Crockett County Sentinel - August 3, 1923
Crockett County Sentinel

August 3, 1923

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Friday August 3rd,1923
Volume LI No. 14

===================THIRTY-SIX YEARS AGO=======================
=======================JUNE 17th, 1887============================

---ROBERT CATES, who lives about one mile north  of Alamo, got his left hand terribly mangled in the wheat thrasher last Friday morning.

Mr. Frank SIMPSON, an old respected citizen, departed this life on Monday morning at the residence of Esq. J. P.SMOTHERS.

Dr. J.W.HARRIS is in Brownsville this week attending his mother, who is very sick.  His daughter, Miss Laura, was married on the 15th, to Robert BROWN, of Brownsville, Rev. George MARTIN officiating.

Mrs. Polly BELL, mother of our townmens, J. W. & G. W. BELL, departed this life on Thursday morning. She was the oldest citizen of our village and had been a member of the M. E. Church for half a century or more. Bells was named in honor of her deceased husband, who preceded her many years. Peace to her ashes. She sleeps the last sleep; has sung her last song; prayed her last prayer--She lives beyond.

R. L. BEAVER and little son Ernest, went out on horse-back to hunt squirrels Monday afternoon, and when on their return, they rode on the railroad bridge at Coffman's gin, the bridge broke and horse and riders all fell to the bottom of the cut.  Mr. B., was too injured to move, Ernest managed to get out and give alarm.  It was feared he would die, but the doctors, on examination, said his injuries were not fatal.  Ernest was also hurt.


Lawrence ALSOBROOK and wife and little daughter, Margaret, have returned home after a visit to their sister, Mrs. H. B. NANCE, and brother, C. B. ALSOBROOK.

Miss Ruby CATES, of Franklin, spent last week, the guest of Miss Irene TANNER.

Sidney WILLIAMS and wife, of Trenton, spent the week-end with their sister, Mrs. W. C. CORLEY.

Weldon THOMPSON returned to Memphis Monday, after a visit with his father, Jim THOMPSON, who has been quite sick, but is better at this writing.

Mrs. John WATSON is here for a two weeks stay with her mother, Mrs. John CATES.

Miss Alvey STRAUCHN, of Beaumont, Texas, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. P. NEAL.

Mrs. H.T.POLLARD has as her guest, her father, J. T. MOORE, of Durant, Miss.

Misses Mary DODSON and Evelyn BOLING are visiting Henry DODSON in Milan.

Little David DODSON , of Milan is visiting his grandparents, Will DODSON and wife.

Miss Odell HUGHES, of Johnson Grove, is visiting Miss Bessie CONNELL.

Mrs. Pauline BRANCH, of Nashville, is spending her vacation with her father, H.P.WILSON.

Carl EMISON and wife spent Sunday in Eaton.They were accompanied home by their son,  McMillan and daughter, Mrs. Harry WILSON of Gadsden.

Miss Carrye RICE, of Dyersburg, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.C. SMOTHERS.

Mrs. Elmo KING entertained about 30 friends of her daughter, Esther KING, Monday from 4 to 6, at her home with a party for her 12th birthday.

Miss Thelma BRASFIELD, of Crockett Mills, spent the week with her aunt, Mrs. J. C. SMOTHERS.

Saturday morning, July 14th, 1923, dawned a beautiful day and we were so happy. Weeks previous to this, there had been many days of hard labor and worry; but through the goodness of God, we had been given strength to work, our crops were thriving. The prospects of meeting obligations that had been assumed were brighter. That is why he was so happy that morning. Nothing worried him so much as thinking that someone who had helped him might have to suffer because of his failure, But prospects were much brighter now, and he had labored well, and with the knowledge of a well earned holiday, he went joyfully to spend the day fishing. To this, he had looked forward to for nearly three years. But some how, I know not why, God wanted him to come home and enjoy the home prepared for him "over there, "where there is no pain or sorrow. But, oh, in my selfishness; I want him here; Life was sweet to him, but during life, how many times he said, "What does trouble here, just so I am prepared to live after death. His motto was, "as ye would that others do to you, do ye also to them."  Much of his life from boyhood was spent in doing for others. He desired a home here more because he wanted to share it with some poor, homeless child, since God had seen fit to give us one of our own. That he was perfect, I cannot say. There is none perfect except our Father in Heaven, but this I do know, his heart was as noble, loving and forgiving as ever dwelt in human breast. Others troubles quickly brought tears of sympathy to his eyes, and he was ever willing to lend a helping hand.  His love for his dear mother was immeasurable. Truly a more devoted son ever lived. He was a kind, helping brother, always ready to help in time of trouble, and a true and loving husband.The sweet memories of the days spent with him from October 27th, 1911, until the last, are far above the price of rubies. And for him, what a blessing to be taken to his Heavenly home without suffering long.  His Wife.

