Cemeteries in Claiborne County Tennessee - The Sandlick/Mayes Cemetery

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The Sandlick - Mayes Cemetery

The Sandlick/Mayes Cemetery is located one half mile from Hwy 33 on Chumley Road. One quarter mile east of Old Sandlick School.


In early March 2003, the Sandlick/Mayes Cemetery was vandalized and part of a new fence that was installed was torn down. The first reports suggested that the vandalism was caused by a person or persons, it is now believed that it was cattle grazing nearby that may have caused the damage to the fencing and the cemetery.
While it is some relief to know that the damage most likely wasn't caused by people, the threat of vandalism and grave desecration is still a real issue that must be dealt with. It is everyone's responsibility to impress upon the legislative and legal systems to push for tougher laws and punishment for those who are found responsible of committing such horrible acts.
The fencing at the Sandlick/Mayes Cemetery was repaired recently, only to find it completely torn down once again, which led to the conclusion that the damage was indeed by cattle grazing nearby. A work crew has now erected a 6-strand barbed wire fence with well braced wooden corner posts and steel post in between with a steel gate. Also a new sign bearing the cemetery's name was also erected.

This is a list of those buried in the Sandlick/Mayes Cemetery:

Thomas Burch - (Civil War Soldier) Nancy A. Bolin
Sgt. F.L. Goins - (Civil War Soldier) Johnson Mayes
Benjamin Parker - (Civil War Soldier) Sterling Mayes
Along with approximately 15 other unmarked graves.

Click on the thumbnails to view the most recent photos of the second damage to the cemetery and the repairs that were made and the new cemetery sign installed

(Photographs courtesy of Joyce Watson)