Joy Bland, President

  Pat Boals, First Vice President
  Mary Ann Claxton, Second Vice Pres.
  Pat Boals, Chaplain
  Suzanne Richter, Recording Secretary
  Vicky Henry, Corresponding Secretary
  Geraldine Sykes, Treasurer
  Frances Spillman, Registrar
  Berdie Maie Foy, Historian
  Stephanie Tayloe, Librarian

Pictures of the marking of the Henry County Courthouse, July 21, 2012

Pictures of the marking of the Brandon-Sykes House, Dover, TN, Sept. 27, 2014

Pictures of the marking of the Mandle Harding House, Oct. 10, 2015

Pictures of the marking of the Lewis/Lyle House, May 14, 2016

Next meeting is February 20, 2019  at Tom's Pizza and Steak House on highway 79 east of Paris.


  Illness and meeting conflicts kept our attendance to just 6 members 

      Capt. Charles Barham Chapter Colonial Dames XVII Century met at Tom's Pizza and Steak House in Paris on November 14 instead of our regular 3rd Wednesday which was the day before Thanksgiving.  The change in date caused some meeting conflicts and that plus illnesses left us with six members in attendance.  Second Vice President Mary Ann Claxton called the meeting to order at 11:15.  Mary Ann gave the devotional in the absence of Chaplain Pat Boals.  The scripture was John 4:39 which speaks of words and their power to recount everything about us:  feelings, actions, accomplishments or failures.  Words can heal or harm, encourage or discourage.  Words have the power to change lives and we do not always know when our words may influence someone to take a path they might otherwise have missed.  We should be careful of our words and try to make them positive and encouraging, a benefit to those who hear them.
     Following the devotional, our ritual was led by various members.  Minutes of the previous meeting had been e-mailed to members so no reading was required.    Librarian Stephanie Tayloe then presented the treasurer's report in the absence of Treasurer Geraldine Sykes.  This report confirmed that we have 30 members with only 4 not having paid their dues.  There was discussion about the final amount received from our auction in September, making sure to get the correct amount into the September minutes.  We raised enough to fund our scholarship and still have operating money left. 

      Registrar Frances Spillman reported that Stephanie had completed her supplemental papers and they had been mailed in.
     The National Defense message was read by Stephanie in the absence of Geraldine. 
     For the first order of business Mary Ann read the names of the nominating committee for officers for 2019-2021.  Committee members, appointed by President Joy Bland, are:  Mary Ann Claxton, chairman, Pat Boals, Suzanne Butler, and Susan Gould.  They will report to the chapter in February and new officers will be installed at the June meeting.
Next on the agenda was discussion of our annual Christmas gifts for the Veterans home in Humboldt.  We voted to get 12 $25.00 gifts; Suzanne Richter volunteered to do the shopping, but members need to get their money to her.  Susan Pemberton will take the gifts when she takes those from other groups.
     Next was a reminder that chapter officer and committee chairman reports are due:  Jan. 1 is deadline for sending reports to Chapter President Joy Bland and Feb. 15 is deadline for chapter committee chairmen to report to their state chairmen.  Go to the National website and the members section and look for the report form for your committee.
     The final order of business was the Christmas Tea.  Susan Pemberton had a sample flyer that is going to be used to promote the tea.  It will again be held at the home of Ray and Noragene Harding at 505 Walnut St. in Paris.  Members need to bring finger foods and be there to greet and help as hostesses.  The tea will be from 1-3 on the afternoon of December 15 and entertainment will again be provided by the Inman Strings Group.  Please make plans to attend.

