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The Cumberland River, Frozen, January 27, 1940


New mystery photo
The attached photo was among my aunt' possessions. We don't recognize the people or date. Hopefully, someone in Cheatham County can help.
Written on back of the photo:
Mama and Papa
Wedding Day 1877
Judy Carson

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Highland Institute, Pleasant View, TN, 1905

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Highland Institute, Pleasant View, TN, abt. 1909

Family Photos

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Martha V. Hunt

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Unknown, found with pictures of Martha Valliere Hunt


The below pictures were found together. Can anyone identify the Unknowns ?

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John Robert Hunt

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Mary Weakley Williams

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F. H. Woodson (?)

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Jim Hunt (?)

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Mary Hunt (?)

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Photo donated to CCHGA with "Mrs. Bobbitt" written on the back.

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One of the photos donated by Ola Vaughan to CCHGA with the name "Walkers" on the back.

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a late 1800's or early 1900's photo from Cheatham County, possibly related to the Allen's


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The graduating class of 1942 from Cheatham County Central High School, Ashland City, TN

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Randall G. Chambliss was told that this was Mark Chambliss who was a minister. If you know for sure the identity of this couple, please let him know.


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Josephine Duke Link & Fellow Teachers (Click picture for more info)


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Penny Velazquez - This picture was found in my late grandmother's collection and was not labeled. However, I believe I know who they are but it would sure be nice if someone were able to verify. The picture was really faded and I worked at it to get it a little darker. I believe the two boys are (left) Joseph M. Lee and his brother Adrian D. Lee, children of John James Lee of Cheatham Co. This picture was probably taken around 1883.


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Penny Velazquez - This is a picture of John James Lee taken around 1920 in Orlando, FL. He is listed in the biographies of your county, which I just discovered this morning. He has been somewhat of a mystery to our family as we didn't know exactly where he came from, why only two of his children came to Florida with him and we don't know what happened to his wife and other two children. He moved to Orlando, FL around 1887

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Chuck House - Unknown - Believed to have been related to Barbara Bennett Turrentine, Barbara was married to Bob Turrentine and lived in Cheatham Co. in 1900.

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Larry Barnett - Little Marrowbone Creek area. The photo is approximately from 1903 or 1904. (Click picture for more info)


Patty Moore - Granny (Rosa Ellen Knox Moore) portrait.


Patty Moore - Granny's family (W. M. Knox Family)


Patty Moore - Rose Ellen Knox Moore obit


Patty Moore - W.B. Knox obit


Patty Moore - W. B. Knox and Katherine (Weakley) Knox Family


Patty Moore - W.B. Knox and grandson Tony


Patty Moore - G. Tom Knox Family (poor copy)



Gayle Shepard Black - John Thomas Morris born 4-21-1862 and died 1929. Son of Robert Chesterfield Morris and Nancy Miles Morris. He was married to Lou Etta Carter, Maggie Lee Watson, and Maud Cullum. The Morris family lived on a farm on Tula Pace Road in Cheatham Co. TN


Gayle Shepard Black - Boyce Morris (born 8-16-1866 and died 8-14-1951 Forest Hills Cemetery) on left, son of Robert Chesterfield Morris and Nancy Miles Morris. He is with his sons (right to left) Maydell, Bascum, and Robert Morris.


Gayle Shepard Black - Anderson Morris born 11-16-1868. He is the son of Robert Chesterfield Morris and Nancy Miles Morris


Gayle Shepard Black - Lee Morris born 1-18-1863 and died 8-29-1942 Teasley Cemetery. The lady with Lee is his wife Nancy Binkley Walker Morris.

Lee is the son of Robert Chesterfield Morris and Nancy Miles Morris.


Gayle Shepard Black - Morris reunion about 1930. The family from Robert Chesterfield Morris (born 1833) and Nancy Miles Morris (born 1838).

Lee Morris is the man in the center. His brother Boyce Morris is to the right in a white shirt.

They are the children of Robert Chesterfield and Nancy Morris.


Gayle Shepard Black - This is a tintype photo of a couple from the Robert Chesterfield Morris family. The photo was with the estate of Boyce Morris. Hopefully, someone in Cheatham Co. can help identify this couple

Lee Nave - John M. Eatherly family- more info on large picture





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