Crockett County Sentinel - May 25, 1923
Crockett County Sentinel

May 25, 1923

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Friday May 25th,1923
Volume LI No. 4

C. R. ALSOBROOK is in Memphis on business.

J. B. AVERY was in Jackson on business on Monday.

Dave LOVE, of Humboldt, spent Saturday with Mrs. R. L. THOMPSON.

Leslie SIMS, of Friendship, was a business visitor in Alamo last Thursday.

Miss Jennie GALLION, of Jackson, is here the guest of Mrs. Emma COOK.

Mrs. Jim KELLEY, after a pleasant visit to her son in Jackson, has returned home.

Mrs. N. KELLEY and little son of Jackson, are the guests of Clem HOWELL and family.

Prof.  W. E. MONTGOMERY, of Henderson, is here the guest of his sister, Mrs. H. L. CONYERS.

Mrs. J. B. McCUTCHEON had as her guests Sunday, Mr. & Mrs. RAY and little son, of Memphis.

Mrs. Jennie ROBERTS, of Memphis, is spending the week, the guest of T. G. JOHNSON and family.

Miss Lurline HAYNE, of the Baptist Hospital, Memphis, will visit her aunt, Mrs. W. C. CONLEY next week.

Mrs. Taylor WHITE and little son, Frank, of Quincey, are here, the guests of her mother, Mrs. Betty OLDHAM.

Lamar WATSON, wife and Mrs. John WATSON of Memphis, attended the funeral of Mr. John CATES  Saturday.

Mrs. Jennie ROE and two children, James and Margarette of Humboldt, attended the funeral of Mr. John CATES Saturday.

Mrs. Ruth ROBERTS HARRISON and two daughters, Maxine and Jennie, of Capleville, are here guests of Mrs. Lucile EMISON.

Mrs. Joe HALL spent last week in Somerville, and attended the graduating exercises. She was accompanied home by her daughter, Miss Annie BRASFIELD, who has been teaching at that place.

One of Alamo's oldest citizens, Dr. Jim CLAY, died at his home here Friday afternoon. Dr. CLAY had been in bad health for some months, but his death was due to injuries received in a fall Tuesday night. He was 72 years of age. He was a member of the Second Christian Church. Funeral services were conducted by his pastor, Elder PAISLEY. He is survived by his wife and five daughters. Burial took place in the Alamo Cemetery.

Mr. John CATES,  age 64 years, died at his home here Friday afternoon about 6 o'clock, after an illness of several months. Mr. CATES had lived here all his life, and had a host of friends. The funeral was conducted in the First Christian Church Saturday at 10:30 a. m.  by Elders ALLIGOOD & GORSUCH.  Burial was in the Alamo Cemetery. He is survived by his wife and four children: Mrs. J. H. MURCHISON of Halls,  Blythe CATES of Memphis,  and Jack & Charles CATES.  Also two brothers; Wash & Milton CATES,  of this place.

Dr. W. T. REDMOND spent several days the past week in Memphis.
Jones CATES , wife and little daughter, of Maury City, were guests of Johnnie EDWARDS and wife Sunday.

Algie & Isaiah RICE of Memphis spent the weekend with relatives here.

Miss Myrtle KAISER of Jackson, is spending the week with Marye COOPER.

Mrs. J. W. KIRBY, who underwent an operation in Memphis one-day last week, is getting along nicely to the delight of her friends.

O. M. HALYARD and wife spent the weekend with their son, Ossian and wife in Dyersburg.

H. E. BRASFIELD and daughter, Thelma, were in Friendship Saturday.

F. M. HENDERSON underwent an operation at Baird-Dulaney Hospital and is getting along nicely.

H. E. BRASFIELD and family and Miss Thelma ADCOCK spent Friday in Brownsville.

B. H. WHITAKER and wife, of Johnsons Grove, visited their parents, O. M. HALYARD and wife Sunday evening.


FEBRUARY 8th, 1884

Marriage License. W. J. LASSITER  and Mattie HARDY; J. R. PALMER  and V. K.  PARSLEY; William WEBB and Ella RICHARDSON; J. B. STALLINGS and Nannie WARREN; A. C. CATES and Alice TERRELL; Thomas VAUGHN and Mary LEMONS; N. M. BREWER and Lucinda MANNING.