     Following the business meeting, Mary Ann presented the program entitled "Armistice Day - Lest We Forget."  She said that Armistice Day celebrated the day the Allies signed an armistice with Germany which went into effect at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, effectively ending World War I - the "War to end all wars."  The armistice was only a cessation of hostilities and was in effect for 36 days; it then had to be renewed 3 times before the actual peace treaty - the Treaty of Versailles - was signed officially ending the war on June 28, 1919.  The first Armistice Day was celebrated in Britain on Nov. 11, 1919.  It was a day of remembrance when graves of those killed in the war were decorated.  In the US,it was May 13, 1938 before Armistice Day became a recognized holiday.  Many countries throughout the world still celebrate November 11th as Armistice Day, also called Decoration Day or Remembrance Day, as a day to remember those killed in war.
     In the US, however, there was a movement by the VFW and other organizations after World War II to name the day Veterans Day and make it a day to honor ALL military, alive or dead.  So on June 1, 1954, President Eisenhower signed the bill to change Nov. 11 from Armistice Day to Veterans Day.  Decoration Day, a day to decorate the graves of the deceased, had been observed since before the Civil War on the last Sunday in May.  This day became "Memorial Day" and, with passage of the Uniform Monday Holiday act in 1971 was moved to the last Monday in May.
     At the close of the program, the meeting was adjourned.

     Rootsweb has been bringing websites up over the past few months and ours has been up for several weeks.  However, I have not had access to it due to an error on their part which we now have worked through.  So the fact that you are seeing this means we are back up and running with total access to the website once again.
     Since we have had three meeting since the website has been down, I will post some pictures and information from these meetings, but I will not try to be comprehensive about these updates.  Suzanne has sent out the minutes for the meetings which should be sufficient for that side of the information.  I will put links here to the pictures from those meetings, but that will have to be as I can get to them.  As I have been saying for some time:  where technology is concerned, patience is a virtue.

Regular meetings at Tom's Pizza & Steak House, Paris, Tennessee, 11:00 a.m on 3rd Wednesday of:
   June (election/installation of officers)
   September (annual auction fundraiser)

   Tennessee State Conference:
   March 9, 2019, Doubletree Hotel,
      Murfreesboro, TN

   National Conference:
   April 16-21, 2019, Embassy Suites,
      Alexandria, VA

    Tennessee Summer Board of

    August 9, 2019, Doubletree Hotel,
      Murfreesboro, TN

A $500 scholarship from our chapter is available to members or descendants of members to help with costs of college education.  Click here to download the application and click here to download the financial needs form.  Applications should be turned in to Recording Secretary Suzanne Richter.

I have been frustrated recently in trying to find free pedigree chart forms which could be filled out online and then saved to my computer.  Sites let you fill out the form, but, though you can print it out, you can't save it, or they want money to let you save it.  So I have created a 5 generation pedigree chart form in MS Word which you can download from this site, save to your computer, and use as many times as you want to.  Blanks are provided in the form where you can type in the information - just like on other online forms - but you can save this to your computer, and even print out a blank form if you need to.  This is the link to the form.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me (see Chapter Web Design link below).

Henry County Cemetery Committee Adopt-a-Cemetery Form can be downloaded by clicking this link.

The National Archives and Records Administration has recently launched a FREE History Hub.  This is an online support site where you can ask questions and reply to questions regarding NARA research.  It is like a blog for researching NARA.  When you go to the site, you create an account and then you can post questions and reply to questions just like you would on a blog site.  The new site is a pilot for the next 6 months; hopefully it will be fully funded after that time.  This is really helpful if you are preparing to do research at a NARA facility or just to find out what records are available and how others have used them.  There is a section specifically for genealogy researchers.  Link to the website is:
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The Tennessee Dame

     The Captain Charles Barham Chapter was organized by Mrs. H. Ansil Boals on 8 December, 1979 at the Paris Elks Lodge in Paris, Tennessee.  Mrs. William Osceola Gordon, Tennessee State President, installed the new officers.
     Twenty-eight members signed the Charter at a meeting in the log cabin of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Laird, Paris, Tennessee, on 31 May 1980.
     The Chapter was named in honor of Captain Charles Barham, who emigrated from England in the 1600's to Surry County, Virginia, where his descendants lived for more than 300 years.  He served as Justice of the Peace, Sheriff, Vestryman.  In 1680 he served as a military officer and furnished a horse in an expedition against the Indians.

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December Tea Pictures 2011

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