Minnesota Death Index (1904-2001): STINCHFIELD-STANCHFIELD

Minnesota Death Index (1904-2001): STINCHFIELD-STANCHFIELD


The following death index entries were collected based on information found at the MHS Minnesota Death Certificates Index. Entries are sorted by last name, then first name.
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 Name                                            Birth Date  Death Date   Birthplace     Death County  Mother's Maiden Name  CertID
 STANCHFIELD,  Albert Terry                      03/25/1917  10/25/1999   Minnesota      Hennepin      WALLACE               1999-MN-030359
 STANCHFIELD,  Ann Stella                        07/02/1916  02/27/1999   Minnesota      Hennepin      MAJEWSKI              1999-MN-005473
 STANCHFIELD,  Anna B.                           10/29/1880  05/27/1962   Out Of State   Hennepin                            1962-MN-024482
 STANCHFIELD,  Archie L.                         04/16/1890  03/19/1979   Minnesota      Hennepin      PALMER                1979-MN-005635
 STANCHFIELD,  Arnold Joseph                                 08/16/1917                  Hennepin                            1917-MN-005085
 STANCHFIELD,  Arthur                                        01/13/1944                  Nicollet                            1944-MN-009151
 STANCHFIELD,  Baby Boy                                      06/01/1936                  Pine                                1936-MN-012786
 STANCHFIELD,  Baby Boy                                      11/27/1934                  Pine                                1934-MN-012099
 STANCHFIELD,  Baby Boy                                      11/07/1953                  Hennepin                            1953-MN-024912
 STANCHFIELD,  Baby Girl                                     10/28/1918                  Hennepin                            1918-MN-026359
 STANCHFIELD,  Baby Girl                                     11/05/1933                  Olmsted                             1933-MN-010287
 STANCHFIELD,  Baby Girl                                     03/25/1959   Minnesota      Hennepin      STANCHFIELD           1959-MN-006320
 STANCHFIELD,  Ballard Percy                     06/01/1924  10/20/1995   Minnesota      Ramsey        GOAD                  1995-MN-029415
 STANCHFIELD,  Barbara Fa                                    03/18/1925                  Hennepin                            1925-MN-018646
 STANCHFIELD,  Benjamin                                      09/16/1931                  Hennepin                            1931-MN-021153
 STANCHFIELD,  Benjamin D.                       07/26/1905  11/28/1996   Minnesota      Hennepin      PALMER                1996-MN-031253
 STANCHFIELD,  Bernice M.                                    05/17/1951                  Hennepin                            1951-MN-020695
 STANCHFIELD,  Bert J                                        09/24/1962   Minnesota      Hennepin      BRIGGS                1962-MN-006358
 STANCHFIELD,  Bertha May                                    10/17/1951                  Hennepin                            1951-MN-023115
 STANCHFIELD,  Bessie                                        01/31/1920                  Hennepin                            1920-MN-018588
 STANCHFIELD,  Blanche                             1903      08/22/1904   Mn             Hennepin                            1904-37-1973
 STANCHFIELD,  Burton Clay                                   11/09/1929                  Rock                                1929-MN-013357
 STANCHFIELD,  Calista                                       09/16/1926                  Rice                                1926-MN-013055
 STANCHFIELD,  Carol Joy                         12/25/1958  07/03/1998   South Dakota   Hennepin      PRIOR                 1998-MN-020147
 STANCHFIELD,  Cecil P.                          09/09/1888  06/07/1955   Minnesota      Hennepin      BEMIS                 1955-MN-005470
 STANCHFIELD,  Chauncy                             1844      06/15/1907   Me             Anoka                               1907-51A-2002
 STANCHFIELD,  Clark                                         08/12/1928                  Ramsey                              1928-MN-025047
