Tennessee State Society Chapters
06 - Captain Charles Barham, Paris - organized December 8,1979, Organizing President, Mrs. H. Ansil Boals.  Named in honor of Captain Charles Barham, who emigrated from England in the 1600s to Surry County, VA.
President, Joy Bland         Email    Click here for --->Website
04 - Captain Thomas Carter   Knoxville - organized February 3,1971, Organizing President, Mrs. Jennings B. King.  Named in honor of Captain Thomas Carter, who emigrated from England to Lancaster Co. VA by 1670, serving in the Militia and the VA House of Burgesses.
President, Sarah Searle         Email     Click here for ---> Website
02 - Chucaqua, Memphis - organized May 21,1960.  Organizing President, Mrs. Robert Seth McCallen. Named for one of the 17th Century Native American names given to the Mississippi River where Memphis now stands.
President Debra Ann Robinson        Email
03 - Clarendon, Franklin - organized July 21,1960; Organizing President, Miss Caroline Lanier. Named for the “Clarendon Grant” made by King Charles II to Edward, Earl of Clarendon, on 30 June 1665 that included the present State of Tennessee.
President, Mary Ann Karnes         Email
12 - John Madison , Jackson - organized November 13, 2004; Organizing President, Mrs. Frederick Birmingham..  Named in honor of the great-great-grandfather of President James Madison who emigrated from England and died in New Kent Co. VA before 1682.
 President Phyllis Little         Email   Click here for ----> website
15 - John McKnitt, Cookeville - organized May 31, 2008; Organizing President Mrs. Marlin D. Smith. Named in honor of John McKnitt, who was born in Ireland and immigrated to Eastern Shore of Maryland where he was a prominent religious and civil leader.
President Kandy Smith         Email
10 - John Ogle, Sevierville - organized February 18, 1996; Organizing President, Mrs. Loy W. Jones.  Named in honor of John Ogle, listed as “Soldier at Newcastle” in Pennsylvania Archives, 1672.
President Judy Pat Williams     Email
05 - Katherine Marbury Scott , Johnson City - organized May 22, 1976; Organizing President, Mrs. Ray W. Mettetal. Named in honor of Katherine Marbury Scott, a native of England who settled in Rhode Island and was involved in the fight for the right of religious freedom.
President Dynel E. Savery         Email     Click here for ---> Website
14 - Natchez Trace, Columbia - organized September 13, 2008; Organizing President N. Sue Mercer Thompson.  Named for the Natchez Trace, which traverses Maury County, an ancient trail extending from what is now Nashville to Natchez on the Mississippi River.
President  Jeanell Kutterer        Email
01 - Prudhomme Fort, Chattanooga - organized September 22, 1960; Organizing President, Miss Sarah Elizabeth Price. Named for the fort built on Chickasaw Bluff in 1682 by LaSalle in honor of the expedition’s armorer, Pierre Prudhomme.  
President Pauline Moore         Email    Click here for --->Website
07 - Reverend Henry Smith, Memphis - organized August 28, 1981; Organizing President, Mrs. William Osceola Gordon. Named for a Puritan minister from Connecticut who emigrated in the early 1600s from England to escape persecution by the Church of England.
President Debra Nimtz         Email
13 - Salmon Creek, Murfreesboro – organized January 25, 2008; Organizing President Mrs. Lynn A. Carr.  Named Salmon Creek for the area along its banks, which saw the beginning of the colony and state of North Carolina.
President Nancy Carr        Email
09 - Thomas Lygon, Nashville - organized September 27, 1986; Organizing President, Mrs. J. Leith Potter.   Named in honor of Thomas Lygon who immigrated to VA in 1641.  Served in the VA House of Burgesses and was active as Lt. Colonel.
President Edwina Denning        Email