Crockett County Sentinel - August 10, 1923
Crockett County Sentinel

August 10, 1923

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August 10, 1923
Volume LI

****************FIFTY YEARS AGO****************
****************JULY 25TH, 1873****************

Pursuant to a call made in the Sentinel of the 18th inst., a goodly number of our citizens met in GOODLOE and MAHON's office when the following proceedings were held:On motion, Isaac M. JOHNSON, Esq., was elected Chairman, and F. B. FISHER, Secretary. M. M. MAHON, Esq., by request, explained the object of the meeting to be as follows:To demonstrate that we as citizens of Crockett Counrt are in sympathy with the new State movrment; that we appreciate the benefits to be reaped from the new State; and to appoint delegates to the Convention to be held in Jackson, Tenn., on the 29th inst., Prof. C. A. GOODLOE offered the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted; Resolved; that in the opion of this body, the citizens of Crockett County, by a majority approx., unanimity, do favor the organization of the new State of Jackson, to be composed of the territory of South-Western Kentucky, West Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. Resolved; That Crockett County is ready and willing to co-operate with any and all other counties in the territory aforsaid in any laudable effort looking to the establishement of said State. On motion a committee, consisting of Dr. J. F. OSBORNE and Messers H. H. MAHON & R. G. HARRIS, was appointed to suggest a list of delegates to the Jackson Convention, whereupon the committee after consultation suggested the following named persons; J. E. PEARSON & Elisha JACKSON, District #1; F. M. THOMPSON & H. B. WILSON, Dist. #2; Dr. N. I. HESS & J. W. MATTHEWS, Dist. #3; D. H. JAMES, Esq., & P. W. MOORE, Dist. #4; L. W. DANIEL, E. J. READ & H. A. ROBERTS, Dist. #5; Isaac M. JOHNSON, Esq., & F. M. FISHER, Dist. #6; Albert BUCK & F. P. HALL, Dist. #7; Dr. David THOMAS & J. B. YANCEY, Dist. #8; Capt. Jno. L. EPPERSON & J. W. LYONS, Esq. Dist. #9; James B. PARKER & Joe SPEED, Dist. #10; William CRAIG & J. F. SINCLAIR, Dist. #11; W. P. RICE & S. J. JONES, Dist. #12; Dr. I. N. NUNN & W. N. BEASLEY, Dist. #13; Report us unanimously adopted and the above named persons declared delegates to represent Cockett County in the aforesaid convention. **8Friday, August 1st, 1873**The following editorial appeared in the Sentinel, as indicated above, August 1st, 1873. Just how the issue was finally disposed of we have been unable to find out. The New State Convention, held in Jackson last Tuesday, was a large enthusiastic one, Mississippi was largely represented; Tennessee had a good representation, and Kentucky had only only three delegates.

*****************************END OF 1873*******************************


F. M. HENDERSON, wife, and mother, G. E. HENDERSON, were guests of relatives in Humboldt Sunday.

O. M. HALYARD and wife spent Saturday and Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. B. H. WHITAKER.

Joe DEMP, wife and little daughter, of Memphis, spent Sunday with J. A. PERRY and family.

Mrs. Moses FARROW has returned to her home in Alamo after a visit of several days in the J. F. ROBERTSON home.

The many friends of Dee COLVETT were indeed made sad as well as being very much shocked when it was learned Sunday night that he was dead. He came to church and was taken ill before church began and went to the home of Dr. Redmond, where he received medical attention but died in just a few minutes with acute indigestion. Funeral services were conducted at Nance's School House, after which interment took place at Alamo. He leaves a hosts of relatives and friends, who have the sympathy of this community in their great sorrow.


Miss Oma DUGGAN of Humboldt, was the guest of the Misses KEE this week.

Dr. & Mrs. H. N. SULLIVAN and little daughter, Sarah Rose, of Memphis, are the guests of Mrs. G. B. LYNN.

Mrs. Sula GILLILAND, of Humboldt , guest of J. D. PORTER's family last Wednesday night, and her return home, the horse she was riding was frightened at a car driven by Bro. PAISLEY, Mrs. GILLILAND was thrown from the buggy, breaking her arm and briusing her considerably. Fortunately, Mr. John REEVES, who was in the buggy with Mrs. GILLILAND, escaped without injury. The accident was unavoidable, and regretted by all.