 STANCHFIELD,  Dale M.                           12/29/1908  06/09/1964   Minnesota      Hennepin      PALMER                1964-MN-024999
 STANCHFIELD,  Daniel Eugene                     02/05/1956  06/21/2001   Minnesota      Pine          ANDERSON              2001-MN-524443
 STANCHFIELD,  Donald W.                                     10/11/1929                  Hennepin                            1929-MN-005648
 STANCHFIELD,  Doris Marie                       07/22/1920  11/15/1999   New Jersey     Ramsey        JOHO                  1999-MN-031790
 STANCHFIELD,  Earl Clifford                     01/30/1896  09/28/1958   Minnesota      Hennepin      BEMIS                 1958-MN-025311
 STANCHFIELD,  Edward D.                         07/25/1916  08/18/1975   Minnesota      Hennepin      DONAHUE               1975-MN-021454
 STANCHFIELD,  Effie Etta                        03/21/1869  04/12/1960   Minnesota      Hennepin      SUTHERLAND            1960-MN-023133
 STANCHFIELD,  Elsie                                         06/10/1957   Out Of State   Hennepin      JONES                 1957-MN-023561
 STANCHFIELD,  Elvie Mary                                    09/04/1925                  Hennepin                            1925-MN-021038
 STANCHFIELD,  Emeritte                                      08/06/1928                  Rice                                1928-MN-013268
 STANCHFIELD,  Ernest B.                                     10/11/1947                  Hennepin                            1947-MN-023421
 STANCHFIELD,  Esther (Astrid)                               11/03/1949                  Hennepin                            1949-MN-006078
 STANCHFIELD,  Ethel                                         02/19/1919                  Hennepin                            1919-MN-018346
 STANCHFIELD,  Eugene M.                                     08/16/1943                  Hennepin                            1943-MN-021585
 STANCHFIELD,  Eugene H.                         07/02/1914  03/02/1975   Minnesota      Hennepin      MCCOY                 1975-MN-006040
 STANCHFIELD,  Eunice                            01/28/1894  05/01/1971   Minnesota      Olmsted       WESTIN                1971-MN-012340
 STANCHFIELD,  Evelyn Adora                                  05/29/1918                  Wadena                              1918-MN-020269
 STANCHFIELD,  Evelyn                                        06/28/1920                  Hennepin                            1920-MN-021020
 STANCHFIELD,  Florence L.                       01/03/1905  02/20/1975   Minnesota      Hennepin      EULL                  1975-MN-003628
 STANCHFIELD,  Frank S                                       09/23/1918                  Anoka                               1918-MN-000247
 STANCHFIELD,  Frank                                         05/27/1948                  Hennepin                            1948-MN-020819
 STANCHFIELD,  Frederick E                       10/04/1922  11/10/1975   Minnesota      Hennepin      GOAD                  1975-MN-029331
 STANCHFIELD,  Gena Grace                                    08/21/1924                  St. Louis                           1924-MN-025947
 STANCHFIELD,  Gena H.                           01/03/1892  03/09/1956   Out Of State   Hennepin      LARSON                1956-MN-006251
 STANCHFIELD,  George                                        01/21/1920                  Hennepin                            1920-MN-018345
 STANCHFIELD,  George F.                                     01/26/1932                  Ramsey                              1932-MN-022825
 STANCHFIELD,  Glen R.                           01/29/1892  01/22/1968   Out Of State   Hennepin      AMES                  1968-MN-000709
 STANCHFIELD,  Hannah                            07/25/1918  01/14/1988   Out Of State   Hennepin      KRISTENEDTR           1988-MN-000928
 STANCHFIELD,  Harold Merton                                 10/02/1948                  Mille Lacs                          1948-MN-009146
 STANCHFIELD,  Harry P                                       09/01/1935                  Mille Lacs                          1935-MN-008599
 STANCHFIELD,  Harry W                           12/15/1887  06/10/1969   Minnesota      Hennepin      WEST                  1969-MN-015876
