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Hugh McLean, son of Mr. MCLEAN and Margaret McINNES, left the Isle of Mull for Canada in 1812 with his mother, some of his brothers and a sister. Signed on with the Hudson's Bay Company, they were transported to the area that is now Winnipeg. There, in 1816, Hugh was involved in the Seven Oaks Massacre. As a result of his service in that conflict, Hugh was called to Ontario to offer testimony of the battles, and never returned to Winnipeg to settle the land he had been granted there. Instead, he settled on land granted him in Prescott County, Ontario, near what is now the community of Plantagenet. There in the Westminster Cemetery in Pendleton, is where many family members.are buried.

The name of Hugh's father is unknown, and it is not known if we have record of all of his siblings The "DICTIONARY OF SCOTTISH IMMIGRANTS TO CANADA" gives Hugh's place of birth as Kilfinichen, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland.



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