The Tennessee Society
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Katherine Marbury Scott
Natchez Trace
Prudhomme Fort
Rev. Henry Smith
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Thomas Lygon
Organization of the Tennessee State Society

During the Colonial Dames XVII Century National Conference in April 1955, Mrs. Cecil T. Hays of Chattanooga, TN was appointed Organizing President of the Tennessee Branch.  On January 17, 1956, Tennessee was organized with sixty charter members, fifty new members and ten transfer members.  The first regular meeting of the Tennessee State Society was held March 29, 1956 in the Gold Room of the Read House, Chattanooga.  President General Mrs. French B. Harrington installed the first elected state officers.  For more complete details, consult the State Directory, 1991-1993 and Tennessee Society Colonial Dames XVII Century Statistical History, 1955 – 1985, by Dorothy W. Potter, 1985 (updated March 1999; 2003-2005)
Pertinent Facts About the Tennessee State Society
Tennessee Past National Officers:
Mrs. Cecil T. Hays, Recording Secretary General 1957-1959
Mrs. James B. Givens, Treasurer General 1963-1967
Mrs. Jennings B. King, Librarian General 1963-1965
Mrs. Charles A. Majors, Chaplain General 1979-1981
Mrs. Charles A. Majors, Cor. Secretary General 1981-1983
Mrs. J. Leith Potter, Organizing Secretary General 1985-1987
Mrs. J. Leith Potter, Chaplain General 1988-1989
Mrs. Wm Osceola Gordon, Librarian General 1987-1989
Mrs. Joseph C. Ross, Chaplain General 1995-1997
Mrs. Harvey E. Cantrell, Historian General 2003-2005
Mrs. Harvey E. Cantrell, Second Vice President General 2005-2007
Mrs. H. Ansil Boals, Librarian General 2007-2009
Mrs. H. Ansil Boals, Corresponding Secretary General 2009-2011
Living Past National Chairmen;

Mrs. Charles A. Majors, Marking & Preservation of Historic Sites 1979-1981
Mrs. J. Leith Potter, Resolutions 1981-1983
Mrs. J. Leith Potter, Credentials 1983-1985
Mrs. J. Leith Potter, General Scholarships 1987-1988
Mrs. James G Roberts, Tellers 2003-2007
Mrs. Harvey Cantrell, Headquarters Building Furnishings and Endowment Fund 2005-2007
Mrs. Thomas C. Wood, National Veterans Service    2007-2009
Mrs. Donald L. Harris, National Flag Custodian 2009-2011
Mrs. Thomas C. Wood, National Handbook Chairman 2009-2011
Tennessee Dames of the Year:
Mrs. H. Ansil Boals -Capt Charles Barham Chapter 1991-1992
Mrs. J. Leith Potter - Thomas Lygon Chapter 1992-1993
Mrs. N. Dayton Lester - Clarendon Chapter 1993-1994
Mrs. Joseph C. Ross - Thomas Lygon Chapter 1994-1995
Mrs. Hugh M. McDonald - Chucaqua Chapter 1995-1996
Mrs. Loy W. Jones - John Ogle Chapter 1996-1997
Mrs. Ralph L. Noyes - Chucaqua Chapter 1997-1998
Mrs. Harvey E. Cantrell- Clarendon Chapter 1998-1999
Mrs. Shelly H. Stack, Prudhomme Fort Chapter 1999-2000
Mrs. LaVonne C. Jolley - Prudhomme Fort Chapter 2000-2001
Mrs. Bob D. East -Capt Charles Barham Chapter 2001-2002
Dr. Martha Bradley- Katherine Marbury Scott Chapter 2002-2003
Mrs. Robert Sylvester- Capt Charles Barham Chapter 2003-2004
Mrs. James G. Roberts -Clarendon Chapter 2004-2005
Mrs. George Hanks - Prudhomme Fort Chapter 2005-2006
Mrs. Thomas C. Woods – Captain Charles Barham Chapter 2006-2007
Mrs. Benjamin King – Thomas Lygon Chapter    2007-2008
Mrs. Kenneth York - Clarendon Chapter    2008-2009
Mrs. Ernest T. Logan - Clarendon Chapter    2009-2010
Mrs. Thomas R. Miller, Sr. - Capt. Thomas Carter Chapter   2010-2011
Mrs. Bobby Bland - Capt. Charles Barham Chapter  2011-2012
Mrs. Jack Brown, Jr. - John Madison Chapter  2012-13
Mrs. Ben C. McFalls - John Ogle Chapter  2013-14
Mrs. Donald R. Harris - Chucaqua Chapter  2014-15
Honorary State Presidents:

*Mrs. Cecil T. Hayes - Organizing President 1956-1958
*Mrs. Samuel H. Chester - Prudhomme Fort Chapter 1958-1960
*Mrs. James B. Givens - Clarendon Chapter 1960-1963
*Mrs. Worth B. Powers - Chucaqua Chapter 1963-1965
*Mrs. George C. Bradford - Prudhomme Fort Chapter 1965-1967
*Miss Ruth Corn - Clarendon Chapter 1967-1969
*Mrs. Lois D. Bejach - Chucaqua Chapter 1969-1971
*Miss Catherine Keith - Prudhomme Fort Chapter 1971-1973
*Mrs. Richard H. Frank - Clarendon Chapter 1973-1975
Mrs. Charles A. Majors - Prudhomme Fort Chapter 1975-1977
Mrs. John V. Hilyer - Captain Thomas Carter Chapter 1977-1979
*Mrs. Osceola Gordon - Chucaqua Chapter 1979-1981
*Mrs. Ray W. Mettetal - Katherine Marbury Scott Chapter 1981-1983
Mrs. J. Leith Potter - Prudhomme Fort Chapter 1983-1985
*Mrs. Robert A. Brown - Clarendon Chapter 1985-1987
Mrs. LaVonne C. Jolley - Prudhomme Fort Chapter 1987-1989
*Mrs. Ralph L. Noyes - Chucaqua Chapter 1989-1991
Mrs. J. Leith Potter - Thomas Lygon Chapter 1991-1993
Mrs. Joseph C. Ross - Thomas Lygon Chapter 1993-1995
Mrs. H. Ansil Boals - Captain Charles Barham Chapter 1995-1997
Mrs. Harvey E. Cantrell - Clarendon Chapter 1997-1999
Mrs. LaVonne C. Jolley - Prudhomme Fort Chapter 1999-2001
Dr. Martha Bradley - Katherine Marbury Scott Chapter 2001-2003
Mrs. James G. Roberts - Clarendon Chapter 2003-2005
Mrs. Thomas C. Wood - Captain Charles Barham Chapter 2005-2007
Mrs. J. Kenneth York - Clarendon Chapter 2007-2009
Mrs. Thomas R. Miller, Sr. - Capt. Thomas Carter Chapter 2009-2011
Mrs. Jack Brown, Jr. - John Madison Chapter 2011-2013
Mrs. Donald L. Harris - Chucaqua Chapter 2013-2015
Much of the information on Tennessee Grave Marking Ceremonies and Marking of Historical Sites was updated from the publication “Record of Historic Landmarks and Memorials Placed in the State of Tennessee 1964-2006” published by Suzanne Sullivan Viebrock and the Captain Charles Barham Chapter. March 15, 2007.  Mrs. Ansil Boals, Chapter President and Mrs. Thomas C. Wood, Tennessee State President.  A copy of the publication was presented to each chapter as well as the National Society.