Crockett County Sentinel - February 19, 1909
Crockett County Sentinel

February 19, 1909

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Bells, Tennessee
Friday February 19, 1909

PROCTOR ITEMS--Feb. 16, 1909---
Misses Emma Ward and Glenn McClannahan spent Saturday with Mrs. Callie Buford. Miss Mary Edwards visited Mrs. Alta Edwards Saturday night and Sunday.

O. R. Blackburn and family spent Saturday night with the O. H. Vandyke family.

Fayette Edwards and several members of his family spent Sunday near Alamo with Lillie Cole and family.

Arch Blackburn and family visited his father, Jack Blackburn the weekend.

Mrs. Alla Edwards spent Saturday with G. W. Edwards and family.

Jake Fife moved from our community to Bells last week. We hate to give them up. The family will be missed very much in our neighborhood. We wish them much success in their new home.

P. R. Blackburn and family spent Sunday with homefolks.

The singing given at the home of G. W. Faulkner was highly enjoyed by all those who attended.
Mr. Pool & Mr. Shivers of Brazil, spent Saturday with O. H. Vandyke.

Hays Davis and family spent Friday night with Otis Edwards and family.

Misses Nannie & Drudie Edwards spent Sunday with their brother, Justin Edwards and family.

Jonie Blackburn has been confined to his room foe several days with a severe cold.

Several of Ollie Vandyke's family have been suffering from bad colds.

Lem Carter and family of Johnson's Grove spent Saturday night with John Stephenson and family.

Edwards Schoolhouse Local, attended by several members of the Dry Hill Local. Our Local is increasing in membership. We hope every non-union man in our country that heard the great speech by Brother Wilson in Alamo, will join the F. E. & C. U. of A. and help make our south land brighter and stronger and happier, and by doing this, the younger generation will not see the crowded cities, but will take that honorable occupation that of a farmer.

JOHNSON'S GROVE--Feb. 16, 1909---
On Wednesday night, February 10th, the Death Angel entered the home of Ruben & Mamie Norville, and laid its icy hands upon their infant child, who breathed its last breath at 8 p. m. The little one suffered pneumonia. The funeral services were held at the Methodist Church, Bro. Russell officiating. He made a long plea to the living to prepare to enter the pearly gates of Jerusalem as innocent as the sweet baby. The little body was laid to rest in the Manning graveyard. Cheer up, dear parents, you have the consolation of knowing that your dear one is resting in the bosom of our Lord.

Mrs. Leona Hunt has been guite sick since we last wrote.

Charlie Worrell was elected to the W. O. W. Camp of this place as delegate to attend the state assembly at Knoxville March 12th.

Several mad dogs have had to be killed in our community of late. Watch your dogs.

Tolbert Forsythe has opened a first class tonsonial parlor in Dr. Hughes office, where you can get an up to date hair cut and shave.

Misses Grace Jennings, Ada Whitaker; D. W. Whitaker & wife and Mrs. J. C. Best of Bells, attended the funeral services held over the infant child of Ruben Norville at this place last week.

Mrs. Gertrude Vernon is quite sick with la grippe.

Charlie Clark has been kept indoors for several days, with chills and la grippe.

NANCE'S SCHOOLHOUSE--February 15, 1908 (the years are as in paper)
Henry Hefley, of NO. 4 visited W. F. Hefley and family Sunday.

James Hefley left Monday for New Mexico to make his fortune there.

Francis Marion Woodley is sick at this writing of the la grippe.

Uncle Lee Archibald has been confined to his room for several weeks. A team of mules ran away with him, through him from a wagon and bruised him considerably. Before he recovered from the shock, he was taken with a cold and la grippe.

We had a storm Saturday night which came very near being very serious. It unroofed Mr. Corbett's grainery, which contained wheats, oats, peas, etc., it also blew down a splendid cattle barn for him. Why it is that 14 head of cattle and a lot of sheep had left this barn before it fell is unknown.

In 1897, Henry Archibald, son of Lee Archibald, now living near Chestnut Bluff, was on the south bluff of the Forked Deer fishing with a fishing party. While they enjoyed the festivities of the day, by some accident, two men were thrown from a skiff and were in the act of drowning. It seems that at this place, the banks were high and very deep, and no one present dared risk his life in trying to save the unfortunate men. Henry, who was some distance away , dressing fish, being attracted by the excitment, went running, sprang in, and saved both men. It came, in some way, a few months ago, Henry's father recited the circumstances to Mr. W. S. Corbett. It impressed him at once that the "Carnegie Hero Fund" was given for such heroism. A few weeks ago, Henry was notified that he would receive $1000 from the Fund and a Bronze Medal.

