The below listing of Maine marriages for STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD family members and covers the timeframe of 1892 - 1996, according to the Maine State Archives.

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Bride Name                   Bride Town/State     Groom Name                   Groom Town/State        Cert#    Marr Date
Abbott Lena M                Phillips, Me         Stinchfield Wesley B         Phillips, Me                     09-20-1916
Adams Norcena E              Waterville, Me       Stinchfield Roger F          Clinton, Me                      06-18-1902
Badger Elaine A              Phillips, Me         Stinchfield William J        Avon, Me                         01-05-1940
Bailey D E                   Milo, Me             Stanchfield Lawrence D       Milo, Me                         06-21-1930
Barnard Mary E               Skowhegan, Me        Stinchfield William M        Skowhegan, Me                    03-10-1903
Bates Marguerite             Phillips, Me         Stinchfield Milton J         Phillips, Me                     10-30-1915
Blaisdell Constance H        Augusta, Me          Stinchfield Richard D        Nashua, Nh                       03-28-1942
Blaisdell Ruth L             Norridgewock, Me     Stinchfield Philip A         Strong, Me                       07-06-1931
Britton Carrie M             Lisbon, Me           Stinchfield Eugene N         Auburn, Me                       05-06-1905
Brown Arlene N               Crouseville, Me      Stanchfield Philip G         Milo, Me                         10-13-1934
Brown Joyce L                                     Stinchfield Stanley E                                 3003    06-01-1966
Brown Sabra E                Benton, Me           Stinchfield John F           Clinton, Me                      04-07-1916
Bruce Lillian M              Monson, Me           Stanchfield Fred J           Monson, Me                       04-19-1905
Brunell Mary A               Freeport, Me         Stinchfield Arthur W         Freeport, Me                     01-27-1918
Bryant Hazel R               Dover Foxcroft, Me   Stanchfield Omar L           Sangerville, Me                  11-22-1947
Bulles Marguerite L          Veazie, Me           Stanchfield James S          Veazie, Me                       09-01-1948
Callahan Margaret I          Farmington, Me       Stinchfield Russell L        Avon, Me                         05-22-1938
Chandler Louise M            Farmington, Me       Stinchfield Warren R         Readfield, Me                    12-31-1927
Chlebowicz Wilma J           Milo, Me             Stanchfield Willard I        Milo, Me               8706566   08-22-1987
Clough Mary E                Skowhegan, Me        Stinchfield W S              Skowhegan, Me                    06-14-1899
Davis Jennifer I                                  Stanchfield Elmer E                                   7154    10-01-1966
Day Doris M                  Milo, Me             Stanchfield Omar L           Monson, Me                       06-03-1942
Donovan Jane E                                    Stinchfield Alan E                                    5103    08-01-1966
Doughty Clara H              Gray, Me             Stinchfield Oscar C          New Gloucester, Me               07-31-1896
Dudley Bertha E              Passadumkeag, Me     Stanchfield Oscar C          Monson,                          11-27-1909
Dudley Sarah E               Augusta, Me          Stinchfield Warren R         Augusta, Me                      05-18-1895
Dunsmoor Minnie M            Farmington, Me       Stinchfield Ralph T          Farmington, Me                   11-01-1926
Ellicott Firle Whittier      Arundel, Me          Stinchfield Milton John      Arundel, Me            9011417   12-27-1990
England Alice A              Bangor, Me           Stinchfield Paul B           Bangor, Me                       08-09-1937
Fogg Clara J                                      Stanchfield Wayne E                                   4572    08-01-1959
Forbus Ruth E                Monson, Me           Stanchfield Milton R         Monson, Me                       09-17-1927
Foss Alberta                 Athens,              Stinchfield Lewellyn A       Athens,                          09-15-1921
Foss Dorothy                 Milo, Me             Stanchfield Frank T          Milo, Me                         07-31-1939
Fowler Ena C                 Milo, Me             Stanchfield Luther B         Milo, Me                         07-23-1927
Gilman Bernice O             Waterville, Me       Stinchfield George A         Waterville, Me                   12-12-1923
Gilpatrick Mollie A          Orono, Me            Stinchfield Eben K           Millinocket, Me                  06-27-1917
