Avery Trace

Avery Trace - The First Year of Her Life


     To be a member of the National Society of Daughters of American Revolution a lady is required to file a detailed and well documented record concerning her ancestors.  To comply with the rules and possibly supply a reference for someone in the future, important events that occurred during the first eleven months of this newly born Avery Trace's life are written and they are documented by pictures, newspaper articles, souvenirs from various events, and other items of interest included in a memory book that belongs to the Avery Trace Chapter, NSDAR.


1 July 2004, Brentwood Landing, Kingston, Tennessee: Twenty-six organizing members and their honored guests met at 10:30 am to bring into being the Avery Trace Chapter, NSDAR, Harriman, Tennessee.   Our Tennessee State Regent Patricia Rhoton was there to install the organizing officers who would serve for a period of one year.  Other dignitaries who came to show their support were Regent-elect Martha S. Willis, Organizing Secretary Julia Springer, Cherokee District Director Mary Gilbreath and District Director-elect Pauline Moore.
     When this day ended, all the members of Avery Trace Chapter, NSDAR realized we were blessed with old friends willing to serve in leadership positions and new friends in a position to teach us how we should proceed.  We had respect for each other, a willingness to learn and grow, and a desire to do all in our power to make this new organization the best of its kind in Tennessee.  A loving family left this meeting with a new little baby to be called Avery Trace.


8 July 2004, Executive Committee Meeting, Old Roane County Courthouse, Kingston, TN:  We learned the number of committees necessary for our chapter and future projects to be done were discussed.  Final approval or disapproval of suggested projects would be made when they were brought before the entire membership.  Not one person there had the idea that we were setting our goals too high.  All believed by working together we could reach the "pie in the sky."   One of the ladies made the remark, "September 17-23 is Constitution Week.  Wonder if we should do anything about that?"  About two minutes later we had plans to ask the Roane County Mayor if he would sign a Proclamation (to be drafted by one of our members) declaring September 17-23 Constitution week in Roane County.  Is there anything this chapter cannot do?  We left this meeting eager for a day to arrive when we would have our first regular meeting and all members would be present.


12 August 2004, Historic Old Roane County Courthouse, Kingston, TN:  We welcomed our first new members.  Excitement reigned as committees were appointed.  Members voted to have a booth at the Heritage Country Fair to be held on the historic courthouse lawn.  We were introduced to Dollar Store™ lemonade and chocolate cookies our hostess had baked using the recipe Katie Banker used during her lifetime.  All agreed these should be sold as a fundraiser and many volunteered to bake four dozen cookies each for this event.  By the way, each cookie was as large as a saucer.  WE THINK BIG!  We left this meeting with a determination to succeed and be happy as we were doing so.
     Our Roane County Mayor joined us and signed the Constitution Week proclamation that had been prepared by one of our members.  A story was written and pictures were to be published in the local newspaper so all would be aware of Constitution Week and the Avery Trace.


9 September 2004, Rockwood City Library, Rockwood, TN:  Mrs. Sherry Hill, Past President of the Tennessee Pharmaceutical Association and owner of the Live and Let Live Drug Store in Rockwood presented a program on Medicare and prescription costs.  We like to have knowledge about lots of things.
     Members learned there was a need for white knee socks to be used by patients at Veterans' Hospitals.  Every member was anxious to purchase socks for this purpose.


29 September 2004:  The chapter received a letter from Nelly Shearer, Parliamentarian, TSDAR, to thank us for the prompt preparation of the Avery Trace Chapter By-laws, a copy of which had been received by them. 


2-3 October 2004, Heritage Country Fair, Lawn of the Historic Courthouse, Kingston, TN:  The lawn of the Historic Courthouse in Kingston was filled with craft booths, tents, and people.  One white tent had beautiful signs with the words "Avery Trace, NSDAR."  Credit for this becoming a reality is given to those helpers we know as being HODARS (Husbands of DAR).  To them we give our thanks and say we could not have done it without them.  Many people came to this tent to ask about this "Avery Trace, NSDAR" and purchase chocolate cookies and lemonade.


