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The Lanham Cemetery

The Lanham Cemetery is located in Claiborne County, Tennessee.


Monument Laying and Repair

Our deepest thanks to Chuck Minton, who provided the photographs and information.

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Abel And Jeanís Graves

This is the graves of Abel and Jean Kerkendall Lanham. Abel was born 1 Jan. 1762 and died 25 Aug 1838. Jean was born in 1762 and died 1810. Looking at the picture, Abel is buried on the right. The grave markers in the background are descendants of Abel and Jean as well as Owens. The marker behind Jeanís grave belongs to John Owens.

Cross Section Of Lanham Cemetery

The grave markers in the far right belong to John and Flora Lanham Minton. My great grand parents. Virgil Lanham is buried in the next row (at their feet). His parents are buried at the foreground grave marker. They only have initials. Willie Sandefur is buried in far left corner. The grave marked with wooden pegs is Virginia Lanham Scott. She is Floraís sister.

Concrete Form for Abelís Military Grave Marker

On November 1, 2003, Chuck Minton, a descendant of Abel and Jean Lanham, poured concrete to set a Bronze Military marker denoting Abelís grave site. It can be seen on the lower left-hand corner of the picture. This marker was obtained from the Veterans Administration, Washington D.C.

Claude Ramsey and Michael Roach,
Historical Society Members

In this picture, Claude and Michael are removing a mound of dirt, from a long ago burial, and placing it on graves that have depressions. This maintenance was conducted Nov. 1, 2003.

Fence Repair

These pictures shows the fence at the Lanham Cemetery in great need of repair. Fencing needed for repairs was donated to the cemetery's caretakers.

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Fence Repair - (Updated - April 4th, 2004)

The owner of Lanham Cemetery property decided to use woven wire instead of the barbed wire that had been donated, and they graciously returned the barbed wire to use on another project. Below are two pictures of the completion of the Cemetery fence repair.

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Marker Restoration (Updated - April 13th, 2005)

These are pictures were taken by Chuck Minton of Abel Lanham and Jean Kuykendall Lanham. Chuck has hewn the stones and redone the tomb that you see behind the headstone of Jean Kuykendall Lanham. A memorial is planned for Abel Lanham when we can get the ceremony planned with those involved.

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About Abel Lanham

March 1, 1778 Ė May 1, 1778-Rutherford Co. NC
March 1, 1779 Ė June 1, 1779-Rutherford Co. NC
September 1, 1781 Ė February 1, 1782-Orangeburg District, SC
September 1, 1782 Ė Dec 1, 1782-Washington Co. NC (Now TN)

Abel served under Captain Kerkendall, William Grimes, Captain Young, General Sumpter, Captain Samuel Williams, and Col. John Sevier. Abel was commissioned a Lieutenant in the regiment of Grainger County on July 20, 1797 by John Sevier, Governor of Tennessee; and Justice of the Peace for Grainger County on October 26, 1799 by Gov. John Sevier. Abel was Trustee of Claiborne County 1810-1814.

Abel Lanham received $20.00 annual pension issued September 1, 1837. Abel was first married to Jean Kuykendall and second to Sarah Nun in Claiborne County about 1819 by Marcus Cook. Abelís second wife, Sarah, received a pension and land in the state of Kentucky. Abel died August 25, 1837 and is buried in the Lanham Cemetery in Claiborne County.