Crockett County Sentinel - February 26, 1909
Crockett County Sentinel

February 26, 1909

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Bells, Tennessee - Friday Feb. 26th, 1909
Volume XXXVI --- No.35

JOHNSON'S GROVE--Feb. 23rd, 1909---J. Wright and wife, of Memphis, formerly of this place, are visiting A. J. Tucker and family. We learn that Mr. Wright will soon move to New York State where he and family will make their future home.

The baby of Will Jennings has been quite sick.

A. J. Riddick was in town Saturday suffering from a severe cold.

Mrs. Prince and daughter were visitors with John Forsythe and family last week.

Frank Norville and family will return from MO. and will make their future home here.

Bully Green of Halls, and Miss Hester Agee, of Friendship, made a short stay in our town Sunday.

J. Wright and wife & A. J. Tucker and wife visited Virge Tucker and family at Alamo Monday.

Dave Craig & Miss Hannah Mays of Alamo spent Sunday with Dr. Oneil & wife.

PROCTOR ITEMS--February 22nd, 1909---Misses Emma & Vera Ward spent Saturday night and Sunday with Misses Mary, Nannie and Drudie Edwards.

Ely Bradley and family spent Sunday with Eugene Buford and wife.

O. R. Blackburn and family spent weekend with his brother, Arch and family near Johnson's Grove,

Miss Nannie Edwards spent Thursday night with her sister, Mrs. Norse Davis.

Joe Proctor and family spent Sunday with T. J. Ward and family.

Esq. G. W. Edwards little son, Darrell, is sick at this writing.

WELLWOOD--February 22nd, 1909---On Friday, about noon, January 29th,the summons came, and the Death Angel spread its broad wings over the home of our neighbor and friend, MISS LAURA DUCKWORTH, and carried her spirit from this world of trouble and sorrow to a bright beyond. She had borne her affiliations with the fortitude of a Christian. She was converted and joined the M. E. Church South when quite young. She leaves one brother, three sisters and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. She was confined to her bed but had gotten up, with heart trouble. Death seemed to be no terror to her. The funeral services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. Peeples, after which all that was mortal of our beloved friend was laid to rest in Providence Cemetery.

Mrs. Gussie Williamson and little daughter, of Jackson are the guests of their aunt, Miss W. M. Duchworth.

One of the prettiest weddings of the season was that of Miss Ida Carr and S. A. Herbert. They were married last Sunday at 8 p.m. at the home of the bride, Rev. Peeples officiating. The downpour of rain prevented only a few friends to witness the ceremony. Mr. Herbert is the efficient manager of our telephone company. Miss Carr is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. Carr.

FRUITVALE--Feb.23, 1909---W. Pearcy and Miss Arpie Patterson of Jones SchoolHouse were quietly married at this place last Sunday morning, Esq. Raines of this place officiating.

THE NEWS IN BRIRF---Miss Emily Virginia Mason, of a famous Virginia family who won fame during the Civil War as a nurse for Confederate soldiers and who ministered to Union soldiers at Libby prison, DIED Thursday, aged 94 years.

As the result of an explosion of dynamite caps, in the pockets of Charles Barnes and Lenr Young in Dallas, Texas, both about 18 years of age are dead.

GADSDEN DOTS--February 23rd, 1909---Mrs. Edgar Farrow of Bells, visited her mother, Mrs. Nannie Tatum, Sunday.

Mrs. J. P. Sensing visited the home of A. R. Sensing Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. A. A. Head is convalescing after a few days illness.

Little Kathleen Brandenburg has been very sick, thought to be better at this time.

Oscar Williams is in the market for all the colts and mules, as his eleven-pound son will soon be ready to help break them.

ADDITIONAL LOCALS---Mr. Ollie Kenner has sufficiently recovered to be able to sit up most of the time. This is very gratifying to his many relatives and friends. He will move with his family in a few days to District No.3, near Center Church., Mr. J. J. Blades will move to Mr. Kenner's place, on College Street.

Miss Mattie Bledsoe returned to her home in Milan last Saturday, after spending about six weeks with her cousin here, Mrs. Ollie Kenner, during the serious illness of Mr. Kenner. Miss Mattie is a noble young lady, and never thinks of self while she is ministering unto her loved ones.