9 October 2004, Montgomery Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN:  Little Avery Trace is now three months old and its members have attended every event held in the Cherokee District since her birth, plus meetings relating only to Avery Trace, plus patriotic functions, plus fundraising functions.  There was no grass growing under anyone in Roane County who is a member of or connected to Avery Trace Chapter, NSDAR.


14 October 2004, Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN:  Members ate lunch at Roane State Community College and then enjoyed a program on Native American Indians presented by James Probert, formerly with the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs, and son of one of our members.


10 November 2004, Chattanooga, TN:  Our Regent and three members attended the Joint Regent's Luncheon held at the Reed House in Chattanooga.


11 November 2004, Veteran's Day, Historic Courthouse Lobby, Kingston, TN:  Bruce Isham, Past Commander of the 278th Armored Regiment was scheduled to be our speaker as we honored our veterans.  At the last moment, he was called to Camp Shelby because the 278th Regimental Combat Team was being deployed to Iraq and they wanted him to be there for the farewell ceremony.  Our very capable and always-ready-to-help Cecelia Roberts inspired us with an excellent Veteran's Day program and our hearts burst with pride as we thought of the men who were leaving the United States to fight for freedom in Iraq.
     The Cave Creek Cemetery preservation project is completed.  The book may be seen in the Roane County Archives Library Collection.
     Delegates were chosen for the 100th TSDAR State Conference to be held in March in Franklin, Tennessee.
     Soup labels were collected to send to the Tamassee School this year.  Members voted to send them to Tamassee one year and Kate Duncan Smith School the next year.


13 November 2004:  Eight Avery Trace members attended the luncheon in Athens, Tennessee, to honor the new Tennessee State Regent, Martha S. Willis.    


29 November 2004, Kingston Christmas Parade, Kingston, TN:  Members of the Avery Trace assisted the Heritage Commission in serving refreshments at an Open House in the Roane County Historic Courthouse after the parade.  Parents and children came by for "goodies" and explored the old courthouse at the same time.


4 December 2004:  A very successful genealogical workshop was sponsored by Avery Trace (now four months old) and everyone is looking forward to repeating this class next year.
     A number of faded and worn out flags were presented to Boy Scout Troop #101 for proper disposal.  Also, a box will be placed at the entrance of the Old Roane County Courthouse for citizens to deposit flags for proper disposal.


9 December 2004, Kingston Manor, Kingston, TN:  Members enjoyed a delightful Christmas luncheon and had a pleasure of being together.
     This was the month we learned of the 30-page Master Questionnaire that almost put us all in shock.  We'll know next year!  This has been a "learning year" and we have enjoyed every minute of it for the lady in charge, our first Regent Marcia Pickel is the one who bore the brunt of learning these new things and passing them along to members, committees, et al.


11 January 2005, Kingston Community Center, Kingston, TN:  We had the pleasure of having a member of Avery Trace instruct us on identifying old photographs.  She told us how the men and women had their hair styled and the type clothes they wore during the 1880's and into the 1900's.
     A copy of the "Cemetery Atlas" was sent to the Committee for the Historical Preservation Award competition.  Guess what?  We won second place in the state of Tennessee for this project.  Again, we give thanks for the help of a special HODAR.
     Avery Trace Chapter received approval from the State and Washington, D.C., for the books selected to be sent to the National Library as gifts.


10 February 2005, Kingston Community Center, Kingston, TN:  Avery Trace is seven months old.   Time certainly passes quickly when everyone is having so much fun and seeing the good results of hard work.  It is hard to believe we must now elect a nominating committee to recommend persons who are willing to have their names placed on a ballot for election to replace the organizing officers.
     Abigail Adams and Martha Washington visited us to celebrate President's Day.  They were dressed as Abigail and Martha would have been during their lives.  They, over tea, talked about the happenings of the day and many said they learned more history that day than they had in the past.  Welcome back anytime you can visit us, Abigail and Martha.  We want to be sure Broadway or Hollywood does not hear about your talents.
     We now have 29 members.  A great percentage of them attended the district meeting in Cleveland, a luncheon hosted by the Alexander Keith chapter in Athens, a grave dedication service in Cleveland and the State Regent's luncheon sponsored by the Chattanooga Regent's Council.


