Unidentified Girl - Jonesboro TN

Unidentified Girl

On the back is written "Eliz (?) T. Rowan, Jonesboro, Tenn" - appears to be hand written in pencil, although it could be the name of the photographer.  The first initial or abbreviation is very difficult to read, but looks like it could be the abbreviation for Elizabeth.  I think this must be Ester/Esther Rowan, and she is related to (or possibly an older version of) the young girl and boy in the picture of the unidentified boy and girl. There is a real family resemblance.

I found several Rowan families in Tennessee in 1910, but only one for Washington County, TN, and it appears in the 1900 census.

ROWAN - 1900
George R .  White Male, 39,  b May 1861 in Tennessee.
m. 6 yrs. Both parents b. TN.  Minister
Jennie D.  W. F. , 24, b May 1876 in North Caroline. Both parents b. NC  (looks like "Gertie" but is noted as "Jennie" in following census.)
Carl N., W.M. 5, b. November 1894 in Oklahoma (spelled "Karl" in 1920)
Ester, W.F., 4, b. May 1896 in Tennessee (spelled "Esther" in 1920
Margaret, 2, Dec. 1897 in Tennessee

ROWAN - 1910
In 1910, the family is living in Athens, McMinn County, TN (south of Knoxville), and there is a younger daughter, Catherine, who was born in 1901

ROWAN - 1920
In 1920, the family is still living in Athens, and it appears that Mr. Rowan is retired.  All children are still living at home in 1920.  Carl's name is spelled "Karl" in 1920.  Catherine is "Kathryn".  Ester is "Esther". Jennie's name still doesn't quite look like "Jennie".

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