FROM SALEM--Feb. 15th---
Mr. Kirby Kenner and Miss Minnie Clay, of Alamo, were married last Wednesday.

Mr. & Mrs. Will Patterson are rejoicing over the arrival of a fine boy. Mother and boy are doing well.

A severe storm visited this section last Friday night. Lightening struck Luther Hooper's House and came into the room and tore his clock to pieces and melted a razor. Forturnately no one hurt, other than being considerably shocked. Lightening also struck Mart Craig's barn and knocked a considerable hole in it. The barn having just been completed and all being new, didn't catch fire.

Mrs. P. A. Henderson is reported quite sick at this writing.

Misses Virgie and Effie Hooper and Birdie George spent Sunday afternoon with Miss Pearl Black.

Mr. & Mrs. Edd Tatum and little daughter, Bessie Lou, spent Wednesday night at J. G. Georges.

H. C. Hopper and wife and J. G. George and wife visited Will Patterson and family Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. Fannie Henderson is quite sick of pneumonia. We are sorry to hear of her illness.

LIBERTY HALL--Feb. 8th---
Misses Irma and Zera Williams and Lena Pitner of this place enjoyed a nice Valentine party at Misses Ethel and Eunice Jones Saturday night.

Mrs. Minnie Herndon of Humboldt, spent Saturday night at Henry Woodsen home.

Mrs. Clem Bolton and children, spent Saturday night at Mrs. N. V. Williams.
Miss Mammie Nelson spent Sunday at Chester Johnson's home.

Little Miss Nezzie Hutchison happened to a very painful, we hope not  serious, accident, last Sunday. She fell from a block of wood and dislocated her elbow.

George Colvett is suffering of a severe cold and Rheumatism.

TO PREACH HIS OWN FUNERAL---Fairfield, Illinois--The voice of the Rev. Daniel Bassett Leach, who died at his home at Bone Gap, near here, will be heard over his own grave. A short time before he died, the minister, who was almost 90 years old, had several short sermons and prayers placed on grahophone records in his house, and he requested that the records be used at his funeral, and his last request was granted.

A good farm, well improved, 56 acres, in sight of Johnson's  Grove; Mrs. M. G. Huffsteller's home.

DEATH OF THOMAS G. McKEIVEY from Humboldt Courier---Mr. Thomas G. McKelvey (2 spellings used), died at his home one mile from town Wed., night at 12 o'clock. He was taken sick Monday while at work on his farm, and a physician was called at once, but his condition was thought to be not at all serious, so his family entertained no uneasiness about him until a few minutes previous to his death, when his wife was aroused by his heavy breathing and called her son, who came and found his father dying. He breathed only a few times after his son reached him. Mr. McKelvy came to West Tennessee in 1883, locating in Crockett County, where he lived until about eight years ago, when he purchased a beautiful farm near this town. He was a good neighbor, a kind father and husband, a nd a friend to the widow and orphan. Rev. W. A. Freeman, in the presence of sorrowing relatives and a host of friends, after which the remains were interred in beautiful Rose Hill Cemetery. The many friends of Mr. McKelvy in this county sorrow with his dear wife and two sons in their great bereavement.

F. E. & C. U. of A. --CALL FOR COUNTY UNION---
The Crockett County F. E. & C. U. of A. is hereby called to meet with Cross Roads Local on Fri. & Sat., Feb. 26th & 27th. Let every Local in the county be  represented. State President Montgomery and other good speakers will be present. W. S. Corbett Esq. President--J. R. Cox, Sectry.

PERSONAL PARAGRAPHS---A. W. Hawkins left Tuesday for Alabama to deliver a lot of lumber he had sold.

Miss Maude Hopkins attended the burial of Mrs. Thomas in Carroll County last Saturday.

Mrs. Clara Garrett of near McKenzie, is here visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. F. E. Mitchell.

Ewell Moore and Miss Eva Nettles, two popular young people of District No. 9, were married last Sunday.

Dr. Wm. Thompson, Vetenary surgeon of Crockett Mills, returned last Saturday night from college with his diploma.

Algie Love, a popular shoe drummer, has been visiying his brother, J. M. Love and family near town.

Mrs. John Bright and daughter, Miss Annie, of Gadsden, spent last Sunday afternoon with Mr. & Mrs. John W. Bell in Bells.

Misses Annie Joyner and Maude Jackson of Madison County, are guests of Miss Alleene Mitchell on North High Street.

A young drug salesman has arrived in the home of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Jelks, but he is not yet old enough to "go on the road". He will sign his name John Levin Jelks.

Mrs. Laben Perry, a highly respected lady, died in Alamo Tuesday and was buried Wednesday. She was a member of the Methodist Church and Brother Stratton preached her funeral.

