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This website is dedicated to researching and sharing information on the STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD surname. (Soundex S352). Anyone with this surname in the United States is almost certainly a descendant of John STHENFELD, born 12 Oct 1715 at Leeds,York, England. He married Elisabeth BURNS in 1737 Gloucester,Essex, Massachusetts. He died 3 Jan 1783 in New Gloucester, Cumberland, Maine.

I encourage any STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD researcher to participate by sending in text files, submitting queries and links to your webpages. I am looking forward to your help in making this site grow!

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I invite all visitors to submit queries for your STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD ancestors - maybe you will find a link!

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Tracey Morris' STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD Research (WorldConnect)
Keith A Lord's Family Tree Maker Site
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