Glidden Ingrid L             Patten, Me           Stanchfield Kerry L          Stacyville, Me         8100344   01-31-1981
Grattan Susie                Milo, Me             Stanchfield Frank C          Milo, Me                         05-05-1894
Haley Stella M               Rangeley, Me         Stanchfield W C              Rangeley, Me                     05-03-1926
Hamlin Mary                  Vassalboro, Me       Stanchfield Embus W          Vassalboro, Me                   09-12-1923
Hanson Bernice O             Waterville, Me       Stinchfield George A         Waterville, Me                   12-12-1923
Harris Frances E             Derby,               Stanchfield Elmer E          Milo, Me                         07-23-1931
Hart Susan R                 Bangor, Me           Stanchfield Donald C         Dover-Foxcroft, Me     7702182   04-30-1977
Hartley Annie                Corinna, Me          Stinchfield Charles E        Corinna, Me                      11-23-1932
Haslam Grace G               Milo, Me             Stanchfield Otis C           Milo, Me                         11-26-1938
Heal Carolyn J               Milo, Me             Stanchfield Jr L D           Milo, Me                         09-05-1953
Henke Gail M                                      Stinchfield Richard M                                 1845    05-01-1959
Hodgkins Christine I         Temple, Me           Stinchfield Roy C            Farmington, Me                   09-25-1929
Huff Eleanor M               Norridgewock, Me     Stinchfield Raymond          Norridgewock, Me                 02-22-1942
Hughes Wilhelmina E          Monson, Me           Stanchfield Leonard A        Monson, Me                       06-05-1916
Kidder Louise M              Farmington, Me       Stinchfield Warren R         Readfield, Me                    12-31-1927
Knight Lillian I             Vanceboro, Me        Stinchfield Eben K           Millinocket, Me                  09-02-1907
Knowlton Lottie A            Dexter, Me           Stinchfield Charles E        Dexter, Me                       12-01-1906
Labre Hazel B                Monson, Me           Stanchfield Harold R         Monson, Me                       12-27-1910
Labree Maud E                Monson, Me           Stanchfield Henry L          Monson, Me                       11-30-1911
Ladoux Mariette              Lisbon, Me           Stinchfield Kenneth          Lisbon, Me                       04-15-1947
Lane Carol A                 Norway, Me           Stinchfield Timothy J        Oxford, Me             7706949   08-27-1977
Levensailer Marian E         Abbot, Me            Stanchfield Wesley C         Monson, Me                       12-03-1954
Libby Emma L                 Auburn, Me           Stanchfield John J           Auburn, Me                       06-30-1896
Libby Jean N                 Phillips, Me         Stinchfield Richard M        Phillips, Me                     02-07-1945
Littlefield Lois P           Danforth, Me         Stinchfield Otis I           Danforth, Me                     08-20-1913
Lockhart Helen H             Brownville Jct, Me   Stanchfield Edwin H          Milo, Me                         09-25-1937
Lovejoy Dorothy              Milo, Me             Stanchfield Frank T          Milo, Me                         07-31-1939
Maclearn Eva M               Portland, Me         Stinchfield Milton J         Phillips, Me                     03-30-1918
Maguire Margaret C           Allston, Ma          Stanchfield Albert G         Guilford, Me                     08-25-1950
Marcellino Melody A                               Stinchfield Jerry L                                   4249    07-01-1966
Marsh Lottie Adelle          Dexter, Me           Stinchfield Charles E        Dexter, Me                       12-01-1906
Marsh Vicki L                Litchfield, Me       Stanchfield Scott A          Litchfield, Me         8006319   06-28-1980
Martin Dorothy A             Guilford, Me         Stanchfield Glenn E          Milo, Me                         02-26-1934
Mathews Valerie C            Monson, Me           Stanchfield Lamont C         Monson, Me                       10-04-1955
Maxim Katie I                Wayne, Me            Stinchfield Allen H          Wayne, Me                        06-12-1912
Mccurdy Mary                 Vassalboro, Me       Stanchfield Emlus W          Vassalboro, Me                   09-12-1923
Mills Margaret B             Skowhegan, Me        Stinchfield James H          Skowhegan, Me                    03-29-1937
Mitchell Avis G              Milo, Me             Stanchfield Roger E          Milo, Me                         10-14-1945
Mitchell Clarice A                                Stinchfield Ronald R                                  487     02-01-1961
Mitchell Mae A               Milo, Me             Stanchfield Clarence         Milo, Me                         12-12-1896
