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PICKENS FAMILY HOME PAGE - Mitch Finchers's original PICKENS Family Home Page - he got us all started - Thanks Mitch! Mitch's original list of links and resources include, the 'COUSINS' list; PICKENS FAQ; Links to other major sites of interest to PICKENS researchers; various articles, items of interest, etc. submitted by PICKENS researchers; and items specific to Mitch's direct PICKENS line. http://www.fincher.org/pickens/

PICKENS FAMILY ARCHIVES - John Carr PICKENS site - This site has publications, gedcom files, misc. materials, and many useful links relative to PICKENS and major collateral lines. Part of the PICKENS Genealogy WebRing. http://freepages.misc.rootsweb.com/~pickensarchive/index.html#JCP

THE CHICKASAW CONNECTION - Kerry Armstrong's site features The Chickasaw Historical Research Page with a lot of great records from the Nation in Alabama/Mississippi, as well as the Indian Territory of Oklahoma. Includes links to other useful sites. Updated frequently.

PICKENS-L Mailing list at Rootsweb - A great place to keep up with what is going on in PICKENS research. Many new 'finds' and resources are posted to the list - you won't want to miss out! To subscribe, send an email to: [email protected]. Type only the word 'subscribe' in the body of the message (without quotes). If you want to receive several messages combined into one email, rather than each one individually, subscribe in digest mode - send your email to [email protected]

You can visit the archives and view old messages by going to: https://mailinglists.rootsweb.com/listindexes/?list=PICKENS

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PICKENS DATABASE - now a part of the Rootsweb WorldConnect project

This information is presented for genealogical purposes only. Reasonable precautions have been taken to respect the privacy of living persons. The authors and contributors are not responsible for any difficulties arising from publication of this information.

Please Note: All sources of information are acknowledged and documented in the original database files. Your submissions are welcomed and encouraged. All information is added with your name as source. Your email and/or website address will also be listed, with your permission, so that others researching the same lines may contact you directly.

Thanks to ALL who freely contribute and share in the research process!

Check back often - the database is continually updated as more information is submitted.

Follow these links to the 2 Pipeline databases:

Cross-reference between both databases will be made when appropriate. Also look for links to other resources, such as Eleanor Wyatt’s BLACK INDIANS AND FREEDMEN website.

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PICKENS forums and/or message boards:

Most of these sites provide the ability to post queries and read past postings.

GENFORUM - Enter 'PICKENS' forum - this site also provide the ability to do global searches and searches within a specific forum.


PICKENS and other Families - Links to Terry's direct lines

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Links to major allied / collateral family lines:

BASKIN - Courtesy of John Carr Pickens - a collection of information on and about the Baskin-Baskins family of Pennsylvania and South Carolina. The main core of this information is THE BASKIN-BASKINS FAMILY of South Carolina and Pennsylvania, by Raymond Martin Bell - http://BaskinArchive.homestead.com/index.html

CALHOUN - Courtesy of John Carr Pickens. This site contains various CALHOUN materials that John has received over the years. Resources include: Becky Carr; The A.S. SALLEY works; ALABAMA HISTORICAL QUARTLY - winter 1947; Armstrong's Notable Southern Families - http://calhounarchive.homestead.com/index.html

DAVIS - Courtesy of John Carr Pickens - this is part of the Hawkins collection. Here you will find information pertaining to the southern Davis family. Most of the information comes from other people beside E.M. Sharp. David McWhorter did some excellent work and it is here along with others - http://davisarchive.homestead.com/index.html

GILLESPIE - Courtesy of John Carr Pickens - http://giliespiefamilyarchive.homestead.com/index.html

 MILLER - My Miller Family Tree - Margaret Miller McDonald's Home Page. A descendant of Rev. Robert MILLER and Jane PICKENS md. abt 1756. Photos, documents, sources, links to other information - http://www.evcom.net/~pegmc/index.html

MILLER - My Mississippi Miller Family - Bob Thompson's home page A descendant of Rev. Robert MILLER and Jane PICKENS md. abt 1756. Bob's website has information on the members of the Miller, Walton, Wiley and Thompson families and their descendants. Photos, sources - http://members.home.net/bfthompson/WC_TOC.HTM

PATTERSON - Coleman Patterson's site, has a variety of options, including posting and viewing family info, and also includes links to other PATTERSON sites - http://thepattersons.org/

 WALKUP - Courtesy of John Carr Pickens - http://WalkupArchive.homestead.com/index.html


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AN ARTICLE from an unknown publication has been in my possession for many years. Dated Weaverville NC, it appears to have been a local newspaper account of a large PICKENS family reunion of the area. It offers some tantalizing comments, and is related to the comments made by Charles Pickens, above: [the copy I have is a handwritten transcript - tmc]

"Weaverville, NC, Aug 4, 1955. A Professor of genetics today traced the PICKENS Family History back to its beginnings in Ayrshire, Scotland through 15 generations. The geneticist, Dr. Andrew L. PICKENS of Queens College, Charlotte, addressed 200 fellow members of his family and their guests at 48th annual PICKENS Family reunion at Frank PICKENS home here.