 STANCHFIELD,  Harry R.                          07/14/1892  07/31/1982   Minnesota      Hennepin      PALMER                1982-MN-017428
 STANCHFIELD,  Helen Augusta                                 09/16/1929                  Hennepin                            1929-MN-021248
 STANCHFIELD,  Helen E.                                      11/26/1927                  Hennepin                            1927-MN-021384
 STANCHFIELD,  Helen M                                       01/10/1933                  Ramsey                              1933-MN-012149
 STANCHFIELD,  Helne E.                          09/21/1892  02/17/1983   Minnesota      Hennepin      STRIETZER             1983-MN-003834
 STANCHFIELD,  Herbert L                                     03/22/1931                  Hennepin                            1931-MN-018458
 STANCHFIELD,  Ina B.                            01/04/1870  06/30/1958   Out Of State   Hennepin      KING                  1958-MN-006317
 STANCHFIELD,  James C                           02/20/1916  03/24/1981   Minnesota      Hennepin      BERQUIST              1981-MN-006605
 STANCHFIELD,  Joanne M.                                     11/07/1953                  Hennepin                            1953-MN-024913
 STANCHFIELD,  John                                          12/24/1939                  Hennepin                            1939-MN-023548
 STANCHFIELD,  John O.                                       07/12/1939                  Hennepin                            1939-MN-005771
 STANCHFIELD,  John C.                           12/17/1885  12/11/1972   Minnesota      Ramsey        BROADHEAD             1972-MN-032987
 STANCHFIELD,  Karl B.                                       05/24/1939                  Hennepin                            1939-MN-020414
 STANCHFIELD,  Lewis F.                                      04/08/1944                  Hennepin                            1944-MN-019201
 STANCHFIELD,  Lillian Agnes                                 10/11/1934                  Meeker                              1934-MN-008614
 STANCHFIELD,  Lillian M.                        01/09/1900  08/30/1969   Minnesota      Anoka         LARSEN                1969-MN-019553
 STANCHFIELD,  Lillian C.                        06/25/1891  12/29/1989   Minnesota      Ramsey                              1989-MN-034222
 STANCHFIELD,  Lydia                             04/12/1885  04/11/1966   Minnesota      Pine          TONGUE                1966-MN-009513
 STANCHFIELD,  Lyman Lee                                     12/29/1927                  Hennepin                            1927-MN-021860
 STANCHFIELD,  Mae S.                            04/01/1896  01/07/1981   Minnesota      Hennepin      LINDSTROM             1981-MN-000632
 STANCHFIELD,  Margaret Ayling                   07/13/1907  12/30/1996   Minnesota      Ramsey        AYLING                1996-MN-035448
 STANCHFIELD,  Margaret                          11/18/1947  08/12/1989   Out Of State   Hennepin      ANDERSON              1989-MN-020300
 STANCHFIELD,  Maria L                             1832      02/09/1904   Me             Hennepin      SIMPSON               1904-33-1309
 STANCHFIELD,  Marie A.                          03/30/1897  05/13/1986   Out Of State   Hennepin      OLSON                 1986-MN-012539
 STANCHFIELD,  Marticia                                      03/25/1932                  Hennepin                            1932-MN-018533
 STANCHFIELD,  Mary E.                                       12/15/1913                  Hennepin                            1913-MN-020329
 STANCHFIELD,  Mary                                          10/15/1946                  Hennepin                            1946-MN-022736
 STANCHFIELD,  Mary Elizabeth                                04/23/1951                  Hennepin                            1951-MN-020234
 STANCHFIELD,  Mary Ann                                      01/13/1951                  Hennepin                            1951-MN-018510
 STANCHFIELD,  Mary Helen                        05/07/1921  01/16/1994   Minnesota      Hennepin      KOLL                  1994-MN-001172
