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Western States Marriage Index - STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD

The below listing of marriages in the Western States for STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD family members was compiled based on the Western States Marriage Index found at BYU's Special Collections & Family History website, which is updated regularly. The index includes Arizona, Idaho and Nevada and "a significant number of marriages from selected counties in California, western Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Utah, eastern Washington, and Wyoming are also included." List of Counties by State

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Groom		 	Bride 			County 		State 	Place		Date		Vol	Pg
BOLTON Cecil G.		STANCHFIELD Bernice I.	Union		Oregon	Union Co.	14 Jul 1915	I	384
LOTTES Frederick J.	STANCHFIELD Enid M.	Union		Oregon	Union Co.	07 Jun 1920	J	344	
ROOKLIDGE Charles D.	STANCHFIELD Emma R.	Salt Lake	Utah	Salt Lake City	05 Jun 1890	B	469
STANCHFIELD Charles	HARS Delors		Deer Lodge	Montana	Butt		06 Dec 1878	G	329
STANCHFIELD Elmer	ALLIE Belle Olive 	White Pine	Nevada	Ely		20 Dec 1908	1	120
STANCHFIELD Fred	MAY Ida			Davis		Utah	Farmington	25 Feb 1903	2	75	
STANCHFIELD Wilmer	PICKLER Adeline Fracnis	Union		Oregon	Union Co.	05 Aug 1918	J	186
STINCHFIELD E. A.	MCCONNELL Phebe		Gilliam		Oregon	Gilliam Co.	11 Sep 1887	A	84

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