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(3/19/2000) This week I finally got around to mailing in my application for membership in the Daughters of Union Veterans! It was almost two years ago that I first e-mailed my enquiry for information on how to join. The main reason it took so long is that the DUV demands extensive documentation which proves one's lineal descent from a Civil War Union Veteran. Not only did I need to collect all the birth/death certificates and copies of census records, regimental muster rolls and pension applications going back four generations, but they all had to be notarized too! I told the lady who did the notary public certification for me that I had never before had to prove so much about myself, not even when I applied for a driver's license or Social Security number! (OK, I admit that neither the DMV nor the SS Administration cared who my great-great-grandfather was, but still....)

I'm anxiously awaiting word that my application was approved, then I hope to become an active member, and also to notify my siblings that they and their children can join using my documentation.

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