 STANCHFIELD,  Mary (Minnie) Ayling              03/12/1879  05/24/1979   Out Of State   Ramsey        WILSON                1979-MN-012806
 STANCHFIELD,  Maud                              02/10/1879  10/11/1964   Out Of State   Hennepin      CROSS                 1964-MN-027144
 STANCHFIELD,  Maurice Clinton                   01/07/1928  01/11/1992   Minnesota      Hennepin      STENERSON             1992-MN-000809
 STANCHFIELD,  May Eva                                       08/07/1945                  Sherburne                           1945-MN-014692
 STANCHFIELD,  Minnie Oline                                  01/08/1930                  Hennepin                            1930-MN-017596
 STANCHFIELD,  Moses B                                       12/23/1909                  Hennepin                            1909-MN-018280
 STANCHFIELD,  Mrs Anna Nora                                 05/01/1943                  Pine                                1943-MN-011929
 STANCHFIELD,  Mrs Hilda                                     02/07/1919                  Hennepin                            1919-MN-018135
 STANCHFIELD,  Mrs Rose                                      04/14/1929                  Mille Lacs                          1929-MN-008529
 STANCHFIELD,  Mrs. Ellen Violet                 05/09/1914  06/05/1981   Minnesota      St. Louis     NELSON                1981-MN-015812
 STANCHFIELD,  Myrtle                            08/14/1893  09/15/1956   Out Of State   Anoka         UNKNOWN               1956-MN-000200
 STANCHFIELD,  Nell B.                           12/25/1892  04/07/1991   Minnesota      Hennepin      KEPPIER               1991-MN-009199
 STANCHFIELD,  Palma                             04/04/1892  11/16/1973   Minnesota      Hennepin      REMEN                 1973-MN-028730
 STANCHFIELD,  Patrick H                                     02/06/1960   Minnesota      Hennepin      DONAHUE               1960-MN-005851
 STANCHFIELD,  Patrick Thomas                    08/03/1952  08/29/2001   Minnesota      Hennepin      THEIS                 2001-MN-526155
 STANCHFIELD,  Persis A.                                     07/14/1936                  Hennepin                            1936-MN-022657
 STANCHFIELD,  Phylis                                        11/21/1920                  Pine                                1920-MN-011571
 STANCHFIELD,  Rachel P.                                     06/27/1920                  Hennepin                            1920-MN-021009
 STANCHFIELD,  Rachel M.                           1887      01/28/1907   Mn             Hennepin                            1907-57-701
 STANCHFIELD,  Raymond Ralph                                 02/27/1954                  Olmsted                             1954-MN-010659
 STANCHFIELD,  Raymond R.                        01/13/1919  10/22/1970   Minnesota      Ramsey        WASS                  1970-MN-034353
 STANCHFIELD,  Richard Lee                       07/08/1886  08/13/1972   Minnesota      Ramsey        BEMIS                 1972-MN-021362
 STANCHFIELD,  Robert Leslie                                 09/16/1951                  Hennepin                            1951-MN-022585
 STANCHFIELD,  Robert James                      09/28/1911  01/01/1998   Minnesota      Pine          DONOHUE               1998-MN-000899
 STANCHFIELD,  Roy Percy                                     03/18/1912                  Hennepin                            1912-MN-015723
 STANCHFIELD,  Roy Percy                                     07/10/1910                  Hennepin                            1910-MN-018458
 STANCHFIELD,  Ruth Annabelle                    04/18/1901  03/31/1987   Minnesota      Hennepin      HANSEN                1987-MN-006742
 STANCHFIELD,  Samuel F.                                     10/01/1925                  Hennepin                            1925-MN-021353
 STANCHFIELD,  Samuel C.                                     03/28/1932                  Hennepin                            1932-MN-018586
 STANCHFIELD,  Scott Seign                       10/19/1954  04/21/1961   Minnesota      Hennepin      CHRISTENSEN           1961-MN-005762
 STANCHFIELD,  Sophie S.                                     04/10/1910                  Hennepin                            1910-MN-017470
