Cemeteries in Claiborne County Tennessee - The Wyreman Cemetery

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The Wyreman Cemetery

The Wyreman Cemetery is located along the side of Powell River about 2.5 miles downstream of the Powell River Bridge.


The Wyreman Cemetery BEFORE Cleanup
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The Monument Laying For James Wyreman
The Wyreman Cemetery AFTER Cleanup
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About James Wyreman

James Wyreman’s history was passed on to Hazel (Mrs. Clifford) Turner by her father-in-law Sherman Turner, who was a close neighbor to Mr. Wyreman. The most of the Wyreman family died about 1906 and were buried in the Wyreman Cemetery. James Wyreman was born in 1837 and died 1919.

Mr. Turner said that he should have seen that Mr. Wyreman got his proper marker since that he fought in the Civil War but he just put it off. Mrs. Hazel Turner said that this really bothered her because that she was a patriotic person and that he at least should have a marker. She said that her father-in-law died without seeing this happen and she hoped she could see Mr. Wyreman get the respect that he deserved before she died.

Based on the information given, research was done and found that James was a Private in the 2nd Regiment, Tennessee Infantry of the Union Infantry during the Civil War. He participated in the Battle of Rogersville at Big Creek in Hawkins, Co. Tennessee. James Wyreman is buried in the family cemetery located along side of Powell River about 2.5 miles down stream of Powell River Bridge.