The Civil War in Carter County

The Civil War was a difficult time for all of

the people of East Tennessee.  It was a time

when counties, towns, neighbors and even

families were divided.

                                                                                       Samuel P Carter

Samuel P Carter (1819-1891) served in the Union Army as a brevet major general and after the war he became a rear admiral in the US Navy.

Read the story of the Unionist plot to burn bridges in The Bridge Burners by local author Cameron Judd.  This story involves the Carter and several other families.

Another must read is The Thrilling Adventures of Daniel Ellis written by Daniel Ellis.  Captain Daniel Ellis website.

Read about the history of the 13th Cavalry in History of the Thirteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry, U. S. A. by Samuel W Scott and Samuel P Angel.

The 13th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment

13th Cavalry Reunion

Find a grave virtual cemetery for the 13th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment

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