Mitchell Sarah H             Monson, Me           Stanchfield Oscar C          Monson, Me                       10-13-1920
Mountain Aldie C             Milo, Me             Stanchfield Norman I         Milo, Me                         07-28-1928
Murphy Inaz M                Mexico, Me           Stinchfield Kenneth L        Peru, Me                         07-29-1936
Norcross Edna L              Augusta, Me          Stanchfield Emlers W         Augusta, Me                      01-09-1897
Noyes Marion A               Bradford Ctr, Me     Stanchfield Everett E        Milo, Me                         11-29-1933
Pagurko Johnna J             Portland, Me         Stinchfield Jeffrey R        Portland, Me           8210028   10-02-1982
Patnad Gertrude M            So Berwick, Me       Stinchfield Stanley L        Lisbon, Me                       06-07-1933
Payne Eva                    East Livermore, Me   Stanchfield Fred E           East Livermore, Me               10-12-1893
Peary Myrtie L               Avon, Me             Stinchfield Dana A           Madrid, Me                       12-02-1908
Peck Virginia H              Strong, Me           Stinchfield Theron R         Strong, Me                       07-09-1935
Perham Maude I               Milo, Me             Stanchfield Glenn E          Milo, Me                         09-14-1910
Phinney Amanda               Easton, Me           Stanchfield Azier            Easton, Me                       02-29-1892
Phinney Lucy E               Milo, Me             Stanchfield Zeb V            Milo, Me                         05-15-1897
Pierce Addie A               Abbot, Me            Stanchfield Aretas W         Monson, Me                       08-26-1896
Pierce Jessie D              Auburn, Me           Stinchfield Charles O        Auburn, Me                       05-24-1922
Poor Gertrude M              Freeport, Me         Stinchfield Edwin A          Freeport, Me                     02-13-1897
Pratt Sarah H                Monson, Me           Stanchfield Oscar C          Monson, Me                       10-13-1920
Quinn Jennie R               Bath, Me             Stanchfield Guy C            Palmer, Ma                       08-23-1900
Ringuette Lisa Marie         Guilford, Me         Stanchfield Michael Brian    Guilford, Me           9301103   02-20-1993
Roak Belle N                 Durham, Me           Stinchfield Summer J         Auburn, Me                       02-12-1902
Sargent Anna B               Madrid, Me           Stinchfield George L         Madrid, Me                       12-25-1911
Sawyer Elizabeth P           Wilton, Me           Stinchfield John C           Wayne, Me                        01-31-1942
Sinclair Pauline J           Waterville, Me       Stinchfield Riger A          Clinton, Me                      08-06-1927
Smith Annie                  Corinna, Me          Stinchfield Charles E        Corinna, Me                      11-23-1932
Smith Mattie                 Brownville, Me       Stanchfield John             Brownville, Me                   01-25-1897
Smith Norma G                                     Stanchfield Gerald B                                  5019    08-01-1964
Souza Denise A               Buxton, Me           Stinchfield Stuart M         Buxton, Me             8900426   01-07-1989
Spaulding Helen M            Bangor, Me           Stinchfield Jr Eben K        Bangor, Me                       08-28-1948
Spaulding Minnie M           Farmington, Me       Stinchfield Ralph J          Farmington, Me                   11-01-1926
Stanchfield Amy Carolyn      Westbrook, Me        Peabody Todd James           Westbrook, Me          9011363   12-22-1990
Stanchfield Annie L          Blanchard, Me        Woster Fred A                Blanchard, Me                    07-27-1893
Stanchfield Belva L          Monson, Me           Nelson Arthur E              Monson, Me                       11-02-1952
Stanchfield Benice A         Easton, Me           Black George W               Easton, Me                       10-04-1922
Stanchfield Bertha E         Passadumkeag, Me     Roberts Ernest J             Bar Harbor, Me                   12-17-1913
Stanchfield Bethany Mary     Dedham, Me           Smith Frederick Scott        Dedham, Me             9106935   08-04-1991
Stanchfield Betty E                               Hanson Charles W                                      4282    06-01-1962
Stanchfield Betty J          Lisbon, Me           Sigurdsson Haines E          Lisbon, Me             8608790   09-27-1986
Stanchfield Betty J          Milo, Me             Chase Merle F                Milo, Me                         06-26-1949
Stanchfield Carrie M         Portland, Me         Ham Seward B                 Portland, Me                     07-01-1899
