothing on him after he left Ark. in 1885. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you and love your site!
241  Date: 25.2.98/20:39
Susan Miller ( / http://www.iea/com/~millers)
Note: bad link 2/08/2010
Hi Nancy. Thanks for such a great page! I'm researching several families in East Tennessee; SEIBER, LEINART, EVANS, MURRY/MURRAY, BULLOCK, mostly in Anderson and Campbell Counties. I was just in Nashville at the beginning of the month, and would like to come back sometime!

240  Date: 25.2.98/17:33
Lyndon KEY ( /
Note: bad link 2/08/2010
(Key Family Genealogy)
wrote: Please add my web page to yours and visit often ,Thanks

239  Date: 25.2.98/1:29
Herman Taylor ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Great site. I am just starting to research the Taylor Fam. Hist.My GR Grandfathers were Fleming W Taylor, and Balem Poland from Roane Co.

238  Date: 24.2.98/3:36
Bob Knox ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Hi Nancy.
Just looking through everything I can find searching for other KNOXes. Sometimes it is easier than others to find it!! I already have a nice database out of PA and I am always looking for others. If you can point me in any directions it would be greatly appreciated.
237  Date: 21.2.98/17:28
Carolyn Ruth Emerson Clingan ( / no homepage ) wrote:
My grandfather was Gregory Luther Wells born in Sevierville, Tn./or close to. His parents were George Washington Wells and Mary Jane Layman. George was the son of Levi Wells and Anna Shrader . Mary Jane was the daughter of Henry Layman and Mary Burchfield.
236  Date: 21.2.98/4:30
Zia Crowell Miller ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Checking bookmarked site and found you with many inqueries linking to my families. Will spread the word about your page. Thanks for providing a connecting service.

235  Date: 17.2.98/9:41
Barbara (Thomas) Fitzmaurice ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Really enjoy your website a lot! My dad's family was from Rhea Co., TN. area, plus numerous other counties since I can't seem to get back any further then 1847! THOMAS and CRAIN. There are so many things to check in to on your pages, but wanted to let you know you are appreciated. Many thanks! Barb

234  Date: 17.2.98/4:26
Virginia Malone Eatherly ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Very nice homepage.

233  Date: 16.2.98/1:11
Pat Barsalou ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Hi Nancy,
I have a great uncle - James Newson -that was buried in Nashville. He was in the Civil War and was 19 years old. My brother just discovered his grave. I was looking for more information. Just browsing looking for cemeteries.
Pat Barsalou

232  Date: 16.2.98/1:09
Pat Barsalou ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Hi Nancy,
I have a great uncle - James Newson -that was buried in Nashville. He was in the Civil War and was 19 years old. My brother just discovered his grave. I was looking for more information. Just browsing looking for cemeteries.
Pat Barsalou

231  Date: 14.2.98/15:29
JOHN E. OSLER ( / no homepage ) wrote:

230  Date: 12.2.98/8:04
C.B Bullock ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I'm researching the Bullock family of bedford co. Tennessee.Can can you help stear me in a direction that will uncover data for my research. I have allot on this family from md.>nc.>tenn.?> mo.> ca..

229  Date: 11.2.98/5:55
Donald R. Bandy ( / no homepage ) wrote:
We are looking for Family of John Bandy He was in the civil war in tennessee. Wife arema Dilback Bandy
Childern Leander Albert Bandy son , Francies M Bandy son. Left tennessee after the war went to Missouri. If you know of any thing that may help us. You may email us at dbj@CYBERHIGHWAY.NET Thank You
228  Date: 10.2.98/19:43
Sharon GARNER Mason ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Do you have any information on the GARNER line. Thanks Sharon.

227  Date: 10.2.98/19:27
Ellen Weiss ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Great Site, I am working up the courage to add the families I am looking for.(I think I will)
226  Date: 10.2.98/19:26
Ellen Weiss ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Great Site, I am working up the courage to add the families I am looking for.

225  Date: 9.2.98/3:44  
Donald R. Bandy ( / no homepage ) wrote:
We are still looking for John Bandy who was in the civil war there in tennessee. If you now anything you may email us at