Rev. A. F. Stem, formerly pastor of the Methodist Church at this place, now of Dyer, passed through Bells Monday for Maury City, to assist the pastor there, Rev. Asa Russell, in a revival service.

The editor regretted so much to hear of the accident of Bro. Bob Brown, of McBride last week, in getting a leg broken. He is one of God's nobleman; his home is the home of God's servants. So many times have we rested and been refreshed in his home, enjoying the hospitality of himself and his gentle, kindhearted good wife. The Lord will be with this, His faithful servant.

On Thursday, February 18th,the home of John W. Mitchell, east of town, was the scene of an interesting birthday dinner, given in honor of Mesdames Sarah Mitchell, Margaret Grossnoe and Ruth Mosley; all being the same age. The old people had the day to themselves, their children all being grown and away from home. They enjoyed the day. Not a one of them in the company under 50 years of age.

PERSONAL PARAGRAPHS---In the death of the Esq. W. M. N. Dunlap last Friday night, Humboldt lost a citizen who was an honor to the cause of Christianity, the county and the state.

Mr. H. A. Worrell is repairing W. H. Jelk's business house and H. H. Ketchum is papering it. When completed it will be one of the best store rooms in town.

Rural Carriers, T. A. Reams and David Moody, were in Nashville Sunday and Monday. Monday was a day of rest to all our carriers.

Master Sam & Miss Eva Norville, children of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Norville, near town, were quite sick of pneumonia last week. Glad to report them about well again.

Mrs. R. E. Freeman and son, Ed, visited her father, Esq. Jas. Hopkins, near Zion, in Haywood County last week-end.

Misses Ada Whitaker, Julia Moody and Jessie Nunn and D. W. Whitaker, Jr., were all guests of Mrs. Kate Whitaker near the Grove Sat. & Sun.

We are sorry to hear that David E. Mayo, who fell a few weeks ago and broke three ribs, is not doing so well, still suffering a great deal. He is at the home of his son, Frank, at Maury City.

Ewell Hayes, the efficient night telephone operator, suffered very intensely of acute indigestion last Sunday night and Monday. He is convalescing and will, we trust, in a few days be at his post again.

Mr. & Mrs. J. N. Craig and son, Willie, of near Center, Visites Mesdames Jessie Nunn And Ernest White in Bells last Saturday and to consult Dr. J. H. Harris, as Mrs. Craig has not been very well in the past few weeks.

Mr. J. W. Boyett and Mrs. Vennie Vandyke were married last Sunday.

T. E. Evans and family have received a letter from his son, Joe, who is in St. Louis, dangerousley sick of appendecitis, having had an operation performed. He is in St. Mary's Infirmary, receiving the very best of attention. His loved ones and friends here are anxious about him and hope he may soon be restored to health.

Will Pearcy and Miss Arpie Patterson, of District 1 were quietly

married by Esq. R. N. Raines at his home in Fruitvale last Sunday. Miss Patterson is the daughter of Walker Patterson.

(not news but too cute to pass.) "A man is never so utterly unoriginal as when he is lovemaking or praying."

ADDITIONAL LOCALS---From Kenton, Tennessee Index, we learn of the marriage of an excellent young lady who was born in Crockett County, and who has a great many relatives and friends here who will be interesting in the following item: Miss Mozelle Patterson, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Patterson of this place, was married at the Methodist Church in Cienfuegos, Cuba, to Rev. E. Y. Davis, an American Methodist Missionary on Thursday, February 4th,1909, Rev. W. E. Sewell officiating. Miss Patterson has been in Cuba some time teaching high school. She is an excellent Christian lady and her many friends here will be glad to learn that she has married an excellent Christian gentleman.

A cyclone visited near Alamo last Tuesday, and came very near being quite serious to Mr. Sam Farmer, an honored and respected citizen of the 10th District, who was in Alamo and had gone up to the schoolhouse to see his daughter, who was attending school there, and just before entering the house and was picked up and carried some distance in the air and then let down, unharmed, except badly frightened .The editor has a deep feeling of sympathy for Mr. Farmer, for we were nearly scared to death in 1873 by a cyclone which passed over our home in the 4th District.

PERSONAL PARAGRAPHS---Mrs. James Hite and little Chester are visiting in Jackson this week.

Mrs. Tarpley has been quite sick this week at Mrs. Jack Canada's house with la grippe.