Edgar KEE, of Memphis, visited his cousin, Ode KEE, one day last week.

Jeff DAVIS was in Jackson Friday, to visit his son, Harless DAVIS and wife.

Misses Ruth & Frances HUNT and Margaret THOMPSON, of Humboldt, spent several days with Misses Artelia & Gwindolyn HUMPHREYS.

Mrs. Bessie BRANDENBURG BENNETT and interesting children, Sidney and William arrived Thursday from Little Rock on an extended visit among relatives and friends.

Miss Martha BRANDON, of Humboldt, was the guest of Mrs. Bennett HUMPHREYS last week.

Ollie JONES, wife and children were guests of T. P. JONES and wife Wednesday.

Miss Katie RIDDICK and Messers JONES & BRANCH, of Maury City, were visitors of Miss Corinne JONES Saturday.

Miss Rubye Williams & little sister, Roberta were guests of Miss Emma Matthews in Humboldt Friday.

Harry WILSON accompanied his father, Trustee H. P. WILSON, to Memphis for medical treatment last Monday. Glad to report Mr. Wilson was able to return Saturday.

Miss Bessie WILSON and Mrs. Pauline BRANCH, of Nashville were guests of their brother, Harry WILSON and wife Sunday.

Frank YEARWOOD, of Alamo, and daughter, Mrs. Reba DAVIDSON, of Ardmore, Okla., were guests of Mrs. A. E. DRINKARD Sunday evening.

Miss Sallie SIMS spent last week with Mrs. Belle JINNETT. Mrs. C. J. FORD, of Jackson, was the guest of Mesdames S. A. PEARSON and A. B. HUMPHREYS last week and attending the meeting.


Miss Fern THOMPSON, of Friendship, is the guest of Misses Katherine TANNER & Ruth PERRY.

Mrs. WALKER, of Jackson, and Miss Rebecca HUSTON, of Corinth, Miss., and Adolphus COLTRAIN, of Jackson, were guests of A. L. COLTRAIN and wife Sunday.

James ROE, of near Maury City, is spending the week with Jack and Charles CATES.

Mr. & Mrs. EDENTON, of Jackson, are guests of their son, Henry EDENTON and wife.

Mr. MONTGOMERY and wife, of Lexington, spent the weekend with their daughter, Mrs. H. L. CONYERS.

Mrs. S. E. PAYNE, of Galliton spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Leonard HARBER.

J. E. HARRELL and wife, of Dyersburg, are the guests of her grandfather, W. F. POSTON.

Green HUGHES and son, Maxey, of Zackery, LA., are here visiting relatives and friends.

Misses Dorris JONES, of Dyersburg & Olsey STRACHN, of Beaumont, Texas, spent last week with their aunt, Mrs. J. F. NEAL.

Mrs. Bettie EMISON spent the weekend in Bells at the bedside of her daughter, Mrs. Colie Emison, who is quite ill.

D. A. CATES, wife, and son, David, of Brownsville, were visitors in the home of J. H. PERRY this week.

Misses Louise FARROW, Elizabeth NANCE, and Rosamond AVERY, will return the last of the week from two months stay at Camp Unaka.

Bro. B. F. CANTRELL, of Barry, Ill., has moved his interesting family to Alamo, and will be pastor of the First Christian Church at that place.

Mrs. Mollie CRAIG, of Friendship. is spending this week with her sister, Mrs. Nolie DODSON.

Cary ALSOBROOK joined his family in Birmingham for a short stay with J. W. PERRY and family.

Mrs. Will PITNER spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Colie EMISON at Bells.

Miss Viola NICHOLS left Monday for her home in Caruthersville, Mo. She was accompanied by her grandmother, Mrs. James KELLEY.

Robert AUSTIN and wife have returned to Memphis after a visit to their mother, Mrs. Tommie AUSTIN.


Mrs. Martha CLIMER, who has been sick for the past two weeks is reported better.

Miss Mary Nowell spent the weekend with Miss Ollie CLIMER.

Miss Lucy REVELLE, who has been sick for six weeks is reported no better.


