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Creation of Roane County

The act establishing Roane county was passed the 6th of November 1801, and took effect the 20th of December, 1801. At that time it embraced what is now Morgan county. In 1819, when the Indian title to the land on the south side of Tennessee River was extinguished, Roane county was extended on the south side of Tennessee River, and Morgan county was stricken off. Since then, in 1870 Loudon county was formed taking off about five districts. It is bounded on the north by Anderson and Morgan, on the east by Knox and Loudon, on the south by Loudon, McMinn, and Meigs, and on the west by Rhea and Cumberland counties.

It contains a great deal of broken and untillable land. The entire face of the country, with the exception of a few valleys and the bottom lands along the rivers, is rolling. The hills and ridges contain large quantities of timber and are profitable for grazing purposes and especially for fruit raising. In many instances they abound in rich deposits of iron ore and coal In fact the minerals are regarded as adding greatly to the natural wealth of the county- a fact which has already arrested the attention of some heavy capitalists who have made large investments in the iron business.

Bethel Cemetery

Civil War

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