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Jonesborough Tennessee
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Primary Jonesborough Surnames
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Pat Sabin Sevier, Cunningham, Blair, Galbreath, Sabin East Tennessee Pioneers
Larry Boyle Archer, Bales, Carmichael, Gott, Massengill, Merritt, Sherfey, Smith, Overfelt
Carla Garner Whetzel, Gibson, Woods, White, Vaughn, Hicks, Cox
Jim Hawes Haws, Wilson, Douglas, Hughes, Hyder, Simerly none
Marvin & Samme Templin Templin Templin Family Genealogy
Phyllis Blickensderfer Harrison, Cox
Oscar Williamson passed away on October 5, 2003, & Jan Williamson
on November 15, 2003.   I knew Jan through Washington Co TN genealogy and New London County, CT genealogy.  They are greatly missed!
Bowman, Campbell, Diehl, Kirk, McGinnis, Miller, St. Clair, Williamson none
Joe Payne Payne, Parker, Shipley
Helen McKnight Walton none
Linda Carriger Dillow Kimery, Moore, Henley, Roberts, Snapp, Aston/Austin, Kirk, Carson, Hanna/Hannah, Fruit none
Tommy Roger Dillow Dillow, Whetzel, Wagner, Councill, Hoss, Bailey none
G. L. Keplinger Kelsey, Bachman, Patton, Peoples, May, Horne, Buzzard, Keplinger, Million none
Jean Mayfield Cuevas Bacon, Bedsaul, Hale, Jones none
Kathy Awbrey Bayless, Peters
Cynthia McDaniel Carey, Douglass, Reed, Forrester/Foster, Morris none
Barbara Ribling Bayless, Hampton, Hoss, and others
Glenn Dulaney Dulaney
Chris Cash Cash James Cash Will & Deeds
Chuck Miller Ford, Sifford, Smith
  Miller Genealogy
Gary Clark Clark, May, Bayless, Bowman, Beahm none
Hugh Mottern Mottern, Diehl, Bowman, Crouch John Nicholas Mottern Family 
Kevin T. Reeder Reeder, Sherrill none
Dave Berry Berry, Carroll, McKinney, Britt none
Foy Brasswell Braswell, Rominger, Allison, Cash, W.R Green none
Bud Hampton Hampton, Laws, Salts, Stout, Sliger, Hicks none
Debbie Harrison Beals, Mitchell, Jones, Dodd, West none
Sam Matthews Salts Salts Family History

Collyn Bruner Youngman Collins, Hunter, Kortz none
Kay Withers Hartsell, Anthony, Million, Jackson none
Gina Deschner Jones, Martin, Berry, Hartman none
Christie Naugle Holloway, Wright  none
Jennifer Lacey Ball, Barber, Parrish, Goff, Miller, Campbell, Randolph, Foister, Hammett, Maxwell none
Eleanor Edmondson Crecelious, Bottles -
Betty Jo Bashor King Basher, Sherfy, Garst, Bowman -
Cil & Randy Frazier Haile / Hale, Lane, Dean, Carr, Frazier, Camp, Bean, Taylor
Janice Pankratz Barron, Douglas -
John E. Babb, III Babb, Smith (William H.) The John Babb Family
Cathie McWhirter Jones, Hamill -
J.V. & Jo-ann Chauvin Haile, Rogers, Salts, Sevier, Stroup -
Kenny Dickson Dickson -
Barbara Hughes Mottern, Little, Hughes, McFarland, DeVault, Kitzmiller, Persinger, Lacy, Carriger -
Bill E. Hughes Hughes, Tipton Tipton Genealogy
Bill Hughes Family Tree
Bill Nelson Nelson, McKinney, Kelsay, Riggs -
Laura Cooper, Smith, Peoples, Trump  -
Pat Arrants Arrants, DePew,  Mottern, Crumbley, Rominger -
Lynn Scott Cox, Gray, Hale, Good, Downey -
Peggy Jackson Altman Jackson, Buckingham, Sells, Chandler, Black -
Judy Burdick  Holston  -
Mark Hill Cummings, Hale,  Stewart Genealogy and More
Betty N. Mitchell  Naff, Aiken/Eakin, Shell/Schell, Hoss/Haas Naff and Related Families
Richard Curtis Colyar
see info on William Colyar and family,  Justice of Peace 1820
Janelle Warden  Walker, Morrow, Brabson, Barkley, Carson, Hunt, Martin, Ellis, Bacon, Barron Genealogy Web Page
Bruce E Warnock Melvin, Barnes -
Sharon Egger McCracken, Patton, Kelsey -
George Trampe
Burke, Carson
Ben R.McEwen, Jr.
McEwen, Houston, Stephenson
Debra Kidd
Carr, Humprheys, Isbell, Maloney/Malonee, Ruble, Smith -
Cil & Randy Frazier Haile/Hale, Lane, Sevier, Taylor, Nelson, Mulkey, Bean, Russell, Crouch,  & others

Carol A Bigham Beals, Bowman, Campbell, Dickison,
Lovegrove, McNicol, Miller, Mitchell, Pendergrass & Rogers

Fabian Pierre Trahan
Trahan, McCarty, Denny .
Neil Ferguson
Ferguson, McLin, Brown, Bacon, Gibson, Hale, Campbell,
Bowery, Horton
Genealogy Site at Tribal Pages
Password To Enter Site:  vpass05
Jennie Vertrees

Howard, Denton, Swanger .
David Francis

Francis, France

Lois Dye
Carson (David), Burke

David Bowles

Mitchell, McMachn, Fain, Ross, Morgan

Brian Elvis Hulleberg

Kyker, Keicher, Taylor, McKee, Bayless, Loyd, Greer

Terri Robinson
Wallen, Roberts

Herb & Doloros Horne
McCrackin, Helton, Tucker, Downey,
Early, Hutchinson, Hartsell, Humphrey,
Carson, Hanna, McClung, Miller,

Sarah Adams Hitson

Mulkey/Morgan/Purcell Family
Gail Pirtle
Heck, Lovegrove, Myers, Bowen
Lee Dickson
Dale Martin
Ron Whitson
Allen, Collett, McInturff, Pickering, Sliger/Slyger, Stokes,Cloyd

Florence Light Foster
Light, Bennett
Paul Gill
Weaver, Feathers

Marty Burnett

Clearwater, Armstrong and Moore

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