Stanchfield Charlotte M      Bangor, Me           Graves Percy H               Bangor, Me                       04-02-1921
Stanchfield Clara A          Milo, Me             Chase Robert W               Milo, Me                         01-26-1952
Stanchfield Clara E          Milo, Me             Davis Joseah F               Milo, Me                         09-07-1907
Stanchfield Clara E          Milo, Me             Colwell George E             Milo, Me                         12-24-1892
Stanchfield Daisy J          Milo, Me             Butler Harold C              Eastbrook, Me                    04-05-1930
Stanchfield Delya            Milo, Me             Dyer Lorin R                 Milo, Me                         07-01-1916
Stanchfield Doris A          Monson, Me           Clukey Ronald F              Sangeville, Me                   08-16-1952
Stanchfield Doris E          Milo, Me             Brown Clinton A              Milo, Me                         12-15-1919
Stanchfield Doris M          Waterville, Me       Andrews Harry L              Waterville, Me                   02-05-1951
Stanchfield Dorothy A        Milo, Me             Gorman Ezra P                Brownville Jct, Me               06-01-1952
Stanchfield Dorothy E        Bangor, Me           Baker Donald                 Bangor, Me             8403370   06-02-1984
Stanchfield Edna             Oakland, Me          Damren John M                Oakland, Me                      11-23-1910
Stanchfield Emma L           Auburn, Me           Merrill Burt                 Auburn, Me                       02-05-1921
Stanchfield Erma R           Milo, Me             Schmiedenberg F A            Milo, Me                         12-25-1943
Stanchfield Eva E            Foxcroft, Me         Widdis Walter E              Woreste, Ma                      06-27-1900
Stanchfield Gertrude A       Monson, Me           Leighton Clyde L             Willimantic, Me                  12-25-1943
Stanchfield Gertrude J       Milo, Me             Perkins Sewell V             Bradford, Me                     08-26-1939
Stanchfield Glennis E        Milo, Me             Maguire Dwight A             Milo, Me                         06-09-1935
Stanchfield Hattie I         Milo, Me             Stanchfield Percy H          Milo, Me                         11-04-1908
Stanchfield Hazel B          Dexter, Me           Holmes Alfred F              Monson, Me                       05-29-1954
Stanchfield Inice            Silver,Ridge, Me     Humphrey Freeland            Silver Ridge, Me                 06-27-1897
Stanchfield Irma             Milo, Me             Russell Roland E             Brownville Jct, Me               06-07-1950
Stanchfield Jane O           Portland, Me         Varney Earle L               S Portland, Me                   09-26-1944
Stanchfield Jane O           Portland, Me         Varney Earl L                S Portland, Me                   07-12-1941
Stanchfield Jeanette E       Guilford, Me         Mudgett Vernon F             Guilford, Me                     09-09-1951
Stanchfield Jewel R                               Bjork William M                                       2405    06-08-1957
Stanchfield Karen E          Guilford, Me         Patten Ronald W              Dover-Foxcroft, Me     7705690   07-08-1977
Stanchfield Leah A           Milo, Me             Donovan Irving R             Milo, Me                         03-04-1922
Stanchfield Lillian M        Monson, Me           Campbell Stephen C           St Albans, Me                    07-04-1946
Stanchfield Linda L          Bangor, Me           Seger Michael L              Bangor, Me             7804066   06-10-1978
Stanchfield Linda L                               Burke Carl E                                          6496    10-01-1962
Stanchfield Marguerite       Milo, Me             Mcclure Angus                Milo, Me                         04-17-1917
Stanchfield Marilyn E        Dove Foxcroft, Me    Hill Walter G                Dover Foxcroft, Me               03-11-1950
Stanchfield Marjorie D       Milo, Me             Strout Ernest R              Milo, Me                         05-19-1923
Stanchfield Marjory H        Portland, Me         Hunton Emery A               Portland, Me                     08-12-1922
Stanchfield Martha D         Easton, Me           Thompson Bernard V           Easton, Me                       05-11-1918
Stanchfield Mary E           Auburn, Me           Studley Walter J             Hanover, Ma                      03-31-1920
Stanchfield Mary M           Old Town, Me         Glidden Ammon M              Old Town, Me                     04-05-1903
Stanchfield Maud E           Monson, Me           Johnson Peirre               Monson, Me                       12-24-1923