Last Tuesday night the wind blew down the log house known as the John SMOTHERS place, and there were eight negroes in the house at the time, none of which were killed. Two of them, a boy and a man, were caught under the logs, but the others got the logs off, and we did not learn that either of them was seriously hurt.

Miss Gussie KING, of Maury City, is now, and has been for several days, quite sick at the residence of T. E. NOEL.

The Messrs. PUCKETT have become settled in their new homes in this place. The old gentleman in the house of Dr. MACLIN, and his son in the Dr. J. R. SIMS place.

Wess ROBERTS is shouting with great joy,  Over the arrival of his newborn boy,  and intends to do the best he can in waiting 'till he becomes a man.

Mr. William POWELL, between this place and Crockett Mills, had the misfortune to lose his baby boy one day last week. He was buried at Pond Creek burying ground, attended by a number of sympathizing friends.

N. MOORE's will was presented and probated, and Mose MOORE appointed executor without bond.

Miss Estella BETTIS is visiting friends in Bells Depot this week.

Miss Sue DUFFER, of Nashville is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. F. POSTON.

Mr. Button TAYLOR died of pneumonia at his home in District #7 last Monday morning.

It is our painful duty this week to record the death of Miss Laura RHOADES, which occurred yesterday morning after a long lingering illness of that slow but fell destroyer, consumption. Miss Laura was one of the most charming, winning, beautiful and accomplished young ladies of our town, just blooming into womanhood, and her death causes a felling of sadness, sorrow, pain and regret to fill every heartin our town and vicinity.

Mistakes will happen now and then, with the most cautious of men;  Wess ROBERTS" baby was a daughter--Instead of a boy--of the first writing.



Mrs. Ollie TOWLES, of Nashville, was elected State Councilor of the Daughters of America; Chattanooga was selected the 1924 convention meeting place, at this State convention meeting at Knoxville. Three Knoxvillians were honored by election to State offices. They are Mrs. Lula BROWN,  state vice counselor;
Mrs. Kate HARVEY,  state inside sentinel; Miss Lillian WILLIAMS, state outside sentinels.

The fight of Walter E. COHEN, negro political leader of LA, to whom President HARDING gave a Recess appointment as Controller of Customs at New Orleans, will be prosecuted vigorously in the next senate, leaders of southern delegations in Congress have announced. COHEN failed of confirmation at the last session and senators who fought the nomination then believed the matter closed and that his name would not be presented again. They have now started a movement to block confirmation when the senate meets.

All those subject to road duty, can settle same by paying the Trustee $5. 00 before the first of July. After that date they will have to settle with one of the Commissioners and it will cost $5. 50, or ten days work at 55 cents per day. See Acts of Legislature.  W. W. HAWKINS; J. W. ELMORE; W. R. STRANGE; B. C. EMISON; J. R. COX;  Commissioners.

Mrs. W. A. FOOTE and family of Memphis, spent last weekend here with her son, Edwin PEARCY and family.

Crockett Mills School closing notes; under the efficient management of Prof. BRIGANCE, principal, we had the best term ever. Assisting him are the following splendid teachers; Mrs. BRIGANCE,  in the high school department; Mrs. Annie HEFLEY WOODS,  7th & 8th grades; Mrs. Burley GREEN,  5th & 6th grades; Miss Floy COMPTON, 3rd & 4th grades; Miss Gracie COLVETT,  1st & 2nd grades; and Miss Susie PERRY, music & expression; all of whom have been interested in making the whole school a success. We regret that Mr. & Mrs. BRIGANCE will not be with us next year.

Miss Fredda KENNER left Tuesday for Jackson to be present Wednesday and act as maid-of-honor in the McCONNELL-WHITELAW wedding.

 J. N. CRAIG has been confined to his room for the past few days, suffering of the flu. He was reported better Thurs.

Luke HUGHES, at Johnson Grove, is still selling his dry goods at a small margin of profit, with the view of going out of business of dry goods.

Mrs. R. H. CARTER and little daughter, Marjorie, are in Cincinnati with Mr. CARTER, who is there representing the Ozark Fruit Shippers Association.

John W. BLURTON of McKinney, Texas, is here visiting his daughter, Mrs. Will EVANS near Cypress Church, and shaking hands with old friends. He reports his section of Texas in fine shape, he looks fine and dandy.

