Crockett County Sentinel - December 24, 1909
Crockett County Sentinel

December 24, 1909

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Friday December 24th, 1909
Volume XXXVI

Ed FOSTER and wife of North Dakota, are visiting his mother and family near town.

Rob NORVILLE is visiting his uncle, Lum WHITAKER of Gates this week.

Powell MAXEY and family have moved to the D. H. MOODY place.

Frank NORVILLE has moved to the Lucy DRAKE place.

Ernest NORVILLE has a very sick baby at this writing.

As we said a few weeks ago, the unexpected sometimes happens and it has done that very thing. On last Sunday one of our merchants, S. J. KING and Miss Robbie FOSTER were joined together in the Holy bonds of matrimony. These young people are well known and liked in this and surrounding counties. We wish them joy and success in their future lives and may no cloud, however small, obscures from view the bright sunshinr of happiness. The ceremony was performed by Rev. LEAVER at the home of the bride's mother. A large crowd of friends and relatives were in attendence. After the marriage, an elaborate dinner was served, the after more hand shakes and congratulations, the bride and groom with a number of friends, left for Alamo where at the home of the bridegroom's brother-in-law, Major C. A. GOODLOE, there was waiting a fine spread fit for the gods. The young couple will make their home in the Grove.

The school at Vine Hill is progressing nicely under the skillful management of Misses Viola JEWELL and Willie May PHILLIPS. W. F. HARRIS and wife spent last Thursday with their son, S. J. HARRIS.

Mrs. Angie HINTON has returned home from a visit to her son, R. C. HINTON, of Jackson.

John SHOE spent the day Friday with his daughter, Mrs. A. G. NEELY, of Neely's Station.

S. J. HARRIS and daughter, Bertha, spent one day in Jackson.

Masters Leonard JOHNSON, Howell BUNTIN and Fred HARRIS were in Jackson, to buy Christmas presents.

Miss Pearl BLAKNEY is visiting the family of J. J. MIGETT, of Jackson.

Tom SHOE, wife, and little daughter, Annie Laura, spent the weekend with John SHOE and wife.

Miss Gracie CONNER spent Wednesday night with Misses Bertha & Lyda HARRIS.

Claud MARLOW has returned home from a visit to his aunt, Mrs. W. F. HARRIS.

---EAST END---
There was a happy meeting in the home of the PARROTS Monday when Jim McMILLAN, of Texas, entered the home of Arch McMILLAN very unexpected. The two brothers had not met in 22 years.

Mrs. BROOKS and daughter, Miss Mamie, visited Mrs. Ella TULOR Tuesday.
J. W. & Arch McMILLAN leave this morning to visit their sisters, Mesdames PORTER & DINGAN, and their brother, N. A. McMILLAN of Alamo.

Will STALLINGS, who has been attending the medical school in Nashville is at home visiting homefolks.

Homer SUDBERRY of the medical school of Memphis, is at home with relatives and friends.

Mrs. Mattie WARD and Louis HARWELL were quietly married at her home near here last Wednesday afternoon at 4 p. m. May they have much joy and prosperity.

Jim GRIFFIN's baby is still very delicate. It has been a very puny baby but is a very bright little boy.

Jeff TAYLOR is slowly gaining strength from a spell of fever.
We regret to give up Willis HOWELL and family, who will move to Alamo. Mr. HOWELL has been our neighbor and was Sunday school superintendent so long.

Mrs. J. M. BLACK, who has been sick for some time, is some better at this writing.

John STANDFIELD, of Union City, visited J. C. TATUM and family Saturday night and Sunday.

Mr. & Mrs. Abe REASONS are proud parents of a fine girl.

Edd TATUM and wife spent Monday night at J. G. GEORGE's home.

Miss Cordie DAVIS spent Wednesday night with her aunt, Mrs. J. C. TATUM.

Miss Mell SIMS spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Edgar CRAIG of Gadsden.

Mesdames E. W. THOMAS and J. G. GEARGE spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. J. C. BLACK.

Mrs. Daisy COX, of Johnson Grove, spent a few days last week with E. W. STUDARD and family.

Claud Conwell and wife spent Friday with the Ernest STUDARD's family.

Tom MANSFIELD, of near Chestnut Bluff, has moved to the place he bought of Rex BUFERD.

Haley WARD, wife and baby, spent a part of last week with T. J. WARD and family.

---DRY HILL---
Mrs. Virgie ACOR visited her mother, Mrs. Mollie SHARP Friday.

Miss Sinthy SHARP is visiting her sister, Mrs. Virgie ACOR, near Maury City.

Willie COAL got hurt at the hog killing at Mr. RANS last week. He is
getting along nicely.

Dennis EDWARDS has returned home after a weeks' visit to his
grandfather, COPHERS and uncle, John COPHERS. .

Mr. NIX has moved his family to Leroy REASONS. May his old days be his happiest.

Mr. Jessie COZORT spent last Sunday night with Rev. Ira DAVIS, at Gadsden.

Herman DAVIS moved to Bro. R. L. MOBLEY's place to reside during the years, 1910.