Stanchfield Maxine E         Milo, Me             Scanlon Charles R            Lincoln, Me                      09-10-1924
Stanchfield Maxine V         Milo, Me             Kolesiak Thomas A            Chicago, Il                      11-21-1953
Stanchfield Myrtie M         Old Town, Me         Norwood William R            Old Town, Me                     04-25-1901
Stanchfield Nancy L          Dixmont, Me          Jewell James T               Dixmont, Me            8312471   07-22-1983
Stanchfield Nancy L          Milo, Me             Cobb Carl W                  Milo, Me                         06-12-1953
Stanchfield Paula Lynn       Bridgton, Me         Valeriani Richard Alfored    Bridgton, Me           9101276   04-07-1991
Stanchfield Phyllis G                             Stubbs Roland H                                       6147    10-01-1959
Stanchfield Rose M           Portland, Me         Collins Clifford I           Portland, Me                     12-27-1950
Stanchfield Rosilla          Auburn, Me           Kittredge Lewis R            Auburn, Me                       11-04-1932
Stanchfield Ruth A           Monson, Me           Johnson Pierre               Monson, Me                       10-14-1914
Stanchfield Stephanie Dee    Augusta, Me          Ziebart Danny Joseph         Augusta, Me            9200747   02-14-1992
Stanchfield Virginia N       Milo, Me             Vail Charles W               Milo, Me                         04-24-1955
Stanchfield Vivian           Willimantic, Me      Turner Clarence              Willimantic, Me                  09-23-1939
Stanchfield Zelma M          Milo, Me             Whitney Thomas B             Belfast, Me                      03-29-1905
Stevens Hilda I              Strong, Me           Stinchfield Wesley B         Strong, Me                       11-23-1938
Stinchfield Abbie M          Clinton, Me          Gerald Wayne C               Clinton, Me                      07-12-1934
Stinchfield Addie B          Corinth, Me          Fitz James H                 Cornith, Me                      07-03-1897
Stinchfield Agnes            Phillips, Me         Taylor Bernard L             Phillips, Me                     06-15-1950
Stinchfield Agnes            Phillips, Me         Grover Carl H                Phillips, Me                     04-19-1911
Stinchfield Agnes C          Exeter, Me           Foss Wilson A                Fairfield, Me                    05-01-1901
Stinchfield Alice E          Banor, Me            Bohan Louis J                Bangor, Me                       12-02-1939
Stinchfield Anna B           Bristol, Me          Robbins Charles T            Bristol, Me                      09-07-1907
Stinchfield Anna B           Auburn, Me           Thurston Charles H           Auburn, Me                       09-26-1905
Stinchfield Anne M           Milo, Me             Mills Charles W              Milo, Me                         05-11-1912
Stinchfield Barbara A        Farmington, Me       Estes Harold H               Farmington, Me         7808983   10-21-1978
Stinchfield Barbara A                             Huff Darryl V                                         7406    12-01-1961
Stinchfield Bertha E         Madrid, Me           Dunham Oscar A               Madrid, Me                       05-01-1894
Stinchfield Bessie O         Yarmouth, Me         Verrill George E             Yarmouth, Me                     07-21-1943
Stinchfield Bessie O         Freeport, Me         Conant Edgar W               Freeport, Me                     09-15-1926
Stinchfield Bessie O         Freeport, Me         Bracey Maurice L             Yarmouth, Me                     12-21-1920
Stinchfield Blanche M        Vienna, Me           Currier William L            Chesterville, Me                 02-09-1907
Stinchfield Carrie E         Aaurn, Me            Dumont Wilfred A             Auburn, Me                       08-16-1942
Stinchfield Carrie E         Freeport, Me         Wilson Edward M              Freeport, Me                     12-15-1917
Stinchfield Carrie E         Freeport, Me         Randall Frederick A          Freeport, Me                     10-26-1902
Stinchfield Charlotte        Lison, Me            Chase Milo L                 Lisbon, Me                       09-07-1918
Stinchfield Charlotte A      Yarmouth, Me         Smith W E                    Yarmouth, Me                     01-11-1925
Stinchfield Charlotte M      Augusta, Me          Wheeler Merton L             Augusta, Me                      06-28-1899
Stinchfield Clara E          Milo, Me             Pullen Harry M               Milo, Me                         05-22-1911
Stinchfield Cora L           Southboro, Ma        Gordon Irving                Mt Vernon, Me                    02-05-1896
Stinchfield Eleanor M                             Craig Frederick W                                     1346    04-21-1957
