Reminicenses of an Old Timer  

Reminiscences of an Old Timer
The Book Published Privately in 1930 by
Captain Ross Smith

This book, a wealth of wonderful information about people and places of 19th century Jonesborough,
Tennessee,  has been scanned and converted to an electronic version by John E. Babb, III, great-grandson of Ellen Smith Babb (sister of Capt. Ross Smith).   John shares this story about his family's history in Jonesborough, Tennessee:

"My grandfather, John E. Babb Sr. was born in Jonesborough on April 15, 1889 in the house that is now the Franklin House, a bed and breakfast, operated by one Mr. Lewis and his wife (from New Jersey, I believe).

"My great-grandfather was Isaac Newton Babb, a blacksmith and Justice of the Peace in Washington County. My great-grandmother was Ellen Smith Babb of Jonesborough. Ellen was a daughter to William H. Smith who for sometime was an owner/publisher of The Tennessee Sentinel (as per page #144, 2nd edition of Mr. Paul Fink's book, Jonesborough, The First Century).

"Until his death, my grandfather was very interested in Jonesborough and the happenings therein. He made many trips to your fair city and in his latter years, the mere mention of the place brought a tear to his eye."

Thank you so much to John for sharing this treasure of Jonesborough history, and for helping me figure out how to upload a .pdf file!

You can download, read, and/or print the entire manuscript from a .pdf file.  You must have a recent version of Adobe Reader, which you may download free from the Internet.   It is a large file - approximately 336K.  It will work most satisfactorily if you wait for the entire file to download before scrolling to subsequent pages.


Reminicences of an Old Timer