Silas NEAL, 82, a veteran of the Civil War, was found dead in a rooming house here recently.  Papers found  in his grip indicated he had relatives in Cape Girardeau, Mo., and that he was discharged from the soldiers" home at Quincy, Illinois in 1920.

Carl NEWSOM, wife and little son, Carl, Jr. , of Jackson, Miss., enroute to Newbern, stopped over Tuesday, guests of Mrs. J. E. EDWARDS.

G.T.LEWIS, cashier of the Bank of Crockett, and family were most welcome guests here Tuesday.

Mrs. Eunice Ross and little daughters, Margaret and Dell, of Los Angeles, Calif., visited Mrs. J. E. EDWARDS recently.

W.E.TODD, wife and little daughter, Martha Frances, of Bells, spent Sunday with F. M. HENDERSON and wife.

Jim FEWELL,  W. C. FEWELL,  J. E. EDWARDS and wife, W. C. COOPER and wife, Mrs. Annie Hefiey WOOD,  Little MORRIS,  Maxine and Juanita Jones, Misses Mildred REDMOND and Mary COOPER,  Osler REDMOND,  and Noel PERRY, spent a few days the past week camping on Reelfoot Lake.

Dave TAYLOR and wife, of Maury City, spent Sunday with Mrs. J.W.EDWARDS.

Emmett HARBER and wife are the proud parents of a fine boy born Friday, July 27th.

Misses Inez, Mary, and Margie VERNON, of Elizabeth,  Miss Madge DUGGER, of Winter Haven Fla., Paul PARK, of Mays Chapel, and William MURRAY, of Tigrett, were dinner guests of Clarence Rogers and wife Sunday.

Mesdames Roscoe NEEDHAM, of Rutherford, and Ethel DUGGER of Winter Haven, Fla., were here Sunday.

Mrs. Bob McKELVY, of Milam, spent Sunday with Mrs. J. C. HAMLETT.

Miss Eddie May FEWELL, of Nances, is visiting relatives here this week.

A. T. NETTLES has purchased N. S. REECE"s grist mill.

Miss Rubye WILLIAMS spent Thursday night in Bells as guest of Miss Rubye PATTERSON.

M. F. KINCAID and Fred AGEE have purchased the Raines Brothers garage and mill.

Mrs. Fred BLANCHARD and two children were guests of Mrs. Annie R.  CASEY and W.E. REEVES last week.

J. C. DUFFEY, two sisters and mother, Mrs. Wm. GRANT, of Bells, were here shopping last Monday.

Horace BEDWELL, wife and son, of Friendship, were in our town Sunday.

V. H. JONES and family, Mesdames F. T. SUTTON and H. W. REEVES attended the funeral Wednesday of John TURNER, of Bells.

Esq. S. A. PEARSON and wife,  G. B. GLYNN and wife, attended the demonstration meet at Jackson last Thursday.

Mrs. Emmett GRIGGS had as her recent guests, Mrs. Otto John, of St. Louis and Miss Rubye WILLIAMS, of Nashville.

Mrs. Joe PEARCY, sister of Mrs. Deana YOUNG, died suddenly last Tuesday and her body was given interment in Walnut Hill Cemetery.

Harless DAVIS and wife haved moved to Jackson, where Harless has secured a good position.

Archie KINCAID, wife and baby, Ernestine, of Memphis, are the guests of George TODD and family and other relatives.

---Card of Thanks---
We wish to thank all our friends who were so kind and sympathetic in the hour of our great trouble, when our dear husband and son, Clyde MOORE, was drowned.  Love of God and friends alone can comfort in such dark hours as these.  Wife and Mother.

Mr. & Mrs. J. C. McFARLAND, after spending six weeks in Crockett County, visiting relatives and friends, left for their home in Santa Rosa, Calif., last week. Mrs. McFarland was before her marriage Miss Janie WEBB.

Dr. & Mrs. Grayson SANDERS, of Memphis, were guests of Dr. & Mrs. E. FARROW last week. Mrs. SANDERS is remembered as Miss Freda MOSS. Mrs. Moss, mother of Mrs. Sanders were with them and visited her sister, Mrs. J. F. FARROW, near Cross Roads.

Mrs. A. C. PATTON, and son, Dr. Lofton PATTON, are visiting her sister, Mrs. W. H. ROBERTS, in Humboldt this week.

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis STRICKLAND, of Alexandria, LA., are here visiting in the home of her mother, Mrs. Mosie WADE.

Charlie WILLOUGHBY and family, of Harriman, Tennessee were here last weekend, visiting his mother, Mrs. Nannie TATUM, and sister, Mrs. Edgar FARROW.

Curtis ARMSTRONG and family, of Paris, were visitors in the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. D. H. MOODY, the latter part of last week.

Misses Lottie & Lucile ROBERTSON, of near Maury City, were visitors in the home of their uncle and aunt, Mr. & Mrs. J. A. McBRIDE, first of the week.

Mr. & Mrs. Francis CLARK, of Paragould, Ark., are here visiting her brother, Mr. B. T. LEWIS during his illness.

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