But few men have been born and reared in Crockett County since its organization, with a wider acquaintance throughout the county than D. B. COLVETT, who died very suddenly in the home of Dr. W. T. REDMOND at Crockett Mills, last Sunday evening about 8:30. He ate supper with his brother, Bun, intending to attend revival services at the Christian Church. On his way with his brother to church, he remarked that he had a pain in his chest; that he would go by to see Dr. REDMOND for relief. The doctor administered and in a few minutes, Mr. COLVETT was relieved. At his suggestion, Dr. REDMOND went to church, telling him he and his brother would follow in a few minutes. The doctor had just reached the church when a messenger was dispatched, and before he arrived, the soul of the man loved and respected by the people of his native county had been called to its reward. He was always respectful, gentle, and kind in the home as husband and father, in all the meetings of county Board of Education, of which he was a member for a number of years. for the past 15 years, no community in Crockett County has accomplished more along all lines of solid, tangiable progress than Nance School House community, and no one man in the community was entitled to more credit for developing this spirit than D. B. COLVETT. He leaves a wife and five children. Burial in Alamo Cemetery.


Mrs. George LEMONS, of Mississippi, on her way to visit relatives, and to again be among the scenes of her childhood, near Maury City, spent last Friday night in Bells withe her nephew and neice, Mr. Marion SCARBOROUGH and Mrs. HUlda EMISON.

Mrs. C. C. HENDERSON is in Bowling Green, Ky., visisting her sister, Mrs. a. J. ROOKER.

Mrs. W. W. HAY, of Lexington, is visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. O. L. GOFF.

Miss Rebecca FARROW had as her guest last week, Miss Elizabeth SPENCE of near Friendship.

Mr. O. L. GRANT, who has been quite sick of indigestion, was reported better Thursday morning. Mr. & Mrs. E. E. WHITE spent Sunday in Brownsville with Mr. White's mother. Mrs. C. H. EMISON, who has been quite sick for sometime, we are glad to report much better.

Miss Martha WHITE and brother, Craig, are in Humboldt, guests in the home of Mr. & Mrs. E. A. HUGHES.

Mr. & Mrs. Charley WALKER, of Mason, were here, guests of his brother, G. W. WALKER and family. Mr. & Mrs. J. W. BARTEE and Mrs. Ben PATTERSON, of Denison, Texas, are here, guests in the homes of Messers. A. D. BARNES and Robert MOORE.

Willis SHELLABARGER and family arrived Tuesday from their Indianapolis, Ind., home for a ten days visit.

Mrs. Gid DUFFEY, of Memphis, visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. R. H. MOCKBEE near town first of the week.

Dennis PARKER, and wife, of Portageville, Mo., were guests of their parents, Mr. & Mrs. S. G. PARKER last weekend. Miss Fostena PARKER accompanied them home for a visit.

Mrs. Alma Kenner FAKES and little daughter, Carroll, of McCrory, Ark., arrived in Bells, last Friday night, and will visit in the home of Mrs. FAKES parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. R. KENNER for several days, Miss Addie Joe KENNER returned with her sister, after a pleasant visit of two weeks in McCrory.

Mrs. J. H. SMOTHERS is in Memphis with her children, Mr. & Mrs. Walter CULP, who are entertaining a new lady baby in their home.

Mail Carrier #2, Mr. D. W. WHITAKER, left last Saturday night for Walde, Texas, to visit for several days with his sons, D. W. Jr., and Benny WHITAKER. Mr. DeWitt Worrell is Mr. WHITTAKER's substitute during his absence.

Mr. & Mrs. Fred HESTER, of Jonesboro, Ark., are visiting relatives and friends and friends in Crockett County. Mrs. HESTER will be remembered as Miss Ella CRAIG before her marriage.

It is Col. W. A. HOWELL now, the popular drummer, of Jackson, has been appointed Col., for the 8th Congressional District by Gov. PEAY.

We are delighted to learn of the improvement of Hal WAINWRIGHT, who had to undergo an operation for appendicities in a Memphis hospital about 2 weeks ago.


Lieut. Charles J. ROSCOE and Sgt. P. O. COOK, of Franklin, Tenn. National Guard, were killed at Roberts Field in Birningham, Ala., when the airplane in which they were flying fell about three hundred feet and burst into flames, which was extinquished by the Ensley Fire Department. It has not been ascertained whether the men were killed by the fall or the burns received.

Negroes going to St. Louis, Mo., from the south, it has been decided must be vaccinated before they can establish citizenship in that city. The negroes are making a protest, but the health authorities are standing firm on their decision.