Stinchfield Elinor R         Prospect, Me         Leach Morgan F               Stockton Sprs, Me                10-05-1934
Stinchfield Estella          Leeds, Me            Boothby Thomas W             Leeds, Me                        11-24-1892
Stinchfield Ethel I          Freeport, Me         Moxcey Percy L               Yarmouth, Me                     04-05-1913
Stinchfield Eva A            Auburn, Me           Lord Rufus A                 Lewiston, Me                     09-29-1897
Stinchfield Faye E           Strong, Me           Starbird Clinton V           Strong, Me                       12-19-1941
Stinchfield Flora J          Madrid, Me           Peary Charles H              Avon, Me                         06-15-1904
Stinchfield Florence         Skowhegan, Me        Herrin Kenneth               Skowhegan, Me                    05-11-1929
Stinchfield Florence E       Auburn, Me           Hoit Henry F                 Boston, Ma                       12-25-1900
Stinchfield Florence J       Portland, Me         Day Russell R                Cornish, Me                      11-01-1952
Stinchfield Florence R       Danforth, Me         Leavitt Harry R              Montreal Que, Cn                 09-25-1918
Stinchfield Georgie          Millinocket, Me      Gellerson Frank A            Houlton, Me                      08-10-1904
Stinchfield Hannah B         Aaaan, Me            Harmon Sam L                 Auburn, Me                       04-25-1910
Stinchfield Helen L          Danforth, Me         Brooks Roger B               Boston, Ma                       09-27-1924
Stinchfield Helen M          Clinton, Me          Archer Hiram J               Clinton, Me                      07-13-1907
Stinchfield Ida C            Aaaurn, Me           Soper Edmund H               Auburn, Me                       06-15-1911
Stinchfield Janice L                              Brackett Russell K                                    1237    04-12-1958
Stinchfield Jean L                                Goodwin Basil N                                       7825    10-01-1961
Stinchfield Joanne M         Gardiner, Me         Kendall Marvin E             W Bethel, Me                     08-27-1955
Stinchfield Judith A                              Agasi Gary R                                          5480    08-01-1965
Stinchfield Julie A          Phillips, Me         Barker Norman J              Eustis, Me             8202638   05-22-1982
Stinchfield Karen R          New Gloucester, Me   Wiles Douglas O              New Gloucester, Me     8703875   06-27-1987
Stinchfield Karen Rosalie    New Gloucester, Me   Tibbetts Michael John        New Gloucester, Me     9306775   08-28-1993
Stinchfield Karen Rosalie    New Gloucester, Me   Saban Frederick Leroy        New Gloucester, Me     9009738   10-05-1990
Stinchfield Lottie M         Freeport, Me         Tardiff Gustave J            Durham, Me                       08-27-1921
Stinchfield Louise E         Skowhegan, Me        Berry Claude E               Portland, Me                     03-01-1945
Stinchfield Lucille A        Skowhegan, Me        Castle Edward J              Skowhegan, Me                    08-29-1933
Stinchfield Mabel I          Kenduskeag, Me       Simpson Clarles W            Bangor, Me                       06-08-1895
Stinchfield Madeline         Phillips, Me         Mccourt Walter A             N Jay, Me                        12-11-1935
Stinchfield Marcia D                              Kingsbury William H                                   7413    12-01-1959
Stinchfield Marguertie       Phillips, Me         Reed Charles A               Freeman, Me                      09-29-1917
Stinchfield Margurite        Clinton, Me          Clifford Harold E            Benton, Me                       12-02-1922
Stinchfield Marie-Jan        Brewer, Me           Van Dine Todd C              Brewer, Me             8810964   10-08-1988
Stinchfield Marie-Janine     Bangor, Me           Solomon Michael Alan         Bangor, Me             9307644   09-04-1993
Stinchfield Marilyn A                             Leas David E                                          5378    09-01-1960
Stinchfield Marjorie A       Phillips, Me         Potter Rupert C              Strong, Me                       03-29-1947
Stinchfield Martha H         Auburn, Me           Small Clarence O             Auburn, Me                       04-18-1903
Stinchfield Mary C                                Kenney Robert W                                       3237    06-01-1959
Stinchfield Mary Y           Scarborough, Me      Cushing Brian H              Scarborough, Me        8108540   09-12-1981
Stinchfield Mattie M         Clinton, Me          Cain Perley A                Clinton, Me                      07-23-1902