Larry Montague has been at home for the past three weeks with an attack of the fever. He has about recovered and will return to Memphis in a few days, where he has a clerkship with the post office.

After an extended tour through the west, Mr. & Mrs. Jodie B. Edwards arrived Tuesday and are receiving congratulations from their friends.

The editor had a delightful pleasure of entertaing in his office last Saturday for a short time with Brother & Sister James H. Robertson of the Cross Roads community.

THANKS---To the good people of Bells, who so kindly ministered unto mother and expressed sympathy for us in our great bereavement. We want to express our thanks. We appreciate every kind deed and every word of sympathy. --W. B. Hopkins and Family.

FROM the Courier-Chronicle of the 12th;We learn of the death of Dr. Guy C. Estes, son of Dr. Henry Estes, who will be remembered by the older citizens of Alamo, as he lived here when his son, Guy, was born in 1877. His death occurred in Palatka, Fla.

The editor was called last Friday afternoon to the Brigance graveyard to hold the funeral service of Mrs. Oscar Fowler, who died Thursday morning at the home of her husband on the Anderson farm, in District No. 1. She leaves a husband and three small children to mourn her death. Her neighbors all spoke well of her.

PERSONAL PARAGRAPHS continued---Mr. Will Cole , one mile west of Alamo, sustained a heavy loss by fire last Friday night. Lightening struck his barn setting fire to it. He lost two horses, two cows, one bale of cotton, all his corn and hay, 18 bushels of peas and all his farming tools.

Early Wednesday morning, Miss Hallie Trout started to school as usual from her father's house, one mile east of town, and on the way, she was met by Wilmer Moss, who invited her into his buggy, and they drove to Esq. George Lukenbill's No. i, and he quietly united the happy couple in marriage. We congratulate Wilmer and his bride, and we hope no shadows will fallacross their pathway as they journey together toward "the beatuful city of life.

Mrs. Bessie Fleming returned from Florida Wednesday morning. We are so glad to hear of the complete recovery of Robert, who felt it was to early for his return. The meeting of mother and her babe, after a separation of more than a month and a half was indeed pathetic, for the unbounding love of mother had been pent up so long, she could but rejoice. Robert is expected to return in a few weeks.

Mrs. ALICE THOMAS, whose serious illness was reported last week, died last Friday morning at 10 o'clock of heart failure. Mrs. Thomas moved to our town something more than a year ago from Carroll County and has lived her with her only daughter, Mrs. W. B. Hopkins. She was a motherly mother, a devoted and cvonsustant member of the C. P. Church, and had been waiting with delight the call of her Father to join her sainted husband, who was called from labor to rest about four years ago. On the early morning train Saturday, her remains were carried back to the old home cemetery in Carroll County. She leaves her daughter, Mrs. Hopkins and three sons; Howard, Aaron and Wade Thomas, to mourn the loss of an indulgent mother.

Sentor Tillman has announced his intention of exerting every effort and endeavor to prevent the confirmation of W. D. Crum, the negro doctor, as collector of the port of Charleston and in his fight he should have the hearty support of every southern senator. --New Orleans Times Democrat.

Aunt Babe Bobbins is on the sick list this week.
Andrew Kail is all smiles this week over the arrival of a fine girl baby.
Albert Pinkston made a flying trip to Dry Hill school house Thursday morning.
Miss Ruthie Baker left Sunday for Mississippi to make her future home.
Tommy Kail has sold his grist mill to Mr. Jenkins, at Cross roads.
Will Cole lost his barn and all contents Friday night to fire supposed to have been struck by lightening, glad to hear people are helping him.
S. H. White is going to leave us soon for his future home near Memphis.
Mrs. Ella Cates has been real sick for the past week, but is reported some better.
Friend John Lonon's family have the measles.

There is quite a lot of sickness in our town now. Mrs. Dee Brandenburg, Jimmie Reasons, little Lillian Brandenburg, Clyde Humphries and Grandma Boals have been on the sick list.

C. H. Nelson is suffering a great deal with rheumatism.
We have a new assistant school teacher at this place, Miss Allie Harris.
Jessie Herbert and Miss Mattie Herbert visited Annie Belle Overton Sunday. On the same day, Miss Effie had as her guests Paul and Belle Gaines.

A baby girl was born to Michael Pendergrass and wife on the 4th.
A girl has been born to Alex Evans and wife on the 10th.
A boy was born to Dee Randle and wife on the 15th.
David Taylor, Jr., lost a good horse the first of last week. The neighbors have given him $60. 00 to buy another. David has been staying with his brothers, Jesse and Warren, helping build the latter a house on their father's farm.

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