Dr. PICKENS has been to England and to Scotland and examined court records there to find the first Andrew PICKENS, then spelled 'PICON'. He traced the accomplished of the family under King Henry IV of France and then the migration of three brothers to the U.S. and the part they played in the Revolutionary War. Later he showed how members of the clan were allied on either side in the War Between the States, mentioning several places in the south where a PICKENS had been in action.

Mrs. Asbury BARNETT, State President of the United Daughters of the Confederacy spoke on days in her girlhood in Alabama when the government [sic] of the State was a PICKENS.

Miss PICKENS recognized Troy PICKENS of California as the one who traveled the greatest distance to attend the reunion."

If anyone has old family records to share that may shed more light on the report that Dr. PICKENS presented at this gathering, it would be of great interest, and sincerely appreciated - tmc.


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The CHICKASAW Connection:

Links to sites with connections and / or resources for those PICKENS who have American Indian heritage

The Chickasaw Historical Research Page - Kerry Armstrong's site - this site is updated frequently. It has information about, and links to, both the Alabama/Mississippi Indian Territory, and the Oklahoma Territory. A great resource.

Chickasaw Nation, I.T. 1837-1907 - Kerry Armstrong's site

List Of Chickasaw/Choctaw Slave Owners And Their Known Slaves https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mspontot/chick.htm

Descendants of Margaret Ann Love http://archive.msstate.edu/listarchives/afrigeneas/199807/msg00501.html

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PICKENS of West Virginia and Ohio

The Jackson County Pioneers Project - http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~bbriggs/index.htm Betty Briggs has a great, easily searchable site where she is compiling families of Jackson Co., WV. There you will find links to census, photos, and maps, among other records. These families are connected to North Carolina, Virginia, and Ohio families. An ongoing project, it is continually growing. She welcomes corrections and additions.

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The BLACK INDIANS; BLACK AND FREEDMEN and Slaveholder Connections:

Links to sites with connections and / or resources for those PICKENS who have Black/Freedman heritage - many of these also have American Indian heritage also.

Many of these lines are difficult to prove and records are non-existent or full of discrepancies and inconsistencies. Many families have extremely strong traditions of their PICKENS heritage. In most cases, the 'preponderance of evidence' is all there is to support these family lines, but it may be all there will ever be. Strong family tradition, tied to time, locality, known slaveholders, and family association, offer the best evidence available in many cases.


Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes - Black Indians Eleanor Wyatt's site http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~ewyatt/_borders/index.html


Pickens/Roberts Genealogy - Eleanor Wyatt's Pickens lines - Eleanor is researching the Freedmen of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations. Surnames of Roberts, Pickens, Stevenson, Colbert, Wilson, Harris, Denson, Moore, Wyatt, Abrams, Christian, Clay and others. http://familytreemaker.com/users/w/y/a/Eleanor-Wyatt/index.html


Black Indians - Eleanor Wyatt's site with links to useful sites for searching the Black Indian heritage. http://home.kc.rr.com/ewyatt/


List Of Chickasaw/Choctaw Slave Owners And Their Known Slaves https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mspontot/chick.htm


MAP - Slavery and Emancipation in the United States, 1777-1865 http://www.ancestry.com/rd/map.asp?ImageID=427


Afro-American Sources in Virginia - A Guide to Manuscripts. Michael Plunkett, Editor, University Press of Virginia. This site is a comprehensive listing and brief description of manuscripts containing information on African-Americans, slaves and freemen, at the Virginia Historical Society. Please note - the documents themselves are not online to my knowledge - just a description of their contents - tmc. http://www.iocc.com/~swright/vasource.html



The following resources were listed in Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter Vol. 6 No. 6- February 5, 2001 and is copyright 2001 by Richard W. Eastman. It is re-published here with the permission of the author.

* "African American Family Research," an excellent article by Roseann Reinemuth Hogan, Ph.D.: http://www.ancestry.com/library/view/ancmag/2052.asp


* "The Challenge of African American Research" by Curt B. Witcher, another excellent article: http://www.ancestry.com/library/view/ancmag/1586.asp


* African American Lifelines: http://pages.prodigy.net/cliffmurr/aa_life.htm


* African-American Genealogy Research Resources: http://www.libraryofmichigan.org/genealogy/abramscghnov99.html


* Afrigeneas, probably the best-known Black American genealogy site: http://www.afrigeneas.com/


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 Terry's lines

PICKENS line - found in the Main PICKENS database and the Tennessee Connections database:

Robert & Esther Bonneau >

William/Margaret PIKE [PA] >

Gabriel/Zerubiah ?SMITH [PA to Augusta Co., VA c. 1740, to SC c. 1755/65] >

William/ Jane ?HAMILTON [SC to Maury/Marshall Co., TN c. 1800/1807] >

William H./Hannah MOORE [Marshall Co., TN] >

David B./Mary A. MEADOW(S)/MEADOR [Marshall Co., TN] >

Hamilton/(2)Zella M. YATES [Marshall Co., TN] >

The Tennessee Connection - Terry's other TN families

Visit My Tennessee Page for links to some TN resources on the Internet

Terry's other family lines



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