Stinchfield Media B          Auburn, Me           Titcomb Frank W              New Gloucester, Me               04-09-1892
Stinchfield Minna E          Madrid, Me           Mclaughlin Fred L            Madrid, Me                       03-12-1904
Stinchfield Minnie A         Madrid, Me           Kinney Albert J              Madrid, Me                       05-01-1895
Stinchfield Minnie E         Wayne, Me            Sleeper Herbert S            Washburn, Me                     12-15-1897
Stinchfield Muriel           New Gloucester, Me   Blake Fred B                 New Gloucester, Me               07-01-1914
Stinchfield Myra E           Farmington, Me       Seaward Arthur W             Kittery, Me                      10-11-1918
Stinchfield Nancy J                               Crooker William A                                     2064    05-01-1962
Stinchfield Norma C                               Libby Edward L                                        5347    09-01-1960
Stinchfield Pamela D         Farmington, Me       Bean Bruce S                 Lewiston, Me           7710789   12-28-1977
Stinchfield Rilla            Lewiston, Me         Nealey Abert B               Lewiston, Me                     06-23-1915
Stinchfield Ruth             Strong, Me           Kershner Roland P            Strong, Me                       01-23-1938
Stinchfield Ruth             Strong, Me           Levoie William               Strong, Me                       04-13-1930
Stinchfield Ruth M           Strong, Me           Richards Ross E              Strong, Me                       12-03-1936
Stinchfield Sandra C                              Altenbrand Jr Henry                                   5938    10-12-1957
Stinchfield Sandra J                              Hutchins Everett W                                    1067    03-01-1962
Stinchfield Shelley A        Wilton, Me           Jackson James E              Farmington, Me         8511619   12-21-1985
Stinchfield Susan            Clinton, Me          Williams Leonard S           Webster, Me                      11-06-1899
Stinchfield Susan Jean       Wilton, Me           Chute Alan William           New Sharon, Me         9410056   12-17-1994
Stinchfield Sylvia G         Hartford, Me         Hutchins Walter J            Hhartford, Me                    07-23-1955
Stinchfield Tammie Jean      Rumford, Me          Trimble Raymond Trevor       Rumford, Me            9202649   05-23-1992
Stinchfield Venora M         Clinton, Me          Dow Robert O                 Boston, Ma                       12-22-1942
Stinchfield Virginia B       Skowhegan, Me        Burkhart Carl F              Skowhegan, Me                    10-20-1925
Stinchfield Winnifred        Strong, Me           Calden Ralph S               Phillips, Me                     03-15-1927
Stinchfield Zernie M         Madrid, Me           Webber Bonnie E              Madrid, Me                       10-06-1900
Sweetser Hazel R             Dover Foxcroft, Me   Stanchfield Omar L           Sangerville, Me                  11-22-1947
Thomas Etta A                Chesterville, Me     Stinchfield William L        Madrid, Me                       06-01-1908
Towle Marjorie M             Easton, Me           Stinchfield Raymond D        Easton, Me                       11-25-1947
Walther Carol J                                   Stinchfield William J                                 3059    06-01-1965
Ward Addie A                 Abbot, Me            Stanchfield Aretas W         Monson, Me                       08-26-1896
Ward Alberta                 Athens, Me           Stinchfield Lewellyn A       Athens, Me                       09-15-1921
Wheeler Elizabeth F          Buxton, Me           Stinchfield Richard M        Buxton, Me             8008852   09-27-1980
Wilbur Inez S                Avon, Me             Stenchfield Edw M            Phillips, Me                     11-11-1902
Wilbur Jessie E              Avon, Me             Stinchfield Leslie L         Phillips, Me                     05-31-1907
Withee Gertrude B            Skowhegan, Me        Stinchfield Charles A        Skowhegan, Me                    10-11-1903
Woodman Charlotte A          Boston, Ma           Stinchfield George W         Freeport, Me                     02-18-1893
Wooster Viola M              Tremont, Me          Stanchfield Carlton N        Monson, Me                       07-02-1928
Wright Virginia H            Strong, Me           Stinchfield Theron R         Strong, Me                       07-09-1935
Young Nathalie A             Gardiner, Me         Stinchfield Rhyno C          Gardiner, Me                     02-09-1942
Young Ruth E                 Skowhegan, Me        Stinchfield Gerald A         Skowhegan, Me                    06-27-1929

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