224  Date: 8.2.98/20:35
I am trying to learn this web tv .
Looking for my grandmother so I'll be sending you a inquiry

223  Date: 8.2.98/20:31
I am trying to learn this web tv .Looking for my grandmother so I'll be sending you a inquiry

222  Date: 6.2.98/19:59
Betty Tang ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Only had time for a peek; I'm a novice. Will be researching my family from Hamilton/Rhea County: Thomas Charles Blakeney a.k.a. Thomas Nugent on Union Army War Records. He married Martha Austin in TN following Civil War. He was from York, Eng. I can't find records there yet.
Related Soddy/Ducktown families included Jones, Coleman, Fout, and Bishop.
I will read more of your entries: maybe I'll get some ideas. Thanks,
Betty Tang
(Causian Asian)
221  Date: 4.2.98/14:45
Faye Kennedy ( / ) wrote:
I've enjoyed reading your web page.I have been searching for my Goodman line.Not much luck.Do you have any Goodman relatives from Texas ? I have been searching for my grandfather..Blueford or Bluford Goodman married to Willie Ann King.I don't have any dates on them.They would have to have been borned in the mid to late 1800's because my father Onus Earl Goodman was born on 10/12/1903.He died on 07/23/1979. He never talked about his family.The only family member that we knew was his sister..Zonay Lena Goodman Armitage.She was born in ?/?/1900.
He also had a brother named Cath Goodman..married to Maggie ? . Theis children.. Edna Ruth, Loretta, Dorothy Fay, Roman Lee, Bobby, C.G., & J.B..I don't know where any of these are or if they are still alive.
If you have any Texas ties,please get in touch with me.
Faye Kennedy

220  Date: 4.2.98/1:20
Pat Briel (PHB35@aol.com_and MFBP23A @ / no homepage ) wrote:
GOODMAN Evaline Wood, b 4 Jan 1815 TN; d. 10 Sep 1869 MS. Md Lewis Jackson KIRK.

219  Date: 3.2.98/7:38
Armond Clinton Beaty ( / no homepage ) wrote:
(new email address: - see message #273 near the top of page)
Searching for any info. on WILLIAM C. BEAT(T)Y who married Susan NELMS b. 1818. They had two boys, John S. Beaty, b. 1842 and Thomas William Beaty, b. 1844. They moved with the NELMS family from Logan Co. Ky. to Peters Colony, in Texas ca.1846. Land records show he was removed (born?) from Tennessee.

218  Date: 2.2.98/15:50
Thomas E. Brown, Jr. ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Love your page! I am deeply rooted in White County, TN and will be sending query. Thanks much.

217  Date: 29.1.98/20:02
Kathi Hudson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I have both JONES and PHILLIPS in my family line(s). Both were in (I assume) East TN. -- Rhea, Hamilton, Bradley Counties, etc. Do any of your Jones/Phillps have any references to East TN? Hard names to research

216  Date: 28.1.98/18:44
Jeri l. Reed ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I found it again! This site is very helpful and easy to understand as I have just started to see how useful this method of locating people is and some of the sites have been confusing. Thank you.

215  Date: 25.1.98/4:01
Barbara Faye Reeves ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I am the oldest daughter of Fayrene Edington and James Thomas father was born in Denton, Texas and my mother in Sherman grandparents were Gus Ellis Reeves & Virgiie Marie Bond.....George Franklin Edington & Mary Bessie Workman....I hope someday to find out more information on them.....thank you

214  Date: 10.1.98/1:52
Ned Goodman ( / no homepage ) wrote:
You have an interesting web page. My grandfather was John Meredith Goodman of Adams, TN. I am doing research on his line.

213  Date: 9.1.98/18:00
Pat Sulzer ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Seeking inofrmation on Silas E. stamper born 1874 in Montgomery Co,Tn married 1899 to Mary Luda Clinard they had 10 children all born Montgomery Co,Tn except their youngest , who was born in St. Louis,Mo Any connections out there?
Nancy thanks for great page I have it on my hotlist!!

212  Date: 9.1.98/14:57
Tammy Vrana ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I happened by your site through a Alta Vista search for a family name. Unfortunately, I didn't find my great grandmother's name, Elizabeth Parrot Cook (Tennessee Ridge) on your page. I've just begun to look into geneology (inspired by an old photograph of the Cooks), and want to continue checking some of the sources you've noted on your page. Should you happen to be researching these people, please feel free to e-mail me (my grandmother has a great memory). I'm also related to the late John Tanner (great grandfather) of Tennessee Ridge.
Thank you,
Tammy Vrana
Safety Harbor, Florida
211  Date: 5.1.98/19:37
A. Rich Woolard ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Having been born and raised in So. CA, it was strange to move to Tennessee and ask where exactly Grandpa was born and find out that it was no more than 75 miles from where I live. Thank you for the information that you have gathered. I haven't found anything so far. It has been fasinating see some others family history. Hopefully I will eventually find some of my history. Thanks
210  Date: 4.1.98/21:20
Nancy Elequin ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Oops!! I didn't include my Email address

209  Date: 4.1.98/21:17
Nancy Elequin (no email / no homepage ) wrote:
My grandparents were from Scott Co, Tenn., NANCY ELIZABETH WEST and CAMPBELL CANEY PHILLIPS, I enjoyed your page. Thanks
208  Date: 4.1.98/16:30
Linda Orr Crook ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Happy New Year! I have enjoyed looking at your web page and will more than likely come back for a visit from time to time.
I am researching James Hamilton Orr, Paris Count y, TN 1870 Federal census. Listed as J.H. ORR, physician. I'm stuck there.

