Branches of the Eddy Family

Branches of the EDDY Family

First Generation

*WILLIAM EDDYE. Born abt 1567 in Bristol, Somersetshire, England. William died in Cranbrook, Kent, England on 23 Nov 1616; he was 49. Occupation: Vicar Of Cranbrook, Co. Kent, England. On 20 Nov 1587 when William was 20, he first married Mary FOSTEN, daughter of John FOSTEN & Ellen MUNN, in Cranbrook, Co. Kent, England. Born in England. Mary died on 18 Jul 1611 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.

They had the following children:

i. Nathanaell (Died Young). Born bef 30 Mar 1589 in Staplehurst, Kent England. Nathanaell was baptized in Staplehurst, Kent, England on 30 Mar 1589. Nathanaell died in England bef 1611; he was 21.
ii. Mary (~1591-)
iii. Phineas (~1593-<1641)
iv. John (~1597-1684)
v. Eleanor (Died Young). Born abt Aug 1599 in England. Eleanor was baptized in England in Aug 1599. Buried in Oct 1610 in England. Eleanor died abt Oct 1610; she was 11.
vi. Abigail (1601-1687)
vii. Anna (~1603-)
viii. Elizabeth. Born abt Dec 1606 in England. Elizabeth was baptized in England in Dec 1606. Elizabeth died aft 1616; she was 9.
* ix. SAMUEL (<1608-1687)
x. Zacharias. Born abt Mar 1610 in England. Zacharias was baptized in England in Mar 1610.
xi. Nathaniel (Died Young). Nathaniel was baptized in Jul 1611. Nathaniel died in 1611 in Aged 9 Days.

On 22 Feb 1614 when William was 47, he second married Sarah ?, in England. Sarah died bef 5 Feb 1639/1640 in England.

They had one child:

i. Priscilla. Born bef 10 Dec 1614 in England. Priscilla was baptized in England on 10 Dec 1614. Priscilla died bef 1637; she was 22.

Second Generation

*Emigrant SAMUEL EDDY. Born bef 15 May 1608 in Cranbrook, Kent, England. Samuel was baptized in Cranbrook, Kent, England on 15 May 1608. Samuel died in Swansea, Bristol, MA on 12 Nov 1687; he was 79. Occupation: Tailor. Religion: Member Of Plymouth Church.

Before 1637 when Samuel was 28, he married Elizabeth SAVORY or ROGERS, in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. Born in 1607 in England. Elizabeth died in Swansea, Bristol, MA on 24 May 1682; she was 75.

They had the following children:

i. John (1637-1715)
* ii. ZACHARIAH (1639-1718)
iii. Caleb (~1643-1712)
iv. Obadiah (~1645-1727)
v. Hannah. Born on 23/27 Jun 1647 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.

Third Generation

* ZACHARIAH EDDY. Born in 1639 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. Zachariah died in Middleboro, Plymouth, MA on 4 Sep 1718; he was 79. Occupation: Farmer. Religion: First Baptist Church Of Swansea, 1669. On 7 May 1663 when Zachariah was 24, he first married Alice PADDOCK, daughter of Robert PADDOCK & Mary HOLMES, in East Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA. Born on 7 Mar 1640 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA. Alice died in Swansea, Bristol, MA on 24 Sep 1692; she was 52.

They had the following children:

i. Zachariah (1664-1737)
ii. John (1666-1726)
iii. Elizabeth (1670-)
iv. Samuel (Died Young). Born on 3 Jun 1673 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA.
v. Ebenezer (1675-<1726)
vi. Caleb (1678-1748)
vii. JOSHUA (1680-1768)
* viii. Obadiah (1683-)

Fourth Generation

* Obadiah EDDY. Born on 2 Sep 1683 in Swansea, Bristol, MA. Occupation: Tanner / Farmer. On 9 Dec 1709 when Obadiah was 26, he married Abigail DEVOTION. Born in 1688 in Brookline, Norfolk, MA. Abigail died on 14 Mar 1730; she was 42. Buried in Swansea, Bristol, MA. Eddy burying ground.

They had the following children:

i. Constant (1710-1784)
ii. Ichabod (1713-1795)
iii. Alice (1715-)
iv. Mary (1716-)
v. Abigail. Born on 14 Oct 1721 in Swansea, Bristol, MA. On 12 Mar 1748 when Abigail was 26, she married Joseph BURDON.
* vi. Hannah (1723-)
vii. Job (1726-1799)

Fifth Generation

* Hannah EDDY. Born on 23 Jan 1723 in Swansea, Bristol, MA. Religion: Quaker. On 20 Mar 1742 when Hannah was 19, she married Elkanah PIERCE, son of Isaac PIERCE & Judith BOOTH. Religion: Quaker.

They had the following children:

i. Eunice. Born on 25 Oct 1743. Eunice died on 27 May 1783; she was 39. On 25 May 1769 when Eunice was 25, she married Deacon Amos NELSON.
ii. James. On 20 Jan 1774 James married Abigail SMITH.
iii. Patience. Born on 31 May 1754. On 16 Sep 1773 when Patience was 19, she married Seth SPOONER.
iv. Job. Job married Betty PAIN.
v. Phebe. On 22 Feb 1799 Phebe married Benjamin WINSLOW.
vi. Judith. Born in 1761. On 6 Oct 1796 when Judith was 35, she married George WILLIAMS.
vii. Elizabeth. Born in 1764. Elizabeth died on 24 Oct 1843; she was 79.
viii. Roba. Roba married Abner PITTS.

(The PIERCE lineage will be added soon.)

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