Mrs. Nora SHERROD WAINWRIGHT, of Memphis, was a guest in the home of Esq. W. A. WAINWRIGHT last weekend.

Mrs. BERKSHIRE of Mason, is here visiting in the home of her son, druggist, G. W. WALKER.

A. L. GOFF, wife and daughter, Mrs. C. M. NUNN, and little son, Charles Donald, spent last Sunday in Lexington with friends.

Mrs. Emma MURRAY, a popular teacher in the Dyersburg City School, is here this week visiting her brother, Albert AGEE & wife.

Dr. J. H. HARRIS, chairman of the city school board, informed the Sentinel that all the members of the 1922-23 faculty of Bells High School had accepted for next term except Prof. Otis WILLIAMS and Miss Carrie BOALS, who are to attend college next term. We have Prof. R. H. CARTER, principal; Misses Ruth WELCH,  Edith LITTLER,  Naomi KENNER,  Reba DICKSON,  and Mrs. Lelia MONTGOMERY and Mrs. Guy MOBLEY, music teacher, the vacancies haven't been filed.

Miss Effie KENNER arrived Monday evening from Grenada, Miss. , where she has been attending college for the past nine months.

Miss Mary Lou BOLING, a very popular and specially gifted graduate nurse in the Lucey Brinkley Hospital, Memphis, was here last week, visiting her mother, Mrs. I. W. BOLING.

My home in Gadsden, known as the MASON place; one acre of ground in the lot. Can be bought for $1000. Write me in care of St. Peters Orphanage, Memphis.

Mrs. Cornelia GUEST.  Mrs. C. H. BERRY and little son, Carlos, Jr., of Humboldt, were visitors here last week in the home of Mrs. BERRY's parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. O. JENKINS. Mr. BERRY came down and spent the day.

An unexpected pleasure was enjoyed by the editor of the Sentinel last Monday afternoon in meeting Mrs. T. W. WILLIAMS, of Sanford, Fla., who is visiting loved ones and old friends in and near Gadsden. She was accompanied by her sister, Mrs. M. E. RICHARDSON, and niece, Mrs. Myrtle BOOKER and two little children. Mrs. WILLIAMS is the youngest child of the lamented Esq. James COX, of near Cox's Chapel, in District #4, and so delighted we are all to see her looking so well.

Mr. & Mrs. E. E. EMISON had as their guests last weekend, Mrs. H. I. ARNETT and daughter, Miss Lessie, and son, Bonnie;and R. M. PARSON and Master Thomas F. EAST, all of Memphis. On Sunday Mr. EMISON and family and guests, and many other loved ones, spent the day most delightfully in the hospitable country home of Mr. & Mrs. J. D. BOYD, near Fruitvale. Ernest EMISON hasn't quit smiling over that wonderful noon hour dinner, and says actually, really he was permitted to eat at the first table. (he didn't say anything about eating through to the last table).  A great day to all these, the very best, people on God's footstool.

George FORSYTHE passed to the great beyond Thursday morning, after a lingering illness of several months of cancer of the stomach. He had many warm friends who were grieved to learn of his death. Funeral services were conducted Friday at 10 o'clock at the Methodist Church at Johnsons Grove by Rev. DAVIS, after which the body was laid to rest beneath a mound of lovely flowers at Robertson graveyard. He leaves a wife and four small children, by his second wife and several grown children by his wife who preceded him to the grave many years ago. He was 65 years old.

Billie TAYLOR and son spent Friday in Jackson with his daughter.

Ira FIELDER and wife of Memphis, spent the weekend with relatives in and near Maury City.

Mrs. John PEAL and  daughter, Miss Orban, spent Friday night in Jackson, the guests of Mrs. Carl WILKS.

Mrs. J. J. DOBBINS received a letter this week from her cousin, Joe GIBBONS, of Texas. She had not heard a word from him in 50 years.

Miss Katie HARDISON, who underwent an operation last week at Dyersburg, was able to come home Saturday and spend the night with home folks. She returned Sunday and will have to be there about two weeks longer.

Tolbert FORSYTH happened to a painful accident Wednesday when he fell and broke one of his fingers.

Abner ROBERTSON, wife and son, Abner, Jr. , of Somerville, spent several days the past week with Mrs. Alice STRAWN.