207  Date: 1.1.98/8:25
Chris Cruess ( / ) wrote:
Enjoyed your web and links. Am researching Joseph Williamson b 1781 in ?? d 1871 iin TX married Elizabeth McWhorter b 1801 d 1876 in TX
They lived in Wilson County Tennesse and had several children in Wilson County TN. Stories say that Joseph was orphaned as a child and was raised by friends and family, I do not know who his parents were or where he was born. He was 71 years of age when he, his wife and sons and daughters moved to Texas in 1851. Any inquiries or suggestions appreciated.

206  Date: 31.12.97/2:45
Gary R. Grimes ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Am looking for information on my grandfather, Melvin KEEBLE who was born in Sevierville or Sevier County. Thanks. Hello from South Texas.

205  Date: 31.12.97/0:01
Betty McLaughlin ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Nice page was looking for Spradlin's in wilson co. and Smith in Montgomery co.
Thanks Betty
204  Date: 29.12.97/21:14
D. Patterson ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Searching for information of the HAGUEWOOD ( all variations) James Madison, Mary,John L.,my GGrandfather( William Judson HAGUEWOOD)was born around 1860-62 in Jellico, Tn and or Ky areas Many HAGUEWOOD'S are buried in Ky. do you have hints on finding the cemeteries.They were farmers , large families , Baptist and traveled with the ESTES families. Would love to hear from HAGUEWOOD and ESTES researchers. Great page you are providing. Thank you.
Don Patterson

203  Date: 29.12.97/20:40
DON PATTERSON ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I came across this web page by accident, I enjoyed reading it. My family is from Ky, have no idea what county, any suggestions ( 1850's) thanks, janice

202  Date: 29.12.97/15:28
Mary Creekmore ( / no homepage ) wrote:
I love your website. Very informative. I'm looking for the Creekmore and Willoughby family of the Jellico, Tn and Corbin, Ky areas. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your work!

201  Date: 28.12.97/19:49
Eric McClaren(McClearen) ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Looking for any history regarding McClearen history prior to 1890 aroung Hickman county
200  Date: 28.12.97/4:04
Marion Stewart ADAMS ( / no homepage ) wrote:
My family is from Smith co Tn
James STEWART b in Va 1852 married Mary Matildia INGRAM b 1811 in Va
son James M STEWART B 1852 IN VA married Sudan BUSH 21 Dec 1869 in Smith Co TN
son Wm Jasper STEWART b 9 Aug 1872 in Sm Co Tn married Phoeb Melinda DAVIS 30 Dec 1891in Sm Co Tn.
They lived and died in Sm Co Tn
son Roy Benton STEWART (my father) b 29 Oct 1902 in Sm Co Tn . d in Davidson Co Tn Nov 11 1960 married Lillie Pearl McCALEB 29July 1920 in Sm Co Tn . She was b Sept 14 1903 in Sm Co Tn . d April 1991 in Coffee Co Tn buried in Davidson Co Tn.

199  Date: 28.12.97/4:04
Marion Frances Stewart ADAMS ( / no homepage ) wrote:
Lillie Pearl McCaleb (my mother)
father John Washington McCALEB b 2,July 1851 in NCd 25 May 1931 in Sm Co Tn. marrried John Alice SIRCEY in Sm Co Tn She was b 9 Dec 1863 in Ky. They both lived and died in Sm Co Tn
His father was Allison McCALEB b 1864 in Puttom Co married
Sally Tollar MITCHELL in Tn. She died 1905 in Tn

198  Date: 28.12.97/3:45
Marion Stewart ADAMS ( / no homepage ) wrote:
P M DAVIS father Americus DAVIS b 26 july 1844 Tn married Parzida ASKEW 12 Oct 1864 in Tn  
They both lived and died in Robertson co Tn.
P ASKEW FATHER was Thomas B ASKEW b in Tn
he married Milinda TUBBS in Tn
They lived and died in Sm co Tn.
197  Date: 26.12.97/17:27
Kitty Smith (KKIIITT@aol .com/ no homepage ) wrote:
Have enjoyed looking at your pages.
196  Date: 24.12.97/21:56
Shahid Raki (rakis@odhs.state.odhs / no homepage ) wrote:
This is nice. Have you done any research on Greene Cty. My ancestors are mainly from there and some from GA on the maternal side of my family

195  Date: 23.12.97/4:34
Rick Gentry ( / no homepage ) wrote:
6051 Oakdale Ct.
Ft.Worth, Texas 76148
Looking for information about Glidwell Orrell Galloway,died in Weakley Co., Tenn. in April 1844

194  Date: 22.12.97/23:18
Ray Walker ( / no homepage ) wrote:
PO Bx 26331 Birmingham, AL 35260-0331
Looking for the ancestors of James Walker who left Blount Co., TN and moved to Madison Co., AL c 1800
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