Gurney JARRELL, of High Point, NC., and Robin PASCHELL, of Greensboro, NC., were fatally injuried in an auto accident on the Greensboro-High Point Boulevard as the result of driving at a rapid speed with a flat tire.


Sam KEMPER, 45-year-old farmer, shot and killed his brother, William KEMPER, while the two were seated at breakfast in their father's home near Murfreesboro, Tenn

Knoxville--Compromise was effected in the case of the State against T. E. SETTLES and Elvin HUNLEY, charged with the murder of Rev. James HALE, a Baptist minister of Union County, whereas SETTLES and HUNLEY was given oppurtinity to make bond in the sum of $10, 000 for the former and $5000 for the latter. (the latter's last name may be HANLEY, very hard to read. )

Nashville--!4-year-old John Lewis RYMAN is the youngest bootlegger in the history of Juvenile police records here.

Dyersburg--Don BOOLE, 50, a farmer, was killed at South Fork near here by #2 northbound Illinois Central train. His body was badly mutilated and death came instantly.


Charley RIDDICK and wife, of Ark., are here guests of their parents, W. G. FUTRELL and wife.

Bob MURCHISON and three children, Mrs. HICKERSON, Misses Cristeen and Margrett, of Middle Tennessee, are here visiting homefolks.

Eba BANKS and wife were called to the bedside of his aunt near Jackson Thursday. She passed away Friday. She was a sister of Rev. W. A. BANKS.

Mrs. Guss AGEE spent Wednesday with her sister, Mrs. McBRIDE in Bells.

John CARTER left Monday for Pelehatchie, Miss., with his family, where he expects to stay for sometime. Mr. CARTER has quite a lot of timber to be cut and hauled and he wanted to be near his work.

Verna & Rupert CLARK spent several days the past week with their sister, Mrs. CALWELL in Memphis, before her departure for her new home in Colorado.

Mrs. Annie WILKES and little daughter, Cathrin, of Jackson are here the guests of her parents, J. F. PEAL and wife.

Mrs. J. C. NEAL has been in Jackson since last Wednesday with her daughter, Mrs. THOMAS. Mr. & Mrs. THOMAS are entertaining a little boy baby in their home.

Mrs. Garner CATES and baby, Malcom spent Saturday with Jones L. CATES and wife.

Mrs. H. B. MOORE and sister, Mrs. Doyle HENDERSON spent Friday with relatives in Ripley.

Miss Lela BENNETT, of Alamo, is helping Mrs. Verna CLARK in her school at Perry's, during the illness of Miss Lucy REVELLE.

Mrs. Emma BANKS and little son, Warren, spent the weekend with her sister, Mrs. Ernest MAYS at Humboldt.

Mrs. Jim AVERY accompanied her sister, Mrs. FEWELL. to Dyersburg Thursday to undergo a slight operation.

Delmus LUCAS is visiting relatives at Ripley this weekend.

Miss Nina WRIGHT, of Alamo, has been at the bedside of Miss Lucy REVELLE, who has been quite sick for the past six weeks with fever.

Miss JOHNSON, of Henning is here the guest of Mes, Frank POSTON. Mrs. Page HART and little son, Page, Jr., of RoEllen, spent several days this week with her mother, Mrs. E. F. BOOTH.

Mrs. Marion MILLER, is up near Alamo at the bedside of her brother, Jim WILKERSON.

Haney ROBERTS and family and Mrs. QUINLEY, of Jackson were guests in the home of W. H. ROBERTS Sunday.

Gib TUCKER and wife has as their guests, Mr. & Mrs. TRATT, of Memphis.

Joe CLEEK, of Halls spent the weekend with Homer CLIMONS and wife.

John GIBBONS is absent from his place of business this week on account of illness.

The children and grandchildren of Mrs. Mary RIDDICK celebrated her 75th birthday Sunday at her son's W. A. J. RIDDICK. Quite a pleasant day was spent together and the best of all a bountiful dinner had been prepared by her thoughtful children, and at noon hour was spread. About 31 were present. The out-of-town guests were; Mrs. Dr. COPAGE, of Lepanto, Ark., and Mrs. LEMONS, of Charleston, Miss.

We are indeed glad to report Walter JONES'daughter, who has been quite low, with fever, much improved.

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