 STANCHFIELD,  Steele S.                         03/30/1898  09/16/1970   Minnesota      Hennepin      PALMER                1970-MN-024453
 STANCHFIELD,  Tina                                          03/20/1915                  Hennepin                            1915-MN-017350
 STANCHFIELD,  Vernon                                        04/19/1952                  Chisago                             1952-MN-002531
 STANCHFIELD,  Walter E                                      11/11/1926                  Cass                                1926-MN-002127
 STANCHFIELD,  Walter E                                      10/22/1963   Minnesota      Hennepin      NELSON                1963-MN-007697
 STANCHFIELD,  William I.                                    03/27/1937                  Hennepin                            1937-MN-019737
 STANCHFIELD,  William Roscoe                                10/11/1953                  Hennepin                            1953-MN-024463
 STANCHFIELD,  William John                      03/28/1914  05/27/1985   Minnesota      Hennepin      DONAHUE               1985-MN-012794
 STINCHFIELD,  Angela                                        12/29/1945                  Hennepin                            1945-MN-005886
 STINCHFIELD,  C. Helena                         12/25/1914  12/10/1983   Minnesota      Ramsey        LAUGHLIN              1983-MN-032937
 STINCHFIELD,  Cecil Steward                     05/09/1878  04/28/1967   Minnesota      Martin        STEWARD               1967-MN-009163
 STINCHFIELD,  Charles E.                                    02/02/1946                  Marshall                            1946-MN-008122
 STINCHFIELD,  Charlotte Bulkley                 07/04/1917  08/05/1980   Minnesota      Hennepin      SAUNDERS              1980-MN-019987
 STINCHFIELD,  Charlotte Aleda                   06/25/1897  04/28/1982   Minnesota      Hennepin      LANGUM                1982-MN-009140
 STINCHFIELD,  Clifford Eugene                   12/10/1902  02/04/1981   Minnesota      Martin        SHARP                 1981-MN-004211
 STINCHFIELD,  Elizabeth Shrader                 06/02/1890  08/17/1967   Minnesota      Hennepin      MCDONALD              1967-MN-021261
 STINCHFIELD,  Fred                                          06/29/1967   Minnesota      Hennepin      UNK                   1967-MN-014400
 STINCHFIELD,  Harold E.                         01/11/1889  02/09/1965   Out Of State   Olmsted       UNKNOWN               1965-MN-003619
 STINCHFIELD,  Helen M.                          05/20/1921  12/27/1987   Minnesota      St. Louis     ARVESEN               1987-MN-033752
 STINCHFIELD,  Lydia M.                                      08/09/1971   Out Of State   Ramsey        WHELAN                1971-MN-022281
 STINCHFIELD,  Mary Ellen                                    07/14/1913                  Hennepin                            1913-MN-004920
 STINCHFIELD,  Mary J                                        12/08/1945                  Marshall                            1945-MN-008346
 STINCHFIELD,  Mary                              06/13/1880  07/02/1960   Minnesota      Ramsey        PURCELL               1960-MN-030016
 STINCHFIELD,  Maude                             07/10/1881  07/05/1970   Out Of State   Martin        BLINKS                1970-MN-017391
 STINCHFIELD,  Miranda Elissa                                06/06/1921                  Martin                              1921-MN-007137
 STINCHFIELD,  Mrs. Augustus W. (Mattie)                     06/29/1940                  Olmsted                             1940-MN-010617
 STINCHFIELD,  Mrs. Harold E. (Lora)                         05/24/1942                  Olmsted                             1942-MN-010194
 STINCHFIELD,  Nancy Elizabeth                   12/25/1908  10/29/1984   Minnesota      Martin        CLEAR                 1984-MN-026271
 STINCHFIELD,  Robert Donald                     01/27/1930  02/01/1996   Minnesota      Hennepin      BOOTH                 1996-MN-003613
 STINCHFIELD,  Robert Donald                     01/27/1930  02/01/1996   Minnesota      Hennepin      BOOTH                 1996-MN-003613

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