John BOOTH's condition is no better. He has been quite ill the past week.

George ROBERTS and family, of Jackson, were Sunday guests of Wess ROBERTS and wife.

Mrs. S. H. CATES is still confined to her bed. She has been confined to her bed for eight weeks with high blood pressure. Her many friends hope she will soon be able to be up again.

Mrs. Will COLLINS departed this life Friday at 12 o'clock, after a short illness. She leaves her husband, one daughter and a stepson. Services were conducted Saturday at Floyd's Chapel by Rev. YATES, of Halls.

Don Morris, the little month-old son of Sheriff ROOKS and wife, died Sunday night and its little body was laid to rest at Floyd's Chapel Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock.

News was received Thursday morning that Frank OZMENT, of Tiptonville was dead. Mrs. OZMENT, before her marriage was Miss Winnie MORPHES, a niece of Mrs. Wes ROBERTS, and was living there when she married. He was a kind, thoughtful husband and will be greatly missed by his family.

Mrs. Maybelle JETTON NEAL, daughter of R. H. & Laura JETTON, was born March 22nd, 1875, and died April 9th, 1923, age 48 years,  18 days. She united with the Methodist Church at Maury City when it was organized and lived a faithful, consistent Christian life. She was married to Robert M. NEAL December 20th, 1899, and to this happy union were born four children. two boys and two girls; one baby girl preceded her home about 11 years ago.  She leaves her husband and three children; Leslie, Floy, and Ray,  an aged father and mother, four brothers and one sister. Also a host of other relatives and friends to mourn their loss. She was a kind and true wife, a loving mother and a devout Christian, and she was always ready to help those who were in need of help, so thoughtful of her aged and infirm parents, ever looking after their welfare. She isn't only missed in her own home, but in the home of father & mother, who looked forward to her coming and her cheerful greeting. But, alas, she will not come again! She seemed to realize the end was near, and talked to her husband, children and others, giving advice and warning them against sin. She said, "I leave no one behind who holds anything against me.' Let us all strive to live true Christian lives and meet her in Heaven, where she will be watching and waiting for her loved ones. She was laid to rest in Floyd's Chapel Cemetery April 10th, 1923, after funeral services held by Bros. BARKER & DAVIS.

"In the midst of life we are in death." "Life's loveliest sky hides the thunder, whose bolt in a moment may fall. "How forcibly were these truths brought to our hearts when the Angel of Death visited the home of J. R. WOOD and took the sweet spirit of his wife, Ollie, our daughter, sister, and mother. She was the mother of five children; Lois, Louise, Robert, Annie Brasfield, and Nannie Sue. She began this life on November 14th, 1896, and departed February 1st, 1923. She was a bright and sunny nature, an inspiration in the homes of the sick; to the despondent a benediction. We miss her because we loved her; this will be the sentiment of those who loved her best. Her place must remain unfilled. Yes, we will cherish her bright and happy life. We know as a daughter, wife, sister, mother, she filled the hearts that must be vacant. Empty, but not dark and dreary, for where her presence dwelt, there must be sunshine. At such times, comfort can only come from God alone, we therefore pray that He may send His angels of mercy and love on swift wings to bind the broken bleeding hearts of her loved ones. Our golden is broken -- Three links are missing here;--But, oh, we'll find them in Heaven, --And weld them together there.    Mother, Husband, Children, Brothers, & Sisters.

---Non-Resident  Notice---
D. T. REASONS vs Mose SMITH et als.,
pending in, County, Court of Crockett County, Tennessee, at Alamo
To: Guy SMITH and Mrs. Cora MEDLIN-- In this cause, it appearing from the bill which are sworn to, that The defendents; Guy SMITH and Mrs. Cora MEDLIN are non-residents of the State of Tennessee, they and each of them, are hereby notified to appear before the County Court of Crockett County, Tennessee, to be held at Alamo, on or before the first Monday in June, 1923 and make defense to the bill filed by D. T. REASONS vs Mose SMITH et als, the same being a bill to sell real estate for partition, or the bill will be taken for confessed and set for hearing ex parte, as to said non-resident defendants.  It is further ordered that this notice be published for 4 consecutive weeks in the Crockett County Sentinel, a newspaper published in Crockett County, Tennessee.

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