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Illinois Statewide Marriage Index 1763 - 1900: STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD

The below listing of Illinois marriages for STINCHFIELD/STANCHFIELD family members covers 1793-1900, according to the Illinois State Archives.

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GROOM                                BRIDE                                COUNTY      DATE       VOL/PAGE    LIC
CROWELL, Marvin L                    STANCHFIELD, Kate                    Jo Daviess  10/20/1867 C  /129          
DUNLOP, James C                      STINCHFIELD, Lizzie                  Cook        06/01/1892    /	    00184163
FALKENAN, Victor                     STANCHFIELD, Marie M                 Cook        08/08/1893    /	    00205193
HUGHES, William W                    STANCHFIELD, Theresa                 Jo Daviess  10/15/1865 C  /015          
LAWRENCE, Henry H                    STANCHFIELD, Lucinda H               Jo Daviess  09/18/1860 B  /296          
LEE, William M C                     STANCHFIELD, Mary J                  Dekalb      09/06/1852 A  /594
LUTTER, Eugene A                     STANCHFIELD, Julie J                 Jo Daviess  12/27/1900 G  /159          
MINER, Henry Bruce                   STANCHFIELD, Mary A                  Jo Daviess  02/20/1878 E  /146        
SPARKMAN, Solomon A                  STANCHFIELD, Ella                    Cook        08/03/1894    /        221236                  
STANCHFIELD, Charles S               ELIAS, Esther M                      Mason       03/24/1868 003 /0059   00001012
STANCHFIELD, Henry                   BRYANT, Mary E.                      La Salle    12/20/1854 B   /960     
STANCHFIELD, James                   DELOTE, Louisa                       Jo Daviess  09/04/1862 B   /385          
STANCHFIELD, James                   VANNESS, Hannah W                    Mc Lean     02/20/1866 00e /0126         
STANCHFIELD, James M                 LAUVER, Ellen                        Jo Daviess  05/25/1898 G   /072          
STANCHFIELD, R W                     DELATE, Harriet M                    Jo Daviess  10/29/1856 B   /072          

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