10 March 2005, Rockwood City Library, Rockwood, TN:  Mary Ann Owings, Director of the Housing Authority and President Elect of the Rockwood Rotary Club, Rockwood, TN, described her life as a young child living in the Cumberland Settlements, the first federally sponsored housing project in the United States.
     To our great surprise and honor we learned that Martha Willis, State Regent, selected Marcia Pickel, Regent of the Avery Trace Chapter, (the newest chapter in the state) to respond to the Opening Welcome at State Conference Friday night., March 18th.  We were all bursting with pride and the tears in our eyes were from joy.


18, 19, 20 March 2005, 100th Jubilee Conference, TSDAR, Franklin, TN:  Nine members of the Avery Trace Chapter, NSDAR were present for this Convention.  Oh, what a wonderful experience!  Beautiful facility.  Beautiful people.  Meetings started on time and ended on time.  Happy people were everywhere.  This was an experience of a lifetime.  Most everyone attending the conference was well aware of the newest chapter in the State of Tennessee; Avery Trace Chapter of Roane County, TN.  We made new friends.   We had the pleasure of visiting with old friends.  We can hardly wait for the next State Conference that will be held in our very own east Tennessee at Kingsport.


24-25 March 2005, Nancy Ward Grave Dedication, Benton, TN:  Avery Trace was represented at the Cleveland Wingate Inn at a reception for the descendants of Nancy Ward, the evening of the 24th and at the grave dedication the 25th of March.  We also sent a donation to the Cherokee District to help defray the expense of this function.
     We had two young and energetic members to go back the next day with their shovels and wheelbarrow to help pull weeds, dig up old shrubbery and plant new ones, and do a general clean up of the Nancy Ward grave site.


6 April 2005, Historic Roane County Courthouse, Kingston, TN:  Toys for Iraq!  After contacting one of the soldiers in Iraq, (formerly a Roane County boy) we learned they wanted toys to be given to the children of Iraq who had never owned toys.  Our members brought lots of toys to be mailed to the Chaplain of the 278th Combat Team in Iraq.  The pictures and letters in our memory book can tell this story better than trying to  put it in a capsule here.  We sent these boxes of toys because we care.


2 May 2005:  A note was read that had been written by Peggie Hall to express her thanks to the members of the Avery Trace who participated in the events for the Nancy Ward Grave Dedication.
     Marcia Pickel, Organizing Regent, and Shirley Smith, Organizing Recording Secretary, have plans to attend the Continental Congress in Washington, D.C., the first week of July.  It was the desire of the chapter members that Marcia Pickel be elected delegate and Shirley Smith alternate to represent the Avery Trace Chapter, NSDAR at this Continental Congress.
     We lost a member of our Avery Trace family with the passing of Nelson Seaman on April 21st.  Nelson was always a willing HODAR and he will be greatly missed.  Our sympathy goes to Muecke and the children.  Nelson was loved by all who knew him.
     A dedication ceremony for the two markers that were placed in Bethel Cemetery for Rufus Morgan and Lewis Marshall Wester took place May 4.  Descendants from each of these men were present for this dedication.
     Little Avery Trace is walking now.  She will be able to get into more things and travel more than she did when she was crawling.  She is made up of a group of happy members, ones who are willing to learn, willing to work, willing to share their talents with others, willing to share their worldly goods with those who have less, care about those who are in trouble or experiencing sadness in their lives, and willing to rejoice with those who are blessed with happiness.
     Our deep and sincere thanks go out to the ones who spent long hours and hard work to guide us along the road to where we are today.  They have now stepped aside and new officers have been installed.  We all stand ready to work together and "Shoot for the Moon."  This has been a most rewarding year for each member of Avery Trace.  We give thanks for our blessings and the love we have for each other and for the country in which we live.


  Marilyn McCluen
  Historian 2004-2005
  Avery Trace Chapter, NSDAR



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