Miss Willie Halyard left Tuesday morning for Jackson to visit her cousin, Miss Annie Chrisman.

Mrs. Felix Smith of Jackson, has been visiting her father and mother, Mr. & Mrs. Will Brooks, near town.

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest White visited Esq. Baker Boren and family near Jones last week-end.

Miss Ruth Roberts of Humboldt, was a pleasant visitor in R. H. Mockbee's home, east of town, last week.

Dr. Dodd of Dyer County, moved to Crockett Mills last week. He comes well recommended as a gentleman and good physician.

Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Summars of Memphis, and Mr. & Mrs. O. Grant of Gibson Wells, were in Bells with home folks last week.

We are sorry to hear of the continued illness of Miss Tinnie Medlin. Hope to hear of an improvement in her condition.

Mesdames Mary & Kail and Synthia Bridger were in Bells last Monday to see Mrs. Bridger's grandson, Ewell Hayes, who is seriously ill.

Mrs. Sue Blake and Miss Nors Blake, of Humboldt, were guests in the home of Mr. & Mrs. T. O. Simmons.

Mrs. J. B. Moss, we are glad to report this week is convalescing from a severe attack of pneumonia. For several days last week she was seriously ill.

TENNESSEE NEWS---Walter COCHRANE, charged with the murder of Fred CROWE, the gambler, on trial in Chattanoogna, fell in a dead faint while on the witness stand in his own behalf. He created a sensation in the courtroom,and the case was stopped for an hour or more.

EAST END---Wilmer W. MOSS and Miss Hallie TROUTT were married this morning by Esq. LUKENBILL. Wilmer, is an energetic hard working man and farmer, and Miss Hallie is the daughter of W. L. TROUTT and is a beautiful loveable young lady.

MISS Tina MEDLIN is still very sick with but little hope for her recovery. Miss Ann JONES is no better at this writing.

MRS. Bessie SMITH of Jackson, has been visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Will BROOKS.

Alfred EMERSON & Wife of Humboldt, came down to see her sister, Miss Tina MEDLIN Saturday.

Mrs. Rebecca EVANS is suffering from weak eyes and nervous effection at her sisters' Misses Ann & Sue JONES.

LIBERTY HALL---Louis EMISON & Ewell MARLOWE are right sick at this writing.

Mrs. Minnie TYLER is visiting Miss Alice BOLTON this week. Misses Ennice FOSTER & Ruth SPRAGGINS spent Saturday night at the Jim NELSON home.

Mr. & Mrs. Chester JOHNSON spent Saturday night at Babe WILLIAMS.

W. F. TYLER and family spent Wednesday night at N. V. WILLIAMS.

TRIBUTE OF RESPECT---Death is in the land and the spoiler thereof among the works of the Almighty-all that is born must die. Therefore, God in his wisdom, alwise, as seen fit to call from our midst, our beloved brother, T. B. CLARK. Therefore, it is with sad hearts, we, the members of Arcane Lodge, No.131; I.O.O.F., do humbly bow to the will of Him who doeth all things well. Brother CLARK, or "Uncle Tom", as he was called, was about 65 years old at the time of his demise. Brother CLARK was a noble Christian gentleman, was a genial disposition, always looking on the bright side of life to lend a helping hand to the oppressed, always had a kind word for everybody, thereby bringing sunshine and gladness to their hearts.

Therefore be it resolved that the death of Brother CLARK, that his companion has lost a true and devoted husband.

Be it further resolved that we, the members of the Arcane Lodge tender the bereaved wife our heartfelt sympathy in the loss of her dear companion and present her with these resolutions.

Be it further resolved, that in the death of our dear brother, T. B. CLARK, that we the members of the Arcane Lodge, of which he was a member, have lost a noble brother and wise counselor. Respectively Submitted; J. W. MASSEY, T.C. PEARSON, and Jno. W. SPENCE Committed: January 21,1909.

The Death Angel---Visited the home of Mr. & Mrs. James PARSELY on Saturday evening, February 15th,and called from us, our little darling, Russell, after 13 long days of suffering from the effects of a burn. He bore his suffering so well, God blesses him, and he has gone to rest. He leaves a mother, father, two sisters and two brothers and a host of friends to mourn his death. He was buried in the Southfork graveyard Sunday afternoon. He was 5 years, 5 months.

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