The Insolvency of the Estate of A. E. OVERTON; deceased, having been suggested to the County Court for Crockett Co., TN , all persons having claims against the estate are notified to appear and file the same, authenticated in the manner prescribed by law, on or before the first day of April, 1910. This the 22nd day of December 1909. R. H. OVERTON; Admin. of the estate of A. E. OVERTON, deceased.

Barricading themselves in a home, Will, Sheldon, and Clinton MONTGOMERY, negroes, wanted for the murder of Algernon LEWIS, a young white man, opened fire on the sheriff's posses near Magnolia, Marengo County, wounding four white men, two fatally. The house was set on fire and Clint MONTGOMERY was cremated, the other two brothers being captured when they dashed from the burning building. The sheriff of Marengo, with a number of deputies left the scene of the clash almost immediately for Linden, the County seat of Marengo. A report reached the governor's office that armed negroes attacked the sheriff of Marendo County at Magnolia and that five white men had been wounded.

The latest reports received from Magnolia were to the effect that fighting between the whites and blacks was then in progress and that several persons had been wounded. N. C. CARTER was reported seriously wounded.

J. W. MANNING, colored principal of the Austin colored school at Knoxville, and classmate of President William H. TAFT, while at Yale, is seeking the presidency of the negro Normal School of the State. MANNING is one of the ablest educators of his race.

The jury in the case of Garrett JOHNSON and Arthur CLOAR, indicted for the murder of Quentin RANKIN, at Walterlog, on the night of October 19th, 1908, after deliberating 84 hours, reported to the Court Tuesday that they were hopelessly tied up, whereupon, they were discharged. The official announcement as to how the jury voted was nine for murder in the second degree, with the penalty to be fixed at ten years in the penitentiary; while the remaining three were for acquittal. This is the way they stood on every ballot up to Tuesday morning, when on the last ballot taken, they stood ten for second degree murder and two for acquittal. This looks to be the last of the night rider trails for Obion County, as it will be impossible to ever secure another jury in Obion County.

General regret has been expressed at the removal of Mr. Ray SHALLABARGER and his most excellent wife, to Brownwood, Texas, where they expect to make their future home. They left on the early train.

Mr. D. E. SPEIGHT and Miss Eva CONLEY surprised their many friends last Saturday by driving to the parsonage in Alamo and having Rev. T. N. WILKES unite them in holy wedlock. These popular young people are receiving the congratulations of a large circle of friends.

The editor was called to Salem last Friday to hold the funeral service of the first born and only child of Mr. & Mrs. John HOPPER. The babe died very suddenly, as it was apparently well Thursday evening upon retiring, and the next morning, they found it dead. A great shock to the young parents.

We rejoice with friend, Archie McMILLAN in having his brother, J. W. McMILLAN, of Grainger, Texas, as his guest during the holidays. McMILLAN has not been in Tennessee for about 22 years.

Mr. Willy T. KINCAID & Mrs. WINFORD were married by Esq. T. P. HOOPER, at his home in District #4, on Wednesday of last week. Immediately after the ceremony, the happy couple came on to Bells and spent the night with his sister, Mrs. Joe R. KENNER. The next day, they went out to their home north of town, recently bought of Mr. SHALLABARGER.

Mr. Will TAYLOR carried Mr. John FELTS, an old and honored ex-Confederate soldier, and a brother to Mr. David FELTS, near town, to the Old Soldiers home near Nashville last Saturday. Mr. TAYLOR returned Monday and reported that Uncle Johnny stood the trip very well, and immediately upon arrival at the home was sent to the hospital for treatment of the burns recently received in escaping from a burning residence in which he was living.

Near Johnson Grove, last Sunday, at the home of the bride's mother, in the presence of a few of the near relatives, Mr. S. J. KING, one of the most successful dry goods merchants of the county and Miss Robbie FOSTER, one of the most elegant young ladies of the county, were united in marriage, by Rev. Mr. WEAVER. After congratulations, the happy couple drove to Alamo and spent the evening with the groom's sister, Mrs. C. A. GOODLOE. They are at home to their friends at Johnson Grove.

Just a year ago, from all external appearances, Mr. W. A. DUFFEY promised to live as long as any man in Bells. On last Sunday morning at 7:15 o'clock, he quietly went into the beyond, at his home on West Main Street. Mr. DUFFEY was a man of great energy. Starting life a poor boy, by energy and good judgement, he had accumulated quite a good deal of property. At the time of his death he was the senior member of the hardware firm of DUFFEY & SHARP, a firm that has been rapidly coming to be one of the leading firms of the town. A few days before his death, Rev. J. C. CASON held a service in his home and he expressed himself as being prepared for the future, believing his sins had been forgiven. In the presence of a large gathering of relatives and friends, Monday afternoon, at his home, the funeral services were held by Elder A. POTTER, assisted by J. C. W. NUNN. Interment at his farm, known as the Thomas HARRELL place, north of town. Mr. DUFFEY having selected the place about three months ago and requested his wife that he be buried there. He leaves a wife and nine children to mourn the loss of a husband and father, for he was a kind husband and devoted father.

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