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Dickson County lies west of Nashville, in the center of the Western Highland Rim. In 1783 the area now called Montgomery, Stewart, Dickson, Rutherford, Robertson, Hickman, Humphreys, and Davidson Counties were all included under one county name: Davidson. Prior to 1803 Davidson encompassed over three quarters of 'Middle Tennessee'. It was during the legislature of 1803 that citizens from Robertson and Montgomery Counties filed a petition to create new counties. The petition was acted upon and the bill was passed October 25, 1803; creating Montgomery, Robertson, Stewart, Williamson, Davidson and DICKSON COUNTY.. If you want to know more about Dickson County~ ..Go to the History link below.


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A beautiful view of Yellow Creek. Photo donated by: Our Friend, Mollie Simpson

To view more pictures of Yellow Creek press here:

My goal, is to create an interesting, helpful and friendly Genealogy based web site. Check back regularly. While this is a young will grow fast! If you have resources.. OLD PHOTOS, of PEOPLE, or PLACES, a SURNAME you are seeking, or maybe you have old OLD STORE RECEIPTS, FAMILY BIBLES, WILLS, RECORDS, or DEEDS...just to give you an idea.

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Dickson County Archives                            Charlotte CourtHouse

P. O  Box 155                                                 4 Court Square    

Charlotte, Tn  37036                                      Charlotte, Tn 37036

615-789-7012                                                   615-789-6005   

Linda Parker , Archivist   /   hrs of operation   /    8 am til  4 pm /  Mon thru Fri

searches 5 yrs before & after date     ==      $ 5.00




( GOODSPEED's ) BIOGRAPHIES of Dickson County A variety of Dickson bios of folks prior to 1887
Biographical Information:

Table of Contents

Histories and Snippets of information on our Famous and Not so famous
CENSUS 1840 of Dickson County Index to the 1840 Census
CEMETERIES of Dickson County Maps & Directions-PLUS some headstone Pix and list of Occupants!)


New Additions  April 20, 2007

Churches of Dickson County Past and Present Church List Past and Present and links
Dickson County Churches Listing of Churches in Dickson    Coming Soon !!!!!!
Danielville Brief historical sketch of Danielville and a map showing aprox location
Dickson Districts Map showing districts of the county
Dickson County Press 1882 Names and Dates on Divorces, Administrative data, Marriages...Ect..
Documents of Dickson Co. Separate links for Births, Court Doc., Deaths, Marriage, Wills , etc

Deeds   - New Additions  07-04-03

Family BIBLES shared Photographs, and transcriptions from Family Bibles  New Info added
Family Histories Family Histories submitted by Dickson's Good Friends         
GREAT LINKS Other Links tied to Dickson and Middle Tennessee-lots of good information!      New Links added
HISTORY of Dickson County A Table of Contents to an Assortment of Historical Information: County History, Socialist (Ruskinites) Experiment and Photos, and GOODSPEEDS' HISTORY, Chronology of Cumberland Furnace and photos!
Land Measurements Dimensions and terms to describe property size
Marriage Information of Dickson County Names and Dates and administering Justices of the Peace LOTS OF NAMES!
Military Table of Contents Civil War, World War I, and World War II Dickson Co Soldiers~~ and military information
OBITUARIES A variety of Dickson Obituaries  , New Obit  added  December 14, 2003
Olive BAKER ENGLAND's Notes Many notes and tidbits on Marriages, Deaths, and Births after the 1900's
PEOPLE of Dickson Pictures of  People of Dickson ,  New Additions 07-04-2003
PLACES of Dickson Places of Dickson County ,  New Additions 07-04-2003

Unidentified Photographs

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Sports TEAMS of Dickson County

SPORTS TEAMS of Dickson County Tennessee

SURNAMES and Researchers of Dickson Tn

SURNAMES and Researchers of Dickson County

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Yellow Creek Map , Civil War Era Map show many residents locations in the area at about 1860. Drawn up by Federal Soldiers



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Great view of Dickson's Court House in Charlotte, Tn. Photo donated by: Our Friends, Lola Jenkins and Patsy Johnson



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We Dickson Researchers wish to give a special thanks to William J. NESBITT for his contributions for lovingly preserving Historical and Genealogical information of Dickson County, TN. I also wish to thank Robert Stewart, of Stewart Publishing for his generosity to us, in allowing us to use extensively the book,'Primal Families of the Yellow Creek Valley' as a contributing source of this web site.

William Lankford, the Grandson of William  J. Nesbitt now has the copywright of the book.  He has a website      

were anyone can purchase this book on an interactive cd-rom, and coming soon a reprinted book!
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